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Atwood Water Heater Manual, Complete User Guide

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    Atwood water heaters are very popular in the RV industry because of their compact design and features. These RV water heaters are placed in motorhomes for the supply of hot water during travel. There are tankless water heater models and tank models of 4 to 10 gallons volume. There are marine water heaters as well with a capacity of from 4 to 20 gallons. The parts of this water heater are also available with ease in the online stores. Since the water heaters are well-liked; therefore, we are going to discuss everything about the heater in this Atwood water heater manual.

    You can buy these heaters easily from an online store. You can either purchase a gas model or a gas and electric model. Usually, people prefer a gas and electric model as it will provide you water when you are out of gas. Gas water heaters do not work while the RV is running but the electric heater can provide you with hot water at that time as well. This Atwood water heater manual will cover installations, removal, problems, warnings, and precautions. We will discuss everything in detail which will help you to maintain your heater.

    Atwood Water Heater Manual

    We will cover the important aspects of the heater in this Atwood water heater manual. We will guide you step by step for every procedure. Let’s start with the removal of an old water heater. 

    How to remove an old water heater?

    Before we dive into the installation of the water heater in this Atwood water heater manual, we will cover how to remove the old water heater from RV. The steps below are general for Atwood water heater models.

    1. You will first need to turn off the gas and electric supply.
    2. Remove the water lines from the heater. There will be two connections for inlet and outlet.
    3. Now open the electrical junction box and remove the wire connections. Remember the color of wire connections, this will help you in installation.
    4. Now you need to unscrew the heater form outside.
    5. Remove the gas connection.
    6. Take out your water heater carefully as it will be still connected with some wires.
    7. Now disconnect those wires and remember the colors.


    There are many models of Atwood water heaters. But all of them have a similar kind of installation procedure with a small change. In this Atwood water heater manual, we will discuss the general installation of the heater in an RV.

    1. You will first need to place a connector on the water inlet and outlet of your new heater. The new one does not come with it. Use a metal or PVC connector for that.
    2. Place your heater and connect the wires as per the colors you remembered.
    3. Put in the heater and screw it.
    4. Connect the gas line with the water heater and tighten the flare nut.
    5. Now connect the wires in the terminal box.
    6. Connect the water lines.
    7. Open the water and gas valve and check your heater. Switch on the heater after filling the tank with water.

    A common thermostat problem and its solution

    If you are not getting hot water, then there can be a problem with the thermostat. This happens often so we are going to discuss it in this Atwood water heater manual. There is a light located in your heater. It lights up when the heater is working. If the light does not turn on or flickers, then there can be the following problems.

    • Problem with the fuse
    • Thermostat problem
    • Wiring problem

    The fuse is fitted in series with the wire. It is usually covered with transparent plastic to check whether it is broken or not. If it is broken, then replace it with a new fuse. Remember to check the fuse rating of old fuse and buy a new one having the same rating.

    If the fuse is fine and the light is still off, there might be a problem with the thermostat assembly. You can replace the ECO and Thermostat assembly. These are easily available in online stores. Take out the connectors and remember the wire where they were. Remove the cover, you will see two male connectors. You can take out those by turning anti-clockwise. Then replace them with a new one. Buy the kit according to the specification of your heater.

    Wiring problems can be dangerous; therefore, it is better to seek professional’s help for this if you are unable to figure out.

    Warning and Safety precautions

    You need to care about the warning and consider the safety precautions carefully. This will save you from losses and increase the life of your appliance.

    1. In case of gas leakage, get out of the van immediately and close the gas valve. Do not use anything that can create a spark. Call a technician immediately.
    2. The water heaters are recommended to use as they are. Never try any modification.
    3. Always use the rated parts. Do not try to install anything with a higher or lower value.
    4. For checking the gas leakage never use candles. Use water and soap solution or buy a leakage checking solution from a store.
    5. Use plumbing tape or Teflon when connecting the coupling for water lines.
    6. For cleaning the tank, first make sure the heater, gas and electric power are closed. Then release the pressure via the pressure relief valve.
    7. Use the recommended fuel only. Never try to experiment with another fuel.
    8. Before starting the heater fill it completely with water.
    9. Flush your tank at least once a year. To flush it, drain the water in the tank and pump fresh water in the tank for five minutes.


    The company gives two years warranty from the date of purchase. The company will replace or repair any defective part, but you will have to give the labor charges.


    We have discussed everything in detail just as Atwood water heater manual. This will help you to take care of your heater. In this Atwood water heater manual, we have included the important aspects that you need to know. If you are unaware of the procedure, it is better to call an expert. During travel close your propane water heater, you can switch to electric mode if your heater has an electric model. Take the precautions and warnings carefully.