Best Dual Fuel Generator (Gasoline And Propane)

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People need a generator for many purposes because it can power your appliances anywhere.

You can get power from a generator in power outages, camping sites, outdoor work, etc.

There can be many applications of a generator.

A dual fuel generator is more helpful than a conventional single fuel generator. You can use two fuels according to the availability. Therefore, people prefer dual fuel generators for their homes. There are many terms and you might be unaware of them.

1. Best Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator – WGen9500DF

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator

This Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator is very powerful generator that can work on gasoline or propane. The maximum peak watts on gasoline are 12,500 watts and the running watts are 9,500 which means you can power a lot of things at your house.

It can power almost your all appliances including AC, refrigerator, heater, lights, fans, etc. This generator is easy to move as it has two wheels, so you can place it wherever you want.

It has different outlets and all of them covered for safety and protection. There are two 120V and two 120/240 V outlets to power different things at the same time. Moreover, it is transfer switch ready, so you can easily connect it to your whole house using a transfer switch.

The best thing about the generator is its electric smart key fob which allows you to turn on/off your generator from up to 100 yards.

It has a 25 liters fuel tank that can provide power up to 17.5 hours on 25% of the load. There is a display on the generator that will tell you the hours, voltage, and frequency. Further, the generator will turn off automatically in case of low oil which saves your generator from any wear and tear due to low oil.

The manufacturer also offers a 3-year warranty for the product.

2. Best Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel

Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is also a dual fuel generator that works on gasoline and propane. This generator is portable and can be used Generator for camping as well. It has wheels to carry it easily.

You can start it easily with a push of the button. There is a digital display as well to tell you the frequency, hours, and voltage. The peak watts of the generator is 4,750 watts and running watts are 3,800 watts on gasoline that are enough to power an RV AC.

There is an RV outlet on the generator that allows you to connect the generator conveniently. The noise level of the generator is only 68 dBA, which will not disturb you a lot.

This generator is excellent for power outages as it can power many things like computer, heater, TV, refrigerator and other appliances without any hassle. It can easily power 50% of the load for 9 hours on a full gasoline tank.

But if you want more, then you can connect a 20lb propane tank which will last up to 10.5 hours. There are 120V outlets to provide power and connect multiple appliances. You can easily carry it to your work, and it is perfect for an RV outing. You also get a 3-year warranty for the product.

3. DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH is an excellent high wattage generator that can even power your house. It can provide 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts that is enough for running high-power consuming appliances.

You can power a refrigerator, AC, heater, TV, lights, and fans with it. It runs on two fuels which are propane and gasoline. This portable generator is perfect for camping, professional work, and power outages.

If you have a 240V appliance and you cannot use it home, then this generator can solve your problem as it can provide both 120V and 240V.

There are four outlets, and all can deliver 120V, but only two can provide 240V. The best thing is that you can get 240V and 120V simultaneously.

Moreover, one outlet can provide up to 50A which is enough to power high power rated appliances. There are 12V battery charging terminals.

The whole body of the generator is made of metal that provides durability and long life. The starting of the generator is easy; you can either start it as a car with a key or using the recoil starter. There is an oil indicator as well that indicates you in case of low oil.

This portable generator is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

4. Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Portable generator

Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel

Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a little portable generator that is ideal for camping, DIY works, power outages, outdoor use, etc.

The generator is very compact because of its inverter technology. You can take it anywhere easily; it also has wheels to move it. This little generator is very quiet with a noise level of 59 dBA which will not disturb your neighbors.

It can provide 3,400 peak watts and 3,100 running watts which is excellent for uses we have told above. Further, it also RV ready, so you can connect to your RV to power appliances.

The tank is large enough to provide power 25% of the load to 7.5 hours. You can also use propane as it can run on gasoline and propane.

You can even connect this generator parallel to a compatible generator to get more power; it has parallel ready outlets. There is an economy mode on the generator that can use fuel efficiently according to the load.

The output power is very clean and has THD<3%. Therefore, you can safely connect your sensitive electronic devices like laptops and mobiles. It is easy to start, and you can charge a battery as well. This generator is backed by a 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

5. Best DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP4400EH is a dual fuel generator that can use propane and gasoline. You can connect any propane tank with it for use.

The running watts of the generator are 3,500 watts which can power your heater, hairdryer, and some other appliances. It can also power RV appliance and AC because it has an MX2 switch to get full power for heavy loads, but it is not recommended by users for RV.

Further, it is easy to start with an electric start or recoil starter. There are two 120V outlets on the generator to power home appliances. You can also charge batteries through the 12V DC terminals. It produces a noise of 69 dB that will not disturb you at all.

The generator has tires and handles to move with ease. The gasoline tank has a capacity of 3.9 gallons that can last up to 9 hours depending on the load. The whole body of the generator is made of metal that provides strength. It is perfect for camping and power outages.

It has a low-oil indicator as well that alarms you in case of low-oil. Further, it is approved to use all 50 states of the US. The manufacturer also offers a 3-year warranty for the product.

6. Wen Dual Fuel Generator – WEN DF475T

Wen Dual Fuel Generator

WEN DF475T is a portable generator that is ideal for power outages and camping use. It is very easy to start using a key or with a recoil starter. You can use either propane or gasoline whichever is available to you.

Switching the fuel is very easy; you just need to turn the dial. It can also provide 240V and you can get 120V and 240V simultaneously from different receptacles by using the voltage selector. There is a DC outlet as well to charge batteries. 

It is a complete portable generator with wheels to take it anywhere.

The generator can provide 4,750 peak watts and 3,800 running watts. You can use this generator at a job site and for camping and power outage, etc. You can even hook this to your house using a transfer switch.

It can run continuously for 11 hours on gasoline at 50% of the load. You can easily hook up the propane tank to your generator in case of the fuel shortage.

It allows you to run most of your appliances including TV, lights, and refrigerator. It has a strong and sturdy body to last for years. The generator is also backed by a 2-year warranty.

7. Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

This dual fuel generator can provide 5,250 peak watts and 4,750 running watts that can power most of the appliances at your home in power outages. This is also portable enough, so you can take it to your job site and camping.

A full gasoline tank can power 50% of the load for 12 hours continuously which makes it ideal for camp nights.

It has both 120V and 240V outlets to power everything.

It has an RV outlet as well that can plug into your RV easily. There is an LCD display to tell you the voltage, frequency, and other readings.

In the case of low oil, the generator shuts off completely. So, you are alerted, and the generator remains safe from wear and tear.

The generator can easily power home appliances including heater, refrigerator, TV, and lights. You can easily connect a 20 lb propane tank using the hose. It is capable of switching from one fuel to the other during operation without causing any interruption.

It can be easily moved anywhere due to handling and wheels. The powerful engine is housed in steel for protection against any damage. You get a one-year warranty with the product.

8. All power America 10000 watt dual fuel generator

All power america 10000 watt dual fuel generator

All power America is a powerful generator with the capability to power your house in power outages. It can provide 10,000 peak watts and 8,000 running watts on gasoline that is enough to power a small house.

You can connect it directly to your house using a transfer switch. It has a key electric starting mechanism for starting the generator with ease.

A battery comes with the generator for the push electric start. The hour meter also displays the data, so you can check voltage and frequency.

There are three 120V outlets and a 120V/240V outlet. Therefore, you can power anything you need. It is very portable due to tires; therefore, it is suitable for worksites, camping, power outages, etc.

The noise level of the generator is 76 dB which a little noisy, but you can use it without any trouble.

It also has a 12V DC outlet to charge batteries. On a full 8 gallons gasoline tank, it works for 11 hours continuously at 50% of the load. So, you can use it for camping and enjoy the whole night. The generator has a special coating to prevent corrosion. It has a recoil start as well in case the electric start does not work.

How To Choose A Dual Fuel Generators?

You need to know about the generators to get the right generator. There are many generators in the market and online stores, you need to understand the common terminologies and everything before you buy one.

If you don’t know anything, then you will end up buying something useless. So, before buying a product, you should know about the features and functions.

But, if you are new, and you don’t know anything about the generators, then don’t worry because we are going to tell you everything in detail. This buyer’s guide will help you get the best dual fuel generator that you need. We will discuss the terminologies and features and try to explain everything in detail. Let’s start.


The common fuel in most dual fuel generators is propane and gasoline. The gasoline is expensive as compared to propane, but it provides more BTUs per unit of volume. For gasoline, there is a tank in the generator, you need to check the capacity of the fuel tank.

A large tank provides more run-time of the generator. You will find tanks usually in the range of 3-9 gallons or more depending on the generator.

Propane is excellent, you can connect the tank to your generator. You can store propane for a longer time as compared to gasoline. Further, it does not harm the internal engine.

In most generators, it is very easy to switch between propane and gasoline. There is usually a switch to switch the fuel. In some generators, you can switch the fuel in running condition without interrupting any work.

Peak Watts and Running Watts

These are the two important terms that you need to know about the generator. These will give you an idea of how much load the generator can bear. Peak watts of a generator are the power that the generator can supply to devices when they start.

At the start, some appliances like motor and other things take more power and after a few seconds, the consumption power drops, and they consume the rated power. So, such appliances need extra power at the start.

Therefore, the peak watts are always mentioned that tell how much surge power the generator can supply. Peak watts are often called surge watts.

Running watts is the power that a generator can supply continuously to appliances. We told you, after some time the appliance consumes the rated power only, so you can see whether the generator can supply that running power or not. Running power is also termed as rated power. Running watts of a generator is always less than the peak watts.

For example, you need to run a few appliances and they are rated as 3,000 watts. But at the start, the appliances require 3,200 watts. So, you need such a generator that has running watts more than 3,000 watts and peak watts more than 3,200 watts. If any of them is lower than the required, the generator will not power the appliances. Therefore, it is necessary to know these two powers so you can have an idea of how much power you will get to run your appliances.

Power Produced in Gasoline and Propane

In dual fuel generators that use propane and gasoline, the power provided by gasoline is more than the power you get on propane. If a generator has peak watts 3,000 watts and running watts 2,800 watts on gasoline, then on propane, it will provide fewer peak watts and running watts. The difference can be of a few hundred watts. Make sure to check that as well.

Outlets and Receptacles

There are different types of outlets present in generators. You find AC outlets of 120V in most generators, but some generators also have 120V/240V outlets. The outlets can be of different types such as duplex outlets, twist lock outlets, RV ready outlets, 12V DC outlets, etc.

If you want to use the generator with RV, make sure it has an RV ready outlet and it has enough wattage to power your RV. Some generators also have 12V DC terminals to charge batteries. In inverter generators, you will find USB ports as well.

Noise Level

You cannot find a generator without a noise. Generators produce noise and you cannot eliminate it. But you can select a generator that has low noise. Generators usually have noise levels from 59dB to 76dB. The noise level also depends on the power that the generator is producing. You can search for generators that have lower dB values. You can see the following table to understand the intensity of the noise.

Noise In DBExamples
60Noise of normal conversation
65Piano Practice
70Noisy restaurant/Hair dryer
75Alarm clock /Dishwasher
80Vacuum cleaner/busy residential road

From the table, you can get an idea of the noise level. The noise level also depends on the distance. If the distance between you and the generator is more, then the noise will be low. The noise level above 85dB is dangerous and it can harm your ears. You need to have ear protection above 85dB.

Running Time

The running time of the generator depends on the capacity of the fuel tank, the load connected to the generator and some other factors. Manufacturers mention the number of hours that the generator can work on the full fuel tank when a certain load is connected.

For example, a generator can work 10 hours on a full tank of gasoline at 50% of the load. Therefore, this time will decrease when you connect more load. At a load of less than 50%, you can use this generator for more time. Running time is usually defined at 25% or 50% of the load.

Before you buy a generator, you should check the running time. It will give you an idea of whether you can use such a generator for long power outages/camping or not.

Safety Features

To keep your generator safe and sound, there should be some safety features. You will find circuit breakers in all generators because it is essential. There are different circuit breakers for AC and DC. In case of any problem, the circuit is interrupted by these circuit breakers. Further, they are visible so you can reset them easily.

Low oil indication is also an excellent safety feature. In the case of low oil, wear and tear occur inside the engine. So, it is necessary to keep an eye on the oil. Therefore, there is an indicator light in most generators that alarms in case of low oil. In some generator, there is a low oil shut off that turns off the generator automatically.

Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism of the generator should be easy. We recommend getting such a generator that has an electric starting mechanism. You just need to push the button and the generator will start automatically. Anyone can start the generator without applying force.

There should be a recoil starter as well to start the generator if the electric start button is not working.


Usually, you will find a 1 to 3-year warranty with the generators. Some companies also offer an extended warranty, you can choose if you need it. With the warranty, you also need technical support through call. So, make sure the manufacturer offers call support.

Benefits of Using Dual Fuel Generator

  • Dual Fuel

The first benefit is that you can use dual fuel. You can store any of the fuel. If you are out of one fuel, then you can use the other. This allows you to use generator for greater time without interruption. You can even switch the fuel during use without any interruption in the work.

  • Portable

Most dual fuel generators are portable. They have wheels and a handle to move them. You can easily take them to your work without any problem.

  • Versatile Use

You can use a dual fuel generator in various applications. You can take it for camping, use at your work or in power outages. These generators are excellent in power outages, you can hook up the propane tank or fill gasoline to use them for the whole night.

  • Easy to Use

Generators are easy to use. You can start a generator in a few simple steps. The oil changing process is also easy.

  • Power Different Appliances

Dual fuel generators are usually available with running watts above 3,000 watts. They can power different appliances. Some powerful generators can even power your AC, refrigerators, lights, fans, and other thigs at the same time.

Safety Tips for Generator

To use your generator, you need to know about some safety tips. We are going to tell you some tips in this article.

  • Use in Ventilated Area

Always use your generator in a well-ventilated area. Generators emit carbon monoxide which is harmful. It can even lead to fatality if used in a packed area. So, never use them in your garage or any closed area. Further, fill gasoline in an open area because gasoline vapors are flammable.

  • Use the Recommended Fuel Only

Do not use any other fuel other than the recommended one. If it is for propane, then never try natural gas on it. Do not use ethanol or any fuel instead of gasoline. It is very dangerous.

  • Do Not Use Wet Generator

Never use the generator when it is wet. In rain, do not use it openly without taking necessary precautions. High voltage can even kill you. For safety, make sure the generator is grounded well.

  • Fuel Spill

There should be no fuel spill on the generator or near it. In case of the fuel spills, clean it before starting the generator and allow it to dry. Do not overfill the tank, there should be a little space left in it.

  • Hot Surface

Many parts of the generator are hot, do not touch the engine and hot surface. It can burn your skin. Be careful and keep children away.

  • Do Not Fill Fuel in Running Generator

Never try to re-fill the fuel when the generator is running. It is very dangerous, and any spark can lead to a fire.

  • Read the Instruction Manual

Always read the instruction manual before using the generator. Read the operating instruction to operate the generator carefully in the proper way.

  • Smell of Gas

If you ever smell propane around the generator, then stop it. Identify the leakage using water and soap solution. Ask an expert to repair it in case of any leakage. Always put your propane tank on a flat surface and away from the generator exhaust.


The best dual generator can help you in many cases. You can get power from it when you need it especially in power outages and outdoor travel. So, we recommend using a dual fuel generator.

Gasoline and propane are excellent for dual-fuel generators as they are easily available, and you can take the generator anywhere and use any of the fuel. These are portable and multi-purpose.

To help you understand the generator, its terms, features, and functions, we have provided a buyer’s guide that will help you to pick the best dual fuel generator. The guide is simple enough, and you can understand everything with ease.

The features and functions of every generator are explained in detail. You can also see the safety tips in the article before you use the generator. People usually have some questions; therefore, we have included some frequently asked questions in the article.