Best Blender Under $100 – Reviews And Buying Guides

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Blender is a common home appliance that you will see almost in every home, but it is essential for fitness and health enthusiasts. It is a convenient and fast way to get healthy and nutritious drinks.

You can make different recipes including smoothies, milkshakes, fruit and vegetable juices, etc. You can easily take care of your diet and health if you own a blender. There are many types of blenders in the market, but it is hard to select one.

If you don’t know much about blenders, then you will end up buying something useless. So, we are going to share a buyer’s guide with you in this article that will help you get the best blender under 100 dollars.

You can easily get the best blender of your choice for under 100 dollars. We will explain the features and functions of blenders in detail.

Best Blender Under 100 Dollars

1. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet NBR-1201

NBR-1201 is an excellent compact blender that comes with 12-pieces. You will have a handled cup and cups of 24 oz and 18 oz so you can easily make a few cups of smoothies at a time which is enough for one person.

It has a 600W powerful motor that will extract the nutrients from the food. It will blend even the tough ingredients. You don’t need to worry about seeds, fruit skin and stems because its blades will break them down.

Everything will be pulverized, and you will get nutritious food to support your active life. It just weighs only 7 lbs; therefore, it is easy to carry and store.

This blender is very simple, and you can use it with ease. You will only need to put the ingredients and push the button; the cyclonic action of the motors will blend everything for you.

At most, it will take 60 seconds to do the job. It comes with a handled cup and a cup ring with a handle that allows you to use the cups for drinking smoothies and shakes, you will not need extra cups. It is easy to wash; the cups are also dishwasher safe. It is well made for durability and the company provides a one-year warranty for the product.

2. Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Watt

Ninja Professional

This is a 1000 watts powerful blender that can even covert the ice cubes into the snow within a few seconds. The powerful motor and innovative blade design allow it to work better and faster.

It will also work with frozen fruits and ingredients. The pitcher of the blender has a capacity of 9 cups (72 oz), so you can make enough smoothies or drinks for your whole family.

You can even fill the jar to 64 oz with liquid. There are four modes which include HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, and PULSE. Thus, you can easily select the speed according to the ingredients. It is light and you can use it on the tabletop without any hassle.

The jar of the blender is very transparent so you can see everything. It also has a handle to carry it like a simple jug.

There is a lid at the top of the jar to pour the prepared smoothie or anything easily. It is excellent for frozen drinks, treats, and sauces as well.

The jar is BPA free; therefore, it is safe to use. It is a little noisy, but it will not bother you. You will also get a recipe book with the blender.

3. Oster core 16-speed blender with glass jar

Oster Core 16

This blender has extraordinary controlling options; it has 16 speeds and you can select the appropriate one according to your work.

Its magnificent speed options make the blender suitable for multi-purpose. There are High, Low settings and eight buttons to select different speeds.

You can grind, chop, crush, mix, mash, blend, stir and do a lot of other works. Thus, it is excellent for everyday home use and it will take the place of some different kitchen appliances.

It is plated with chrome, so it will not rust. Its 700 watts motor is powerful enough to crush the ice and work with hard ingredients.

It has a 5-cup glass jar to put all your ingredients in one go. The design of the blade also helps in working with different ingredients.

There is a chopper with the blender that has a capacity of 3-cup which allows you to make appetizers, desserts, etc. You can make smoothies, frozen drinks, salsa, sauces, and much more.

It is easy to use, and you can get the job done quickly. It is durable because it is tested for 10,000 smoothies. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides a 10-years warranty for the product which is more than enough.

4. Oster Blender 6 Cup Glass Jar – Oster BVCB07

Oster BVCB07

Oster BVCB07 is a multi-purpose blender to make smoothies, soups, sauces and much more. Its extra sturdy motor is fantastic for crushing the ice as well.

It will take a few seconds to crush ice cubes and turn into snow. It has a six-blade design to crush and blend even tough ingredients.

The best thing about the blender is its reverse direction feature. It turns automatically in the reverse direction in the case of jams. So, you don’t need to take out the jar and stir the ingredients, the blender will do it automatically.

There are different controlling options as well. It has pre-programmed options for using the blender with ease; just press the button and the blender will do the job automatically.

But if you want to control it manually, then there are HIGH, LOW, MEDIUM, and PULSE modes. Surprisingly the pulse mode also has two-speed options.

You will love to use it daily to make your work easier and faster. The glass jar can hold up to 6-cups of ingredients and almost 5-cups of liquid food. It has an all-metal drive for durability and long life. The blender is also backed with a warranty period.

5. Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100-watt base

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base,

This professional blender is large enough to make smoothies for a small family. The jar has a capacity of 72 oz, which can make 9 cups. There are two 16 oz cups as well in which you can make a drink for yourself.

The jar is calibrated to work with ease. The blender has 1100 watts motor to crush and pulverize ingredients. There are blades at different levels inside the jar which blend the ingredients perfectly into fine particles.

You can easily crush ice and make smoothies of hard skin ingredients. There are separate 4-blades for Nutri cups in which you can make anything for your own.

The blender is very simple; it has a three-speed option only. You just need to press the button and it will do the work automatically. There is a pulse mode as well for quick operation.

This is excellent for everyday use. You can also carry the jar like a jug, it has a lid on it to pour the healthy food. It will only take a few seconds to complete the job. It is easier to clean; you can also wash the parts in a dishwasher. You will also get a one-year warranty with the product.

6. KitchenAid 5-speed diamond blender – KitchenAid KSB1575E

KitchenAid KSB1575E

KitchenAid KSB1575ER is a nice looking, simple and compact blender. It is available in many exciting colors to match with your décor.

It is suitable for countertop use and daily purpose. There are five different speed options to Stir, Chop, Mix, Purse, and Liquify the ingredients. This is ICE Chef tested blender that can do the job quicker with perfection.

You can crush ice and make smoothies, sauces, salads, etc. It has a 60 oz patented pitcher and blade design that can blend anything. It has a pulse mode as well for easy use.

The best thing about this blender is that it automatically adjusts the speed and power according to the ingredients.

The pitcher is BPA-free so you can use it safely. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Even after so many uses, the pitcher will not get scratches or stains.

The exceptional design of pitcher and blades create a vortex inside for fast operation. The powerful motor allows a soft start without any hassle. The manufacturer offers a one-year full warranty which ensures its durability. It is lightweight, easy to store, and use; thus, it is perfect to use at home.

7. Ninja BL456 countertop blender

Ninja BL456 countertop blender

This is a mini blender that is enough for making drinks and smoothies for a person. It extracts all the nutrients from the food to make you healthy and fit.

It has 900 watts of powerful motor to blend whole fruit and vegetables including the tough skin.

There are two cups which are 18 oz and 24 oz, so you can make two drinks at a time. You can also use the cups just like a juice cup.

The lid allows you to take the fluid with you anywhere just like a flask. There is an opening/lid to drink the fluid directly from the cup. So, you are ready to take healthy fluid to take to Gym, Walking, Training, etc.

The blender is easy to use, you only need to press the cup downwards and it will start blending the food. Once you leave the cup, it will stop automatically.

There are no buttons, it only works on the Push system. You will not have multiple speed options, but it will do the job perfectly.

It will crush everything including ice, stems, seeds, and frozen fruit smoothies. It weighs only 7 lbs, so you can carry it with ease. Its parts are also dishwasher safe which allows convenient cleaning.

8. Professional Personal Countertop Blender

Professional Personal Countertop Blender

This is a small 15 oz blender that is lightweight, portable, and durable. It has a multi-purpose cup; you can make drinks in it, carry it in your bag and hang it in your hand.

The lid closes perfectly, so there is no risk of spills; its seal rings are anti-spill. You can carry it for the workout, running and other sports activities.

This little blender is strong enough to crush ice and frozen ingredients, this blender is best for making frozen fruit smoothies. You can make milkshakes, fruit and vegetable drinks, smoothies, etc. It can be your first step towards a healthy and fit life. You only need to put the ingredients in the cup, fix it on the blender and push it downwards.

It also allows you to clean the blender easily; you can wash it under the tap. If you have a small house, then this blender is perfect because it will take less space.

The appearance of the blender is also appealing, and it will match with the décor. Don’t get confused with its small size; its powerful motor is enough to do the job. Its base allows the airflow that keeps the motor cool. The blades are also made from stainless steel for perfect operation. This little buddy is awesome.

9. KitchenAid ksb1570sl 5-speed blender

kitchenaid ksb1570sl 5-speed blender

KitchenAid KSB1570SL is a blender with five different speed options and pulse mode. There is a different button for crushing the ice.

Thus, you can use this blender for various purposes and try it for making different recipes. The best thing about the blender that it adjusts the speed automatically according to ingredients.

It has a 56-ounce jar which is enough for a few persons. The four-blade design and powerful motor crush the ingredients into fine particles.

The jar is nicely calibrated for measurement. In some blenders, there is a problem with the fitting of the motor and blade, but this blender has a steel-reinforced coupler to transfer the power.

The jar is BPA-free, and blades are made of stainless steel; therefore, it is safe to use. The base of the blender is made from die-cast metal for durability.

The control panel is easy to use, you will see the buttons clearly as they have blue LED lights. It is excellent and easy to use. It is good to crush, chop, mix, stir and liquefy the ingredients. You also get a one-year full warranty for the product.

10. hamilton beach power elite glass jar blender

hamilton beach power elite glass jar blender

This is a blender with a vegetable chopper; it can work as both. There are 12-blending options, so you can do whatever you want. It is a multi-purpose appliance that is suitable for ice crushing, smoothies, puree, drinks, etc.

You can chop vegetables and make cooking a lot easier. You can select the desired options using the four buttons on the machine.

It is very easy to store; it also has a compartment for the cord. The jar has a capacity of 40 oz, which is enough for two persons. It will blend and chop everything perfectly with its 700 watts sturdy motor.

The blender has a patented design that pulls the mixture towards the blades, so it will easily blend the food. The cap has a hinge that allows you to pour the content without any mess. It is worthy of daily use and preparing healthy drinks for workout and training.

Everything is dishwasher safe, so you can wash it easily. The jar is made of glass while the chopper is of plastic, but both are safe to use. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty for the product. It is versatile and simple.

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How To Choose Right Electric Blender For 100 Dollars

There are many types and brands of blenders in the market and online stores. You might get confused while seeing different qualities and price tags. But if you know the features and functions, then you can easily get the right items. Yes, it is easy to get it, but you need to know everything about the blenders.

So, we have made this buyer’s guide for you. We will explain each feature that how it is useful and important. We will explain all the terms that are commonly used with blenders. If you follow the guide, then you can get the best ones with all the features and functions that you need. Let’s start the guide and explore things.

Speed Options

You will see different speed options in most blenders. There can be HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW or there can be more than a dozen speed options. This helps you to make different recipes. Different speeds can be used to crush, chop, stir and mix the ingredients.

These options are excellent, and you can easily control the blender. But some people mess up after seeing a lot of options, they think the blender is hard to use. So, there are simple blenders as well with one, two or three-speed options. The one-speed option is very simple, you either need to push a button or push the cup downwards.

Different speeds offer you different options to make recipes. You can choose whether you need a few or many speed options.


The motor is the main part of every blender that has the capability to rotate the blade. Without it, your blender is useless. If you want to crush ice and use your blender with hard skin fruits, then make sure that the motor is powerful enough.

It should be designed to do the job. For example, if it is not mentioned that the blender can crush ice cubes or not, then avoid buying it. Before buying make sure what you can do with it and what you cannot. Typically, you will see blenders with motors around 600-1100 watts, they can do almost any job from crushing to working with frozen fruits.


Different blenders have different blade designs. Some blenders come with six-blade design while some have a four-blade design. They can easily do the job within seconds. While buying the best blender, make sure that the blades are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel blades are durable, and they do not rust. So, they are safe to use as well.

Jars and Cups

The jars and cups come with most blenders. But some blenders either have a jar or a cup. You should check the capacity of the jar and cups. Typically, the capacity is mentioned in ounces or cups. For ease, you should remember the following conversions of US cups, ounces, and liters.

1 US Cup = 8 Ounces (US Fluid Ounce)

1 Liter = 4.226 US cups (Approximately)

The above conversions will give you an idea that how much drinks and smoothies you can make in one go. You can also get extra cups and jars from the company if you need them.

Moreover, the material of jars and cups can be glass or plastic. If it is glass, then it is the best option, but plastic is also fine. The material should be free from BPA. Most companies make BPA-free accessories. You can also take anti-spill cups with you for workout, gym, running and other activities.


Lids come for cups and jars. You can put on them to avoid spills. Some lids are excellent, and you can easily take the cup in your bag without worrying about the spills. Lids allow you to use cups just like glass or container and you can directly drink from it. Some lids also have a handle to lift the cup.


Cleaning is also a problem if the cups and pitchers are hard to clean. Most of the cups are easy to wash, you can wash them under a tap. While some cups and jars are also dishwasher safe, so you can wash them easily. Clean Your Blender In 3 Easy Ways.

Pulse Mode

You will find pulse mode in some blenders. You need to hold the button and the blender will run until you leave the button. It will select the speed automatically and you will get the job done quickly. If you are confused with different speed options, then the pulse is easy to use, just press and release it after the job.


Blenders juicers are backed with a warranty. You will also get a warranty with the electric blender. The warranty period can be 1-5 years depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer warranty to specific regions only. Make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Why you choose blender for 100 $?

You can easily get the best blender under 100 dollars. The benefits that you will get from it are given below.


If you have bought the right blender, then it will work for years without any problem. Most jars and cups are scratch-resistant, so they can work well. The base of the blender is usually made from metal or plastic to provide a long-life. These are also backed by warranty.


Table-top blenders are very compact. They are lightweight as well. You can store them with ease; they take very little space.

Easy to Use

Most blenders are easy to use. You only need to put the ingredients and press the button. You will get the ready drink within a few seconds. Some blenders also have LED lights on buttons so that the user can see them easily even in dim light.  


Blenders have powerful motors that can even crush ice within a few seconds. You can get the job done quickly. It makes cooking easy and fast. You can make everything quickly within no time.


You can blend anything with perfection even hard skin fruits. Blenders can turn ingredients into fine particles that you cannot do without them. They will mix everything and make a perfect drink or smoothie for you.


You can make different recipes with the blenders. You can make sauces, smoothies, ice creams, milkshakes, puree, juices, and many other recipes. Some blenders also come with recipe books.


Tips and Safety Precautions

You can get the best blender under 100 dollars which is quite affordable. It will have all the desired functions and features that you need.

You should also know about some tips and precautions to use the blender properly and safely.

  • Beware of Sharp Blades

The blades are very sharp, and they can even cut your skin. You need to be careful while handling the blade. Use them properly and do not wash or clean using your hand because you can injure yourself. Keep them away from children as well. Moreover, never try to sharpen the blades.

  • Hot Liquid

Most blenders are not suitable for hot liquid. The hot liquid can build excessive pressure inside the cup or jar and can burst as well. It is very dangerous for the user and can lead to skin burns.

  • Electric Shock

There is a risk of electric shock. So, insert the plug into the socket as told in the user manual. Keep the machine away from water or other liquids. In case of leakage from the jar or cup, do not use it. While assembling or disassembling, take out the plug. Before using the blender, make sure that the place is dry and there is no water or any other liquid.

  • Damaged Cord

If the cord is damaged, then do not use the blender. Ask an expert to solve the issues. It is better to replace the cord rather than covering it with insulation tape.

  • Cleaning

Before cleaning the base, remove the plug from the socket. Use a damp cloth only.

  • Filling the Jar

Do not overfill the jar, it will result in leaking and spills. Keep the ingredients below the limit.

  • Motor Care

Do not operate the blender empty, it can damage the motor. If you smell any kind of burning from the motor, then stop it and check it out from an expert.

  • Extension

Manufacturers do not recommend extension cords, it is better to insert the plug directly into the wall socket.


There is no doubt that blender is obligatory to take care of your diet. You must have one to enjoy delicious drinks and smoothies made from whole ingredients. It will provide you nutritious food to keep you healthy and fit. We have provided a buyer’s guide in this article that will help you get the best blender under 100 dollars.

We have explained the common terms and functions that blenders have. You can easily follow the guide without any hassle. We have also listed some of the best products. The feature, functions, and benefits are mentioned with each product. If you have read the buyer’s guide carefully, then you can buy the best item for your needs.

We have also told you the benefits that you will get from the best blender. It is excellent for daily healthy recipes and meals. It will assist you to take care of your health. For the excellent performance and proper use, we have also listed some safety precautions and tips.