Best Electric Garage Heater 240V (Will Your Breaker Sustain?)

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Electric garage heater 240v appears to mind when you want to avoid the expense of thick gauge electrical wiring and high amp breakers but keep your oversized workshop warm at the same time.

Cause, despite being high in wattage, they draw significantly lower ampere considering 110V household appliances.

Also, electrons pass more strenuously through the resistance in higher voltage, and smaller-sized heating elements are forced for massive heat production.

Don’t worry if it sounds too complicated to you!!! I will explain scientifically later on in this article and reply to all the essential questions raised to your curious mind.

Is your current electrical wiring can handle a 240V electric garage heater? Are they less expensive to run? What about safety? Wouldn’t your garage catch fire due to a high voltage short circuit?

Keep reading to get all the answers…

Best Electric Garage Heater 240v 10000 Watt

Best Electric Garage Heater 240v 10000 Watt- Heatercamp

Comfort Zone CZ260ER 10KW or CZ230ER 7.5KW

  • Power- 10,000 Watts
  • Coverage- 1000 Square Feets 
  • Breaker – 50 amps Minimum.
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited Parts
  • Remote Control- Yes
  • Heat Output- 25,589 & 34,121 BTU/hr According to Manual

If you want to heat an oversized garage with a single 240v electric garage heater, Comfort Zone CZ260ER is the only best option. The unit can handle a 4-5 cars garage or 1000 to 1200 square feet spaces with a standard ceiling height effortlessly.  

You will require a minimum 50 amps breaker and 6 AWG copper or 4 AWG aluminium wire to power this 10KW heating beast. The unit doesn’t come with a plug and hardwire connection will only be the safest choice.

This special electric garage heater could run by both single phases 240V household and three-phase 208V industrial connections.

The package includes:

  • A single mounting bracket.
  • All the nuts to screw it.
  • The operation manual.
  • A remote control. 

Either you may operate it with the buttons at the chin or by using the remote control. The unit contains two heat settings (high/low), a programmable 12-hours timer, and you can preset the temperature from 60F to 90F.

Here are two disappointing facts to me:

  • With the mount bracket, the unit is only twistable vertically, not horizontally. So, you can never adjust the airflow towards the left or right.
  • After a power outage, the heater won’t get back. So you never can it independently using a wall thermostat.
  • The remote doesn’t feel rigid to me, but the chin buttons are okay!

What do I like about it?

Heating Elements 

Comfortzone provides industry-leading tubular heating elements instead of naked nichrome spiral wires, which is almost impossible to defect! 

Here the heating components remain covered by a tube of stainless steel. So, dust, humidity, or nothing can affect its performance after decades of use.

Additionally, the tubes remain organized inside metallic fins (heat exchanger) to spread heat most efficiently.

Enclosed Motor

Comfortzone has sealed the motor entirely to protect it from dust and humidity. So dust damage or getting jammed is almost impossible to it.


The main feature I like, the temperature scale is exchangeable between Celcius and Fahrenheit. An LED display shows the preset temperature, and you can set the timers for up to 12 hours. The remote control works from 25+ feet of distance perfectly.

The thermostat does its job well, though sometimes the reading between the wall’s thermometer & the heater remains slightly different, which is too natural. 

Finally, the louvers are positionable towards Up/Down to get the forced air directly in touch. You can feel the air from 15 feet away.

Here’s a Youtube video on it…

Best 240V Electric Garage Heater for 3 Car Garage


Dr. Infrared Heater DR966

  • Power- 3000/6000 Watts
  • Coverage- 550-600 Square Feets 
  • Breaker – 30 amps Minimum
  • Warranty- 1 Year Parts & Labour
  • Remote Control- No

Dr. Infrared DR966 is a perfect fit for almost 80% of American household garages/workshops because of its wattage distribution and versatility. The marvelous electric garage heater 240v efficiently maintains warmth in a 2-3 cars garage in any weather conditions such as autumn, frigid winter, or spring. 

The unit contains a simple twistable thermostat and high/low power switch. Notably, there’s no electronic component behind these elements.

As a result, you can integrate an inline wall thermostat and independently operate it through that. Also, after a power outage, you won’t require to turn the unit ON like the ComfortZone.

Dr. Infrared uses naked spiral nichrome heating elements, which are extremely durable in quality and easily repairable if somehow they get defected. 

The unit can be powered by a 240V single-phase household or 208V three-phase industrial connection. There’s no power plug; you’ll require hardwiring of 8AWG copper or 6AWG aluminium wires along with a 30 amp breaker. 

What do I Like About It?

Versatile Heat Settings

Dr. Infrared DR966 consumes 3000 watts in LOW and 6000 watts in High heat settings. So the unit won’t waste any energy in mildly cold weather, and you can simultaneously use it for larger and smaller spaces.

Note: Though the thermostat works perfectly, and you can set it high to low, and it takes shutdown, raising the temperature ideally, there’s no indication of exact temperature.

Build Quality

Dr. Infrared is unbeatable in terms of build quality, and everything is perfect here from point to point.

  • The 8-inch fan motor has an integrated ball bearing that remains permanently lubricated, sealed, and compact, making it almost impossible to get defective!
  • The mechanical switch and the thermostat are incredibly rigid.
  • The front and rare vents contain a protection grill to make it safe.
  • The entire external surface is powder-coated and made of high gauge stainless steel.

In a word, for build quality, no other brands come near to Dr. Infrared at all. 

Mount ability

Two mounting brackets come with the packaging, and you may install them both on the ceiling or the wall. The heater remains adjustable both vertically & horizontally. The louvers could be separately adjusted on five different positions.

Best Electric Garage Heater 240v with Thermostat


Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975

  • Power- 4700/7500 watts
  • Coverage- 700-750 Square Feets 
  • Breaker – 40 amps Minimum
  • Warranty- 1 Year Parts & Labour
  • Remote Control- Yes

If you’re searching for such a 240V electric garage heater that could be combined perfectly with your wall thermostat, then Dr Infrared DR-975 suits your exact purpose. Though, you’ll need to collect a wall thermostat seperately.

However, to do that, you won’t require any complicated wiring customization or thermal bypass. This unit contains a dedicated switch to shift the configuration between a wall thermostat or the default thermostat. This unit might be the perfect permanent or auxiliary heating solution for your 4-cars garage or similarly large workshop.

Additionally, DR-975 is the most advanced and high wattage (7.5KW) garage heater among all their other models. You will require a minimum 40 amp breaker, plugless hardwiring of 8 AWG copper or 6 AWG aluminium cables, and a 240V single phase connection for the installation. (Also operatable in 208V three-phase).

No controlling switches are given to the heater’s body except the power button and the thermostat exchanger switch. So, you have to operate this entirely with the remote control.

What do I like about it?

Variable Heat Output

You can select low/high heat settings that consume 4700 watts & 7500 watts by sequence. Thus, the unit efficiently can handle your spaces in all weathers.


As I said, the operation is entirely up to the remote control. However, the remote controller is excellent in build quality and works fine from a long distance. 

Individually you can control the unit with a wall thermostat by shifting the thermostat settings. In that case, the remote controller won’t be required anymore. Additionally, a power outage won’t turn it OFF.

The LED display clearly shows the preset temperature, which you can choose between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The louvers are adjustable individually, and you can twist the heater both vertically & horizontally when it remains mounted.

Build Quality

As I always say, Dr. Infrared Heater’s build quality is unbeatable! The ball-bearing integrated fan motor, which remains sealed & lubricated, drives the heater almost silently with zero turbulence. The whole unit is almost maintenance-free. 

However, all the spare parts are widely available.

240v Electric Garage Heater – 14 Facts to know!

How to choose garage heater

1. Type of heating elements – which one lasts longer?

Electric garage heater 240v comes with two different types of heating elements, tubular & naked nichrome spiral.

Tubular Heating Elements: It’s the most long-lasting heating element, and very rarely we’ve found a user whose heating element has got defective. All these tubes last for as long as decades and don’t require any maintenance.

But the negative side is, if somehow it gets defective, you won’t have any way of repairing it. You may replace them, but they are slightly expensive.

All ComfortZone and NewAir garage heaters come with a tubular heating element.

Naked Nichrome Spiral Coils:  It’s the most common heating element used by 90% electric heater manufacturers. These spiral coils have various qualities as the manufacturers mix multiple metals to enhance their durability and performance. 

This type lasts longer than 5+ years, depending on the environment, Maintenance, dust & moisturizer. I would suggest you keep it clean using a high-velocity blower and do it weekly basis.

But the good fact to keep you out of headaches, naked spiral heating elements are repairable and available in any hardware shop. Also, they are incredibly cheap.

Dr. Ifrared Heater, TPI production, etc., brands provide this type of heating element.

Type of heating elements

2. Types of Plugs & Sockets of Electric Garage Heater 240v

Mostly, portable electric garage heaters come with TWO types of plugs.

1st one is NEMA #6-30P Plug that requires an outlet called NEMA #6-30R

2nd one is the NEMA #6-20P plug, and the NEMA #6-20R outlet is needed.

Here’s a picture of both of these plugs and outlets. Please keep in mind that your outlet should be compactable for 30 amps current supply; otherwise, you mightn’t run a high wattage heater at all. 

Note: Non portable high wattage heaters require hardwiring. No plugs come with them. 

3. The operational cost of 240v Electric garage heater, are they more efficient?

Firstly, the operating cost is entirely the same as the 120V appliances, neither higher nor cheaper. Cause, electricity bills are charged on 

KiloWatt-Hour or Units, which is the multiplication of each thousand wattage and hours.

Suppose your electric garage heater is 10,000 Watts, which means 10 KiloWatts.

If you run it for 10 hours, that means 10KW x 10h = 100KWh or Units.

So, you have to pay 100 Units of electric bills.

[Then why I’m choosing this 240v model instead of 120V?]

Well, here’s the equation of Watt,

P = V x I. [P is Watt, V is voltage, and I is for Current]

So, for running a 10KW electric garage heater, the equation would be

10,000 = 240v x 41.66 amp (for 240v heater)

or, 10,000 = 120v x 83.33 amp (for 120v heater)

Now think about your home or workshop wiring. Theoretically, the electric wires can handle an infinity amount of voltage but a minimal amount of Current. 

When you are increasing voltage, the Current is getting decreased to balance the wattage. As a result, lower gauge cables are being able to handle the load of that appliance.

Otherwise, you might have a very high gauge electrical cable to operate your high wattage heater, which might be more expensive than the heater itself.

4. What size wire do I need for a 240v Garage Heater?

It depends on the wattage and the cable material. Here’s a basic chart of cable gauges for 240v electric garage heaters.

10000 Watts heater will require 4 AWG 100% copper cables.

7500 watts heater will require 6 AWG 100% copper cables.

5000-6000 watt heater is safe to run on 8 AWG copper cables.

Lower than these are operational on 10 AWG household wiring and outlets. 

Please keep in mind; if you use an aluminum cable instead of copper, you might require a higher gauge than this measurement.

5. Can a 240V heater run on 120V?

No, absolutely not.

But a 240V garage heater is operational with 220v and 208v electric outlets. But in that case, you might require a higher amps breaker. 

6. Can I use a wall thermostat with a 240v electric garage heater?

Of course, you can. 

Wall thermostats work like an inline switch similar to the picture. (Series Switch). 

They simply turn the heater ON/OFF, automatically maintaining the room temperature. Most of the wall thermostats are operational for all 120v, 208v, and 240v appliances. But while picking one, you should ensure this matter.

To operate the heater individually from the thermostat, you have to preset the heater’s thermal setup at the MAX position and the heat settings according to your desire. Then the wall thermostat will control the unit bypassing the thermal signal from itself.

If you intend to install the garage heater along with the wall thermostat, you should go for the 3rd product I’ve recommended below.

wall thermostat with a 240v

7. Which brand offers the perfect build quality?

Though it’s hard to say because all the familiar brands provide decent quality products with fantastic build quality, but here’s my personal preference.

Dr. Infrared Heater will get 9/10 for build quality, 9/10 for functionality, and 7/10 for the heating elements as they use naked spiral coils, which are less durable.

ComfortZone will get 8/10 for build quality, 7/10 for functionality, and 9/10 for heating elements.

NewAir will get 8/10 for build quality, 6/10 for functionality, and 9/10 for heating elements.

Lastly, the TPI unit will get 9/10 for build quality, 8/10 for functionality, and 8/10 for heating elements.

8. 240v electric garage heater vs. Gas or Kerosene Heater, Which is better and why?

Natural gas and Kerosene garage heaters are unbeatable for operational costs. Almost they cost hourly at least 5 times lower than an electric heater, but if you ask me which one is healthy? Definitely, the answer will be the electric garage heater.

Burning gas or fuel creates NOx and various Carbon gasses, which might be threatful to health. On the other hand, electric garage heaters don’t require any ventilation, and you can run them in an entirely enclosed room safely.

So, if you are health conscious, electric heaters are the best option to go. 

9. Burning Smells are coming from my Electric garage heater. Whats happen?

Mostly, this might happen for any loose connection of wiring, which is heating the power cable and melting the plastic. You may rewire it strongly and recheck. 

Sometimes, the heating elements get loose. Tightening them will solve most cases, and you should always hire professionals to do this.

10. Will my 240v electric garage heater come back after a power outage?

All the heaters that contain twistable thermostats, including the 3rd product that I’ve recommended, will come back after a power outage. No restart will be required.

11. Which size heater is required for my garage (Watts VS BTU)?

The size of electric heaters is defined by wattage. However, the amount of heat output is measured by BTU/hr. 

But, there’s no direct equation between wattage & BTU. Cause a certain amount of wattage never produces a constant amount of BTU, as it depends on the type of heating elements, power damages, unit’s efficiency, and several different matrices.

Here’s a basic chart to define your garage heater according to garage size. Nevertheless, keep in mind your garage insulation plays an essential role in heating performance.

WattageBTUsSuitable Garage Size
10000 Watts34,121 BTU5 Car Garage, or 1000+ Square Feet
7500 Watts25,575 BTU4 Car Garage, or 750-960 Square Feet
6000 Watts20,460 BTU3+ Car Garage or 650 Square Feet
5600 Watts18500 BTU3 Car Garage or 600 Square Feet
5000 Watts17000 BTU2+ Car Garage or 550 Square Feet
4700 Watts16,027 BTU2 Car Garage or 500 Square Feet
3840 Watts13,106 BTU2 Car Garage or 480 Square Feet
3000 Watts10,230 BTUSingle Car Garage or 350 Square Feet
1920 Watts6541 BTUMini-Workshop or 200 Square Feet
1500 Watts5115 BTUTiny Workshop or 150 Square Feet

If you like Infrared garage heaters instead of fan-forced models, you may read my guideline on Infrared Heater Size for garage here.

12. Does a Portable Electric Heater worth buying for the Garage?

Some specific 240v portable electric heaters especially are designed for the garage, with the same level of efficiency & rigidity as the mountable heaters. 

Though they are slightly underpowered and of low wattage, undoubtedly, they are as efficient and effective as you require.

So, of course, they are worthy! 

I have reviewed 3 portable garage heaters below in this article. 

But, if you really require that portability and slightly lower BTU is okay for you, then you might consider choosing those. Also, ensure that you do have a very high-capacity electric outlet (30 amps & 240V) to operate those swiftly.

13. INSULATION-The Key to the Most Efficient Performance.

The best advantage of using “electric garage heaters” is your ability to use them in an enclosed room without any issues. However, you should utilize this fact as much as you can. 

No matter how oversized your garage or workshop is, if you can seal the doors, windows using foam or rubber stripes, the minimally sized garage heater will perform like a charm. Also, the heater will able to raise the temperature within a few minutes and get shut down. So, you’ll able to save the utility bill at an ultimate level.

14. What’s the best place to install the electric garage heater?

You can mount them both o the wall and the ceiling, but I like the wall mount installation.

Because though you might want to install a wall thermostat separately and control the heater independently from that, the built-in control remains on the heater’s chin or the rare panel. You won’t like to press those buttons climbing on a ladder when it’s required.

15. How is the quality of Inexpensive or Affordable Models?

All inexpensive models are not of good quality except some few ones. Manufacturing brands reduce the price by removing fancy features, electronic controlling units, LEDs, and several internal wirings. But some models provide lower quality heating elements and fan motors, which is a direct threat to the lifespan.

I’ve reviewed a ComfordZone budget-friendly model in my list, which is fantastic in quality if you want to save some bugs.

16. What are the essential things to look for?

Dynamic Heat Settings: Generally, all these heaters contain TWO different heat settings (High/Low) except the ComfortZone CZ220 (reviewed as 4rth on the list), including three different heat setups. 

This feature allows you to maintain the garage temperature efficiently in all weathers. Again, having this feature will enable you to use the same heater in multiple-sized garages/workshops without wasting any energy.

Electronic or Manual Thermostat:  Electronic thermostats maintain the temperature more accurately (1st & 3rd Product contains this kit). But due to being electronically controlled, after a power outage, the heater won’t back. It’s a disadvantage.

On the other hand, manually controlled twistable thermostats are slightly inaccurate, but they are long-lasting and easy to combine with a wall thermostat. 

Remote Control: ComfortZone CZ260ER, ComfortZone Z230ER, and  Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975 come with a remote controller, which might be a fancy and innovative option to go if you like.

Enclosed Fan-Motor: 1st, 2nd & 3rd items on my recommendation list come with an enclosed motor, which remains sealed and permanently lubricated inside a steel cap. Undoubtedly, it enhances longevity and protects the unit from dust & moisture damage. 

Safety Feature: These garage heaters mainly contain overheating safety and come with UL, ETL certification. If you use them with accurate breakers, there won’t be any risk of using them at all.

Best Electric Garage Heater 240v Reviews

1. Best Budget 240V Electric Garage Heater

Best Fahrenheat FUH54 Garage Heater

Comfort Zone CZ220

  • Power- 3000, 4000, 5000 Watts
  • Coverage- 450-500 Square Feets
  • Breaker – 30 amps Minimum
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited
  • Remote Control- No

When you search for a budget-friendly solution maintaining the best quality, brand reputation, and all essential functionalities, your mind will get stuck to ComfortZone CZ220.

At the same time, this unit is perfect for a single and 2-car garage due to its wide range of heat settings, which are 3000, 4000 & 5000 watts.

The unit doesn’t contain any complicated functionalities but a twistable thermal regulator and a switch for heat settings. However, you can integrate a wall thermostat in line with it for effortless operation.

What Do I Like Of It?

Simple Manual Operation

Simply by twisting the thermal regulator, you can turn the unit ON. According to the environmental temperature/season or the workshop size, you may select the I, ii, iii heat setup. 

One red light indicates whether the heater is on power and a yellow light indicates if the heating elements are running or not. 

You’ll require plugless hardwiring with 8 AWG copper cables, along with a 30 amps breaker for trouble-free operation.

Build Quality

Despite being inexpensive, all the internal and external materials are very rigid. ComfortZone has used tubular heating elements with their compact sealed fan-motor and stainless still high gauge body chassis. 

According to several users, the unit lasts for decades.

Versatile Uses

Garage, shops, wirehouse, workshops, where ever you want, you may use this. It’s safe and effortless to operate. 

The unit gets instantly shut off if the internal temperature increases unnaturally and keeps your space secured from any unwanted scenarios.

2. Portable 240V Electric Garage Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater DR 988A

  • Power- 4800/5600 Watts
  • Coverage- 450-550 Square Feets
  • Breaker – 30Amps Minimum
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited Parts
  • Remote Control- No
  • Heat Output- 18,500 BTU/hr

While working in a garage or workshop, we often require shifting here and there for the convenience of work. If this matter sounds familiar, you might need a portable industrial-grade 240V electric garage heater so that you can place it wherever you want to remain comfortable.

Dr. Infrared DR 988A fits these exact criteria due to its 100% portability, powerful fan-forced heat output, and two dynamic heat settings. The unit weighs only around 15 pounds and covers a 2-car garage nicely.

The unit comes with 6 feet long power cable with a NEMA #6-30P plug, and you will require a NEMA #6-30R 240V electric outlet along with a 30 amps breaker to operate it swiftly. You may use an 8AWG extension cable if required. 

What do I Like About It?

Dynamic Heat Output

Dr. 988A comes with two dynamic heat settings that consume 4800 & 5600 watts on sequence, enhancing its useability in all weathers.

The built-in thermostat allows you to preset the temperature from 45F to 95F.

Versatile Design

Dr. Infrared portable unit will never leave you in the cold, no matter wherever you need to work in the garage. The carrying handle is extended on both sides, which allows you to store the power cable when it’s out of operation. 


Let’s Start with design language; the vents remain protected by a finger-proof net that protects any accidental insertion of narrow objects.

Finally, the unit contains overheating protection to get instant shut down in any accidental short circuits or thermal imbalance.

3. Portable/Mountable Dual Purpose 240V Garage Heater

NewAir G73

NewAir G73

  • Power- 4800/5600 Watts
  • Coverage- 450-550 Square Feets
  • Breaker – 30Amps Minimum
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited Parts
  • Remote Control- No
  • Heat Output- 18,500 BTU/hr

If you are searching for such a 240V electric garage heater that is mountable, at a time convertible for portability, then NewAir G73 is the solution. It comes with a mounting bracket, and no plug is included. But, you may attach any of your suitable power cables to make it portable.

Again, NewAir G73 could be combined with a wall thermostat and individually be operated by that. But as it contains a built-in thermostat, you won’t face any issue if your want to use it as your portable utility heating source.

NewAir G73 is extraordinary in build quality. The external chassis is made of rugged stainless steel and entirely powder-coated to counterface any harsh conditions. Most importantly, the unit contains tubular heating elements similar to the ComfortZone, which has enhanced its durability in extreme levels.

What Do I like About It?

Ultimate Power Output

The unit is a beast compared to its handy and compact size. It draws 5000 watts of electricity on max setup, and you would require a 30 amps breaker for swift operation.

The unit covers around 5000 square feet of garage or workshops while heating a massive 200 cubic feet space each minute.


Firstly, there’s a significantly lower chance of getting defected for this model even after very long-term uses with very harsh and rough services. Cause the fan motor is entirely sealed, permanently lubricated, and the heating elements are tubular.

But, despite being such a rugged machine, if it gets defected somehow, the whole unit is repairable with every spare part.

4. 20 Amp 240V Electric Garage Heater


  • Power- 1920/3840 Watts
  • Coverage- 250-400 Square Feets
  • Breaker – 20 Amps
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited
  • Remote Control- No
  • Heat Output- 13,106 BTU/hr

Finally, TPI H474 TMC is our last recommendation of this list, unlike any other 240v electric garage heaters. Cause its multipurpose useability has made it perfect for every single venue.  

Note: This model comes with a NEMA #6-20P power plug which is rare to American users. You will require a NEMA #6-20R outlet to insert it.

Simultaneously, you can use it in the living room, bathroom, or even a large master bedroom besides the garage and workshops. Notably, most 240V electric outlets can handle their load, so no additional breaker is required in most cases.

This 240V electric garage heater’s heating element is a wonder! The manufacturer has integrated gold anodized heating tubes along with aluminium reflectors & end caps that allow the unit to transfer heat in all three convection, conduction, and radiation procedures.

Why do I love it?

Multiple Heat Output

On Low/High settings, the unit consumes 1920 & 3840 watts to produce a significant amount of heat for large spaces.

The fan spins super quiet and circulates the air that surrounds the room nicely. Additionally, sitting behind it, you will feel the heat directly like a radiant unit which is exceptional.

The heater is operational with a single twistable thermostat and a power switch.

Super Accurate Thermostat

Though the unit contains a manual thermostat, it’s super accurate. You’ll hear a clicking noise each time the heater goes on/off and start spinning.

Extremely Safe

Firstly, the exterior design is too safe for even kids and pets. You can’t even insert a pen through the grill.

Additionally, it contains all safety certifications and features, including overheat safety, instant shut down, and everything else.

The unit weighs around 16 pounds, and easily you can move it around with the carrying bracket from its rare panel.