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6 Best Mini Tank Water Heater (Install Wherever You want!)

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Mini Tank water heaters are being so familiar these days. Even I believe it’s a blessing like Alva Edison’s light bulb!

It will be a stupid idea to rely only on a central water heating unit for hot water supply throughout the kitchen, bathroom, or dining sink.

That will be energy-consuming, expensive, and most of the time, you won’t get hot water on demand. 

Cause a single hot water tank supplies the flow to YOU at the KITCHEN and simultaneously at the bathroom where your kid is singing and showering.

As a result, you have to wait for a couple of minutes holding a dirty dish in front of the kitchen sink to get hot water. That’s horrible, right?

Let’s rub your magic lamp, and the mini-tank water heater will push you out of this nightmare. 

Never need to wait a while for hot water arrival!!! Install a mini-tank water heater to get hot water instantly when you need it & where you need it.

Even you can install it in line with your existing hot water source to boost energy efficiency & skip the entire waiting session.

4 Essential Facts about Mini Tank Water Heater

Can I Replace My primary Water heater with the Mini water heater?

Absolutely NO. The mini-tank water heater can be the only hot water source for one sink. 

But it can’t supply hot water to the entire house or bathroom. 

If you think about installing as a primary hot water source inside RV, then that is alright, though.  

Does Mini Tank Water Heater Perfect for Commercial sink Uses?

Yes, of course. They are even more than perfect for commercial sink purposes in hotels, shops, restaurants, and even schools. 

Cause mini-tank water heater raises water temperature almost 10X faster and stores a few gallons into it, which is more than sufficient for tiny uses. 

As the central water heater is not producing a massive amount of hot water that remains unused most of the time, electricity is being consumed according to the user’s demand.

So no more, you would have to wait for hot water and waste additional energy on unused hot water.

Why should you prefer a mini-tank water heater for under-sink installation? 

If the hot water travels a long way from the primary hot water source to your sink, you will experience a frustrating waiting session. But the most horrible fact is an enormous amount of heat energy will lose during the travel period.

That unused energy will cut a massive amount of electric bills at the end of the month. 

A mini water heater can be installed wherever you need it, and the hot water is accessible on demand whenever you want.

Additionally, the small flux of mini-tank water heater will reserve a decent amount of hot water, which will always remain ready to use and clean your kitchen stuff.

Mini tank water heaters are very compact and consume minimal watts, so undoubtedly, these are the perfect and most affordable appliances you ever could have for RV or boats. 

How to choose the perfect mini-tank water heater?

  • Water Holding Capacity:  Mini-tank water heater is available in 1 gallon to 8+ gallon water holding capacity, and this should be the first concern before choosing this. If you need one for the kitchen sink or dining, 2.5 Gal is sufficient for a single sink. For a double sink or a large family, you should pick a 4 to 8-gallon unit.
  • Dimension: This matrix may seem unnecessarybut if you want an under-sink installation, be aware of the dimension. Some water tanks are vertically lengthy, and those are too difficult to install under the sink, especially in narrow spaces.
  • Required Input Volt: In American houses, almost every electric outlets are 110V, but the garage and commercial electric outlets contain 240V. Before you buy a mini-tank water heater must ensure where you install this gadget and the input voltage.
  • Recovery Rate(GPH): This matrix defines how fast a water heater can raise the temperature and is declared as Gallon Per Hour (GPH). One heater’s recovery rate of 6.8 GPH for 90 Degree Fahrenheit means the device can raise 6.8 gallons of water’s temperature from 0 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. So merely the bigger, the better.
  • Warranty: Generally, the manufacturer offers TWO different types of warranty, one is service and the other is parts warranty. Ensuring the second one is better.
  • Easy Installation: Although most mini-tank water heaters are very easy to install, a few models require some plumbing knowledge. We have marked them clearly in our review discussion.
  • Watt and Energy Efficiency: There is a rumor that high watts blow your pockets. But that’s not correct. Lower energy efficiency wastes electric energy and increases electric bills. We have experimented with all the models and clarify which ones are the most energy-efficient. 

6 Best Mini Tank Water Heater For Kitchen, Bath Tub, Under Sink Use (In-Depth Review)

1. Best Solution As Under Sink Water Heater – Ariston Andris 8 Gallon

Ariston Andris 8 Gallon. Under sink water heater

Capacity: 2.5/4/8 Gal

Warranty: 6 Years Service 2 Years Parts

Temperature Range: 65°F – 161°F

Recovery Rate:  6.8 GPH

Input Voltage: 120V

Installation: Very Easy

Comparing price range, Ariston Andris has outranked all other brands, but their quality is top-notch.

Ariston is a multinational brand that distributes products worldwide, and they are praised for its quality throughout the globe. 

The perfect dimension is suitable for under sink installation, and high water holding capacity of 8 gallons is more than sufficient to support a double kitchen sink.

Ariston Andris has both a mounting bracket and rubber bottom so that you can both hang it on the wall or place it on the floor without any issue.

Its thermal knob can be placed for a min to max heating set up, but unfortunately, you can’t monitor the water temperature as there is no clear indicator.

But at the minimum setup, you will get around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and on a higher form, it goes up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Ariston Andris Mini-Tank water heater consumes 1440 watts. The watt capacity’s disappointing fact is the same for all 2.5, 4, and 8-gallon variants.

So on a larger tank, you will experience a longer delay to get boiling water. If you prefer this model for the sink, the experience will be satisfying.

But I won’t recommend this model for bathroom or RV stuff. 

All three variants of Ariston Andris contain a plug to connect with the power socket. So it does not require any installation skills.

Simply you can unbox the unit, connect the water inlet and outlet, and plug it, that’s all.

If your outlet breaker can handle 12A current, there is no necessity to install any additional breaker; other ways; I would recommend you install a 15A breaker to it.

The most important part of this type of water heater is the water holder tank and heating coil. TitanSheild protects the tank from inner and outside, so a long-term use never causes rusts or leaking damage.

Even the tank is Titanium Glass build, so the hot water will remain hot for a very long time if it remains unused.

I know people who are using this for almost 15+ years trouble-free. So there is no doubt about the quality.

The heating coil is a solid build and designed for economic performance. Most importantly, all internal components are salty waterproof. 

So if you are from the coastal area, the salty water might not a big deal for this.

Note: Although it’s an ideal model for a kitchen and dining sink, it’s not perfect for commercial uses. So if you think of choosing a mini-tank water heater for a restaurant, hotel sink, stay away from it.  

In that case, choose something with high wattage like 2000W or more. 

Another essential thing is that most people attempt to overturn the faucet during installation, resulting in water leakage and closing the warranty. Do it with a swift hand or call a plumber.

2. Best Point of Use Water Heater – Bosch Tronic 3000T, 4-Gallon

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Capacity: 2.5/4 Gallon

Warranty: 6 Years Service 2 Years Parts

Temperature Range: 65°F – 145°F

Recovery Rate:  6.8 GPH

Input Voltage: 120V

Installation: Very Easy

Bosch is the most familiar water heater brand to the American people, and undoubtedly Bosch Tronic 3000T is a fantastic appliance among all.

Although I have kept it on my second choice cause compared to all other brands, especially the Ariston, the Bosch is overpriced, although the entire configuration is the same.

But Bosch has some exciting facts. Bosch Tronic 3000T has a very short delay of hot water production, and it seemed almost as fast as a tankless device to me.

Another incredible fact is, the water heater is super-efficient. Bosch claims that they have optimized the thermal efficiency level up to 98%, which is top-notch.

We believe that is the primary reason for the lower latency of hot water flow. Although theoretically converting 98% of electric energy into heat is quite impossible.

I always say the “TANK QUALITY” is the essential issue for this type of water heater. Bosch Tronic manufactures the tank with glass-lined material for a long-lasting experience. Again the tank is covered with thick CFC Free foam insulation that keeps the water hot for a very long period.

After using it for multiple years, the tank will have no chance of getting rusty, cracked, or stuff like that.

Along with a massive amount of praise, Bosch Tronic has some complains too. The most familiar complaint is the anode stick gets damaged after a couple of years.

We did a depth investigation by disassembling our unit, talking with multiple users, and have discovered the truth. The main culprit is irony water.

In some regions, the water is too irony and salty. If you are someone from a similar area, you may have to replace the anode after a couple of years of use. 

You may include a filter faucet before the inlet valve to avoid this issue.

Another disliking fact was, the thermostat wasn’t too sensitive. After using the hot water, sometimes we have faced a latency on the thermostat’s startup.

The installation experience for Bosch Tronic was super easy; you don’t require any skill to do this. But avoid tightening too much the water inlet and outlet bolt to prevent cracking.

Bosch Tronic can be mounted on the wall and placed on the floor. Then simply plug in the device to a 120V outlet.

My Opinion:  Comparing to the Ariston, Bosch Tronic is expensive, although both contain the same configuration, the same warranty period. But the Bosch Tronic is a bit faster and efficient, at least for the first couple of years. 

3. Best Mini Water Heater For Bathtub – Camplux Pro ME40B

Best Mini Water Heater For Bathtub - Camplux Pro ME40B

Capacity: 2.5/4/6.5 Gallon

Warranty: 1 Year

Temperature Range: 50°F – 140°F

Recovery Rate:  6.8 GPH

Input Voltage: 120V

Installation: Very Easy  

I have listed Camplux Pro as my third choice among the cubic box-shaped mini-tank water heater because of its relatively expensive price range and low warranty period.  

But this is the only device of this type that is useful for multiple purposes.

Generally, mini-tank water heaters are used for under-sink installation. But the Camplux Pro is installable with laundry, bathtub, and most importantly, inside RV/Boat as the primary hot water source.

Because of its high thermal efficiency and sensitive thermostat functionality, you will experience a continuous warm water flow, and the max setup can provide extreme hot water as you need.

Camplux pro-MEB series has four different heating functions in the thermostat called 1,2, 125F, and MAX. While using RV/Boat or outdoor living purposes, you may choose 1 or 2 to enjoy a warm shower or prefer the max setup to get boiling water.

This model comes with a wire plug, so the installation is also easy and mountable on both walls & floor. But this unit runs swiftly with a 20A breaker, so if your default outlet supports less than this limit, you need an additional breaker for this.

The water tank is impressive, well build, and the water remains hot for at least 6 hours. 

My Opinion:  If you require an outdoor installation like RV/Campaign Boat, you may straightly go with this. But for the indoor facility, I think it better to go for Ariston or Bosch. 

Cause the impressive thermostat can fantastically supply warm water required to shower and wash stuff in outdoor living. Even it performs as fast as a tankless water heater on low/mid setup.

But in terms of heavy-duty, I have felt this unit wasn’t much energy efficient.

It does consume a very high amp of current comparing other same-watt heaters from different brands, which was not satisfying. 

Another fact, if you set the thermostat at the MAX point, the heater remains ON for a very long period. You will find a water boiling sound, but still, your heater will remain ON. 

4. Best Mini Electric Water Heater for RV – Ecosmart ECO MINI

Best Mini electric water heater for rv - Ecosmart Eco

Capacity: 1/2.5/4/6 Gal

Warranty: 6 Years Leakage, 2 Years Parts

Input Voltage: 120V

Installation: Very Easy

Made in the USA, that’s probably the single compliment for this unit to describe the greatness and quality.

ECHOSMART is defined by its name. The only mini-tank water heater in the market has an energy efficiency level of up to 99.9%.

Again, it has some futuristic features like a visual LED temperature display and a sensitive thermostat.

This unit is a perfect choice to use as a booster water heating unit in the bathroom for the spa tub, vanity sink, kitchen, and so on. 

Please, don’t choose this unit for traditional under-sink installation. Cause the vertical height is a bit much. Additionally, if the unit remains under the sink, you will never enjoy monitoring the temperature on the integrated display.

Also, the Echosmart is a perfect choice for the RV and outdoor living because of its energy efficiency level. 

Installation of this model was more than comfortable. All the single required materials come with the packaging. Simply you can connect the water inlet and outlet valve and plug in the socket to a 120V power outlet.

This water heater consumes around 12A current, so most probably, you might not require an additional circuit for it. But if your electric outlet can’t supply 15A, then consider a 15 amp circuit breaker for this.

Although this is not a tankless water heater, this machine is too amazing that you will be confused watching the heating speed! It can supply hot water flow within a couple of seconds.

Another important fact, this is the only mini-tank water heater we found that has a 1-gallon variant. If you require a small variant for the toilet, RV, or small basin, that would be a fantastic choice.

Note: Why have I put this unit as my 4rth choice on this list? Well, I have kept it in the 4th position, which doesn’t mean it is not better than the first three.

In most cases, mini-tank water heaters are being used for under-sink installation. But I’m sure you won’t prefer this water heater installing under the sink. Cause this is designed to mount on the wall, and you won’t enjoy its features and operation if it remains under the sink.

One most important fact. Some other mini-tank water heater offers an extended warranty period like six years, similar to this ECHOSMART, but in most cases, their after-sale services are horrible!!! 

But the whole manufacturing company and the team of Echosmart is in America. So you never need to worry about any sphere parts and post-purchase services.

5. Best Mini Tank Water Heater for Kitchen – Camplux ME Series

Capacity: 2.5/4 Gal

Warranty: 1 Year

Input Voltage: 120V

Installation: Very Easy

Camplux ME series mini-tank water heater is the complex pro’s vertical variant (described as 3rd product). Almost all the configurations are the same, but the mounting functionality and dimensions are different.

This model might be beneficial to you, particularly for floor top installation. Although, it is mountable on the wall. 

The internal tank is nicely insulated, which increases temperature holding time. On the smaller variant, you will get hot water flow a bit faster than the large one.

Another excellent facility for Camplux ME is waterproof. Water splash will not harm this unit. So it will remain ultimately safe over the floor.

All the safety protections are integrated with this model, including freezing protection and overheating safety.

Camplux ME has five different thermostat functionalities. But as the tank size is much smaller, you won’t benefit from the lower settings. 

My Opinion: Very few models are specially designed for floor top installation. So camplux ME is a perfect model for this criteria. But don’t expect a great shower experience from this unit as it has a very small tank to hold hot water. 

6. Best For Laundry Room Purposes Thermoflow UT10

Best Mini 110v under sink water heater - Thermoflow UT10

Capacity: 2.6/4 Gal

Warranty: 1 Year

Input Voltage: 120V

Installation: Very Easy

Thermoflow is another excellent floor mount small water heater with some fantastic features and exceptionality.

Firstly, this model has the highest Watt on the list. As a result, it performs very fast. Almost you will get a tankless experience. Results you getting instant and highly hot water to handle all your laundry tasks.

Secondly, this unit has a brilliant dimension to install on the floor top, beside the washing machine, or under the sink. So you don’t require to set any mounting bracket drilling the wall.

The thermostat is easily accessible and positioned at the tip in an angled shape. The red indicator light is remains beside the regulator.

One problematic fact is, when the water temperature gets raised at your demand, the indicator gets turned OFF entirely. So it’s challenging to understand whether there is the power inside the unit or not.

It would be better if the indicator would become green to symbolize the water is hot enough to use.

The tank is made of stainless steel, which is at a time right and problematic. Steel is a very sturdy material, and hard it can be leaked. But in the long run, there is a massive possibility of becoming rusty.

If you want to use it on RV, Boat, and various outdoor living purposes, this is useable as the primary heating source. But please be conscious of the tank capacity.

Installation for this unit is more straightforward than others. Cause you don’t need to mount this unit with a wall or anything else. Simply you can place it on the floor.

The wire is more than 2.6 Feets lengthy. So reaching the electric outlet will not be that hard. 

As this unit consumes more Watt than others, you may require a 15 amp additional circuit breaker to operate this.

My Opinion: This unit works fast. Even faster than everybody else. So if you are from a colder region, thermoflow might be a great choice for you.

Additional Benefits of Mini-Tank Water Heater.

I have always defined a mini-tank water heater can’t be used as an alternative option to a primary water heater. But this gadget boosts the heating performance and offers us several advantages.

  • Water On Demand: We may have multiple sinks in our houses, shops, garages, or hot water tubs. By installing a mini-tank water heater, we can get hot water heater just where and when we need it, and the procedure is almost instant.
  • Increased Electric Efficiency: As the gadget is raising the temperature of a small amount of water, so no energy is getting wasted unnecessarily.
  • Easy Installation: Almost no plumbing experience and knowledge are required to install this gadget.
  • Small Dimension: Due to the small size, the water heater is installable anywhere you want with a specific water source, like the kitchen sink, dining sink, washing machine, and anything else.
  •  Less Environmental Impact: As you are using hot water according to your requirement, you are not burning fossils more than the necessity. That causes a low environmental impact. 
  • Clean Hot Water: As the heater is placed below the sink, the flow does not travel through a long pipe. As a result, the water remains more clear to use or pure to drink.

Innovative and economic Setup for under sink Mini Tank Water heater.

The mini-tank water heater can be installed in three different models.

  • Solo Water Heater Source: It does mean you don’t have any additional or central water heater, and you might prefer this water heater to install under the sink. This Setup will let you enjoy hot water on demand in your dining, kitchen, or bathroom, but you won’t get massive hot water flow.
  • Secondary Hot Water Source with Central Water Heater:  If you already have a central water heating unit, you can install a mini-tank water heater on the sink connection junction. This Setup will minimize your waiting time.
  • Series Connection with an Instant Water Heater: Instant water heater never stores hot waters, or it never raises the water temperature to an excessive-high. By installing this Setup, you will instantly get boiling water flow, as the instant water heater already gets the task half done.

FAQ For Mini Water Heater

Does it requires own breaker? If yes then how much amp does it need?

All the 1440 Watt mini-tank water heater requires 12 amp current flow to run. In most cases, you don’t need any additional circuit breaker at all. But if you wish, you may integrate a 15A circuit breaker, not more than that.

Can I attatch the water heater with my toilet biddet using T-Valve?

Surely you can, Why not? but be careful of the temperature. If the water temperature remains too hot, you may get a heat shock!!! My suggestion is, mix the hot water with colder water using additional valve then use it.

Can I mount this horizontaly?

No. Absolutely not.

If I connect the water heater to the hot water line, what happens with the cold water that was existing in the pipe?

The cold water will come inside the mini tank and start raising temperature inside. Simple!

Can I integrate it with hot water line and does this task help me using it for the bathtub?

Sure!!! This setup will boost the water heating performance and reduce your waiting sesson for hot water.

Would I able to connect this with shower head?

Not directly!!! But you can connect both cold and hot water line with your shower head and use mixing them at your comfortable temperature.

What’s the flow rate of these heaters?

Flow rate is a matrix for tankless water heater. So there has no flow rate but it has recovery rate (how much gallon can be heated per hour).

Does it required to be hard wired?

99.99% no. But few models need to do. 

Useable for outdoor shower or RV?

Useable anywhere if there is electric outlet and water line.

Can I use simultaniously in sink and shower?

Yes if only you choose the biggest variant.