Best Ceramic Space Heater In-Depth Review And Buying Guides

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Ceramic heaters are the best for homes and offices because of its portability, compact design, and timer control.

Their feature of being lightweight allows you to carry the heater to any room of your house or even from your home to the office.

The heating element of ceramic heaters is made of ceramic; therefore, they are known as ceramic heaters.

The best thing about the ceramic heaters is that their power reduces as the temperature rises towards the desired temperature.

They usually have fans spread the hot air in the room. There are many models of ceramic heaters, but we are going to list down the best ceramic heater that you can buy online.

Top 10 Safest ceramic heater for large room

Before buying a ceramic heater, you should know how to buy a heater. We will list down the top ten products with features, pros, and cons.

We will tell you the things that you need to see before buying a ceramic heater. After buying the heater you should know how to operate it and what are the safety precaution.

We will put light on all these things for your guidance. There is an FAQ section in the end as well.

Types Of electric ceramic heater

There are different types of space heaters. The classification of a space heater depends on what powers it.

We have electric heaters, fuel-burning space heaters, steam heaters, infrared space heaters, many more. Our primary focus will be on infrared space heaters. 

The principle of operation of an infrared space heater differs slightly from how other space heaters work. Infrared space heaters do not supply heat directly to the room or space they occupy.

What it does is to emit infrared radiation. It is this radiant energy that heats any substance it comes in with contact. However, infrared space heaters do not supply heat energy. It is just a means to an end.

1. Lasko ceramic space heater ​

Lasko ceramic space heater

This heater is capable of supplying adequate heat to a large room. Its electronic thermostat is wired to operate between 50 degrees and 86 degrees.

It provides enough heat without necessarily taking much electrical power. It has a heat efficiency blower for efficient spread and distribution of temperature to all corners.

Although it consumes about 1500 watts of electricity, it is more valuable than other heaters that consume an equal amount of power. It distributes heat uniformly until the temperature of your room is comfortable and convenient.


  • Overheat Protection
  • Oscillation
  • Timer Settings
  • High, Low and Auto settings
  • LED Display


  • Consumes 1500W
  • Requires high amperage circuit breaker

2. Brightown ceramic heater​

Brightown ceramic heater​

This model of Brightown space heater is very powerful and compact; therefore, it can be placed in your office and bedroom.

Its size is very small, but it can warm your whole room. There are two wattage settings (1500W and 750W), so you can control electricity usage as well.

It is very quiet and has a sound level of 44.5dB only which is slightly greater than the noise level of a library. It also has a thermostat control to adjust the temperature.

Its overheating safety feature will shut it off automatically to prevent accidents. Due to its lightweight, you can take it anywhere to get its warmth, you just need to plug in the cord.

The fan blow setting can spread the hot air all over the room. It has a one-year limited quality guarantee as well.


  • Over-heat protection
  • Quiet
  • Provides radiant heat
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for damp locations
  • No temperature display
  • No Timer

3. Lasko ultra ceramic heater | Lasko CC23150 ​

Lasko ultra ceramic heater

Lasko CC23150 is very efficient due to the easy-vacuum filter that will convert electrical energy into heat efficiently.

Its 3D motion feature can circulate hot air to provide comfort in every corner of the room. The Save-Smart function of the heater allows it to run at HIGH heat until the desired temperature is reached, after that the heater is switched to LOW heat to maintain temperature.

This Save-Smart feature can reduce your energy usage.

The heater also has a timer setting feature to run the heater for a specific period. It has a thermal overload protector to prevent overheating of the heater.

It is portable due to its lightweight and safety handle. The exterior is covered and safe to touch. It has a three-year limited warranty which is more than enough to ensure its durability.


  • High, Low and Save-Smart Setting
  • Louvers and side to side oscillation
  • Over-heating prevention
  • Remote Control
  • LED Display


Consumes 1500W

4. Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic Heater​

Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic Heater

This space heater has a cyclonic heat action, that makes the heater to take cool air from the bottom and deliver hot air from the top.

It will heat the air of your room very quickly. Its automatic temperature control can control the temperature by turning on and off when required.

In addition to that, it has an auto-off timer to turn off the heater automatically when the timer expires.

The heater turns off automatically when it is overheated, and it can only be turned on after resetting it. It is very lightweight and compact that can be placed with a wall.

You can also control the direction of hot air by louver given at the front of the heater. No installation is required, just plug and have warm air. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Cyclonic heat action
  • Operate quietly
  • Lightweight
  • Compact Design
  • LED Display


  • Expensive running cost
  • Cannot oscillate

5. BOVADO USA Portable 166648 Ceramic Space Heater​

BOVADO USA Portable 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

It is a very compact space heater (10x6x6 in) that can be placed on a working table as well. It has an adjustable thermostat to set the desired temperature.

Due to its lightweight and carrying handle, you can carry it easily everywhere. Further, it has three modes of operation high, low, and fan to control the heating intensity.

It is simple to use, having only a thermostat and setting control. For a small room and personal heating, it is excellent. Although the fan produces a little amount of noise it ensures the circulation of heat for a wider radius and corners.

The power rating of this small heater is 1500W. The manufacturer has designed it according to global quality standards such as UL, ETL, SAA, CE, CSA, and NOM; therefore; it is safe to use.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • No timer setting
  • No temperature displays
  • Does not have over-heating prevention

6. Space Heater Electric Portable Ceramic Heater​


This ceramic heater is safe to use at home and office due to its overheat protection and ETL certification. It has an auto-off feature that operates when it tilts, which prevents fires.

The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the heat intensity and temperature.

The heater has two wattage settings (1500w and 750) which will allow you to use according to need and save you energy cost. It also has a fan setting to blow the hot air, but it produces a little amount of noise.

It is portable due to lightweight and small design and it just needs a wall socket and you are ready to go. Within a few minutes, it will be ready to provide you radiant heat. The seller also offers a one-year guarantee, it means it can last for one year at least.


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Two wattage settings
  • Fan
  • Portable
  • Easy and safe to use


  • Cannot be used in damp areas
  • Noise of fan
  • No temperature display

7. Pelonis ceramic space heater | Pelonis NT20-12D

Pelonis ceramic space heater

This electric heater is very portable. While raising the temperature of a space, it does not reduce the oxygen content in the air neither does it affect the natural humidity of that space.

It can supply enough heat to up to 300 sq. ft. Room or office. You can decide how you want to station this heater. It has a detachable foot and wall mounting point. Hence, it can either be parked on the floor or hung on the wall.

If you are not sure of what the ambient temperature is, the LED display can help you with this fact. It is not a bulky space heating device. It is a versatile heater because it can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor.


  • Takes little space
  • Overheat protection
  • 900W setting and fan
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • No tilt protection
  • Little noisy fan
  • No safety handle

8. Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater​

Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater

This Pro Breeze stylish heater has a tip-over feature that shuts the heater when it tilts; hence no risk of fire. It has an adjustable thermostat knob to set the temperature.

It also has a low (750W) and high (1500W) setting to adjust power consumption. Its fan takes out the cold breeze of the room, but it is noisy a bit.

It is very lightweight and portable to carry at the office. Its PTC heating element technology is efficient to cut off electricity costs. This small gives off enough heat to warm up your small room quickly.

It possesses an overheat protection feature as well, which will turn off the heater automatically. Plug it in and have a sense of warmth. It also has a light that shows its status of being On and Off


  • Two wattage settings
  • Tip-over and overheat protection
  • Quick operation
  • Lightweight and small


  • Noisy at a high setting
  • No temperature display
  • No timer settings

9. AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater​

AmazonBasics Ceramic Space Heater

This tiny personal heater only consumes 500W and it can cut off your electricity bill to one-third. This can be placed on a table to have warm air around.

It is very compact and lightweight (1.4lbs only) and can be carried easily in your bag. It just needs a few seconds to provide you with warm air.

You can also carry it to heat your tent and RV. It has tip-over protection, prevent fire when it tilts. The stylish color will blend with your room decoration making it harder to guess it’s a heater.

It is suitable for small rooms and offices, and you can keep it near to have radiant heat directly. It only has an On/Off button which makes it easy to use and you don’t need to care about the thermostat settings.


  • Consumes on 500W
  • Tip-over protection
  • Easy to use
  • Very small personal heater
  • Portable


  • No adjustable thermostat
  • Not timer settings

10. 1500 watt ceramic space heater with adjustable thermostat​

1500 watt ceramic space heater

It is an instant ceramic heater that will provide you enough heat to warm up your room quickly. It is lightweight and has a handle to carry it easily.

This powerful heater has two wattage settings of 1000W and 1500W to adjust heat intensity. It also has a fan, but it is still quiet having a sound level of 50dB only.

The fan mode consumes only 25W which costs a little. It has just two dials to adjust the thermostat and wattage setting for easy and effective usage.

The heater has tip-over and overheating protection for safety. In addition to that, it is designed and tested on E.T.L criteria to ensure safe operation.

It safe to touch without the risks of burns; hence can be used at home with pets. The heater is durable and has a one-year warranty for defects.


  • Instant powerful heater
  • Quiet Operation
  • Safety features
  • Two wattage settings

How To Choose The Right Ceramic Space Heater?

Before buying a ceramic space heater, you should know some of the key points that will help you to choose the right ceramic heater according to your needs.

There are some important features that you should look at in the heater. It is important to consider it; otherwise, you will end up buying something not fit for your requirements. There are many features associated with different models of the ceramic heater.

You might not care about some of the features, it depends on your requirement. We are going to list all the features in this buyer’s guide.

Read this buyer’s guide carefully and choose the best electric ceramic heater for your home, garage, or office. The features that you should consider are given below.


Safety is a priority when buying anything. Your life is the most important thing to you. It is necessary to see the safety features because it can prevent fires and mishaps. 

  1. Tip-over Protection
  2. Overheating Protection3
  3. Safe to touch

Tip-over Protection

Your heater can fall on your carpet due to carelessness and or by pets as well. If the heater still runs after falling to the carpet, then this can cause a fire. It is mandatory that your heater should turn off when it tilts.

The safety feature tip-over shuts off the power of your heater when it is tilted. This feature will prevent fire and you will be able to use your heater without any fear. The hater has a tip-over switch that operates after sensing the tilt.

This is available in many new models of heater. If you are going to use your heater at your home, then you must see this feature.

Overheating Protection

You will not want your heater to get overheated. Overheating will increase the temperature of the room above the desired temperature. Further, it can also produce sparks and cause a fire.

The heater should have over-heat protection. Usually, heaters do have this protection, if the heater is overheated, then it will turn off automatically. It will only start after resetting the heater.

Safe to Touch

Some heater can burn your skin which is quite dangerous if there are toddlers and pets at your home. The heater should be safe to touch so that it can be moved after use as well. Some heater does have a safety handle to carry it.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of the heater is responsible for the electricity bill and the tripping of the circuit breaker. You should know what is the power rating of the heater that you are going to buy.

The heater may require a separate circuit breaker of the recommended rating. Some heaters have different wattage settings, with which you can set the wattage. The available wattage is up to 1500W for homes and offices.

The wattage of the heater is written on the specification sheet and on the heater as well. To get the current it draws, you need to divide the wattage with the voltage at your home. You should use the circuit breaker having a higher current rating than the current of the heater or the recommended one only.

Friquently Asked Question

Can ceramic heaters catch fire?

The ceramic heaters are less likely to cause a fire. The reason behind this is that the heating element is made of ceramic which does not get overheated. This saves you from fires and mishaps.

Why ceramic heaters are better?

Yeas ceramic heaters are better than other. Because Ceramic heaters are better due to their small size, lightweight and portability. They are less likely to cause fire and they do not burn your skin.

Are ceramic heaters expensive to run?

Ceramic heaters are up to 1500W which means they can use 15KWh energy in 10 hours. If the cost per unit is 20 cents, then you will be charged by $3 for ten hours. As compared to gas heaters they are expensive to run, but they are less expensive if we compare it with heaters having resistive elements.

Are ceramic heaters safe for babies?

Yes, ceramic heaters are safe for babies. They are safe to touch, and they won’t cause skin burns. Further, some heaters have tip-over protection which turns off the heater when it tilts or falls.

Are ceramic heaters efficient?

Yes, they are very efficient. They convert electrical energy to heat energy without any loss. They are considered 100% efficient.


Most of the heaters have a one-year warranty but there a few models which have a warranty for three years. This ensures the durability of the product. You should see the terms and conditions of the warranty whether the company is going to replace or repair the product.

Further, some companies offer the warranty to specific regions only; therefore, check it before you buy a ceramic heater.

Adjustable Thermostat

The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the temperature according to your needs. You can adjust the heat and temperature with it.


The timer setting allows you to select a timer after which the heater will be turned off automatically. You can set the timer in hours. So, you can even sleep after setting the timer and you don’t need to turn off the heater manually.


Portability is important, it will allow you to take the heater wherever you want. The portability of the heater depends on the size and weight of the heater. If it has a lightweight and compact design, then you can carry it. Further, the heater should have a plug and play feature to be portable.


Some people are very curious about the sound of the heater. You should check the sound level which is measured in dB. A heater that has a sound level less than 50dB would be a great choice. The sound level of a library is 40db, this value will help you to judge the sound intensity in dB.

Oscillation and Temperature Display

The oscillation feature rotates the heater to spread the hot air in the room. It is not a necessary feature, but if it is present then it will be more beneficial.

The display shows the temperature you adjust. It enables the error-free temperature setting, but it is not available in all heaters.

Remote Control

This feature enables the distant control of the heater. With this, you can control your heater without getting up from your place.

Size and Look

The size of the heater is important if you are out of space. Most of the heaters have a compact design and they require a little space. Further, the look of the heater is important to very few people, but it beneficial if the heater blends with your room decoration.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters have a heating element made of ceramic. Actually, Ceramic is an inorganic material that has the capability to absorb the heat and then release it. The heaters require electricity to generate heat.

The electrical energy is then converted to heat energy by the heating element. Silicon carbide (SiC) of high purity is a ceramic material used for heaters. Earthen pots also fall in the category of ceramics.

There are few plates of ceramic which has a greater capability of absorbing and releasing heat than a resistive heating element. These types of heaters can warm up your room quickly and efficiently without any loss.

Ceramic heaters are said to be 100% efficient and they convert all the provided electrical energy into heat. They have a low risk of fires and hand burns; therefore, they are preferred to use at home.

Ceramic heaters are usually portable.

You don’t need to fix them on the wall. They only require a wall socket to start heating. The heating element has the property that will reduce your electricity cost. The power consumption of the heating element reduces as the temperature reaches the desired value.

These heaters take very little space and they are very lightweight. They operate at low temperatures as compared to other types of heater, but amazingly they produce the same amount of heat.

There are basically two types of ceramic heaters on the basis of the heating methods they use.

  1. Convective
  2. Radiant


These types of ceramic heater can heat up the whole room. They are not for spot heating. They often require insulation in the room, but if the heater is powerful, then there is no need for insulation.

Although insulation is always a good idea to keep the room warm. These heater takes the cold air into it and then releases the air by converting it into hot air. This method warms up the air in the room. It takes a little amount of time to heat the room.


Radiant heaters are for spot heating. They do not warm up the whole air, but they give off the heat to the object in front of it. This does not require any insulation in the room. They can provide hot air within a few seconds, you do not need to wait.

The spot heaters are usually personal heaters and their running cost is lower than the convective heaters. There are little and tiny radiant heaters available in the market that use a ceramic heating element.

How to use Ceramic Heaters?

Ceramic heaters are easy to use, but you need to care about some things for their life and better operation. Read the following instruction, your heater will prove to be the best ceramic heater you have ever purchased.


  • Insert the plug of the heater in a wall socket that can bear the current of the heater. Never use any kind of extension, because they might not bear the current and get hot. It is preferable to plug directly in the wall socket and if it heats up, call an expert. Further, the size of the circuit breaker should be according to the current requirement. Low amperage circuit breakers cause tripping.
  • Turn on the heater from its on/off button. Some of the heaters do not have an on/off button on them, they usually turn on by setting the thermostat at HIGH.
  • Now you need to select the wattage you want if available. If there is no wattage choice, then you don’t need to do anything. The HIGH and LOW modes are usually available, both have different wattages. You can confirm the wattage from the instruction manual.

Select the temperature you want in the room by thermostat controls.

  • If the heater has a digital screen, then you can select the desired temperature easily. If the hater does only have a knob without a display, then you need to turn it slowly and observe the temperature roughly. You can also use an infrared thermometer to observe the temperature.
  • You can also select a timer if available, it is usually available form 1H-8H. Select the desired value and your heater will turn off after the timer expires.
  • Some heaters have an oscillation feature, you can also turn it on to spread the heat everywhere in the room.

You just need to take care of your heater, it will last for years. If you don’t care about the requirements.

Benefits of using a ceramic heater

Quick Operation

The ceramic heater provides heat quickly. The radiant type heater requires a few seconds to start heating. While the convective heaters can also heat up the whole room within a few minutes (15-20 minutes).

Energy Efficient

The electrical energy is converted into heat energy without losses. The heating element absorbs the head and provides it to the surrounding. There is no loss of energy; hence they are very energy efficient heater.

Lesser Risks of Fire

Since the ceramic heater has the heating element made of ceramic. It means the resistive element is covered with ceramic; therefore, there is a low risk of fire. Many of the heaters have tip-over protection so you don’t need to worry about the fire if your heater falls. You can use it at night as well.

No burns

The front part of the heaters is safe to touch, it will not burn your skin. Hence, there is no harm to your pets and you can safely use it at home and offices.

Takes less space

Ceramic heaters are very compact, and they take very little space in the room. Even some of them can be placed under the table as well.

Plug and Play

Almost all heater requires no installation, you just need to insert the plug of the heater in a socket. Adjust the thermostat and enjoy the warm air.

Quiet Operation

The sound level of almost all the ceramic heater is below 50dB. They do have a fan with low noise. Some of the heaters might produce a little noise at the high wattage mode, but that noise is bearable.


Ceramic heaters are very lightweight and compact; therefore, they can be taken everywhere easily. If you are using it at night for your bedroom, then you can take it to the living room during day time.


We have discussed everything in detail about the ceramic heater. Ceramic heaters have many benefits and features and you should look for them before buying a heater.

The buyer’s guide in this article will help you to get the Right size ceramic heater for your home and office. They are very safe to use and pet-friendly. They are the best choice due to its portability, efficiency, safety measures, and other unique features.

People often use it in a wrong manner after buying and then they complain that it lasted only for a few weeks. All you need to do is to take care of it. Use the recommended wall socket. Keep those heaters away from damp places that are not suitable for it.

Ceramic heaters can be used in RVs as well due to its small size. Even a small heater can consume about 1500W, so beware about energy consumption. We have picked the best ceramic heater for you in this article that will save you time and energy.

We have listed the feature, pros, and cons of every product for your guidance. Good Luck!