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9 Best Kerosene Heater For Garage – Scary Powerful & Efficient

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While searching for a kerosene heater for garages, you should be concerned about power, portability, and efficiency. Cause, in most cases, garages never remain much insulated, and we need to work in several corners inside a garage. However, in the longer run, efficiency is unconsiderable. Meanwhile…

We’ve got the best performance from forced air kerosene heaters inside medium to giant garages instead of convection or radiant models. Though the convection and radiant kerosene heaters are slightly fuel-efficient, you could consider them for a smaller garage. But forced air models can only heat your garage from corner to corner.

In this article, I’ll briefly explain about

  • Three different kerosene heaters and types of garages where those heaters suit the best.
  • Your garage size vs. the required BTU of a kerosene heater.
  • Real-life performance test of forced air, convection, and a radiant kerosene heater inside my garage.
  • Operational cost comparison between kerosene and propane garage heater.
  • My 9 favorite garage heaters with performance breakdown.
  • 14 Essential facts to learn about kerosene garage heaters.

Let’s dive in…

Best Kerosene Heater for Small Garage – Mr Heater MH75KTR

Mr. Heater MH75KTR
  • Power – 75,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –    1250 to 1875 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels – Kerosene, JP8, #1 Diesel, #2 Diesel, #1 Fuel Oil, #2 Fuel Oil
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 6 Gallons
  • Runtime Per Refill –  11 Hours on High Heat
  • Weight- 37.9 pounds without Fuel

Mr. Heater MH75KTR should be preferred by most of the household garage owners for their 1250-1875 sqft two cars garages/workshops. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to warm these places.

Speaking of build quality, it’s too weighty, as the whole heater is compact and made of rugged, durable steel. The fan motor is of industrial grade and fully enclosed, so no chance of dust damages. 

The thermostat is electronically controlled, so highly accurate. You can adjust the temperature from 7°C /44°F to 35°C/95°F. Additionally, the power switch has integrated light inside, which helps in night-time operation. A fuel gauge shows the Empty/Full status of the 6-gallon tanks.

Things I Like of It

Safety Features

Mr. Heater MH75KTR is CSA certified. It contains overheating shut-off, an instant safety switch, and most importantly, photo CAD cells to shut the units off in unsafe conditions. 

An electric sparker continuously ignites the unit, so there’s no chance of being flame out.

Simplicity of Uses

It’s a forced air kerosene heater, but you can use it almost like an electric device. Simply connecting with the 115V electric extension wire, you can turn it ON/OFF by pressing only the power switch and twisting the thermostat. 

Smell Free but Noisy

You may notice some fumes and smells during startup. But then it will start burning clean. You make the forced air kerosene heater smell free following my guideline.

Using diesel instead of kerosene will burn it cleaner and efficiently. You can also mix diesel and kerosene into a 3:2 ratio to get a powerful, efficient output.

The unit is Noisy by generic. So, there’s no way, but you have to tolerate it.

Best Kerosene Garage Heater for Medium Size Garage – Dyna-Glo Delux

Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD
  • Power – 80,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –   1900 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels – Kerosene, Diesel #1, Diesel #2, Fuel Oil #1, Fuel Oil #2, Jet A, and JP-8.
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 5 Gallons
  • Runtime Per Refill –  10 Hours on High Heat
  • Weight- 26.9 lbs pounds without Fuel

Dyna-Glo Delux is one of the top-selling kerosene torpedo heaters on this list because of several reasons.

  • Their brand reputation and after-sale service both are enormous. 
  • Comparatively efficient than most other brands.
  • Easy troubleshooting by mobile app.
  • Easily repairable if it gets damaged.
  • All sphere parts are available.

Dyna-Glo Delux Professional Grade Kerosene Heater produces 80K BTU/hr massive heat in the highest settings, which is more than sufficient for a 2000 sqft garage/workshops or any commercial areas. However, the company claims it’s applicable for 1900 sqft. They have a smaller 50K and a larger 180K BTU variant in case you need them.  

Dyna-Glo has been manufactured, focussing on commercial usability. So the build quality & durability is up to the mark. But it doesn’t look that fancy like other units.

About Dyna-Glow  Professional Grade 

Fuel Efficiency

The unit has a 5 Gallon fuel tank, and one refill can drive the unit for 10 long hours in MAX heat setup. The thermostat seems highly accurate, but it increments/decrements the temperature by 10F, which might inconvenience you.

Smart Trouble Shooting

Dyna-Glo has a LED signal light to indicate troubleshoots by blinking. But the incredible fact is, by scanning the QR code with the Dyna Glo app and replying to a few basic questions, you can solve any issue of this. Even they can send you a professional to solve any significant problem.

Easy Operations

Dyna-Glo requires a 115V electric connection by an extension cable, and the rest operations are almost automatic. You just need to turn On the power button twisting the thermostat in your comfort zone. 

It will require around 2.5 cubic feet of ventilation.

Best Inexpensive Kerosene Garage Heater – REMINGTON REM-80T

  • Power – 80,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –   2000 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels – K-1 kerosene, #1 & 2 diesel fuel, JP8/Jet A fuel, and #1 & 2 fuel oil.
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 5 Gallons
  • Runtime Per Refill –  9 Hours on High Heat
  • Weight- 35.6 lbs pounds without fuel

This kerosene garage heater is portable and has a fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons; therefore, you can carry it easily. The burner has a safety guard all around to protect from skin burns. It also has tip-over protection; hence the heater will shut off if it tilts. It is easy to start, you just need to push the red ignition button to ignite the fuel without external electric power.

Wise consumers search best qualities with the cheapest price tag, and Remington will fully satisfy their desire. With a scary performance and flagship build quality, Remington can easily beat Mr. Heater, Dura-Heat, Dyna-Glo, or other familiar brands.

Remington has a 240 CFM rating, which means it can heat 240 cubic feet per minute with its gigantic 80K BTU heating capacity. Homeowners with around a 2,000 sqft garage or workshop will remain highly satisfied with this beast.

A 115V-60Hz-576RPM industrial-grade compact motor powers this forced air kerosene heater. While roar on full thrust, the unit consumes fuel by 0.56 Gal / Hr rate. The 5-gallon tank can drive for a maximum of 9 hours by one refill.

Things I love about REMINGTON. 

Extreme Durability 

In terms of durability, REMINGTON can beat the market king, Mr.Heater, effortlessly. Its made out of very sturdy stainless steel focusing on commercial uses but hasn’t sacrificed the outlook. 

Satisfying Operations

Remington is operatable on a range of 40°F/5°C to 120°F/49°C by electronic thermal control & thermostat is highly accurate. 

Also, the fuel gauge shows the tank status, and the pressure gauge shows the operational air pressure inside the combustion. 

The unit requires 115V electricity to drive the fan, spark ignitor, thermal processors, and troubleshooting tasks.

Also, the unit has every single safety feature, including overheat protection, flameout protection, photo CAD cells for instant shut off and CSA certification.

The Unbeatable Price Tag

REMINGTON should be an intelligent choice for wise people cause it has everything that expensive brands have alone with incredible quality. So there is no way, but you have to love it.

Fuel Efficient Kerosene Heater for Commercial Insulated Garage – Mr. Heater MH125KTR

Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU
  • Power – 125,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –   3125 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels –  Kerosene, JP8(Jet A Fuel), filtered 1 and 2 diesel, and 1 and 2 fuel oil
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 8.5 Gallons
  • Runtime Per Refill –  15 Hours on High Heat

Mr. Heater MH125KTR is a mid-size gigantic forced air kerosene heater to satisfy 3000-3500 sqft or 3-car garage/workshop owners with its massive power production and efficiency.

Despite being 125,000 BTU/hr power capacity, its fuel consumption rate is only 0.56 gallon/hr, which is almost similar to the 80K BTU/hr variant. So this unit holds a higher efficiency limit comparing the smaller variant. Thus, it serves you 15 long hour by one refill.

Though it’s massive in size, you won’t face any trouble while handling the unit. The pneumatic wheels do take care of its portability. Even moving this unit is easier than those smaller variants.

What do I like About it?

Build Quality

Mr. Heater is the king of build quality, so I should have nothing to say about it. For all commercial purposes like workshops, garages, a farming house, construction side heater, it’s a sturdy and ultra-durable unit. 

The entire unit is made of sturdy stainless rugged steel, and the internal components, combustion motor, carrying handles, wheels are up to the mark.

Mind-blowing Safety 

Powerful heaters need higher safety. Mr. Heater has researched and deployed all safety features you would require to run this unit lifetime trouble freely. Those are

  • Flameout recovery sensor to terminate flameout
  • Instant shut of by CAD photo sell (Cadmium photo sell)
  • Over Heating Protection in excessive burn
  • Clean burning pressure gauge to keep the exhaust fume less
  • CSA certified.

Controlling Mechanism

Mr. Heater works to ensure perfection, such as their thermostat mechanism. You can preset the unit at 7°C /44°F to 35°C/95°F, and the incredible fact is, your room will become toasty within less than 15 minutes.

Additionally, the integrated pressure gauge, enlightened power switch are solid build. 

Like every other else, you would require a 115V AC connection to operate it.

Best Kerosene Heater for Large Insulated Garage – Dura Heat DFA135C​

Dura Heat DFA135C
  • Power – 135,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –   3500 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels –  K-1 kerosene, #1 and #2 fuel oil and diesel, JP-8 and Jet-A fuels
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 10 Gallons
  • Runtime Per Refill –  11 Hours on High Heat

Dura Heat DFA135C is the immediate larger heater than Mr. Heater 125K that I’ve previously reviewed. With its 135K BTU/hr massive heating capacity, it’s capable of warming a 3200-5500 commercial area such as the garage, workshop, industrial sites, etc. 

Most importantly, Dura Heat DFA13C contains some unique digital features that NO other unit includes among this list. 

Firstly, the digital temperature display shows your room temperature on the Fahrenheit scale. Secondly, the troubleshooting is impressively easy as the display shows an error code, and you can fix it instantly according to the manual. While heaters from all other brands have only a blinking LED to indicates any error.

Fuel consumption of Dura Heat DF13C is a bit high, as it’s a vast heating source. The unit consumes around 0.909 gal fuel per hour with a max setup. Thus a full refill can drive the unit for around 10+ hours. 

Why I’ve Preferred it as one of the best kerosene heaters for garage


Dura heat’s pneumatic wheels are positioned just below the handle. As a result, you can easily push it down and force it forward to move from here to there. 

While other heaters require pulling the handle up and drag it to move.

Fuel Refiller Position

The fuel refiller of Dura Heat DFA13C remains at the side. So refilling is hassle-free, and you can refill it during operation. Most of the brands have their refill point behind, where the power cable exists. That type of heaters requires to unplug first and refill.

The fuel gauge is also positioned beside the refill point. Thus it remains evident.

Operational on Low Climate Temperature

While most other kerosene heaters face challenges to being operated in chilled weather, dura heat starts up and runs trouble freely. So if you are from North America or any colder regions, this might be an excellent choice for you.

Best Kerosene Heater for Low Insulated Large Garage – Mr. Heater MH175KTR

  • Power – 175,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –   4 375 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels –  K-1 kerosene, #1 and #2 fuel oil and diesel, JP-8 and Jet-A fuels
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 14 Gallons (13.4 exact)
  • Runtime Per Refill –  10 Hours on High Heat

Mr. Heater MH175KTR is an extremely powerful unit and is only suggested for large commercial sites, workshops, or garages with 4200-4500 sqft spaces. Once you power it up, you will able to feel its mighty strength that heats up any area in less than five minutes. 

This model of Mr. Heater has been designed to be operated by a handyman, mechanics, and workers during working schedule wearing thick gloves. Even you never need to put off your gloves to twist the thermostat, press the power buttons, refilling tanks, or for any other sensitive activity.

The oversized pneumatic wheels allow you to move the unit anywhere inside workshops though it’s too heavy. You will require a 115V AC electric connection using an extension cable, and you can store it on the handle.

Things I like

Mighty Build Quality

Can you imagine, this heater itself weighs around 67 pounds without fuel. Cause nothing, but its solid build sturdy stainless steel body, and as I always say, Mr.Heater is the king in terms of build quality.

The powerful fan motor remains sealed inside the unit to protect itself from any dust damages.

Advanced Safety

You may feel fear to operate this but to protect you, Mr. Heater has implemented all sorts of safety features to keep you and your workshop protected.

  • The unit is CSA certified.
  • Patended CAD photo sells instant shut-off safety.
  • Overheating safety
  • Flameout protection
  • Spark Failure Protection.


Despite being one of the giant kerosene torpedo heaters, the operation is first forward. Simply connecting to an electric socket, you may power up the unit by pressing the ON/OFF switch. Of course, it has an electronic thermostat, fuel gauge, and pressure gauge to assist you during operation.

Kerosene Heater for Large Uninsulated Garage -Dyna-Glo KFA180DGD​

Dyna-Glo Delux KFA180DGD
  • Power – 180,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –  4200-4500 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels –  K1 Kerosene, Diesel #1, Diesel #2, Fuel Oil #1, Fuel Oil #2, Jet-A, and JP-8.
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 14 Gallons (13.4 exact)
  • Runtime Per Refill –  9 Hours on High Heat

If your requirement is a kerosene garage heater with some advanced features for your gigantic commercial workspace, this model is the perfect solution. 

Dyna-Glo KFA180DGD is a 2-in-1 powered kerosene heater which is capable of producing either 140K BTU/hr or 180K BTU/hr by its two heat settings. Which is essential during the warmer season to enhance efficiency. 

This model comes with a 13 Gallon fuel tank and is able to run almost 10-12 hours by one refill. Additionally, Dyna-Glo is the only brand that contains a LED display to show the room temperature. 

Things I love about Dyna Glo Delux KFA180DGD

High Efficiency

This gigantic model is 98% fuel-efficient. So, if you mix diesel with kerosene instead of pure expensive kerosene (K-1), the hourly operational cost will be incredibly low.

Advanced Features and Build Quality

Dyna-Glo has industry-grade build quality with highly advanced features. Here the equipment that comes with the unit

  • Green LED temperature Display
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Sturdy Power Switch
  • Clearly Visible Fuel Gauge
  • Pressure Gauge
  • High/Low shifting switch to preset BTU output
  • Industrial grade supercoiled compact motor
  • Dual Source Power Cord, Means when you connect the power cord with the electric outlet, you can plug in another device on this power cord.

Troubleshoots and Repairing

Dyna-Glo has fantastic app support. Firstly, the error will be clearly visible on display, and you will require to scan the QR code using Dyna-Glo App and reply to some instant questions.

Then the app will assist you in solving any issues, and if required, you may ask a professional to come and fix your unit through the app.

The Largest Kerosene Heater ( Best for Open Garage) -Master MH-190T-KFA

  • Power – 190,000 BTU/hr
  • Coverage Area –  4570 sqft
  • Applicable Fuels –  K1 Kerosene, Diesel #1, Diesel #2, Fuel Oil #1, Fuel Oil #2, Jet-A, and JP-8.
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.
  • Fuel Tank – 13 Gallons
  • Runtime Per Refill –  9 Hours on High Heat

Master MH-190T KFA is an extremely powerful kerosene garage heater and bears the highest heating capacity on our list. Rarely do garage owners require this tremendous amount of heating power to handle their workshops.

The unit produces a 190K BTU/hr massive heat to suit your 4570-4700 sqft garage and requires ventilation of around 6 cubic feet. Refilling the fuel tank, you will get almost about 9+ hours runtime depending on your temperature setup. 

Master MH contains advanced features similar to Dyna-Glo. An LED display shows the room temperature, and the fuel gauge also lights up. The power switch is a bit smaller, but you won’t feel trouble operating it.

The unit remains too loud during runtime as it requires producing powerful exhaust to pass the heat. You might get a bit disturbed, but that’s not a big deal in workshops!

Things I Like About It

The thin Wheels

Master MH-190T model’s wheels are perfect in diameter but have a flat shape. So, the friction with the floor gets reduced, and you can move the unit more swiftly. 

Refueling Cap

The refueling cap is comparatively larger, and you will get a better grip grabbing it both on your naked hand and wearing gloves. So refueling experience will not be stressful.


The thermostat is very accurate and points to both Celcius and Fahrenheit scale. Though, the display only shows the Fahrenheit scale.

Besides the thermostat regulator, you will find an LED indicator. This bulb will blink in any errors and works as the power indicator.

Behind the kerosene garage heater, a pressure gauge is integrated to show the combustion pressure. 

The unit requires a 115Velectric connection by an extension cable to power up and consumes around 2.7 amps current and 450 watts during runtime.

Finally:  There are obviously some fantastic kerosene heaters on the market that are lower than 75K BTU and higher than 190K BTU. We haven’t included them, keeping in mind both POWER & EFFICIENCY. 

14 Essential Things About Kerosene Garage Heater

1. Are the Kerosene Garage Heaters Healthy?

If you use the best quality kerosene heater the right way with proper ventilation and clean oil, they won’t be unhealthy. 

Oil and Gas heaters, or wood-burning fireplaces, are remaining used as an indoor heating system for longer than a century. Even people used them before the invention of electricity!

Have you ever heard any ancient people feel sick sitting beside a fireplace? Most probably NO. Cause they used proper ventilation and clean fuels.

All these fuel (gas/oil) or wood-burning heating system produces heat by breaking Carbon Bonds inside their molecules. Surely you know, fire needs oxygen to be burned. So, the internal reactions create CO, CO2, NOx (x is a variable like 1,2,3), and several toxic nontoxic gasses. 

However, if you ensure proper ventilation, 3 cubic feet for each 100K BTU, keep around 1-square feet window open to entre environmental air. In that case, there’s nothing to be worried about.

You may install a toxic gas identifier or indoor air quality checker just beside your kerosene heater to remain worry-free for further safety. Feeling curious about “are kerosene heaters safe indoors?” Then I will request you to read my article to learn briefly.

2. The hourly cost of a Forced Air Kerosene Heater?

It depends upon BTU, ambient temperature, and the preset temperature of your heater. 

I’m providing an hourly fuel-consuming chart assuming that the heater will run for a whole hour. You may find the “hourly expense” multiplying the fuel price in your state.

  • 75K BTU Forced Air Kerosene Heater Consumes = 0.54 gal/hr
  • 80K BTU Consumes = 0.55 gal/hr
  • 125K BTU Consumes = 0.76 gal/hr
  • 135K BTU Consumes = 0.9 gal/hr
  • 175K BTU Consumes = 1.40 gal/hr
  • 180K BTU Consumes = 1.41 gal/hr
  • 190K BTU Consumes = 1.44 gal/hr

Note: All the forced air kerosene heater has a built-in electric thermostat. So it never will run continuously for hours. It will shut down, raise the room temperature, and restart again when required. So the hourly consumption will be lower.

Again, you may use diesel fuel or mix diesel with kerosene to reduce your fuel cost! 

3. Forced Air Kerosene Heater vs. Propane Heater- Which one is better for Garage?

Both are similarly powerful and workshop-friendly. To compare them hardly, here is an hourly expense calculation of each type of heater.

Forced Air Propane Heater 125K BTU

20 Ibs propane tank lasts for 3 Hours. 

20 Ibs = 20 ÷ 4.3 gallon = 4.65 gallon. (1 gal propene = 4.3 Ibs)

So, the hourly consumption is 4.65 ÷ 3 = 1.55 gal/hour.

Suppose, per gallon propene costs around $2.3

The hourly operational cost is 2.3X1.55 = $3.565

Forced Air Kerosene Heater 125K BTU

Hourly fuel consumption 0.76 gals. Suppose the fuel cost remains around $3.5/gal, then. 

The hourly operational cost will be $2.66

So, the Kerosene heater wins in terms of operational cost.

Let’s talk about Portability

125K BTU Propane Heater Weighs = 14.97 Pounds (Sunnydaze 125,000 BTU)

125K BTU Kerosene Heater Weighs = 59.2 Pounds (Mr. Heater MH125KTR)

So, including fuels, the kerosene heater will weigh near 100 pounds, so they have trailer wheels for portability. But they don’t have any extension like gas cylinder like propane heater.

So, in terms of portability, moving a kerosene heater is compact and easy. Finally, I should say, kerosene heater offers more advantages than propane heaters! Now the decision is yours obviously.

You may read my guide on propane vs kerosene forced air heaters to make sure which one suits you the best.

4. Reliable brands of Qualitiful Kerosene Garage Heaters?

Prestigious Brands = Better Reliability, Longevity & better after-sale services.

Here are some great reliable brands for kerosene garage heaters.

  1. Mr. Heater: This brand is operating their business since 1957, and I can assure you won’t find any single type of space heater which they don’t manufacture. Unlike other heating brands that build both water & space heaters, Mr. Heater is specialized in the space heater industry. So electric, gas, catalytic, fuel, all shorts of space heaters from Mr. Heater is obviously great in quality!
  2. Dyna-Glo: It’s another great brand from North America. They manufacture gas grills, charcoal grills, gas, and fuel-driven heaters and machinery like them. Their after-sale service is incredibly fantastic. The most impressive service is their app support!!!
  3. Dura-Heat: Dura heat is also a gigantic heating industry and so reliable. Mainly they do manufacture large-capacity heating systems, and their products are familiar for better durability!

Note:  Products from popular brands are expensive! But does it means all cheap products from new or growing up products are bad? Not at all. We have enlisted some affordable products from new brands that can defeat these familiar brands badly! (Example: REMINGTON, REM-80T )

5. Can you Use Fuel Oil in a Torpedo Kerosene Heater?

Of Course, you can! All kerosene heater supports these SIX fuels.

  1. K-1 kerosene, 
  2. #1 diesel
  3.  #2 diesel 
  4. JP8/Jet A fuel
  5. #1 fuel oil
  6. #2 fuel oil 

You may use any of them which you do find at the most affordable price. Even you can mix two of them like diesel+kerosene to work more efficiently and clean.

6. How Long do the kerosene heaters burn per refill?

It depends on BTU, Fuel Tank capacity, ambient temperature, and the preset temperature of your heater. If the heater remains in MAX temperature and runs non-stop (which is never gonna happen!), here is the list below.

  • 75K BTU in Max setup 6-gallon tank runs for 11 Hours
  • 80K BTU in Max setup 5-gallon tank runs for 10 Hours
  • 125K BTU in Max setup 8.5-gallon tank runs for 15 Hours
  • 135K BTU in Max setup 10-gallon tank runs for 11 Hours
  • 175K BTU in Max setup 14-gallon tank runs for 10 Hours
  • 180K BTU in Max setup 14-gallon tank runs for 9 Hours
  • 190K BTU in Max setup 13-gallon tank runs for 9 Hours

I’ve enlisted this according to the kerosene heaters on our list.

7. Are Torpedo Kerosene Heaters Safe to Use in a Garage?

Yes, they are safe, but like all other high-capacity garage heaters, you would require to handle them with care.

First of all, kerosene heaters have integrated safety features, like overheating, flameout, tip-over, enclosed exhaust, etc. But it would be best if you never remained unconscious turning on the kerosene heater.

Secondly, the toxic gas emission may be harmful to you in the long run. Hence, you require proper ventilation, and I would suggest installing an “air quality monitor” nearby your kerosene heater to ensure the ventilation is okay.

8. Can you Leave a Torpedo Kerosene Heater On All Night?

Forced air kerosene heaters are for workshop/garage, industrial or commercial areas, not for living rooms!

So, if you require to work overnight, you keep them turned ON for how long you need them! If your garage remains empty, you should not keep a burning heater inside it.

9. Do I need to Vent a Torpedo Kerosene Heaters?

Of Course, you need it! I would suggest you have a three cubic feet vent area for each 100K BTU.

10. Do the kerosene heaters give off fumes?

No, they don’t give off fumes during runtime. But during startup, you may notice some fumes.

11. Do Odors Come From Forced Air Kerosene Heater?

Not really. I only got some odors during startup. But if you use diesel, no odor will be noticed at all.

12. Few Drawbacks of Forced Air Heaters

The main Drawback is their Exhaust Sound!!! It sounds like a Jet Engine! 

Secondly, you have to handle them very carefully; the Exhaust pipe remains too hot!

13. Do they Need Wick? How do They Work?

No. They never will require any Wick.

Forced Air Kerosene Heaters work like combustion engines. A blower fan passes ambient air forcefully inside the combustion chamber, where the fuel sprayer nozzle mixes the fuel with the air. Then an electric spark ignitor sets a fire inside the combustion unit, and thus heat passes through the exhaust pipe.

14. CFM of Garage Heater – Explanation

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. So, one kerosene heater has a 240 CFM score means that the heater can heat up 240 cubic feet every minute. 

Now the fact is, should you search for a CFM score before buying a kerosene heater? Not really. Staying concerned about BTU is more than enough to choose a perfect-sized unit for you!