Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers

What is the best instant hot water dispenser? (100% Revealed!)

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Steaming hot water is mandatory for cooking, serving beverages, or doing kitchen tasks, and you may have hundreds of ideas to produce it.  But what’s the smartest and effortless way to get a flow of steaming hot water?

Arguably the answer should be an instant hot water dispenser.

The instant hot water dispenser allows you to enjoy a massive amount of on-demand boiling point hot water at your fingertip by simply opening the faucet. Before that, you have to choose the perfect model of hot water dispenser for your kitchen so that the faucet fits at your countertop & the tank fulfills your hot water demand.

Suppose you desire to purchase your very first instant hot water dispenser or want to replace your old one with a brand new model. In that case, this article will provide you with a lot of information to clarify all your confusion and let you make a wiser decision.

Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser

ReadyHot Hot Water Dispenser with Digital Control

  • Power – 1300 watt
  • Tank Size 0.625 Gallon
  • Warranty – 3 Years Parts (Service Not Included)
  • Sink Hole Diameter Required 1- 3/8 inch & (Max Counter Thickness 3 Inch)

With the dispensability of 60+ cups of nearly boiling temperature water per hour, the ReadyHot Digital instant hot water dispenser is a perfect combo of features & quality. We had no other choice but to put it as our best pick for residential uses.

ReadyHot’s fast heating capacity of 1300 watts along with a 2.5 quarts tank will fulfill all your residential kitchen demands of preparing coffee, tea, beverage, cleaning tasks, or all other purposes.

You may take my assurance about ReadyHot’s build quality which is a thousand times better than it seems in the photograph. The tank and entire hardwire are made of corrosion-resistant layer coated stainless steel, and all its functionalities are astonishing.  

🔍 Why is This Incredible?

🔥 Digital Thermostat with LCD Display

ReadyHot has an integrated digital thermostat control that allows you to preset water temperature from 122 to 208 degrees. By pressing the Up/Down buttons, you can increment/Decrement water temperature by 1 degree, and the LCD will show you the exact water temperature. 

This opportunity allows you to maintain water temperature very sensitively according to your comfort zone.

🔥 Tall Twistable Faucet

Believe it or not, the faucet is the most important element for a hot water dispenser as it’s the only extension that remains visible on the sink and operates the entire system. ReadyHot comes with most probably the best quality dispenser faucet I’ve ever seen.

The faucet is twistable, and its arch has a height of 12,” and the nozzle remains 9″ above the counter. You can set a coffee mug, a carafe, or a coffee machine reservoir on the counter and twist the faucet head to fill it hand-freely.

🔥 Advanced Safety Protection

A self-resetting thermal fuse resists the system to turn ON with an empty tank. So due to an accidental inaccurate operation, the unit will remain harmless.

🔥 Comes with All Parts Required

Probably ReadyHot is the only single-brand that sends all parts you do require for installation. You will be amazed to know that the manufacturer sends a 3/8″ hole saw to drill your sink. Additional plumbing hardware, tape, connectors are all included inside the packaging.

You may require an additional T Valve and connector converter to replace your old systems.

🔥 Both Mount & Standability

This model from ready hot is both mountable on the wall and has feet to remain on the floor. In case you have limited space under the sink, that won’t be a trouble for installation.

You may go through our guide on under sink water heater to perfectly understand which water heaters are preferred for under sink installation.

Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser For Tea 

InSinkErator HC-View Hot Water Dispenser

  • Power – 750 watt
  • Tank Size – 0.666 Gallon
  • Warranty – 3 Years In-Home Including Labor & Parts
  • Sink Hole Diameter Required – “1-1/4-inch to 1-1/2-inch” on max 3 Inch Thick Counter

InSinkErator is probably the most familiar instant hot water dispenser brand among the market, which are being praised for their gradually improved product quality, engineering, and extraordinary aftersale services. 

Despite having a larger tank capacity of around 2/3 gallons, the unit consumes only 750 watts. As a result, you will be able to run this on the same electrical outlet along with the garbage disposer without installing any additional breaker.

The HC-View model faucet that comes with this variant has two separate levers to dispense hot/cold water. The hot portion gets turned OFF by itself when you leave the lever; on the other hand, the cold part may remain turned ON.

I’m a big fan of the manual dial thermostat, which allows you to preset the water temperature between 160F to 210F. Accordingly, the InSinkErator system has a safety fuse to resist any dry startup and overheating occurrence.

🔍 Some Essential Info About InSinkErator

🔥 Don’t be Confused with Variety of Model Numbers

InSinkErator is available online in 9-different variants, which may make you confused, but let me expose all the truth!!!

“All Model Contains the SAME Hot Water Tank, with a DIFFERENT DESIGN of dispenser faucet.” 

Once, someone asked me, “Which InSinkErator hot water tank is the latest one? The red wave symbolized one, or the gray wave symbolized one?” 

Oh Man, both are the same with a different color. Not a single difference exists between them.

InSinkErator has 8 combos with 8 different faucets, including the same tank, and the 9th combo contains an InSinkErator RO filter with the tank. You may pick any of them according to your preference & requirements. 

🔥 Choose The Right Faucet

Preference of Design varies from person to person, so it’s up to you. But while choosing a hot & cold variant faucet, the “HC-View” model is easy to operate comparing its head-to-head competitor, the “HC-Wave” variant. 

Cause, firstly, the “HC-View” model’s hot lever gets turned OFF when you leave it, but the cold lever can remain turned ON. The “HC-Wave” model doesn’t have this feature. 

Secondly, with a soapy or oily hand, operating the “HC-View” is more accessible than the “HC-Wave” variant cause the HC-Wave gets slipped from the oily fingertips.

Best Design for InsinkErator Faucet

🔥 The Warranty Is Awesome

InSinkErator offers an extended 3 years “In-Home Warranty Including Parts” which means if any inconvenience happens within this period, the team will come to your home and fix the unit for free including all parts and labor cost.

🔥 Installation & Others

InSinkErator is installable on a 3-inch thick counter and requires a 1-1/2″ to 1-1/4″ diameter hole on the countertop. 

All parts come with the packaging along with the power plug that you need for installation except a converter or T-Valve if you need to connect the unit with a filter.

Heres a Video on Installation Guide

Best Instant Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Anaheim AH-1300 Quick & Hot water dispenser

Anaheim AH-1300

  • Power – 1300 watt
  • Tank Size – 0.625 Gallon
  • Warranty – 1 Year Parts Only (Extendable)
  • Temperature Range- 160F to 208F

If you require to replace your old hot water dispenser tank due to damage or leakage, Anaheim AH-1300 is the best durable & budget-friendly solution. With a 3-times less price tag, Anaheim AH-1300 is a perfect replacement for ReadyHot, Westinghouse, Franke, or any similar item.

According to our multiple examine, Anaheim seems more solid and sturdy comparing some expensive brands. An external white enamel coating ensures you very long-lasting rust-free operation, and internal sphere parts seem very firm.

🔍 Things We’ve Liked Most

🔥 Heat Faster Than Others

Although this Anaheim unit consumes 1300 Watt power like most other similar devices, it works insanely faster. While most other brands can produce around 60+ cups of hot water per hour, Anaheim AH-1300 has dispensed 90+ cups of hot water to our laboratory test. A high-quality heat exchanger with a high transmission rate is responsible for this performance.

So, you will save hours in caffeine salvation in the morning.

🔥 Straight Forward Operation

Anaheim is manually operated, and the water temperature is adjustable between 160F to 208F by twisting the thermal knob. Temperature isn’t highly accurate as it’s entirely mechanically controlled.

You will experience some boiling noise at the MAX settings, which is very normal. Accordingly, at the MAX setup, the unit barely gets turned off. So we would suggest you keep it slightly below the MAX point for best performance. 

🔥 Amazing Longevity

Anaheim AH-1300 lasts longer than most other similar items. We have been confirmed by talking with multiple users, and the unit has served them for 8-12 years trouble freely. 

The corrosion protector enamel coating and press-fit connector with a small filter to catch sediments have enhanced its survivability in harsh water chemistry.

🔥 Value For Money 

You can buy 3 Anaheim AH-1300 at the same price as an InSinkErator or other familiar brand. On the other hand, Anaheim is 3X better durable than them in most cases, unless you are very unlucky with an unidentified defective item, which is very rare.

Anaheim is offering a 1-year warranty of parts which you can extend by adding some currency. But I would not recommend doing that.

Best Under Sink Instant Hot Water Dispenser

ReadyHot 41-RH-400

  • Power – 1500 watt
  • Tank Size – 0.625 Gallon
  • Warranty – 3 Years Parts (Service Not Included)
  • Sink Hole Diameter Required – 1- 3/8 inch (Max Counter Thickness 3 Inch)

Suppose you are a high-tech-savvy personality and searching for a hot water dispenser that matches your preference and can supply boiling water in the fastest way to fulfill the demand of a residential or commercial kitchen. In that case, this model of ReadyHot can be an extreme choice.

ReadyHot 41-RH-400 is the only unit that contains an enhanced 1500-watt power capacity that allows the system to raise the whole 2.4-quart tank water temperature to the boiling point in less than 10 minutes. Results, you will get 80+ cups of hot water each hour (our test result), which is extremely hot and can handle one entire cafeteria.

Additionally, the integrated touch panel provides you an advanced level controls to preset your preferred water temperature at 7-different points (167F, 176F, 185F, 194F, 203F,206F & 208F). A colorful LED panel shows the preset temperature & exact water temperature inside the tank separately. 

🔍 Why Do I Love It?

🔥 Design 

You’ll agree with me, ReadyHot 41-RH-400 is the best-looking instant hot water dispenser with advanced touch control functionality. If you mount the unit in a visual position, this black gem will shine its beauty blending with the kitchen architecture.

🔥 Faucet

ReadyHot 41-RH-400 comes with the same 12″ inch tall twistable faucet included with the previous model (Reviewed as First Product). Nothing to explain with the build quality; you’ll love it. 

Most importantly, this faucet’s installation procedure is the most effortless process for the exclusive mounting ring and clamp assembly. You can complete the task entirely from above, no need to reach under the sink frequently.  

🔥 Installation Procedure

ReadyHot really does care for the DIY installer. They literally send everything you need for installation, including the 3/8″ inch hole saw drill bit. If you have a little bit of plumbing knowledge, their instruction is more than enough to finish the entire procedure within 20 minutes.

Best Hot Water Dispenser For Home

Westinghouse WH-1500

Westinghouse WH-1500 Manual Dial

  • Power – 1300 watt
  • Tank Size – 0.625 Gallon
  • Warranty – 1 Years Parts (Service Not Included)
  • Temperature Range- 140F to 200F
  • Sink Hole Diameter Required – 1- 1/2 inch (Max Counter Thickness 3 Inch)

Westinghouse WH-1500 is very similar to the ReadyHot with a lower price tag. If you are satisfied with the 1-year warranty period and want to save some bugs, Westinghouse should be the perfect preference. 

With a very sturdy build quality and all the essential features you need, Westinghouse instant hot water dispenser is a compact package for your residential kitchen.   

The faucet that comes with the packaging is around 11.63″ tall, and the spout does swivel. Standing at your sink corner, the faucet can hand freely fill all-sized coffee mugs by getting twisted in the neck.

🔍 Why do We Like It?

🔥 Perfectly Fulfill Your Hot Water Demand

Westinghouse is a 1300 watt consumer machine and able to produce 60+ cups of boiling temperature water hourly. By twisting the manual thermal dial, you can maintain a water temperature between 140F to 200F. 

Although the temperature is pretty much accurate, long-term uses at harsh water chemistry may impact the exactness.

🔥 Energy Efficient

Despite being a 1300 watts machine, Westinghouse is an energy-efficient unit. At random residential use like preparing caffeine, beverage, warming baby bottles, or stuff like these might not cost you more than operating a 40 Watt light bulb.

🔥 Dry Startup Protection

A self-resetting thermal fuse protects the unit from accidental dry startup. So never need to worry about burning the internal components by mistake. 

Also, the stainless steel body components protect the unit from rust and corrosion and enhance longevity. 

🔥 Note

Westinghouse must require an “Open Vent Faucet” to be operated. In most cases breaker is not required, but you may install a 20 amp breaker if you face trouble. The unit comes with a power cable, so installation is hassle-free.

Best Electric Hot Water Dispenser


Franke HT 300 Little Butler​

  • Power – 1300 watt
  • Tank Size – 0.625 Gallon
  • Warranty – 3 Years Parts (Service Not Included)
  • Temperature Range- 140F to 200F

Franke HT300 is the most expensive model on our chart, and this unit has been manufactured to handle a heavy load. To give you an idea about how sturdy this is, while most other hot water dispenser tanks have an average 3.5 lbs body weight, FRANKE weights 9.2 pounds. That’s because of the internal component’s build quality which ensures the capability of heavy-duty performance.

With the expense of Franke HT300 hot water “TANK,” you will able to purchase the entire setup of a similar ReadyHot, Westinghouse, Anaheim with a hot & cold water faucet. The uncompromising heaviest build quality for the heavy-duty performance is responsible for this expense.

If you have a large family who requires hot water frequently or need to use the device for a very long time each day, then only you should consider choosing this unit.

🔍 Why I love it?

🔥 Unbeatable Longevity

While most of the instant hot water dispensers have a disgrace of a shorter lifespan, then Franke HT300 lasts for a decade in most cases. Additionally, you are offered a 3-year extended warranty to remain free from headaches.

🔥 Quality of Electrical Components

As I’ve told you, Franke HT300 has been developed to handle a heavy load; the internal electrical configuration is top-notch. Nothing is comparable to its heating element, heat exchanger, wirings, mechanical thermostat, water lines & substantial stainless steel corrosion-resistant hot water tank.

🔥 Of Course, The Performance

Franke HT300 also produces 60+ cups of boiling water hourly with a controllable temperature of 140F to 200F. But the exceptionality is, you can use it 24 hours a day restlessly without lowering its performance.

What is a vented faucet?

Specialty of Open Vent Faucet

Instant hot water dispenser faucets are not similar to any hot and cold sink faucet and work on a complex mechanism. These are mostly called “OPEN VENT FAUCET.” Let me explain in detail.

On the open vent faucet, the hot water inlet first enters the faucet instead of the hot water tank. Then the inlet water bypasses into the hot water tank through the faucet valve when you turn ON the hot lever. Then hot water outlet comes from the hot water tank and enters into the spout to supply you hot water. 

As a result, no water pressure is being created inside the hot water tank. As the tank produces boiling point hot water, it’s too important to avoid high pressure inside it. Thus the open vent faucet saves the tank from being pressurized and gets leaked. 

On the other hand, general water heaters remain directly connected to the water inlet line, and as they never produce boiling point hot water, that pressure can’t harm them.

Explanation of Multiple pipelines of Instant Hot Water Dispenser Faucet

Multiple pipelines of Instant Hot Water Dispenser Faucet

Mainly 3-types of hot and cold dispenser faucets are available, they are…

5 Line faucet: Mainly, they are used by InSinkErator hot & cold models.

  1. Source to the faucet for cold tap.
  2.  Source to the faucet for passing it to the hot tank.
  3. Faucet to hot water tank as input.
  4. Tank to the faucet for hot water flows output.
  5. Tank to the faucet for overflow.

4 Line Faucet: All other hot & cold dispenser faucet except InSinkErator.

  1. Source to the faucet for cold tap.
  2.  Source to the faucet for passing it to the hot tank.
  3. Faucet to hot water tank as input.
  4. Tank to the faucet for hot water flows output.

Hot water outlines are being used as the drain in this case.

3 Line Faucet: All hot only faucets are from this category.

  1.  Source to the faucet for passing it to the hot tank.
  2. Faucet to hot water tank as input.
  3. Tank to the faucet for hot water flows output.

How to Extend the lifespan

Some instant hot water dispensers have a notoriety of shorter lifespan, but you can extend it easily by following some easy steps.

  1. Use a water filter before it to avoid harsh water chemistry.
  2. Please don’t use it restlessly for 2+ hours in full power. Have some break.
  3. As you can’t winterize it, set the thermostat at the minimum and let it ON overnight during colder months. 
  4. Avoid any dry startup.
  5. If possible, use a breaker.

Chrome vs. Nikel, which one lasts long?

Nikel is slightly bluish finished and has a mostly mirror effect. On the other hand, chrome is a little natural yellowish finished and contains a negligible mirror effect.

Nikel is hard to scratch and not a fingerprint magnet. Even it can avoid water spots and easy to clean. But chrome attracts fingerprints and water spots and requires frequent cleaning. 

Both nickel and chrome are long-lasting, undoubtedly. So you can prefer any of them.

What tools do I additionally need to replace my old one?

Installation and replacement require basic plumbing kits. Drills with a required diameter hole saw, sealing tape, additional T valves if you have filters, cable ties, and essential tools.

You should not purchase any tools before you get the device on hand.

Instant But Limited

Most companies advertise that the dispenser can supply an unlimited amount of boiling point hot water, which isn’t true. Hourly it can produce a limited volume of hot water, which is around 30-80+ cups depending on models.

Monthly cost calculation for an Instant hot water dispenser

Cost depends on how many hours you use them every day. If it’s around 2 hours to produce 120+ cups of hot water, then a 1300 watt standard unit will consume 78-80 KWhr electricity monthly, which may cost you 10-12 USD. 

740 watt unite need to run longer, and 1500 watt unit will require a shorter running time. So the cost will remain almost the same. A higher or lower wattage device won’t make a giant difference on electric bills.

Are hot water dispensers better than kettles?

Kettles are mainly used for portable purposes, while the hot water dispenser remains fixed on the kitchen counter. Although both produce hot water at boiling point, dispensers are being used mostly for doing kitchen tasks. 

Again, you will require to fill water in the kettle by yourself, as it doesn’t remain connected to the waterline. On the other hand, the hot water dispenser remains attached to the water source like a sink tap.

Both kettle & dispenser has their importance in different scenarios. So it won’t be a wise idea to compare a kettle with a hot water dispenser.

Are instant hot water dispensers safe for children?  

Yes and No. If your little champs understand that the faucet supplies hot water and they should not wash their hand at the hot spout, then it’s safe. Otherways not.

How to Choose An Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

It’s an entire misconception that a lower wattage means a lower electric bill. Instead, the wattage explains how faster the device works. 

The instant hot water dispenser is available in a minimum of 750 watts (InSinkErator), a maximum of 1500 watts (ReadyHot Touch), and 1300 watts (ReadyHot Digital, Anaheim, Westinghouse & Franke) power capacity. 

Higher wattage means a higher amount of hourly hot water as it heats up quicker. Thus it can handle a high amount of hot water demand. However, it may require an additional breaker and a dedicated electric outlet.

On the other hand, lower wattage takes a longer time to heat up. Fulfilling a lower amount of hot water demand, this device could be run on any random electric outlet without any high amp breaker.

The instant hot water dispensers are available on 0.666 gals (InSinkErator) and 0.625 (rest all other models) gals water tank size. Although they are nearly the same, a bigger tank might help you slightly when needed. 

But, shorter heating should be the first requirement instead of a large tank size.

In case you require a slightly larger tank size you may have a look at the mini tank water heater, though their temperature raise ability is a bit lower than these dispensers.

It’s the most important criteria that you require to pay concern. Most of the 1300 watt instant hot water dispensers can provide 60+ cups of hot water hourly, which might be sufficient for most of you. 

Cafetoria or commercial places may require more hourly hot water. In that case, a 1500 watt machine is ideal as it produces 80+ cups of hourly hot water.  

If you have a small family and lower demand for hot water, then the 750 watt InSinkErator will be okay. It produces around 35+ cups of hot water hourly.

Mostly, the instant hot water dispenser comes with manual dial thermostat control. But a few models have high-tech, digitally operational thermostats with LED displays. 

Manual thermostats are easy to operate and straightforward. But their accuracy level isn’t too perfect.

A digital thermostat can increment/decrement temperature by a 1-degree accuracy. So if you are a tech-savvy personality, you will prefer this type.

Firstly, don’t fall into a misconception. The cold faucet of an instant hot water dispenser doesn’t supply ICY COLD water; it’s simply room temperature water. 

So should you at all choose the hot & cold faucet with a high price tag rather than the hot only variant? The answer should be yes if you connect the dispenser inlet with a filtration system for drinking purposes.

Dispensers are mainly used to supply the water for drinking and contain a filtration system commonly for hot and cold lines.

So, if you have another source for drinkable cold water, you should choose the hot-only faucet. Otherwise, you may select the hot & cold.

How thick is your kitchen counter? If it is more than 3 inches, you won’t be able to install dispenser faucets hassle freely. Additionally, according to the model, it will require a 3/8″ or 1/2″ or 1/4″ hole for faucet installation.

The Hot water tank could be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor on its feet (for some models). A nearby waterline and electric outlet is a must for the operation.

Almost every single hot water dispenser comes with a power cable with a standard plug type. So, if you have an outlet, you won’t require any electrical wiring connections.

For 750 watt & 1300 watt models, a breaker isn’t necessary. But to run a 1500 watt unit, you should integrate a 20 amp breaker to keep it safe.

For most brands, the packaging contains all the subsidiary items for the dispenser and faucet. Those include pipes, valves, washers, bolts & screws, and all you need. 

Only the ReadyHot sends some plumbing kits, too, as the hole cutter saw!!! But for other brands, you may require some essential plumbing tools for setup.

Of course lengthy warranty period is a matter of satisfaction. But the price tag raises with the extended warranty time. 

Again, some products with a shorter warranty period are also great—for example, the Anaheim AH-1300. Due to the shorter warranty period, the unit contains the lowest price tag, but it’s incredibly durable.

Are instant hot water dispensers worth it? 6 Life Hacks!

  • Instant Cooking: Hot water dispenser produces boiling point hot water on demand. So, preparing instant noodles, pasta, soup, hot beverages, coca, tea, coffee, hot cereals, making perfect pizza dough, flavored detox water, etc., will never consume time and effort anymore.
  • Easy Cleaning:  After enjoying a fatty dinner in cold months, cleaning dishes won’t be challenging anymore. Steaming hot water on the fingertip will help you wash all the sticky oil, fats, or harsh elements on plates instantly. Also, preserver pots & pans could be rinsed in boiling water to keep it bacteria-free.
  • Thawing Frozen Food: Never need to wait for hours to cook frozen meats, fishes, or anything else. It could be done within minutes.
  • Kickstart Boiling: Steaming vegetables in flashes, preparing bean and spinach salads could be done in the most effortless ways with a hot water dispenser.
  • Warming Baby Bottle: It’s not ideal to use the microwave for warming baby feeds. Cleaning the bottle in hot water makes it germ-free, then you can warm it up according to your champ’s demand.
  • Sophisticated Kitchen Hacks: Never require struggling to open stubborn lids and labels, remove bottle labels, or remove candle wax from holders. It could be done within an eye blink by the hot water rinse.