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Best Electric Garage Heater Reviews (120V And 240V)

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Dr. Heater DR966 is the best electric garage heater among all other items. We experimented with 37 garage heaters, measured their capacity & electricity consumption. Also, we’ve considered the pricing point. Only 11 garage heaters passed through our quality factors & it was the best.

If you are a passionate or professional handyman, you must spend long hours in the garage during the week. Of course, that’s the ultimate place to utilize your creativity and show it off to the world.

But you won’t be productive if the garage environment makes you uncomfortable due to the fridging cold climate. You will feel difficulties to grab the screwdriver properly as your fingers may continuously freak by a chilled temperature.

So the appliance you need for ultimate comfortability & setting up your dream workshop is the perfect electric garage heater. You may ask me why electric garage heater rather than propane or kerosine?

Workshops are full of several liquid items like color spray, lubricants, thinner for car polish, etc. Those are flammable. I’m sure you don’t want to burn your garage by an accidental fire & end the day calling fire service. So, I believe an electric garage heater should be the best option.

What Should You Know Before Selecting An Electric Heater For Your Garage?

How to choose garage heater

What is BTU? & How much BTU/hr garage heater is required to warm my garage?

Generally, 20,000 BTU/hr is sufficient to warm up a 1000 sqft garage. But there are some conditions. If the environment temperature is 12 degrees celsius & you want to raise it by 20-22 degrees with the garage heater, it is okay. On the other hand, if the environment temperature is (-7) degrees celsius & you want to increase it by 22, it will be insufficient.

So, I suggest you consider your average environment temperature. If that is 15 degrees on average, then a 20,000 BTU/hr heating unit is sufficient for your 1000 sqft garage. Alternatively, if your average environment temperature is below 5 degrees or even minus, go for 34000 BTU/hr units or multiple small units. 

Let’s discuss how BTU is calculated. Some boarding theory might be included.

Abbreviation of BTU is the British Thermal Unit. The amount of heat is required to raise 1 Ibs water’s temperature by 1 degree Fahrenheit is called 1 BTU.

These were theoretical discussion. Let me talk about the practical scenario. Although air’s density is low compared to water, however, the air is not compact material like a gallon of water. It circulates through the open spaces, the environments & the entire atmosphere that exists surrounding you.  

So no matter how nicely you insulate your garage, the air will circulate by surrounding nature. (Unless you enter into a sealed chamber). Additionally, there is not only air inside the garage. There are many other materials, cars, bikes, fluids, tools, & everything else that consumes the heat to raise their temperature. So, we require more BTU than the theoretical calculation to increase our garage temperature.

Here is a standard chart to choose your garage heater according to garage size.

Consider you want to raise your standard decorated garage temperature up to 10 degrees Celcius more from the environment temperature.

200 sqft – 4000 BTU/hr

500 sqft – 10,000 BTU/hr

800 sqft – 17,000 BTU/hr

1000 sqft – 20,000 BTU/hr

1500 sqft – 30,000 BTU/hr

If the environment temperature is below minus scale, consider buying a large amount of BTU producer rather than the chart.

Is there a relationship between the heater’s WATT & it’s BTU? How much wattage I need & which heater will cover my Garage Size?

Tips: A 15-watt Edison bulb & a 15 watt LED, which one produces more light? Of course, the LED, causing the LUMEN/Light-emitting amount, does not depend on the watt. A similar fact is applicable to a heater. So always consider heat production capacity BTU/hr rather than the wattage of a garage heater for buying. One heater may produce more BTU/hr heat comparing the same wattage of different garage heaters cause it depends on heat distribution & heating element.

Ultimately there is no relationship between your garage heater’s WATT & the BTU it can produce per hour. But a standard 5000-watt heater should produce around 17,000 BTU/hr heat. Why?

Well, wattage defines how much electricity the appliance consumes each hour, while BTU/hr defines how much heat energy is producing per hour using that power.

To find how much BTU/hr you need to warm your garage according to the size, follow the chart I have provided at the top. In case you want me to say an assumption by heater’s wattage that can warm your garage, here is the chart.

200 sqft – 1500-2000 watt

500 sqft – 4000 watt

800 sqft – 5000 watt

1000 sqft – 6000 watt

1500+ sqft – 10,000 watt

Types of Garage Heater

Garage heaters had been introduced to the nation before centuries, even before the invention of electricity. The goal was simply warming the garage temperature. But ancient nations did it differently, like burning wood, gasoline, radiation of hot stones, etc.  

After the invention of electricity, manufacturers had built several types of electric garage heaters & still, they are upgrading the technology day by day to produce optimal heat. Their ambition is to create more heat by burning the same fuels or electricity.

As a result, today, we find radiant electric heaters, infrared heaters, nichrome coil electric garage heaters & so on. Below is a short discussion about several garage heaters & when those will be suitable for you.

  • Electric Garage heater:  Most smart & convenient garage heater is suitable for 80% of people in most cases. But there are some barriers to use these. 95% electric garage heater requires 240V electricity input, which may be unavailable for some people. Some workshops are in remote areas, & very giant, like 5000+ sqft. The amount of electric energy is required to warm the space is vast. Such a high load of electricity may be expensive & rare to supply in various states. Otherways electric garage heater will be the best preference for most of the workshop owners, shops & other commercial areas.
  • Nichrome Coil Electric Garage Heater: In the electric heating industry, 80% belongs to this category. For the heating elements company uses spiral nichrome coils. When electricity passes through it, the elements get hot & a blower fan forcibly flows wind through it. As a result, the space gets warm by the hot air. For this technology, these types of heaters are also known as FAN FORCED ELECTRIC HEATER.
  • Tips: Some manufacture doesn’t use direct spiral nichrome coil. They sealed the coil inside a steel tube & the tube gets hot. These types of electric heaters are better durable than naked ones. So my suggestion will be to choose these types rather than a naked coil.
  • Infrared electric garage heater:  For this category, a very high resistive filament being placed inside a quartz tube. When current flows, the filaments make the tube red hot & a reflector radiate the heat to the place or sometimes fan force the winds to be blown through it. These types of electric heaters are energy efficient but not capable of heating large areas.
  • Which one is better?: Coil based electric garage heater is the better performer for larger space. They consume more electricity. On the other hand, infrared performs excellently in small areas & consumes less electricity. So your space size would define which one is the best one for you.
  • Kerosine Garage heater:  Say you need a tremendous amount of heat energy to warm your workshop as large as 70,000-100,000 BTU/hr. Then Kerosine or diesel fuel garage heater will be the only solution for you. Cause the highest capacity electric garage heater can produce not more than 34,000 BTU/hr. If you are someone from these scenarios, my recommendation is to use air quality monitors, fire alarms, & maintain all the safety precautions to stay safe.
  • Propane Garage heater:  Another solution to warm a gigantic area or if you need an enormous BTU/hr producing garage heater. Again I want to say only use these heater categories when you don’t have any way to install an electric garage heater. Also, maintain all safety guidelines so that you never need to end a day calling fire service.

Why & When the Electric garage heater is better than propane or Kerosine? : 

I have said several times electric heater has a limitation for the workshop’s size. How far your workshop is not as gigantic as 2000+ sqft, you are okay with electric garage heaters. But for a larger scale than this, you need to shift your preference to a kerosene or propane garage heater. Please keep in mind, in case you need to use propane or kerosene garage heater, the danger is not only about setting up a fire. Also, they produce a toxic gas that is harmful too much, but you will never feel them.

Portable/Wall or Ceiling Mount, which Types of electric garage heater better for me?

By a single line, a portable garage heater is functional for everybody. Still, it destroys some places inside the garage. So if your workshop is permanently decorated, you may go for wall/ceiling heaters. Otherways portable one is the best solution.

Bellow is several scenarios to explain which types of garage heater are suitable for you. Some of them might create difficulties & some others may provide you advantage.

  • Portable Garage Heater:  Suitable for almost everyone & every condition. Cause only the portable garage heaters are available in every single capacity from extremely low to extremely high. Additionally, if your garage or workshop setup is not permanent, you will never have a headache for replacing the heating setup. You will able to place it anywhere you like. The only exception these heaters take a vast space inside your garage, so if your garage has a permanent structure, you may choose a wall/ceiling mount or anything else.
  • Wall Mount Garage Heater: To install these heaters’ categories, you don’t need to cut the wall. Simply by drilling any preferred wall, you can hang the heater with a couple of screws & a mounting bracket. It can be a permanent installation & it might not look lovely if you are focused on the interior.
  • Ceiling Mount Garage Heater: In most cases, all the wall mount heaters are mountable on the ceiling. The preference is up to you. But if you install the unit on the ceiling, it will be hard to reach it for handling the control. If you have a remote control or a wall thermostat installed, & you have a permanent garage or workshop setup, you may go with it.
  • Wall Garage Heater:  These are different than wall mount heaters. You need to cut the wall with a grinder & install the heater there. It enhances the interior’s look & does not destroy a single inch of your garage. But most of the wall heaters don’t have a high capacity. Wooden garage walls may get a bit advantage for the installation of these units.

Advantage of a 240V electric garage heater rather than 120V

To make it sense first, you need to understand the Physics law P=VI 

P= Power or Wattage, 


I= Current

It means if your heater is 2400 Watt, & it requires 240 Volt to run, then;

2400 = 240 x I So, I = 10amp

Similarly, if your heater required 120V to run, it would consume 20 amps to remain functional. So the advantage is

  • Accelerated Power:  When 240V passes through the heating coil instead of 120V, it gets hot faster. So the heater works more strongly & efficiently. For easy explanation, a supercar & a tractor both have 300 HP power, but the supercar runs fast. Similarly, the 240V garage heater coil works faster than 120V.
  • Circuit Breaker Operation: If a 240V garage heater requires a 10 amp circuit breaker, a 120V garage heater would require 20 amps. A lower resistive circuit breaker will be fast functional than a higher one. So in case of a short circuit or accidental fire, the 240V garage heater’s breaker will react fast & keep your place safe.

So for heavy wattage appliances, 240V units are more preferred than 120V. Same to your garage heater.

Which features are too essential for the perfect electric garage heater?

We have divided features into two categories, one is functional & another is safety.  

Functional Features:

  • Adjustable Thermostat:  Although most garage owners like to install an additional wall thermostat with the garage heater, the built-in thermostat is a must. Sadly, in various garage heaters, this feature is missing. So before you buy it, you must ensure that your preferred heater has this option.
  • Power Cable: Surprising true, some ceiling & wall mount garage heater doesn’t come with a default power cable with a plug. Even a wall/ceiling mount garage heater should have a built-in power cord to ensure an easy installation & create portability when you need it.
  • Remote Control:   Garage heaters are the most expensive heaters of all, according to my experience. But a few come with remote control. You should choose one ensuring this too.
  • Only Fan Mode: Although in most cases this is not too essential if your garage heater contains only fan mode, you can use it during summer.
  • Louvers:  This is some direction gate that helps the air to flow in your preferred direction. 
  • Mount Bracket: It is essential for mounting on a wall or ceiling and is necessary for portability. Even if you don’t want to hang the heater on the wall, you can use it as a portable unit & able to carry the heater holding the bracket.

Best Electric Garage Heater Reviews

1. Best electric garage heater 240VDr. Heater DR966

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1 Year for parts & labor.
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 3000W/6000W
  • Coverage Area: 1100 Square Feet.
  • Thermal Capacity: 20,472 BTU/hr.

We’ve tested 37 garage heaters total in number & Dr. Heater DR966 outranked all others. This appliance is the best considering the performance as well as price point, wattage, capacity, build quality, durability & every other aspect.

We found some 240v garage heaters with a high wattage of 7500W at a high price, while this heater is as powerful as 6000W at a reasonable price. It is also more than sufficient to warm your 1100+ sqft commercial areas like garages, shops, schools, dormitory, hotels, churches, etc.

Design & Build Quality:  As it’s a commercial heater, it’s an entirely metal build, which is rustproof, reliable, heavy & durable. There is the hot air vent at the front portion, where an 8-inch FAN performs by forcing hot air through the heating coil.

At the down front, there is the main control panel. You are allowed to choose 3000W/6000W as low & high settings with a red switch. Besides the button, there is a thermostat knob. The knob is mainly an ON/OFF switch, don’t get confused thinking the knob is only the thermostat. However, this knob works like a thermostat too.

At the front of the air vent grill, 5-adjustable louvers are integrated to ensure direct airflow. A bracket is joined by a left & right side screw knob. You can mount this heater with a wall or ceiling according to your requirement.

The only disappointing fact is, you are only allowed to twist the heater vertically, not horizontally, using the mounting bracket. But, I can assure you that won’t be necessary cause it will warm up your entire area properly.

Although this heater is fully metal build, it is cold enough to touch during runtime except for the hot air vent. I should discourage you from grabbing this garage heater when it is turned ON, though. There is nothing important than safety.

No matter how big your place is, you will experience how fast it raises the temperature within a few minutes once you mount this garage heater.

Two spiral nichrome heating coil is the heart of this garage heater. Both are rolled inside the heating chamber just behind the fan, which is visualized from the front. These shorts of heating coils are more durable and sparely available if you need to replace them for any reason. 

Installation: Unfortunately, Dr. Heater DR966 does not come with a built-in power cable, which is logical, by the way. Cause it’s not anything portable machine & you need to install this high powered device in a permanent way combined with the electrical wiring system.

At the back portion, you will find 3-wires inside a screwed chamber. The red one needs to connect with the 240V phase line; the black one should be connected to the neutral & green wire is the ground, simple.

You will need a 240V & 35A power outlet to connect it. Although it works fine with a 30A breaker, you may use a 30A to 40A circuit breaker to ensure safety.

There is a built-in thermostat with this garage heater; you may connect this with a wall thermostat circuit breaker. In that case, you should set the heater’s thermostat at the highest settings so that it won’t manipulate the wall breaker. 

An interesting fact is if you desire to install a wall thermostat circuit breaker, a 120V & 20A thermostat breaker can handle the job correctly.

My garage is 500 sqft, should I get this garage heater as it’s capacity is 1100+ sqft? : 

Oh, man, for sure, certainly!!! Firstly, you have the option to select the heating capacity between 3000W/6000W. If your place is small, choose the low settings and forget about it. You may remain headache-free if you increase your garage area or face heavy cold weather with a prolonged snowfall. 

Secondly & most importantly, always bear in mind that high capacity like wattage never defines how large sized garage the heater can warm up. It only explains how quickly it will warm up.  

So if your place is smaller comparatively, the heater will heat it quickly. Then it will shut down automatically by the thermostat. Then again, it will start running when the temperature will fall from the desired settings. So you never need to worry about a hefty electric bill. Even it will save the cost at the end of the month.

Why have I preferred it as the best?: When I require a garage heater, at the very first performance, durability & price point comes to my mind. As you know, you need a heavy duty heater for the garage, and you should not compromise the long term useability due to heavy uses.

Of all the heaters we experimented with, this particular one is well featured, well priced, and the best performing among all. Also, we have interviewed some users, & 96% of users are delighted with it. 

Of course, there are some other great options to choose from. But you have to count large cash in that case. In this budget, this is exceptionally great.

Disappointing fact:  

Some people don’t want their garage heater to mount on the wall or ceiling. They like placing on the floor & using through the plug point. For them, this heater won’t be a great choice. Cause there is no built-in power cable with it, and this is not designed to place on the floor at all. If you are like them, feel free to choose from the next options available in this list.

2. Best Portable electric garage heaterCadet RCP502S

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 3333/5000 Watt
  • Coverage Area: 1000 Square Feet.
  • Thermal Capacity: 17000 BTU/hr

Made in the USA, you can easily assume the company can’t compromise any safety requirements & quality. We have reviewed 11 heaters in our list & the cadet RCP52S is portable electric garage heater and the king of safety. 

It’s not only safe for features but also for the fantastic built quality. At the same time, this is exceptional than most other heaters for portability. You need not be a handyman to install it in your garage. Plug it in, and it will start serving you.

Design: This is only the garage & commercial heater that is similar to a household space heater. However, you can mount it on a wall or ceiling with a built-in bracket. 

At the front lower part, the whole control panel is placed. There is a thermoregulator and 2-switch for heating setup and mode control. 

Above the control board, there is the heating vent. The heating vent’s grill is nicely square-shaped & made of solid steel coated with heat & rustproof color. 

If you look through the vent, you will find the fan & heating coil inside it. They have used high-quality 2-nichrome spiral coils. When you choose the low settings, only a single coil burns with 3333 wattages of power & with high heat settings, it utilizes the whole 5000 wattages of powers. 

The high-speed fan forces the air through the coil to provide a non-stop warm atmosphere to your garage. However, in summer, you can use only the fan to make yourself cool without using the heating coils. Fan power is strong enough to be used as a table fan.

At the top of the heater, you will find some fins. These fins work as the air radiator keeps the inside chamber cool so that you do not need to hear a fire alarm due to an accidentally overheated flame. 

There is a solid bracket to hold the heater body. You can use it as a stand to place the heater on your garage floor, or you may mount it on the wall. It’s up to your preference.

The power cord is 6 feet long and nicely wrapped with non-conductor silicons to ensure complete leakage safety. You will require a 30 amp 240V power outlet with a 3-pin socket to operate the heater.

Operations: I have already told you that it’s the only electric garage heater that is operatable like a simple household space heater. 

What you need, plug into a socket and turn it on. You have two options to choose from, low & high. I would say you can select the settings depending on your garage or shop size. 

If your garage is more extensive than 500 square feet, then you should choose the high option and low for the smaller garage. But no matter what settings you choose, it will raise the temperature to your desired setup and turn off automatically due to the thermostat. So it’s energy-efficient.

There is another switch to choose an auto ON/OFF mode for the fan. Either you can turn the fan continuously ON or choose the auto mood. It will allow the heater to feel the air temperature and spin the fan only when required. When the room temperature gets raised to the required setup, the fan will turn OFF. Again it will turn ON by itself when the temperature falls up to 2-3 degrees. So this feature will reduce your electric bill by saving energy & this feature is missing in most of the electric garage heaters.

If you twist the thermostat clockwise, it will increase the temperature & alternatively, you can decrease it. The thermostat will maintain your garage temperature non-stop at your comfort level.

If you mount the heater with the bracket, you will able to twist the heater vertically. There exist two knobs like the heater’s ear; you can rotate them to fix your position.

About Cadet: This company is operating its business successfully in the USA for a few decades. Most importantly, they do not import their accessories like other brands. They make it themselves. So they can maintain the quality & able to provide a direct customer help support. Maybe, for their expensive operational cost, their product price is a bit high.

Cadet offers a 5-years warranty, which is unbelievable. They have confidence because of the build quality. Ultimately, you may remain out of the headache for a decade and enjoy the warm air throughout your commercial area.

Disappointing Facts: Cadet is taking a very expensive budget for this heater, and they are not offering a remote control. I don’t like it. Every single time you need to operate the heater from the body control panel. They should include a remote control to make it easy.

My opinion: a Cadet heater is like buying a Jaguar car with high expense. If you can afford it, it will serve you for a decade. There is nothing to say about its quality & premium build quality as well as durability. Cause no other garage heater is slightly comparable with this.

3. Best Electric garage heater with thermostat – NewAir G56

NewAir Portable Garage Heater

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1 Year parts & labor
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 5600 Watt
  • Coverage Area: 560 – 1000 Square Feet. (According to Our Test)
  • Thermal Capacity: 19107 BTU/hr

We named NewAir G56 the budget queen for the unbelievable quality within the cheapest expense. If you are unwilling to pay that much without a compromise of performance, then NewAir should be your one-stop solution. (10th one is the cheapest heater of this list, this one is the most budget friendly comparing capacity)

The manufacturer made it lightweight but durable & invested most of the construction budget behind the performance. Even for several cases, it is better performing than most other garage heaters.

The company claiming it can heat-up a 560 square feet area, but this appliance successfully heated-up a 1000 square feet garage in our experiment. But the scenario may change a bit if you are attempting to install in snow wrapped commercial garage. 

Before I begin on the design, features & everything else, I want to reply to the whispering question in your mind. WHY IS THIS INEXPENSIVE COMPARING OTHERS?

The simple answer is one single nichrome built spiral coil-heating element, an ac motor with a fan blade, & a simple thermostat. That’s the 3-main components of it. 

Neither have they included any fancy features nor used ultra heavy metals as external body parts. So you can grab it with a minimum budget while enjoying a high wattage performance.

Design: NewAir G56 is light enough to enhance portability. It has a boxed shape with minimum features but convenient. 

NewAir Garage heater comes with a built-in power cable, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing extra wires for installation. 

At the lower front portion, you will get the control panel. The red switch is to control the fan and thermoregulator for setting up the required temperature.

Again, suppose you are dependent only on the built-in temperature regulator. In that case, you will need to feel the warmth blindly as there is no display or temperature indicator over the thermostat. 

The fan switch will allow you to choose always ON or auto mode as blowing functionality. If you select an AUTO mode, then the fan will automatically turn off once the desired temperature is achieved. Again it will restart when the temperature falls by 2-3 degrees.

The air vent grill has an impressive hexagonal-shaped look. It will keep you safe from the hot touch of the heating coil. If you read this full article, you will find some expensive heaters that don’t have this protection grill.

At the top of the heater, a carrying handle is included. There are two extensions for wrapping the power cable when the heater is out of duty.

Unfortunately, there is no bracket extension to mount the heater with the wall or ceiling. But as I have said already, this garage heater is built focusing on portability. So you may not require the mounting feature.

Heating Functionality: 

A robust 5600-watt heating coil powers this heater. Unfortunately, there is no low wattage functionality. 

You simply can regulate the temperature by the thermostat. This fact has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is, the high wattage can warm-up space speedy & the thermostat will instantly shut the heater OFF once the desired temperature is achieved. So you need not worry about too much electricity consumption.

But the disadvantage is if you attempt to use the heater in a smaller place out of the garage, you have no other choice without the high voltage setup.

For the fan functionality, I would prefer the always ON mode. Cause this feature will allow the internal chamber to remain calm. Although the heater has overheating safety, but always on fan mode will give a boost to the safety feature.

You may install an external wall thermostat. In that case, you will be able to measure the accurate temperature. By the way, this heater can maintain temperature up to 45-95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What’s inside it?: This was the most straightforward heating element that we realized after disassemble it. 

A single nichrome spiral heating coil, which is visualized from the air vent, produces the required heat, and the blower fan passes air by force from the behind of the loop. That’s it. 

The coil is rolled into a cylindrical format in front of the fan. Two steel connector has joined the coil with a power source. 

Generally, the heater fan’s motor remains unsealed. But for this heater, the scenario is different. The motor is well built & sealed nicely. So you need not worry about dust damage.

The power cable is heavily built & wrapped by silicon nicely. At the same time, it is long enough to reach your power socket.

My opinion:  If you look a the price the company has provided is too much. Of course, the more you spend, the better you will get. But sometimes, we require an instant temporary solution, and in that scenario, this garage heater might be the best solution. 

You may ask how durable it is? The company is already providing a 1-year warranty. So at least you will remain headache free for the whole year. But I firmly believe this garage heater will serve you at least for 5-7 years trouble-free.

4. Best ceiling mount electric garage heaterFahrenheat FUH

Best Fahrenheat FUH54 Garage Heater

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 5000 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Up to 1000 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: 17000 BTU/hr
  • Temperature Adjust: 45 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

A tremendous reliable company named “Marley Engineered products” makes the Fahrenheit FUH to warm your drafty garage. They call this item “Big Brother” because of its capacity & performance.

Can you remember Dr. Heater that I have reviewed at the very beginning? Fahrenheit FUH is similar heather to that but built for a bit rough & heavy uses. As a result, this is a bit expensive item than Dr. Heater too.

If your garage or commercial space is as large as 1000 square feet, Fahrenheit FUH will take no longer than ten minutes to make it toasty. Even you will feel the warmth of it in every single corner of your space.

Design:  The manufacturer has designed it straightforwardly but added some innovative technology to enhance the performance.

There is a very simple thermoregulator at the front lower portion to set up the temperature according to preference. But the problem is, if you try controlling the climate from here, you will have no idea about the exact temperature. Cause there is no display or temperature indicator on the regulator knob.

The vent grill has integrated louvers to adjust the airflow directions. The good fact is, the louver has a spring joint so that it will be durable for years, and hardly there will be any chance to become loose.

If you have a look through the heating vent grill, you will find a lot of fins. Heating components are placed just behind the fins. The fact I don’t like here, they should add an external vent grill to make the hot fins protected. If you accidentally touch the fins, your finger will burn as the fins are very nearby to the heating coil.

Instead of using a direct spiral heating coil, they have coiled the nichrome surrounding a tube. This particular technology has enhanced the power efficiency & longevity of the nichrome. Cause what we have previously experienced, if the spiral coil remains naked & supportless, it will get broken after a few years. 

At the top of this model, a bracket is included for mounting with the ceiling. You will feel more comfortable mounting to the ceiling rather than the wall. It would be better if they improved the design a little bit for wall mounting.

At the behind, you will find a protection grill for the blower fan. Which one is solid, but the gap is a bit extensive. It would be better if the intervals of the grill rods had a little bit more density. Cause a flying sparrow can easily enter inside it, which will be dangerous. 

At the rare-bottom, there is the connection chamber. This heater does not come with any built-in wire. You need to purchase an external cable to connect it.

Heating Functionality: The heating functionality of this garage heater is not complicated at all. Simply you need to install it & connect with household wiring. Then you able to operate it by the voltage regulator. 

Impressive functionality is, when the heater raises the temperature to the thermostat setup, the heating coil will turn off. Still, the fan will remain spinning for a while to keep the internal component cool.

But, as it is a ceiling mount heater, you will face difficulty reaching its body to operate it.

So I would prefer an external wall thermostat installation to operate this garage heater remotely. Additionally, this would be safe too. 

As this is a heavy-duty heater, it has no low watt consumption setup. It will utilize the full 5000 watts to warm your space quickly, and the thermostat will go to a resting state once the heater achieves the required temperature.

The company offers a 1-year limited warranty for this item, and this garage heater is standard American ETL & UL certified. So you can stay relax for safety.

Internal components: We like disassembling things!!! We disassembled too. The build quality impressed us. No doubt, it is durable and built for heavy-duty.

The company claims it is energy efficient, and we found that they have used innovative technology to ensure energy efficiency.

Firstly, instead of an entire heating coil, they have divided into partitions & partially connected them together. As a result, high voltage electricity is crossing through a short portion of the nichrome coil instead of a whole long loop. So it is getting hot faster than an entire looped coil. So, it is working like a turbo charge acceleration, which increases efficiency.

Secondly, they have wrapped a steel tube with a heating coil. Once the coil is getting hot, the steel tube starts becoming hot too. It is working like an active heat enhancer & boosting the heater’s performance.

Another impressive fact of the heater is the fan motor is fully sealed. So the bearing won’t get jammed by dust in the long term uses. I would give a thumbs up to this structure.

Disappointing Facts: The fins behind the air vent louver is hot!!! They should protect it with an external grill, although nobody will reach their finger to it. Secondly, they should add an extra-low watt heating functionality to it. 

My Opinion: I would like to compare this heater with Dr. Heater that I have reviewed as the first product on the list. Well, if my place was as large as 1000 square feet and I would prefer a permanent installation with an external thermostat & never attempt to change the heater’s position, I would go for this. But if I required a multipurpose use, like sometimes for my garage, sometimes in dormitory & sometimes in the shop, I would go for Dr. Heater. Because, in that case, I would not always require the high wattage setup. That’s it.

5. Best Forced air garage heaterHeTR 240V

HeTR 240V

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1-Year Warranty from Texas Based Manufacturer
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 4800 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Up to 800 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: 16300 BTU/hr
  • Remote Control: Yes

The “HeTR” is a champion brand for manufacturing industrial grade appliances. For any commercial appliance like a garage heater, heavy performance & ultra-high durability is essential simultaneously.

We use these machines in the garage or shop quite roughly. So if your garage heater only warms your space nicely but can’t tolerate little hits or is not useable roughly, you will need to replace it quickly.

To tackle these situations correctly, this particular garage heater from HeTR is a perfect choice. You can kick it, & it’s durable enough to tolerate that.

Additionally, all modern features are included with this. So you will be satisfied with all the single perspective.

Design: As you are watching the image, this garage heater has a cylindrical shape. More specifically, it looks like a cannon gun. For this exceptional shape, it can target a particular area to warm up fast. 

At the lower portion, you will get a control panel with a very basic display. The display can only show the preset temperature, nothing else. At the very left of the control panel, there is the power button. 

The “hand” printed button is to select the low or high heating functions. By pressing the arrow buttons, you can control the thermostat to set your required temperature.

There are 3-LED indicators to show the power, low and high heating coil status. 

What’s exceptional about this heater, the buttons are electronic controlled rather than mechanical. If you concentrate carefully, the body buttons are similar to the buttons of the remote controller. HeTR has made it more convenient while most other companies use mechanical switches.

The main body is build of stainless steel. The exterior parts are thoroughly powder-coated. So the color is long-lasting & the external components are heatproof. 

There is a bracket at the top to enhance portability & mount to the ceiling. The cable can be wrapped with the bracket when the heater is out of duty.

This heater works by forcing air through heating elements. At the front & back portion, a full metal grill is placed as the air vent. The grill looks like a fence net, and a handyman must like it cause the whole interior is entirely visual through the grill. 

This garage heater has a built-in power cable, so if you are interested in portable use, you need not worry about external wiring.

Heating Functionality:  This is a 4800-watt electric garage heater that requires 240-volt power input to run. It consumes around 20A+ current, so a minimum 30A breaker is suggested.

It has two heating elements to ensure energy efficiency. If you select the high setup, two coils work together and consume full 4800 watts & at the low heating setup, only the front coil works.

You can control everything with the remote control. Generally, all commercial heaters require an extra wall thermostat to maintain a comfortable climate. But, as it has a remote controller, you need not invest more for an additional wall thermostat.

But if you want, then you can connect it with a 25-30 amp thermostat breaker without any trouble. In that case, you should select the high heat option to avoid any hassle. 

You will require a NEMA 6-30P socket to connect the plug. If you are not comfortable with that, cut the pin and join the wire with your favorite plug type.

HeTR offers a 1-year warranty for this particular model. It’s super durable, but you may remain headache free for the whole year.

This garage heater has overheating safety, silicon wrapped electrical wire connection, a heating element guard, and several safety features. Also, it is ETL certified, so no safety precautions are missing here.

Internal Components: The disassembling experience wasn’t as simple as the visual appearance of the garage heater. 

All the power circuits & connections are inside the padel box & heating elements inside the cylindrical body. 

HeTR has inserted the whole nichrome heating coil inside a stainless steel tube. So there is no chance to break or crack the coil. This design has made the element more durable & better performing, as the steel tube’s additional temperature enhances the heating output.

The blower fan is placed just behind the heating element. Fan blades are entirely steel build & there is no chance to become bend or melt by heat.

The motor that spins the fan is mighty and fully sealed. Also, the motor’s inner coil is copper made, so the heater’s performance will never decrease in the long run. 

At the padel box, all circuits & power connections are placed. There are several microcontroller units to make the buttons & thermostat functional. As they have installed microcontrollers, you will get perfect temperature measurement & thermostat functionality. Also, the buttons are better durable for this modern technology.

I didn’t Like: As the heater is cannon shaped, it will warm fast to a focused area (where it is faced) rather than spread hot air to the corner by corner. So it would be better if the user can point the face towards the desired space. But if you mount the heater to the ceiling, you will have no choice to rotate or twist it at all.

Additionally, I’m not satisfied with the remote controller’s built quality.

My Opinion: If you are a handyman & finding a heater for a garage or workshop, this machine is fantastic. But if your space is a bit larger, I won’t recommend it.

6. Best Commercial garage heaterComfort Zone CZ260ER

Comfort Zone CZ260ER

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 10,000 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Up to 1500 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: 34000 BTU/hr

The Comfort Zone CZ260ER is the HULK among the entire commercial garage heater industry. Cause, this is the highest capacity garage heater according to our survey that consumes 10,000 Wattage electricity.

No matter how large your workshop is, the Comfort Zone can make it toasty within a few moments. However, in most cases, you won’t need the full power at all.

Sometimes, we don’t have options to install multiple heating units inside the workshop. Then this HULK can handle the situation by only itself. Or if you live in such a place covered by snow most of the seasons & temperature remains on a negative scale, then this heater could be an excellent solution.

Design:  This garage heater contains the most common design, nothing different except the digital control panel. 

At the bottom-front, the digital control panel exists, which includes a digital display. You will find the power button in the very left corner. Then the temperature up-down buttons, then the timmer & at the right corner, the essential Celcius/Fahrenheit converter button.

This heater also works by blowing air through the heating elements. At the front of the air vent, you will find 6-twistable louvers integrated with spring. You can fix the airflow direction by twisting them up & down.

If you look through the louver, you will find a lot of fins. It works as the main vent grill. Behind the fins, you will find five separate tube-shaped heating elements.

This is a ceiling mount electric garage heater, so you will find two knobs to hold the bracket on both sides of it. Two knobs are provided to ensure a strong griff as this is a heavy unit.

You will find the same air vent grill as the front at the rare, but the gaps between each fin are a bit wider here.

There is no built-in cable with it, so you need to connect the unit with external wiring. This is okay because you will not be able to use this giant machine as a portable garage heater. You have to fix it anywhere you want.

Heating Options: Our experiment lab is 1250 square feet in size. We turned it on, and the whole room became warm in less than 10 minutes.

But any other heaters take at least 15-20 minutes initially to raise the temperature.

There is no low or high heating setup selector, but you can set up your comfortable temperature according to preference. That means that this heater will always consume full 10KW energy, but you need not worry about electric bills for the thermal cutout technology.

For the high wattage capacity, it will raise your room temperature faster than your imagination & get auto-rest until the temperature scale falls again up to 2-3 degrees.

You can set up a 12-hours timer on it & prefer the Celcius/Fahrenheit unit to show on display. Personally, I’m not too fond of the Fahrenheit scale, so this interchanging feature is essential to me.

You can control everything with the remote controller. So if you don’t want to buy an extra wall thermostat breaker, it would be completely okay.

This heater consumes 41A-50A current depending on the voltage fluctuations. So at least a 55A-60A breaker is recommended for uninterrupted performance. Even if you want to install the wall thermostat, you will require the same thermal cutout breaker capacity.

Internal Components: All the instruments of this garage heater is electronically controlled. All the power connections & controlling units are placed at the lower pedal box. The internal chamber is decadent & straightforward.  

The nichrome heating coil is sealed inside steel tubes. These tubes provide three advantages. Firstly the absorbed heat from the nichrome coil & release to the wire. 

Secondly, it prevents the metal body from being electrified. Finally, it enhances the durability of the spiral coil. If the company wanted, they would able to install a naked spiral nichrome reducing the heater’s price, but that would damage the longevity. 

The manufacturer has divided the heating element into 5-different slices, which are parallelly connected with the power line. This feature heats the coil very fast & increase the garage heater performance.

A high-speed blower fan passes air forcibly through the coil & warm the space. The fan motor is heavily joined to the metal frame & you never need to worry about any dust damage. 

Comfort Zone garage heater has a digital thermostat, which allows the controller to measure the temperature & take necessary actions. The microcontroller thermal parameter provides almost 99.99% accurate climate data so the heater can maintain your space’s exact temperature.

What would be better?:  This heater doesn’t have low/high heating settings, so it will always consume the full wattage. In case you want to shift the heater to a smaller place, it will burn a bit of unnecessary energy. 

My Opinion: I already have said, this is a very high capacity garage heater that is preferable for too large workshops. Now the question is, should I buy low wattage multiple heaters or high wattage this single heater? 

The answer is simple. If you think your workshop is vast in size & permanent & never will change the garage heater position, straight go with it. If not, then better to install multiple low wattage heaters.

7. Best Energy efficient electric garage heaterDr. Infrared DR-988A 

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 4800/5600 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Up to 1100 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: 19,107 BTU/hr

Dr. Infrared is a very famous American brand, who does a lot of thermal research to produce heat most efficiently, it known as efficient electric garage heater . As a result, the BTU of the Dr. Infrared garage heater is far more than any other branded heater with the same wattage. 

The interesting fact is, there are no hidden tricks for this better performance; they know the heat distribution better than others.

Another impressive fact of Dr. Infrared’s garage heater is the portability. Although the garage heaters are made for heavy performance & rough uses, these are incredibly lightweight. 

Also, the built-in power cable, mechanical thermostat & switches, etc enhance the portable features.  

Design:  Dr. Infrared heater has a portable look. It has a cubic shaped body with a carrying handle on the top. The handle has two extensions so that you can wrap the cable with it. Also, you can mount the heater at the ceiling with it.

The Control panel of the garage heater is placed at the bottom. Here are no electronic control units. A single knob works for the thermostat & just the right side; a red switch is positioned to control the fan.

You can choose “Always ON” or auto mode for the fan. Auto mode will spin the fan only when the heating coils are running. Once the room temperature rises to the preset settings, the fan will turn off with the heating elements.

At the middle position, there is a red power indicator LED. You will identify when the heating coils are active by it.

Both the front & rare vent grills are a full metal build & have a hexagonal shape. The gaps of the grill are dense enough to protect insects or hands from entering inside.

The power cable is long enough to reach the socket & heavily wrapped with a nonconductor silicon cover. Dr. Infrared has used NEMA#6-30P plug for this heater, so that you will require a NEMA#60-30R 250V 30Amps power outlet to operate this heater.

The red color is powder-coated, so it will last for decades & never will be burned by the heated components. Also, it makes the steel body nonconductor, so it will remain isolated from electricity.

Heating Functionalities: Although it is a lightweight, portable garage heater, it has every single heating functionalities that a standard garage heater required.

It has two different heating settings; the low one consumes only 4800 wattages & the high one gets 5600 watts. It can produce up to 19,107 BTU/hr to maintain your large garage, construction site, or shop temperature between 45-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will not face any installation hassle for this. Plug it in, and it’s ready to rock & roll.

The fan switch allows you to use only the fan during summer. Although auto mode will save energy & make the operation efficient during heating up the room, we will suggest selecting the “Always ON” mode. Cause it will keep the internal chamber calm & you never need to worry about overheating accidents.

Dr. Infrared has installed an overheating thermal cutout inside it, so in case of a short circuit, the heater will take auto shut down without delay.

Internal Components:  

To reduce the price, Dr. Infrared has used two naked spiral nichrome coils as the heating element. 4800W high wattage heating coil is placed just in front of the blower fan & 800W low wattage one is placed behind the front grill.

 When you select the HIGH settings, both coil works together, & only a single coil works at the low settings.

I don’t like the naked spiral coils cause it breaks after years. But considering the price range, this is perfect.

The fan motor is durable but not sealed entirely. So after using for several years, the motor may become jammed by dust. Armature or the motor is solid & coper wrapped. 

The fan blade is balanced & a bit heavy. Also, it is significantly mounted with the heater frame.

There is no digital thermostat. As a result, you can lower or higher the temperature by twisting the knob, but you won’t have any idea about the exact temperature.

If it were a wall or ceiling mount heater, it was okay to use an external wall thermostat. Although you can mount this with the ceiling, it has portability features. So it would be better if the company would integrate a digital thermostat.

Disappointing Facts: There is no way of controlling the airflow directions. Neither it has louvers in front of the grill, nor can you twist or rotate it after mounting with the ceiling.

If I even consider the display, digital thermostat & everything else, the twisting functionality was necessary. 

My Opinion:  Again, I want to say if I need a temporary heating solution for my workshop or garage, I will go for this. Other ways I will buy an expensive one with a digital thermostat & remote control features.

8. Best Industrial garage heaterDIMPLEX DGWH4031G

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 4000 Watt
  • Coverage Area: 800 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: 13,600 BTU/hr

Quick Overview: The Dimplex garage heater might be a good preference if your workshop or commercial area is medium in size. (Around 800 sqft). In the same way, it is energy-efficient, lightweight & a great performer. 

This Dimplex garage heater is mountable on both walls & ceiling because of its external brackets. You can flip the wall mounting bracket & install it to the top. Sadly the default controlling unit is placed at the back, so it’s a little challenging task to reach there & operate if you hang it. So you have to install an external wall thermostat to use it comfortably.

About Company: Dimplex is another American company specializing in stoves, fireplaces, household & commercial heaters. Although Dimplex import manufactured products from abord, they do design & engineering research in the United States to ensure the best quality & remain competitive.

Design: Dimplex has built the most simple looking garage heater with the heaviest durability as much as they can. There is no controller unit integrated at the front. You can see only the two LED indicators at the bottom. One is the power indicator & another is for heating. 

Then the straight forward vent grill, built by pure metallic sticks. The heating elements are placed just behind this grill, so it is entirely visualized from the front. Dimplex has integrated two separated mounting bracket. One is joined with the heater by two separate clamps, & another one is the extension for mounting purposes.

The matter impressed me; you can twist the heater horizontally & vertically to get the airflow to your preferred direction. 

On the rare side of this unit, you will get a mechanical thermostat. There is no additional power switch. So this thermostat has OFF, 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 functionality included. As this portion is positioned at the back, you won’t see that while the garage heater remains hanging on the wall. 

The connecting wire is more than 6-feets long, wrapped with an excellent silicon insulator. It comes with a 3-pin NEMA plug with 240V/20A input power. So please keep in mind, you will require a 240V power outlet with a NEMA 6-30P socket. Also, the garage heater doesn’t come with a plug adapter.

Heating Features: Functionalities are just as straight forward as the garage heater itself. You only need to plugin into the power outlet & turn it on. That’s all.

It’s a 4000-watt garage heater that requires 240V & 20 Amp current to run. There is a single heating coil & no options to choose a low or high heat setup. So it will consume the full power how long you use it.

The thermostat dial itself is the ON/OFF switch. Then you may twist the diel to set up your preferred temperature. Again, it is a mechanical, thermal dial, so that you will have no idea about the exact room temperature. The dial has a level of 1 to 6.

For smart operation, I must recommend an external wall thermostat breaker. In that case, you may select the highest settings from the heater’s dialer. Then it will be easy to raise any room temperature using the wall thermostat unit.

The entire exterior is powder-coated so that the color will last long & external parts remain cold during runtime.

Internal Components:  Dimplex has used very fundamental elements to manufacture this commercial garage heater. As a result, these components are heavy & better durable.

The single nichrome heating element is fully sealed with steel tubes. This way is the best for performance & durability cause it is almost impossible to break the coil in long-term uses.

The internal connecting wires are sealed with a heat protected hard plastic. It would be better if they used ceramics rather than plastic. But this setup reduced the unit price for sure.

A blower fan is placed just behind the heating coil, which is mounted nicely with the metal frame. The fan blade is steel built & powder coated, so you never need to worry about rust. 

This appliance is almost noise-free. You will never feel anything except the fan spinning & blowing noise. But if you place it on the floor, especially a wooden floor, try to put it on a sandbag. (Not a carpet) Otherways it may create a bit of rattle noise. 

Disappointing Facts: This is not a wall or ceiling mount garage heater, not a portable one. But it should include some more controlling features on the body, like only fan mode, ON/OFF switch, & temperature display, etc. Although it is an inexpensive garage heater, these features were necessary for me.  

My Opinion: I will recommend this for permanent installation for a medium-sized workshop. Because you need to install an external thermal cutout system to regulate the climate, it’s the only way to ensure easy operation. Otherways I would recomand the HeTR brand garage heater, which I have reviewed as the 6th product of the list.

10. Best large electric heater for garageComfort Zone CZ220

Comfort Zone CZ220

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 3000/4000/5000 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Up to 1000 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: Up to 17,000 BTU/hr

Overview: Sometimes, we require using the same garage heater in several places. So we need such a commercial heater which is suitable for all large, medium & small workshops simultaneously.  

If you are in the same situation, the Comfort zone CZ220 Multipurpose garage heater will be the best preference for you. 

Additionally, this is the cheapest heater on the list. But the quality, performance & durability is fantastic!

You may ask why this is suitable for all sizes of workshops? Well, it has 3-separate heating elements which are tuneable together as 3000, 4000 & 5000 watts. 

So if you shift from one large place to a smaller one or vice versa, this heater will be your companion without any hassle.

Design: Comfort zone CZ220 has a most popular garage heater shape, which is mainly ceiling mount. At the bottom front, the whole controlling unit is placed. 

At the front left corner, two LED indicators show power & caution signal. Then you will find the thermostat dialer to control the climate. For choosing the heating mode, there is a 3-channel switch. 

This garage heater works by blowing forced air through the heating elements. The front grill heating vent has 4-louvers with integrated spring. You can set them in upper & lower directions according to your preference.  

The vent grill is well built, it’s a combination of a lot of steel fins, but the heating elements are too closely placed. So it will remain hot to touch during run time.

A single bracket has been provided to mount this garage heater & it has no connecting wires included. So you need to join external cables to make this garage heater functional.

A steel stick makes the rare grill, and the blower fan is grandly mounted with the frame with two separate steel plates. One con is the fan motor’s coil is a bit open. So in the long term, uses dust may jam the armature. 

You may install the unit in 3 preferred angles with the mounting bracket. You will find 3-screw holes on both sides of the garage heater’s body.

Heating Functionality:  Firstly, you need to connect the heater with an external wire. In the rare bottom section, you will find the power box. 

Once the garage heater is connected to the powerline, twist the thermostat knob to turn it ON, then you may set it up according to your preferred temperature.

You will find 3-heat settings of 3000W, 4000W, & 5000W. If your area is around 500 sqft, choose the lower settings. For 1000 sqft area, the higher stage is sufficient. And select the medium for a 700-800 sqft room.

If you can connect an external plug integrated wire, it will be useable as a portable unit. Otherways, it hasn’t the portability features. 

At our experimental lab of 1250 sqft areas, this heater performed like a charm with the highest setup. Within the first 10 minutes, it raises the temperature to 25-degree celsius while the outside temperature was 11 degrees C. Then, the thermostat automatically turns the unit OFF. 

Again instantly, the unit will restart after decreasing the temperature to 2-3 degrees.

It has overheating features, so if anything covers the unit, the heater will shut down. 

This garage heater requires 240V to run & a 30 Amp current flow capacity input outlet is recommended, although a 20 Amp breaker can handle it.  

You may connect it with a smart wall thermostat breaker if you install it permanently in your garage. But for this unit, you can operate it trouble-free without the external thermostat.

Internal Components: I was impressed by watching the internal setups thinking how they are offering this at such a low price!!!

The heating elements are not naked. Nichrome spiral coils are sealed inside steel tubes. I always prefer this type of heating element because of its durability & enhanced performance. 

5-heating elements are connected in a parallel junction where each heating tube consumes 1000 watts. At the low heat setup, 3-coils burn at a time, additional 2-burns for 4000 & 5000-watt arrangements. 

The air passes through the heating coils & fins, so heat distribution remains very optimized. The fan & motor is very durable, but it would be better if the company sealed the motor nicely.

The thermostat is mechanical. As a result, it is better durable in the long run. 

Analyzing the whole interior, we firmly believe this heater will serve you at least 5-7 years without any troubles if you are not unfortunate enough.

Disappointing Facts: Honestly, I want to say I have not a single disappointing fact for this particular unit. The manufacturer has provided too many high-quality features & materials considering the price. If you aren’t satisfied with it, you will never be happy with anything. 

Only I will feel more glad if it had a built-in power cable to enhance portability.

My Opinion: This is the cheapest garage heater on the list. I can bet that you will never find such a best quality garage heater within this price range. If I had to buy a garage heater, I would go for sure, except I required anything high wattage for snow covered workshop.

11. Best electric garage wall heaterCadet Manufacturing 67527

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Required Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 4000 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Up to 800 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: 13,600 BTU/hr

Overview: If you are concerned about the interior design of the garage, workshop, or commercial area, Cadet Com-Pak twin electric wall heater is going to be a fantastic choice. You don’t need to compromise power & performance while getting a marvelous look.

It requires 240V-20A power input to provide 4000 wattage power output, which is absolutely fantastic for warming up a medium-sized garage or shop.  

Even if you require installing multiple heaters because of your workshop’s numerous compartments, this one is also the right choice. It has built a thermal regulator but also combinable with an external wall thermostat for using smartly.

Additionally, the Cadet is a trendy American brand that offers excellent after-sale services & all their products are proudly made in the USA. This unit comes with a 2-years extended warranty. Cadet will take responsibility for anything that occurs within this period.

Design:  The exterior design is as simple as you are looking. You will require 16.5 x 19.5-inch space to mount this wall heater.

Actually, two separate wall mount heater is combined in this unit. Their internal heating elements are individual, but the thermostat dialer is the same. 

The thermostat dialer is placed at the lower-left corner, so if you set the heater a bit higher position on the wall, you can easily reach the controller.

The outer part is fully metal built. No sharp edge remains here, so it is child friendly. The vent grille is slightly curved to the upside; it creates excellent air circulation. 

You will find only the fan blades looking through the vent. All heating elements are inside the chamber. So this appliance is extremely safe.

The fan blows very fast, & you will hear the wind noise during runtime. Additionally, the exterior remains cool to touch due to the enamel-coated white color. 

Heating Functionality: 

Only a simple thermostat dialer. That’s everything for controlling this gigantic hulk. You have to install this machine with the workshop’s core wiring connection and mount it to the wall. 

Then twist the knob to set up your preferred climate. That’s everything.

But if you want to install it permanently in your workshop, you should integrate an additional external wall thermostat. Cause a digital thermostat will show you the exact room temperature & will operate the device smartly.

The thermostat works excellently; once the room temperature rises to your preference, the heating coil turns off instantly, but the fan remains spinning for another minute to cool down the chamber.

Internal Components:  Directly, I want to talk about the heating elements. Those were impressive.

For every 2000 watts, the Cadet has divided the heating components into two different partitions. Again, each section is divided into 13 separate heating coils.

To easily make sense, there are 52 separate individual heating coils to produce the 4000 wattage heat. Each one is connected to a backbone steel plate parallelly.

As a result, the entire coil heats up instantly & passes the hot air towards your workshop. This setup enhances heating performance & increase durability.

Additionally, another advantage appears for this part by part separation. If one coil breaks, the rest 51 coil will remain working. So you won’t feel the difference.

Two centrifugal fan sucks air from the bottom grills & passes the air forcibly through the heating element. The motor is fully sealed & isolated inside the chamber, so you never need to worry about dust jamming.

The internal components of this Cadet com-pak were the most impressive among all other ones available to this review list to our experiment team.

Disappointing Facts: If you have read the 4rth product review, that was the same type of wall heater from the same manufacturer, Cadet. That heater was low-powered (1600 watts) comparing this 4000 watts one, & both are priced the same. But, the 4th one had a digital controller unit, including a digital display.

Also, the 4th one had a few different exciting modes like night mode, only fan mode, etc., which are missing here.

If they would include the digital display & controlling features with this too, you won’t require to buy an additional wall thermostat breaker to control it. 

I don’t understand why Cadet has not integrated the digital panel here but considering performance; this garage heater is okay. 

Additionally, this Cadet com-pak twin is a combination of two separate heaters; each consumes 2000 watts. But there is no option to choose only 2000 watts. When you switch ON the heater, it will start consuming the whole 4000 wattages of power entirely.

My Opinion:  If you need power, & searching for a wall mount garage heater, straightly go for it. If you think your workshop is small or divided into numerous compartments, I would recommend installing multiple units of cadet energy plus a wall mount garage heater, which is reviewed as 4th product.

12. Cadet Energy Plus CEC163TW

Cadet Energy Plus Electric Wall Heater

Key Factors:

  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Required Voltage: 110V – 240V (It detects Input Voltage Automatically)
  • Wattage: 1000 Watts to 1600 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Up to 200 Square Feet
  • Thermal Capacity: (3410 – 5440) BTU/hr

If your garage is not too large and has around 200 square feet of space, this is a long-lasting & permanent solution. 

I have reviewed so many heaters, but this energy plus electric garage heater is exceptional than any others, for sure. Even I hardly could believe this type of heater exists on the market!!! 

Cause, either a heater runs with the American Standard 110V or commercial 240V but, this heater can run by both 110V & 240V. 

This was my first-time experience with this category, so I disassembled every single part to learn how it works and what technology they have used. 

I want to reveal everything in this article. I will try to explain the mechanical & electrical terms as easily as possible to make you understood. So don’t worry if you are a non-technical person.

But before I explain all the internal engineering components, first let me discuss the design & heating functionality. 

Design:  This Cadet Energy Plus heater is made for wall mount setup. So only the external body kits & frame will remain visual to us after installation.

You might be agreed with me that Cadet energy plus is the smartest looking wall mount heater. It has 2-grills, the lower one is for air suction & the upper one for hot air discharge.

Just at the front left corner, you will find a control panel with 4-black buttons. Two of them are simply (+,-) symbolized, and you can set up your desired room temperature with them. 

From another 2-buttons, the lower one is for selecting HEATING/FAN Only mode, and the upper one is precisely the night/sleep mode button for the heater.

Actually, the night mode button is to maintain a minimum room temperature when you are away or not in the room. You can set up the minimum AWAY temperature, which is by default set at 55-degree Fahrenheit.  

Just top of the control panel & behind the front case, a high-temperature cut-off circuit is installed to ensure safety. 

The air suction propeller & motor exist just behind the air vent of the lower-right corner. Heating elements and warm air exhausting fins are placed behind the upper air vent.  

You need to make a height-25.7cm X width-20.3 cm hole to install the wall heater in your garage or room. 

The heater has an internal computer. It detects voltage, the air’s thermal status, and any internal or external issues with the heater.

If there is any issue, the display panel will show an ERROR Code. In the user manual, you will find a detailed list of error codes and fixing guidelines.

For installation, there are 2-different wire connectors to determine 110V or 240V setup. Your handyman will do this during installation. You don’t need to worry about it.

Heating Functionality & Operations:  Simply turn the breaker ON, the heater display will instantly light up and start showing the room temperature.

Now only setup your required temperature for the garage by pressing the “+” or “-” button. The heater will start running, maintaining your preferred temperature with a digital computer.

By the lower-left switch, you may select a 3-heat setup (low, medium & high) & the fan-only function. The display will show the heat-settings by showing 1,2 or 3 waves where one wave means low & 3 waves means high. 

Selecting the fan only mode, you can control the fan speed by +/- buttons. Fan gear will appear on the digital display.

The most exciting setting is the night mode. Selecting the night mode button, you can set up a minimum temperature for your garage. Once you set it up, the heater will memorize it inside the internal computer.

When you need to leave the place, simply press the night mode button. Then the heater won’t warm your area but maintains the minimum preset temperature the whole time. So when you enter the garage again, you won’t get fridged by a shocking cold climate.

What’s inside it?: I have already explained, this is the most exceptional heater I have ever reviewed, and my team disassembled it part by part to learn about every component.

This heater can run by both 120V & 240V, and a voltage relay maintains the functionality.

There are 2-separate wires behind the heater to connect with 120V/240V socket differently. However, if you join it wrong, the heater won’t get damaged, but it won’t run & show the voltage error message.

A voltage meter is installed inside the connection box, which sends a signal to the internal computer. Then the electronic brain actives a voltage relay & run the heater to its available power.

The exciting fact is, if you install the heater in your bedroom by 110V, it will consume the highest 1000 watts, which is sufficient. Alternatively, if you install it in your garage by 240V, it will consume 1600 watts, which is okay for a small garage.

The electric brain controls the heating coil power distributions and maintains the fan speed to hold the room climate. While the most advanced featured heater’s thermostat response by a 2-3 degrees temperature fall, this heater response within a 1-degree difference.

It means if you set your thermostat at 75 degrees F, the heater will turn OFF when it achieves the temperature. When the temperature falls to 74 F, instantly, the heater will power up.

A digital thermostat maintains this advanced sensing feature. Now you may ask me what the difference between a digital thermostat and a mechanical one is?

Well, most heaters use a mechanical thermostat, which is simply a metal plate. When the temperature rises, the metal plate bends & gets disconnected from the circuit. When it cools down again, get reconnected with the circuit.

But the digital thermostat literally read the air temperature by a digital thermometer and instantly take action by a fractional change of the temperature.

You will be surprised that this heater saves 30% more energy than any other electric garage heaters.

My Opinion: It’s a small non-commercial heater, but I have enlisted it as a garage heater because it is operatable by 240 volts. Also, it’s sufficient for small garages. Cadet offers a 5-year extended warranty & the heater saves 30% energy, so blindly, I would say it’s one of the best heaters. Even I want to give you an honest opinion; if I had a 500 sqft garage, I would buy 2 of them instead of a giant high wattage electric garage heater.


  • How much Electric Bills an Electric Garage heater consumes?

Ans: Electric bills are calculated in the KWh unit. In the USA, the cost is 13.19 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). That means, if you are running a 1000 Watt electric garage heater, it will consume a 13.19 cents bill per hour. So if your garage heater is 5000 watts, it will be five times each hour.

  • Is an Electric Garage Heater Safe?

Ans:  Electric garage heaters are the safest option comparing all other types of garage heaters. But of course, you should ensure the safe uses & maintain all the safety precautions.

  • My workshop is not well insulated, will my electric garage heater performs well?

Ans:  This scenario is like trying to fill a leaking bucket. The larger the hole is, the toughest the task will be. Similarly, a poorly insulated garage will decrease the heater’s performance.

  • How long a garage heater lasts with a random use?

Ans:  Generally 7-10 years without a disturbance. But it will be longer if you handle with care & keep it clean using a blower.

Is your garage insulated? What is the best way to air insulate a garage?

If your garage is not insulated, you are burning money on the fireplace by paying useless electric bills and remaining space cold. You don’t have to create a compact gas chamber. Just stay a bit careful on it. Insulate your Garage In Cheap Cost.

Let me share my grandfather’s story. He changed three expensive garage heaters before identifying an exhaust fan was installed in the garage & cold air is entering through it when it remains off. 

So none of his heaters weren’t performing well. Finally, we sealed the ventilation portion & garage heaters started performing nicely. 

Insulating Windows:  If your garage has glass windows, join a foam layer at the bottom & corners using glue. Ensure no air passes through it while it is closed. If you have wooden & metallic windows, you may do the same. Additionally, use a heavy curtain in front of it. Then you are good to go.

Insulating Doors: Mainly, a gap remains between the floor & the lower portion of the door. Close it using a rubber tube or slap an old carpet on it.

Seal The Ventilators:  If you have it inside your garage, then wrap it using paper & tape or glue. That will be enough, but don’t keep it open.

Safety Features: 

  • Overheating Shut OFF:  The most important mechanism for an electric garage heater or any shorts of garage heater that cuts the breaker if the heating chamber gets raised to an abnormal temperature. 
  • Tip-Over Protection: This feature is essential only for portable units. But most of the garage heaters are not portable, so they do not come with this feature.
  • Cold External Interface: The external body should cold to touch when the heater is on duty. Nowadays, the manufacturers are powder coating the garage heaters to remain the exterior cold & more durable.

Installation & Users Guide for Electric Garage Heater

To ensure the long life of the garage electric heaters 240v, you should use it properly. The instructions are common for all standard electric garage heaters. Some of the heaters might not require all the instructions.


  1. The first thing after buying the heater is its mounting. Usually, garage heaters are mounted on walls and ceilings. Decide an area in the place where you want to install the heater. Place the mounting brackets with the screws. Make sure that there is no space left between the brackets and the wall or ceiling. Place the heater and fix it properly. If your heater is a floor heater, then you don’t need to mount it.
  2. After placing the heater, insert the plug into the nearest 240V wall socket. Never plug it in the 120V wall socket. Ask an electrician to install a new connection if there is not any.
  3. Make sure that the wiring can bear the current of the heater. It should not overheat.
  4. There should be at least 3ft clearance. Keep all the combustible material away from the heater.
  5. Now turn on the heater and move the thermostat to the high position.
  6. Select the desired wattage setting if available.
  7. The temperature will gradually increase, and you should wait for the desired temperature. Now to set the desired temperature, move the thermostat knob in the clockwise direction. When you hear the “Click” sound, the temperature is now set to the desired temperature. The heater will maintain the temperature automatically by turning it on and off.
  8. After using your heater, turn it off and let it cool down.
  9. You should do the maintenance of the heater at least once a year. You can take out the front grille easily for maintenance. Clean the dust using a vacuum cleaner or blower. Do not use cleaning liquids.


For the performance, it’s not a matter what types of garage heater you get; all you need is to measure the garage size & calculate the necessary BTU/hr for that.

Secondly, the important thing is insulating the garage well. If you do so, all the garage heater will perform like a charm.

Finally, must maintain safety handling a heater.

Of course there are a lot of confusing features & internal components for these types of appliances. We have explained everything that you will need.

If you have any questions, send us an email; we will like to reply & help you as far as we can.