Best Inverter Welder Reviews

Best Inverter Welder Reviews For 2021 – (ARC, TIG, & MIG)

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Inverter welders are very much preferred and common nowadays due to their compact size, lightweight, and stable arc.

You can take them everywhere; they are portable.

Therefore, people use it for DIY projects, house repairs, and professional work.

They have dozens of protection features and controls, so you can work with ease and comfort. If you are new and planning to get the best inverter welder, then you are in the right place.

We have discussed the inverter welder and IGBT technology to tell you everything about these welders.

Best Inverter Welder List

What You Need To Know About Inverter Welder Before Choosing A New One?

Why inverter welder is different than conventional welder?

Inverter welders use electronic devices to coverts higher voltage to lower voltage without the help of a huge transformer.

A conventional welding machine uses a transformer to lower the voltage, the transformer is big and very much heavy. This also increases the size of conventional welders.

While inverter welders use electronic components to regulate the voltage; they first lower the voltage through electronic circuits, then there can be a small transformer.

The voltage is already regulated before entering the transformer which reduces the size of the transformer.

Consequently, you have a compact and lightweight welding machine. The output of common inverter welders is usually DC, but some welders can provide AC and DC both.

The internal circuit of the inverter welders is complex, but they are compact, lightweight, and much more efficient than conventional welders.

They are very easy to transport. The weight of them is around 8-30 lbs which is much less as compared to conventional welders.

The power consumption is also low, they save energy due to high efficiency. The efficiency can be around 80-90% which is not possible in conventional welders.

Moreover, you can also use most inverter welders with generators. These welders can easily regulate the impure power of generators.

Conventional transformer welders are mostly AC, while the inverter welders can be AC or DC. They have many options for electrodes, and the arc is more stable.

The duty cycle of these welders is also better. This is a new technology as compared to transformer welders, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Inverter VS Transformer Welders What Is The Best For You.

What is IGBT Inverter Technology?

You might have heard a lot about this technology while buying an inverter welder. IGBT stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. These are transistors with a very high switching frequency.

These are used to make in the making of inverter welders. There can be welders based on old MOSFET technology, but IGBT is the new and preferred.

This technology is complicated, but it provides a user-friendly welding machine with excellent efficiency.

The output of IGBT is much more reliable than MOSFET, they can handle power fluctuations; therefore, they are less likely to get damaged.

How To Select The Right Inverter Welder For your Job?

Inverter welders are not easy to purchase. If you are new, then you might not know about its features and functions. You may end up buying something useless.

There are many types of inverter welders in the market, but before buying anything, you need to know about them.

So, we are going to give you a proper idea that will help you get the best inverter welder.

Types of Welding Processes

The first thing is the type of welding process. You need to know what type of welding process you want. The common types are,

MIG Welding

This is a type of Gas Metal Arc Welding. In this welding, a shielding gas is used that prevents any reaction of the object with the air. It uses a wire that is in the TIG torch.

When the user presses the trigger, the wire comes out. The arc is created between the base metal and wire, and the wire is melted.

This type of welding is not suitable for outdoor use. This is used for automobiles, plumbing, etc. It provides a fine weld with less spattering.

Flux Core Arc Welding

This type of welding is the same as MIG welding, but it does not require any shielding gas. The same torch can be used with it, and it uses a special wire called Flux-cored wire which can provide shielding. It is suitable for outdoor use.

TIG Welding

TIG welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. The arc is created between the electrode and the metal. Due to the high temperature, the base metal melts, and you can also use an optional filler. This also requires a shielding gas.

Stick Welding

This type of welding uses a consumable flux-coated stick that works as an electrode. Due to arc, the electrode melts and joins the metals. The flux in the stick provides the shielding effect. These were the common types of welding, you can choose the desired one according to your work.

Current Adjustment

There is an adjustment knob in almost all inverter welding machines. This is used to adjust the current. You can easily adjust the current according to your needs.

The minimum and maximum value of the current depends on the machine you are using. For an accurate setting, there is a digital display in many machines.

Maximum Current and Duty-cycle

The maximum current is always mentioned on the welding machines. It tells the output current that the machine can deliver.

It tells you what kind of work you can do with it. The amperage can decide what base metal can be welded. Duty-cycle is an important factor when you are buying a welding machine for professional use.

The duty-cycles tell you the time up to which the machine can weld continuously. For example, if the duty-cycle is 60% at 200A, then it means you can drive 200A for 60% of the time. After that, you will have to wait for the 40% of the time to use the welder again.

Therefore, the duty cycle tells the continuous use of a welding machine. Let’s assume the time is 10 minutes, then you can use the machine at 200A for 6 minutes.

After that, you will have to wait for 4 minutes. If you are using the current less than 200A, then the machine can work for more than 6 minutes.

If the output current is very low, then you can use the machine continuously. While buying the machine, you should check these two things. The higher the value of duty-cycle and maximum current, the better it is.

Types of Metal that can be Welded

You need to know which kinds of metals the welding machine can weld. Some machines can weld ferrous metals, some are compatible with aluminum and some can weld a few metals only. Make sure to know the metals that can be welded.

Protection Features

There are some protection features with the welding machines. There can be protection for over-current, under-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, etc. These protections will keep your welder safe from damages.


Whenever the electrode sticks to the base metal, the machine gets overload. It can also damage the machine.

Anti-sticking is a technology that refrains the machine to get overload. There is a device/circuit inside the machine that turns it off if the electrode sticks to the base metal.

This allows the easy removal of the electrode and prevents the machine from any damage due to overloading. This feature is present in new welding machines.

Size and Weight

You need to care about the size and weight of the welding machine. The weight of common welding machines is around 15-30 lbs.

There are welding machines of lesser and higher weights as well. But this range is perfect to carry. You can carry the welder with ease.

If you need a light welder for working at home or higher places, then you can find welder near to 10lbs or less. A lightweight welding machine is easy to carry.

Operating Voltage

You should check the operating voltage of the welder whether it is 120V or 240V. Some welding machines can work on both voltages. The machines that work on both voltages have different maximum current at the voltages. The maximum current at the higher voltage more than the maximum current at the lower voltage. For example, a welding machine has 200A at 240, then at 120V the current will not be 200A, it will be less.


The efficiency of the welding machine shows how much energy is converted and how much is lost. IGBT inverter welders have excellent efficiency. You can easily find an inverter welder with efficiency in the range of 85%-90%.


The warranty for most inverter welders is in the range of 1-3 years. Some welders also have a five-year warranty. The manufacturer can also provide a satisfaction money-back guarantee. If there is any satisfaction guarantee, then you can buy the thing with confidence.

Why You Choose Inverter Welder For Your Welding Job?

Lightweight and Compact

The inverter welders are lightweight and compact. You can take them anywhere. They can fit in a small space, so they are portable.

Easy to Use

These welders are very easy to use, they have digital displays and control options that are user-friendly. Even beginners can use them.


The efficiency of these welders is very high that saves you money. They can save your energy and reduce your electric bill.

Excellent Performance

Inverter welders have features like hot-start which helps them to start the arc quickly. The anti-sticking feature keeps your machine safe from overloading. They have an excellent weld quality, stable arc and less spatter.

Best Inverter Welder Reviews

1. Best Inverter arc welder – Sungoldpower 250A

Sungoldpower Welder

This is an excellent inverter welder with an efficiency of 85%. It means it will work efficiently without wasting your energy.

This machine weighs only 16.53 lbs, but it is enough to do your work.

It has a maximum current of 250A with a duty cycle of 60% that will allow you to work continuously.

The welder has an IGBT technology that can work on dual voltage 220V or 110V.

You can also adjust the current precisely by turning the knob and monitoring the digital display.

You can select the value of current from 20-250A. Due to its lightweight and carry handle, this machine is portable.

The welder has anti-sticking technology that turns off the welding machine if the electrode sticks on the metal. So, it will prevent the overloading of the machine and allow you to take out the electrode with ease.

It has voltage and current protection that protects if anything goes over or under the limit.

It also has an arc force adjustment that allows you to adjust the penetration level.

The hot-start technology allows easy arc ignition.

This machine is easy to use and can work on all kinds of ferrous metals. T

his package has everything you need; including the electrode holder, earth clamp and AC plug. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty with the product.

2. Best Portable inverter welder – Zeny Welder

Zeny Welder - ZENY Arc Welding Machine

This is also a tiny and arc Portable inverter welder that weighs only 18lbs. You can carry it anywhere to work.

It has a belt as well, so you can hang it on your shoulder, just like a bag; otherwise, you can carry it with its handle.

It can work on dual voltage 110V or 230V, so you can use it with anyone. The current output can be changed with the knob. You can adjust the current from 20A to 160A.

There is a digital display as well to tell you the correct value of the current. At maximum current (160A) the machine has a 60% duty cycle which is enough for most types of work.

You can use it to weld different materials such as stainless steel and mild steel. It has a fan in it that helps the machine to dissipate the heat, so you can work continuously.

The IGBT inverter technology has 85% efficiency which will have minimum losses. It has over-current, over-heat and a few more protection that will keep the machine safe and sound.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for the product. You will get an electrode holder, clamp and power cable with the product.

3. Best portable arc welder Sungoldpower 200 Amp

Sungoldpower Inverter ARC Welder - 200A

This portable arc welder can be used for MMA and Lift TIG welding as well.

It is a two-in-one machine to provide two types of welding processes. You can select the type of welding process through the switch.

It has an excellent build quality which makes it durable.

The maximum current is 200A and it can provide 60% duty-cycle which is excellent. The efficiency of the machine is 90%; thus, there will be minimal losses.

It is compatible with 110V and 220V, but the rated current will be 160A and 200A respectively. So, you can use any voltage you want.

In the case of power outages, this machine can also work on a generator. So, you will not need to abandon your work.

There are built-in current and voltage protections that ensure better operation of the machine. There is a display as well for accurate current reading and you can adjust the current from 20A to 200A.

It is compact, portable and easy to carry, and it weighs only 16lbs. Its stable arc will produce less spatter, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

It has a hot-start and anti-sticking feature that will allow you to weld with ease.

4. Best welder for home use HZXVOGEN HT2000

HZXVOGEN Dual Volt Arc Stick Welding Machine

HZXVOGEN welder is a tiny inverter stick welder that you can carry just like a handbag. This is the Best welder for home use Therefore, it is perfect for repairing work at your home and DIY projects.

It weighs only 4.9lbs, so you can carry it without any hassle. This mini welder is portable enough.

It has a control knob to adjust the current from 20-140A. The digital display will show you the adjusted current. At 140A, this little welder has a 60% duty cycle which is good enough for small works. It can work on 110 or 220V without any hassle.

It will provide you with a stable arc with less spatter. But it can only weld two metals which are iron and carbon steel.

The machine will not take too much time to provide an arc. Its no-load consumption is only 20W which means when you are not welding, it will consume energy just as a 20W light.

Thus, it will not waste your energy. Moreover, its efficiency is also 85%; therefore, it is excellent for energy saving. This is excellent to keep at your home, it comes with an electrode holder, clamp and an adapter.

Its lightweight and compact design allow you to work at higher places as well. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty with the product.

This welder is not for heavy-duty applications.

5. Best multiprocess welder – Weldpro 200 Amp

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi Process Welder

Weldpro welder is multiprocess welder that can do three types of welding processes. It is compatible with MIG, TIG, and Arc welding. Thus, this is a multi purpose welder that can do all of your work.

This is a 200A welder that can provide 200A maximum current with all the three welding processes at 230V. You can also use it at 115V, but the maximum current will be then 120A.

You can easily select the types of welding through a button. It has two digital displays; one shows you the current and another shows the voltage.

There is a current adjustment knob as well that allows you to set the desired current.

The machine also has VRD that can prevent any harm due to any contact with the electrode.

It is very simple to use; you don’t need to adjust the wire speed during MIG welding or adjust the voltage.

It has IGBT inverter technology, and it is capable of providing smooth and clean welds with less spatter.

The duty cycle is 30% which fine for most works. It has everything you need including MIG and TIG torches and an electrode holder. The manufacturer provides you with a two-year warranty with the product.

6. Best Heavy Duty Inverter Tig Welder – Everlast Powertig 185

everlast powertig 185 AC-DC Tig Welder

This is a heavy duty ac dc inverter tig welder. Since this is an AC/DC welder; therefore, it can weld a wide range of metals including Aluminum.

Thus, this is a multi purpose welder that can do your work with ease.

There are LIFT TIG and HF TIG, so you can choose anyone you like. You don’t need to purchase another welder for aluminum.

It is compatible with two voltages 110V and 220V. It has a very detailed control panel that allows you to control different factors.

You can set the desired current. The minimum current at DC is 5A while at AC is 20A. There is a digital display for the error-free adjustments.

You have AC controls; you can control the frequency and cleaning percentage. It also allows you to work with a paddle and there are controls for that.

It has an IGBT technology that will provide you with excellent performance. The duty cycle 185A (220V) is 35% which is enough for the work.

You will not need to wait, and you can do welding without any delay. You can also take it anywhere and use it with a compatible generator. It is a little heavy, but portable.

The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty with the product which is more than enough.

7. Best Dc inverter arc welder – AUTOOL M-508

ARC Welding Machine - DC Inverter Welder 20-160A

This is a simple DC inverter ARC welder that is very easy to use.

Even a beginner can use it without any hassle. It has only one knob that is for current adjustment. You can adjust the current from 20-160A.

It has automatic cut-off protection that turns off the machine in case of overheating. The fan also helps in heat dissipation and keeps the machine cool.

It has IGBT technology with 85% efficiency, and the wires are also made of pure copper. Therefore, there will be minimal losses.

It is a portable machine; you can carry it with its handle. The weight is around 4KG. It will help you to weld with perfection and less spatter.

The duty cycle of the machine at rated current is 60%, so you can work without any delay. You can use this welder all day long without any problem. The body is completely made of metal for durability.

8. Arc Welder 110V 200A Welding Machine

Arc Welder 110V 200A Welding Machine

This is a small welder that weighs 7.7lbs. You can carry it to your work; it has a very compact design. This is excellent for DIY projects and small works.

The rated current of the machine is 200A (at 110V) which is much higher than its size. The whole body is made of steel for durability.

There are openings/perforations on the body for the dissipation of heat. The welder has all protections including overheating, over-current, overload and insulation.

It is capable of protecting itself. It is excellent for welding of all kinds of ferrous metal without any issue.

This will weld the materials with less spatter, you can even do gap welding with it. You can use it for small repairs, and it is not for heavy-duty applications.

It has anti-stick protection that will refrain the sticking of the electrode on the metal and keep the machine safe from any damage.

This mini welder can save up to 70% power. You can also adjust the output current, but there is no digital display. The product has a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. You can also get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product within 30-days.

9. HITBOX ARC Welder 110V 220V Dual Voltage


It is a 200A tiny ARC welder with a nominal weight of 6.3lbs.

The duty cycle is 40% at the rated current, and you can use it for half-hour continuously at 150A without waiting.

It has a digital display to control the current. You can adjust the current from 10A-190A. The digital display will help you to adjust the current precisely.

It is ideal for home use, small repairings, and DIY projects. The size of the welder is small which allows you to use it at higher places.

It has a fan at the back that keeps the machine cool and dissipates the heat. It is simple, easy to use and perfect for beginners.

The arc starts easily, and you don’t need to wait. It will do welding with little spatter, and it will be easy to clean the metal.

It is a quiet welder with low noise, so you can work without distraction. Further, it has a handle, so you can take it with ease.

The package includes an electrode holder and earth clamp with cables. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty with the product. This welder only works at 220V, keep this in mind.

10. Everlast Power Inverter TIG Welder

Everlast PT200DV

This is a heavy-duty TIG and Stick welding machine that has lots of control options.

There are many controls, you can select HF TIG, LIFT TIG or STICK. It can provide both AC and DC, you can select anyone you want.

You can also adjust the arc force to penetrate the metal as much as you want. There is a digital display for an accurate setting.

You can adjust the current from 5-250A. Further, you don’t need an external spot-welding timer because it has a built-in timer with a controlling knob. There are knobs to control pulse frequency, ampere, and time on.

You can even control the shielding gas flow which is not available in most welders.

You can also use a pedal with the machine. There are a few control options for the torch trigger as well. It has a 60% duty cycle which is excellent.

The machine can be used with many metals including steel and aluminium. This is a complete professional inverter welder with a bunch of control options. The kit includes a TIG torch, electrode holder, foot-pedals, connectors, cables, etc. It can operate a 240V single-phase and 240V three-phase. This welder worth the money; it has everything that a professional welder wants.


Inverters welders are excellent when it comes to portability. They can do almost all kinds of jobs that you want. These are excellent, you can keep them at home or take if for professional work. The new technology has made it light, compact, and easy to use. We have discussed the inverter welder and its most common IGBT technology. You might have got a clear idea of these welders. Our inverter welder reviews will help you get the best inverter welder. You can follow the guide with ease even if you are a beginner. We have also listed some of the best products for you. The features, benefits, and everything about the product is explained. all kinds of welding machines.

We have mentioned some of the benefits of using. They have many benefits, and they can be used for all purposes. This new technology has made welding easier. There is an FAQ section as well to answer some common questions. We have tried to explain everything and how you can get it. We hope you get the right welder for your work.