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6 Best Oil Filled Space Heater (Magic of Moisturized Skin!)

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Ever have thought, is there any space heater that can run, causing the least amount of dehumidification?  

Such a space heater that never allows you to feel a dry nose after continuous running?

The best oil filled radiator or oil filled space heater, whatever you call it, that’s the ultimate solution.

Oil filled space heaters are the healthiest option for heat up your house, living room, nursery, household garage, motor-homes and anywhere you want.

At the same time, oil-filled radiators are electric efficient and safe home appliances so that you hardly can complain about them.

Best Oil Filled Space Heater – Quick Picks

But to ensure quality, better durability, and most importantly, to suit all your necessities, the best oil filled space heaters must have to fulfill some criteria.

In this article, I have discussed each and everything you need to learn about this appliance so that you can enjoy a charming winter each year.

Must Ensure these facts before choosing a new Oil Filled Space Heater

How much wattage of Oil Filled Space Heater do I need? 

How large is your space? Choose the radiator’s size and wattage according to your room. 

Most of the radiators consume 1500 Watt during max heating setup. But the important part is, What’s the “MINIMUM SETUP” consumption?

Some heaters offer a 600W minimum watt consumption and some other offers 900W. 

If your space/room is below 100 sqft, then go for those radiators with a 600W minimum watt setup. But if your room size is around 120-150 sqft, you should choose the radiator with a 900W minimum watt setup.

The most brilliant idea will be choosing those Oil Filled Space Heater that has 3 heat setup of Min 600W, Mid 900W and Max 1500W. This choice will allow you to use the radiator where ever you want.

Note: If you require a radiator for narrow space or want to run that unit by generator power, you should choose the 1200 watt unit of Comfort Zone (My last reviewed item). 

Is your preferred Oil Filled Space Heater have portability?

Oil Filled Space Heaters is giant, and most of them have a minimum of 20 Ibs weight. So most of them offer caster wheels at the bottom. 

But not all models have that feature, and the holder/handle for pushing or pooling is not comfortable for every single unit.

You should ensure your preferred model has caster wheels, and the holder is placed at the correct, comfortable position, and the unit has a coil holder. So you can move the unit quickly wherever you need.

Ensure your preferred Oil Filled Space Heater contains all safety features!!!

Mainly the radiators include tip-over safety and overheat protection.

You should ensure that your preferred model fulfills these features, and some additional would be better.

Some oil-filled radiators have enamel-coated body color to protect them from rust and keep down from being too hot to touch. 

Additionally, please make sure the power cable is at least 6 feet long so that it can reach your electric outlet easily.

Oil Filled Space Heater should contain ECO mode & Timmer.

ECO Mode of Oil Filled Space Heater Explanation: When you turn the ECO mode ON, the radiator automatically shifts between LOW, MED, HIGH heating set up to hold the preset temperature maintaining the most energy efficiency level. All units don’t contain this feature.

Importance of Timer: Oil Filled Space Heaters are very quiet, so it remains unnoticeable while running. If you set the timmer, the radiator will turn OFF automatically after a while. But if your preferred model does not have this feature, the unit may run overnight if you forget to turn it off.

Does your Oil Filled Space Heater contain a digital display & Thermostat?

These days, all the appliances are getting turned into digital operations instead of manual knobs from the old days. Electric Oil Filled Space Heaters are following the same trend.

Most of the radiators are offering digital displays with digital thermostats & remote control. These features will help you a lot to operate the device and maintaining the exact temperature that you do want. 

Most importantly, the remote control is essential to me as I won’t like leaving the bed to change the room temperature during my sleeping schedule. 

How many Fins does your preferred Oil Filled Space Heater contain? 

Fins work as a heat exchanger for Oil Filled Space Heaters. Most of the radiators contain 6 fins; very few models have 7 fins. Although this is a minor fact, remind the thing, the more, the better.

Building Materials of the radiator, are they long-lasting?

Mostly the radiators are made of stainless steel. I never have hard of old radiators that have become rusty. So I don’t think you need to be worried about this. 

But, enamel coating is a must for these machines. Cause high temperature burns the exterior in the long run. Enamel coatings are a heatproof layer that increases the unit’s longevity and protects the user from having heat shock.

Warranty – Of Course, the longer, the better!!!

Most of the oil filled radiator company offers a 1-year warranty. But I have covered two unique radiators that have an extended 3-year of warranty.

Pricing- How expensive should be an oil filled radiator?

The minimum price was USD 44 on our reviewed list, and the maximum price is USD 239.

USD 90-100 is the best budget range for oil filled radiators; I have covered several models from these price ranges if you have checked.

Who should choose oil filled Space Heater?

Here are some specific criteria or types of people who should consider choosing an oil filled space heater instead of infrared or electric ones.

Have allergies? Let the Radiator take care of you.

An oil filled radiator can massively benefit those people who have dust allergies, heat allergies, and stuff like that. Why?

Radiators don’t contain a fan. It doesn’t circulate the air inside your room that contains dust particles. So there is no chance of any molecular movement due to running the oil filled radiator inside the room.

Again, the radiator generates heat by heating up the inner diathermic oil. Then the fins exchange the heat with room temperature. So the warmth is soft and comfortable for sensitive people. 

Have large rooms? Then Radiators would be the best choice!!!  

Large rooms require massive energy to raise the inner temperature, which is too energy-consuming. Inside a radiator, the oil holds the temperature and radiates it to the room climate through the heat exchanger called fins.

Additionally, radiators don’t require any fan or motor to circulate the air. So at the end of the month, it saves a ton of electric bills.

Do you Search for Cheap operation cost?  

As I have said, oil filled radiator doesn’t require any fan to circulate the hot air forcefully. Thus it saves a ton of energy and uses it to generate heat instead.

Additionally, most of the oil filled radiator has an eco mode to distribute power smartly. This feature allows the radiator to consume energy according to demand. So it does reduce a lot of operational costs.

Want to sleep turning the heater ON overnight?

This is another advantage that you can only get from a radiator. Oil filled space heaters work noiselessly. So there is no reason for disturbance during bedtime. 

Additionally, automatically the heater gets turned off once it raises the room temperature at your preset level. Thus it maintains a constant temperature the whole night.

Finally, you will find a timmer to turn off the radiator at your desired schedule. So you may go to sleep keeping the heater ON without any worry. 

Have newborn babies? The radiator will be the best carer!!!

 Baby skins are too soft and get dry very quickly. To hold the moisturizer, we do care a lot.

Oil filled radiators are the greatest heater for baby room with the minimum amount of dehumidification. Of course, you should use a humidifier in your baby’s room but, the radiator heaters do a very minimal amount of dehumidification which is very beneficial for the skin.

You won’t feel a dry nose while running an oil-filled heater in your room.

Why should an oil filled space heater be your PRIORITY PREFERENCE?

By preferring an oil filled radiator, not only you are making ownself benefited but also helping the environment to make it healthier

  • The oil remains wholly sealed inside the radiator and consumes heat from the heating elements, then transmits the heat to the room climate using fins. No CFC like heat pumps (AC), no burning fossil, no harsh IR radiation. So at a time, this is beneficial to you and the environment.
  • The heat that is generated from oil is soft and silky. So it doesn’t de-moisturize the skin and doesn’t dry your nose and throat. 
  • No white noise of fan motor, you can enjoy a healthy night’s sleep silently.
  •  Oil filled radiators are the most economical choice due to lower electricity consumption.
  • Oils hold the heat for a very long time; if you shut the heater down, the oil will radiate heat for a couple of hours after that.
  • An automatic thermal cutout system ensures holding the exact room temperature you need.
  • The oil is permanently sealed. No worry about changing or refill the oil at all.

Some safety tips to know before you buy an oil filled Space Heater

  • No Extended Wire: Oil filled radiator is a high-watt consumer. Try to plug in the power cable directly on the socket without any multiplug or extended wire. In case you hardly need it, then find some wire capable of supplying 15amp current at least.
  • What If Leakage?: If you find any oil leakage, don’t handle it ownself. Call a professional and fix it entirely before using it again.
  • Want to Leave it ON the whole night?: Instead of leaving it ON for the entire night, use the Timer. It will automatically turn the heater off after 10 hours or as you want.
  • Keep your Tarzan Toddler Away!!: Toddlers are curious; they want to touch everything. The outer surface remains hot during operation. Teach them it’s hot to touch to avoid heat shock.

9 Best Oil Filled Space Heater Radiator Reviews

1. Best Oil Filled Space Heater for Large RoomPELONIS-NY1507-14A

Pelonis portable oil filled radiator space heater ! 1500W

2 Heating Setup – Low 900Watt, High 1500Watt

Warranty – 1 Year

Remote Control – Yes

Heating a large room wasn’t that easy and energy-efficient until we found the Pelonis NY1507. Relying only on a central heating system isn’t a wise choice. 

But a large room requires massive heating capacity. Pelonis NY1507 electric Oil Filled Space Heater can amazingly heat an isolated large room remaining energy efficient.

Digital Controls and several intelligent features have made it unbeatable to other competitors. Although, you should not choose this unit for small rooms as its low heat setup is 900W while some others are offering 600W for low setup.

My Favorite Features

Digital Controlling System: Pelonis Ny1507 is offering an entirely digital controlling feature. You are allowed to choose five different temperature setup 65F, 70F, 75F, 80F, & 85F, and auto shut down timer in five further delay 2H, 4H, 6H, 8H, 10H.  

Additionally, you will enjoy the super-fast heating experience with a 1500W high and 900W low power setup. 

ECO Mode: Let’s boost up the energy efficiency level with a single click. Turn ON the eco mode, and the heater will shift between Low/High set up automatically according to its requirement. So you will get the fastest heating at the lowest cost.

Remote Control & Safety Features: Pelonis comes with remote control with a battery. The battery remains sealed with plastic paper; for the first time, you need to remove that. The remote is super handy!!! But a bit tiny. You may use velcro to attach it to the wall.

Pelonis has “overheat protection” and “tip-over safety” to shut OFF during accidental knock-over instantly. 

Wide caster wheels enhance portability, and 6 feet long wire can reach anywhere in the outlet.  

Note: Pelonis consumes around 14 amp current while running on a high setup. If you do require it, then install a 15 amp breaker for hassle-free operation.

Something I didn’t like

  • Louder Beep Noise during every button press. Really too loud!!!
  • Temperature settings have a 5-degree breaking point—if you are running on 70F, no way to raise it on 73F. You have to go on 75F.
  • You can’t choose 1,3,5,7,9 hours timer. Only 2,4,6,8,10 can be selected.
  • The power cord is placed at the front.

It sometimes stinks when running on high.

2. Best Small Oil Filled Radiator For Office/DeskNewAir AH-400

NewAir AH-400

Warranty- 1 Year

Watt- 400 Watt

Spaces under the desk often remain chilled in winter. Our legs demand a bit of warmth to make our day productive. NewAir AH-400 is here with an innovative solution.

The tiny oil filled radiator manufactured by NewAir is specially designed for use under the desks. While the central heating unit fails to reach corner to corner, NewAir begins the game warming the entire isolated areas for the personalized comfort.

While consuming only 400 watts of energy, the NewAir oil-filled radiator covers almost 40 sqft areas to provide you a warm & charming working session.

Additionally, both side of this unit heats up to spread warmth to the entire area.

My Favorite Features

Place where you need: NewAir AH-400 is not larger than a kitchen tray. With the lean structure and integrated 6 feet long power cable, you can place the heater just wherever you want. Enjoy the warm touch during study time, working schedules even in the toilet.

Manual Thermostat: NewAir AH-400 doesn’t have a single complicated operation. Just plug it in, turn ON the power switch and twist the thermostat at your desired level. Only these three single tasks are required to enjoy the rest of your winter days!!!

Almost Splash Proof: Nobody talks about this!!! NewAir AH-400 is a completely sealed device, so it’s entirely splash-proof. Accidental water splash or falling a coffee mug over it will not damage the device at all.

Anything I Dislike?

  • The foot panel is a bit thin. It would be better if it were a bit wider. 

Hot to touch!!! Be aware of it.

3. Best oil filled Space Heater for Baby Room and PetsDe’Longhi Vertical Chimney

De'Longhi Vertical Chimney

Warranty – 3 Years

Watt – Low 700W, Med 800W, Max 1500W

Remote Control – NO

Among all oil filled radiator space heaters from the prestigious brand De’Longhi, the Dragon 4 has an entirely different designing language that’s safe for kids and pets.

Cause, instead of using typical fins, the Dragon 4 oill filled radiator has triangular-shaped vertical chimneys so that the surface remains safe to touch even with a high heat setting. 

With zero hassle of installation, three-layer of safety features, Dragon 4 is a fantastic economical solution for heating a medium-sized room as faster as you want.

My Favorite Features

Powerful 3 Level Heat Production:  De’Longhi Dragon 4 has a 1500W power of the highest capacity, convenient for medium to large-sized rooms. 

Three separate heat settings offer you to select Low, Medium & Max setup that consumes 700, 800, and 1500 Watt on the sequence. 

Note: On Max (1500W) Heat settings, the radiator consumes around 12.5 amp current, so an additional 15A breaker might be required to operate this unit.

Although De’Longhi claims the Dragon 4 can cover up to 250 sqft area, we found the best performance in 144 sqft room on our test result. 

Digital LCD Display & Smart Control: Dragon 4 is a digitally controlled oil-filled heater of De’Longhi that contains an excellent LCD with a smart thermostat. 

The control panel contains 

  • Power button 
  • Temperature UP/Down buttons 
  •  Heat Level Button to prefer Low/Medium/Max setup 
  • A 24 Hours programable Timer button
  • An ECO button for economical operation
  • My favorite Display Light button to turn it off while sleeping at night.

The thermostat of Dragon 4 is amazingly sensitive to feel a slight temperature fall and instantly turn the heater ON.

The display shows the room temperature clearly on Fahrenheit Scale.

ECO: De’Longhi offers a fantastic economical operation on Dragon 4 oil filled radiator by activating the ECO Mode. It allows the heater to automatically control the Power Level (Low to Max) and maintain your desired temperature most efficiently.

No-Hassle Installation: Dragon 4 comes in compact packaging with an integrated caster wheel and 6 feet power cable. No installation is required. Simply plugin and enjoy the warmth.

Safety: Safety should be the first precaution, and Dragon 4 has a fantastic tip over safety and overheat protection for instant shut OFF.

Something Disappointing

  • Clicking Sound!!! When the thermostat turns OFF/On, you will notice the thermal relay’s clicking sound. It might not be a problem for all, though.
  • Oil popping Sound on ECO mode. But always it doesn’t appear.
  • It doesn’t come back after a power failure. You have to manually turn it ON.

4. Best Energy Efficient Oil Filled Space HeaterHoneywell EnergySmart

Honeywell electric oil filled radiator Heater ! Honeywell HZ-789

Warranty- 3 Years

Heating Power- Low 900W, High 1500W

Remote Control- No

Although Oil Filled Radiators are energy savers by their generic, Honeywell EnergySmart has taken it to the next level. Their entire design, fins architecture, and internal mechanism are prepared by focussing on energy efficiency.

EnergySmart is an ideal preference for a living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Digitalized easy operation and incredible safety features have enriched this unit.  

Also, the top to bottom glossy midnight black coating will enhance your interior looks fantastically.

My Favorite Features:

Powerful Heating Functionality with Timer: EnergySmart offers Three separate heating functions, low 900 Watt, max 1500 watt, and eco mode to adjust the power to maintain your preset temperature automatically.

All indicators on display are nicely visible. EnergySmart radiator allows you to choose 65F, 70F, 75F, 80F, & 85F temperature and programable timer for 2H, 4H, 6H, 8H, 10H & 12H. 

Sturdy caster wheels enhance mobility, and there is no hassle of installation.

Smart Eco Mode: When you choose any temperature setup, the heater automatically gets turned into the eco mode. Suppose your room temperature is 50F, and you do require a 75F. 

The heater will raise the temperature to 75F super fast with full power and then getting turned into the eco mode; it will start running in a minimum wattage to save energy. The entire process will happen automatically.

360 Safety: EnergySmart has every single safety feature integrated. Firstly, tip-over safety will go instantly off the heater by accidentally knocked off from 360 degrees. 

Overheat protection will protect the heater from raising the excessive temperature. Heatproof wiring ensures security from any electric sparks or firing.

Cord Storage: Almost all oil filled radiators have cord storage, but EnergySmart’s storage is slightly enhanced and compact. Once you store the coil, it will become seamless.

Something I disliked

  • The display is slightly tricky to read.
  • Temperature choice (65F,70F…85F) & Timer choice (2H, 4H…12H) are fixed

No remote control!!! 

5. Best Oil Filled Space Heater For Small Room/Kitchen/BedroomPelonis HO-0280

PELONIS Electric Radiator Heater ! 1500Watt

Heating Power – Min 600W, Med 900W, Max 1500W

Warranty- 1 Year

Remote Control – Yes

Frankly, this Oil Filled Space Heater is my personal preference. If I would have to buy a unit, I would straightly choose this one. 

Among all other oil filled space heaters, this model only has a 600-watt minimum heating option to support small rooms without any energy wastes. So undoubtedly, this unit would be the ideal choice for small rooms or kitchens. 

But, can it heat up a large bedroom? Yes!! It can. Cause the max power setup delivers around 1500 watt heating power. If you require a heater for your large master bedroom, it’s also a great choice.

With the integrated digital display, wide range of heating setup, timer, and remote control Pelonis HO-0280 is a complete package of all you need.

My Favorite Feature

3 Heat Setup & Digital Control: Pelonis HO-0280 is one of the very few 1500W Oil Filled Space Heaters that has a minimum range of 600W heating capacity. Then the medium and max setup consumes 900W and 1500W by sequence.  

Additionally, Pelonis HO-0280 is the only unit that offers a broader range of temperature settings which is 40F to 95F. Isn’t it amazing?

A handy remote control comes with this unit so that you can operate entire settings. You won’t be required to leave the bed and change the temperature anymore!

The Digital display is mindblowing, easy to read, and not too bright to burn your eyes during sleeping.

Wide Range Timer: Pelonis HO-0280 has a 24 hours programable timer. You can set the duration you do require to run the heater and leave it. The unit will automatically get turned OFF on time.

Eco Mode: Eco mode performs more intelligently on the Pelonis HO-0280, comparing other units according to our test results. Smartly it chooses the power setup from a wide 600W-1500W range and holds the room temperature at your preset level.

Safety: Similar to all other oil filled space heaters, Pelonis HO-0280 has tip-over safety and overheat protection. The power cable is very sturdy and never gets hot during a long runtime. 

360 Mobility: The caster wheels can rotate in 360 degrees as you want. By pushing the heater, you can easily move it around your house.

Anything I Disliked?

  • Overall I’m satisfied with this unit, but I am angry with the company’s description. They claim the thermostat can both ON/OFF the heater, which is not true at all. 

The heater raises the temperature a bit slower on ECO mode, but that isn’t a big deal.

6. Best Electric oil filled Space Heater for Garage & BasementTANGKULA 84827

Tangkula electric oil filled radiator heater ! 1500W

Watt- Min 600W, Med 900W, Max 1500W

Warranty- 1 Year

Remote Control- No

If you are searching for a solution to heat up your household garage or basement but don’t want to spend too much. And your preference is Oil Filled Space Heater. Then Tangkula is precisely what you do need.

Tangkula is a robust oil-filled heater available with a minimum price compared to all other units.

The high heating performance will cover every single corner to corner of your basement or household garage. Having no complicated functionality has made this unit straightforward to use. 

My Favorite Features

3 Heat Settings as You Need:  Tangkula has a simple knob to twist and configure your desired heating setup on low, medium, and high points that consume 600W, 900W, and 1500W by sequence.

Another knob is to set up your comfortable temperature with a simple twist. It’s completely manual and hassle-free.

Fantastic Portability: Take your Oil Filled Space Heater where ever you want. Although 4.2 IBS diathermic oil remains fully sealed inside the unit and the entire unit weighs around 20 Ibs. You won’t feel it’s heavy at all to move. 

Four very sturdy caster wheels have enhanced mobility to an ultimate level.

Safety: I call Tangkula simple but the best. Tip-over safety and overheat protection are integrated with this unit to ensure consumer’s safety.

Things I Disliked

  • It takes a while to heat up the room.
  • It’s a minimalistic oil-filled radiator. So if and only if you don’t want any fancy features and operations, you may go for this.

7. Best oil-filled Space Heater for Conservatory De’Longhi EW7707CM

De'Longhi EW7707CM

Heating Power- Low 600 Watt, Med 900 Watt, Max 1500 Watt

Warranty- 1 Year

Remote Control- No

If you are one of the nature lovers who do own a conservatory, then De’Longhi EW7707CM would be the best oil filled radiator to heat up your space. 

Conservatory demands a strong heating capacity to spread the heated corner by corner. Again too much-complicated operation will be a wrong choice for this type of space.

De’Longhi EW7707 offers the exact powerful heating status to make your place nicely warm and save a lot of energy while running for long hours. Accessible controlling features have made the operational task very straightforward to everybody.

My Favorite Features

Twin Heating Switch: This model from De’Longhi Oil Filled Space Heater has two manual switches for controlling heating power. Combining them, you will get Three different heating power variations.

  • Turning ON only The MIN Switch: Consumes 600 Watts
  • Turning ON only the High Switch: Consumes 900 Watts
  • Turning on Both Switches: Consumes 600W+900W = 1500 Watts

By twisting the manual thermostat knob, you are allowed to set up your comfortable temperature. 

ECO Mode:  Inspite of being straightforward, De’longhi  EW7707CM is fulfilled enough. Turn ON the eco mode, and the heater will control the required power consumption to save massive energy.

Safety Features & Portability: De’Longhi has every single safety feature integrated with this model. Tip-over safety and overheating protection are exclusive among them. Also, the power cables are sturdy and heatproof to keep the unit safe from any unwanted electric sparks.

Ultimately, this unit is safe for your pets and kids.

Four caster wheels are nicely covered, which protects the wheels from dust blockage. The 360-degree rotating capability has made the heater super portable.

Also, you can store the coil during off times inside the coil storage.

Anything I Disliked?

  • The wheels are unsmooth on carpet or rugs.
  • The power cord is ridiculously short

8. Best Low Budget Oil filled Space Heater (Perfect for SHED)- COSTWAY 22913-CYPE

NewAir Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater ! AH-450B

Shed houses are fantastic. Those have different design architectures and insulation, and their size varies from house to house. But one obvious fact is, shed houses require a separate heating system for individual rooms and spaces.

Costway 22913 is a fantastic oil filled space heater for shed houses because of its massive power deliverability and easy operation.

Simultaneously, it’s the best budget oil filled radiator. But, it has every single essential functionality that you need and offers mind-blowing durability.

My Favorite Features

3 Powerful Heating Settings: This unit is an almost mimic version of De’Longhi that I have reviewed previously. Costway has two power switches to turn ON the 600W & 900W heating radiator separately. So with the combination, you will get three heating setups in total.

  • Only turn ON the first Switch: Consumes 600 watt.
  • Only turn ON the Second Switch: Consumes 900 Watt
  • Turning ON both switches: Consumes 600+900 = 1500 Watts.

Using a manual thermoregulator at the top of the power switch, you may set your desired temperature.

Safety & Mobility: For safety purposes, Costway has tip-over protection and overheating safety. Both the functionalities work very well. 

Caster wheels are extraordinarily maneuverable and smoothly roles over carpet and rugs.

Things I disliked?

  • There is a false power socket at the front bottom portion. There is no reason for including this.
  • Sometimes the thermostat gets confused to realize the temperature.

9. Best Oil-filled Space heater for Campervan/Caravan/Motorhome Comfort Zone CZ7007J.

Heating Setup: Min 500 Watt, Mid 700 Watt, Max 1200 Watt.

Warranty: 1 Year

Traveling on RV is a charming session but keeping the insider climate comfortable is essential. The oil-filled space heater takes too large space and consumes heavy wattage, which is not suitable for RVs. 

But the Comfort Zone CZ7007J is a tiny oil filled radiator that is very much convenient for RVs. No matter what types of RV you do own (campervan, caravan, or motorhome). This radiator will be the best-suited solution for your RV, both from size and wattage. 

Plug it In and enjoy the warmth on the go.

My Favorite Features

Low Wattage but High Heating: On full power setup, Comfort Zone consumes only 1200 wattage of energy. You may not require that, so it has two different switches to choose 500 watts or 700 watts separately. Combining both of them, you will get the 1200 watt total output.

A thermal regulator is integrated with this unit to allow you to choose your desired climate.

Light Weight and Super Portable: This unit weighs around 15.8 pounds. But it has integrated caster wheels so that you can move it more comfortably.

Coil Storage:  You won’t like messed-up wires inside your RV. The Comfort zone has coil storage at the lower portion to make the coil seamless when you are not using it.

Anything I Dislike?

  • I should not have any complaint about this tiny unit; you may straightly go for this if you require the heater for any smaller places.

It would be better if there were an eco mode. But as it’s a low-watt unit, it’s okay!!!

Misconception Revealed!!! Does it require oil to run an Oil-filled Space Heater Radiator?

You never ever need to refill oil inside the oil filled radiator. I mean never at its lifespan. The oil remains entirely sealed inside the radiator.

How does it work? Well, the heating elements raise the oil temperature inside the radiator. Just similar to your water heater, how it does heat up the water and raise the temperature to the boiling point. 

Then the oil circulates through the fins, and the fins work as a heat exchanger as they transmit the temperature to the room’s climate. 

Then why the radiator use oil instead of water? Oil consumes heat far faster than water. As a result, you can enjoy the warmth instantly. 

Some drawbacks of oil filled radiator that you should know before buying one.

  • Heats Slowly!!! As the radiator first raises the oil temperature, and there is no fan to circulate the heat towards the room, you will experience a bit of slow heating with a radiator. You may use a small table fan behind the fins to accelerate this procedure.
  • Large in Size!!! Oil filled radiators are bulky and heavy. It will be hard for you to carry here and there.
  • Hot Surface!! Touching the interface while running the unit won’t be a wise choice to make!!! Stay away, kids!!!

Comparison Between Oil Filled vs. Infrared vs. Ceramic Space Heaters  

If you are a bit confused about choosing a space heater and thinking which type would be the best suitable solution for you among oil-filled, infrared, and ceramic space heaters then, this paragraph may help you have a clear decision.

Oil Filled vs. Infrared which one should I pick?

The infrared heating system is mostly a personal heating solution. Where infrared filament produces the temperature, and a reflector transmits the heatwave towards a particular direction.  

If you do any “desk job” or want to feel the warmth in a particular space where you are working, then an infrared heater would be a good selection. It won’t waste energy heating the entire place but only where you need it.

On the other hand, the oil filled radiator is effective in heating the entire room. So what do you want? Want Heating the whole room or the only section of a room where you do work or watch TV sitting on? 

Oil filled vs. Electric Ceramic heater, which one should I choose among these?

This is a tricky question as both of them are being used for the same purpose.

Then you may think of the user’s type. Who will be the user? Your kids, Grandparents, or your own self? 

Kids and old persons have sensitive skin and need to be more moisturized. As the oil filled radiator can run doing the least amount of dehumidification, it would be the best choice for sensitive users. But keep in mind that this heater works slowly.

On the other hand, if you don’t care about dryness and need a fast heating solution, you may choose an electric ceramic heater for sure. In that case, you may use an additional humidifier.

What is the operation cost of an Oil Filled Radiator?  

 We experimented 3 nights with a 1500 Watt oil-filled radiator with 3 different modes to precisely measure this fact.

Note: The environment temperature was around 50 degrees F, and the room we experimented with was 144 sqft (14*10) and well insulated entirely.

As for the power meter, we have used the Ponies PN2000 watt meter, and here is the result we got.

First Night (1500W Max setup):  

  • Environment Temperature: 50 Degree F
  • Heater’s preset Temperature: 75 Degree F
  • Runtime: 10 Hours
  • Room Size: 144 sqft
HoursHeater Remains ON
1st35 min
2nd12 min
3rd15 min
4th14 min
6th15 min
7th18 min
8th17 min
9th20 min
10th18 min
Total164 min

Unit Calculation

164 min = 2 Hours 44 min = 2.734 Hours

The heater consumes 1500 watt/hour = 1.5 KW/hour

So on 2.734 hours it will consume 2.734*1.5 = 4.09 KWhr

So per day it will consume 4 KWhr or 4 Unit electricity. In America per unit electricity cost is 0.1313 cents.

So per day it will cost 4.09*0.1313 = 0.58 Cents

So at the end of the months it will cost 0.58*30 =  $16.14

Second Night (600W Min setup):  

  • Environment Temperature: 50 Degree F
  • Heater’s preset Temperature: 75 Degree F
  • Runtime: 10 Hours
  • Room Size: 144 sqft
HoursHeater Remains ON
1st55 min
2nd45 min
3rd42 min
4th49 min
6th47 min
7th45 min
8th44 min
9th42 min
10th45 min
Total414 min

Unit Calculation

414 min = 6.83 Hours

The heater consumes 600 watt/hour = 0.6 KW/hour

So on 6.83 hours it will consume 6.83*0.6 = 4.09 KWhr

So per day it will consume 4 KWhr or 4 Unit electricity. In America per unit electricity cost is 0.1313 cents.

So per day it will cost 4.09*0.1313 = 0.58 Cents

So at the end of the months it will cost 0.58*30 =  $16.14

NOTE: Have you realized? Low wattage doesn’t means a lower electric bills?

Third Nigh (ECO setup)t:  

  • Environment Temperature: 50 Degree F
  • Heater’s preset Temperature: 75 Degree F
  • Runtime: 10 Hours
  • Room Size: 144 sqft
HoursUnit Consumed
Total3.04 Unit

So daily it will cost 3.04*0.1313 USD = 0.399 USD

So the final monthly bill will be 0.399*20 = 11.97 USD

NOTE: Thus the ECO mode can save a ton of electric bill at the end of the months!!!

Frequently Asked Question about oil filled radiator heater

Does it need to be refilled?

No!!! You never need to refill the unit.

How long do oil filled heaters last?

Depends person to person and how smartly you are using it. But as the manufacturer is offering a 3-year warranty, the heater will last longer than the period. 

Is it safe to leave it on overnight?

Yes, it is safe. But you have the timer option. So it would be best if you got the advantage of using the timer.

Can my grandma operate this?

Some models are complicated to operate, but few models have entirely manual controlling. Suppose you require an oil filled radiator for grandparents, it’s better to choose the De’Longhi manual radiator.

Do I need Breaker?

In most cases, NO. The plug socket can supply up to 15 amp current. If your electric outlet can’t supply that amount, it’s better to install an additional breaker.

Can I travel?

Oil filled radiators are not ideal for traveling. It’s bulky in size and heavy. Except you have a motorhome, then things will be different.