Best Palm Nailer Reviews

Best Palm Nailer Reviews And Buying Guides For 2021

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No matter whether you are a professional home builder, contractor, or passionate about DIY repairing, you should own one of the best palm nailers to fulfill your toolbox.

If you are surfing through the web to find out which palm nailer will be the best choice for your tasks, you will love this article. 

Cause here; I will discuss everything you need to learn about the best palm nailers and give you an ultimate guideline to fix your preference according to your requirement. 

Additionally, I will specify experts’ opinions and user experiences so that nothing can misguide you to choose the right one!!!

All You Need To Know About Palm Nailer.

What do you use a palm nailer for?

Specifically, the palm nailer has been made for nailing on those difficult positions/angles where it is hard to reach your hammer.

 The tiny sizes and straightforward handling mechanism have made it a very famous tool for framing, roofing, fencing, flooring, and various wooden projects.

If you think of nailing with a hammer on Joist Hanger, hurricane ties, rafter ties, post bases and caps, and anchors, that would be a difficult task in most cases.  

Cause most of the angles are too narrow, and sometimes it’s ultra-difficult to put nails on those tiny corners by bending your waist.

Even doing this stuff for a very long time may cause your wrist fatigue, finger injury, and many more. 

So the best palm nailer is the game-changer here to solve all these issues and give you a peach of paradise.

Not only for building new stuff, imagine if your rooftop tile gets ditched or the household fence gets broken. How much will you have to pay for hiring professionals for repairing tasks? Isn’t that too much?

But if you have the latest intelligent palm nailer, you can fix it up yourself by putting a bunch of nails within hours. Most importantly, this service will be entirely free for the rest of your life.

Can you use a palm nailer for roofing?

Yes!!! Definitely, you can. But as I have already said, a palm nailer is more necessary for repairing stuff than building new things.

If you are a home builder, you should go for “framing nailer” for the unlimited number of roofing. Cause that would be more time saver.

But if you are a homeowner or love doing DIY projects, you should pick a palm nailer cause this is applicable for multiple kinds of stuff.

Now let me demonstrate how your palm nailer will help you roofing a lot.

For roofing task, it requires multiple stages of workings. 

The First step is ventilation installation. They are a thin, soft layer of polycarbonate paper. You can nail them more swiftly using a palm nailer instead of a hammer.

Secondly, roofs need an underlay support tray and underlays, which requires sensitive attachment. The palm nailer could be a perfect tool for this task.

Then you require to add battens and one line batten ridge at the tip batten. This section is purely angled, and palm nailer can reach this place quickly.

Over those layers, you need tile installations. Additionally, you need ridge closers to make them tighter. In most cases, these sections are being attached by screws. But sometimes, in repairing, you might require nailing, and a palm nailer will be the best sensitive tool for this task.

Finally, if you build your roof or fence, it may require almost a few hundred nails. 2.5″ nails take at least 8 hammers shot to attach perfectly, and it takes nearly 4-5 sec. 

If you use palm nailer indeed, it will save you tons of hours, and most importantly, you can stay away from wrist fatigue!!!

How to use a palm nailer?

Using a palm nailer is a straightforward task, but the preparation might be a bit time-consuming.

For pneumatic palm nailer,

Firstly, You need to connect the air inlet pipe with the air compressor, firmly ensuring no air leakage. Then you need to attach the air inlet valve with the palm nailer.

Let’s plug in the compressor, and your palm nailer is entirely ready to use. Now keep a nail in front of the palm nailer’s head and press on the surface where you want to dig it.

Thus the palm nailer will start working.

How to oil air palm nailer? 

Only, pneumatic palm nailer needs to oil.

Put a few drops of machine oil inside the air inlet. Don’t worry if few more drops go inside.

Once it’s done, use that palm nailer couple of times. That’s the procedure of oiling a palm nailer.

Please note that wireless/rechargeable palm nailer doesn’t require oil. It works like a rechargeable drill.

You might need a palm nailer for your daily work. It is a must tool that every woodworker should have. You can also use it to work at your home. You will find many types and brands of palm nailers but selecting the perfect palm nailer is a bit tricky.

This buyer’s guide will help you get the right size palm nailer. We will tell you about the important factors that you should look at while buying a palm nailer. We will explain all the terms, factors, features, and their importance as well. You can easily get the best palm nailer if you follow the guide.

10 Best Palm Nailer Review For flooring, Framing trimming, siding

1. Best palm nailer for framingBOSTITCH PN50


This is a very small and compact framing palm nailer that will do the job perfectly. It is very small, and you can easily grip it in your palm. The grip is also made of rubber which will help you to hold the tool easily. It will not slip due to sweat.

You just need to place the nailer on the head of a nail and push it gently. The nailer will drive the nail inside the object without any hassle. It operates automatically when you push it against the nail and stops when the nail is completely driven.

It weighs only 1 lb, so you can hold it for hours and work without any pain in your hands. The air fitting has the capability to turn 360˚; thus, you can easily move the nailer during work and work freely.

It will drive the nail completely into the wood within seconds. It has a magnet in it that holds the nail for easy operation. The air exhaust is in the front, it will not irritate you during work. You just need to lubricate it daily with a few drops of oil and it will work for years.

The manufacturer also offers a 7-year warranty for the product which is enough to ensure its long life.

2. Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer

Freeman Mini Palm Nailer

This a mini palm nailer which is powerful to drive the nails freely with a few seconds. It has an ergonomic design specially made for comfort. You can easily work with it for a few hours without any problem.

It weighs around 1.4 lbs; therefore, it is very easy to handle. It is very compact, it allows you to nail anywhere where it is hard to use a hammer. It will automatically drive the nails in the object quickly. You can use different sizes and widths of nails from 6D to 16D.

The magnetic tip allows it to grab the nail and you can drive the nail using one hand only. You just need to apply a little pressure on the nail and it will hammer it automatically. The internal air filter keeps away the dust and particles.

You can also put the cap on the air fitting to store the tool and save it from dust. It is durable and made with finished materials.

The manufacturer gives a 7-year warranty with the product. You also get a hex wrench and oil with the product.

3. 3PLUS HMPN50SP Mini Palm Nailer


HMPN50SP is a lightweight portable palm nailer. It weighs only 1 lb, so you can work with ease and carry it without any hassle. Its body is made from die-casting aluminium for durability and long-lasting.

It can easily drive nails up to 4” long. You can use it for a variety of purposes such as fencing, decking, and other small projects. The exhaust is on the front side of the nailer, so it will not disturb you while working.

It is simple and very useful, you can use it for your DIY projects as well. It can easily drive nails in closed and confined spaces. The magnetic nose holds the nails and you can drive it wherever you want with ease.

You just need to oil it daily with a few drops of oil and it will work amazingly. It is very inexpensive and worth the money. It will save a lot of time and energy.

4. Best flooring palm nailerPowernail PowerPalm Floor Nailer

Powernail Floor Nailer

This is a compact palm nailer for hardwood floors, that can work with L-style and T-style cleats. The size of the cleats can be 16 or 18 gauge. Hence, you can easily work on flooring with comfort.

The magnetic nose holds the cleats perfectly, so you can drive the cleat with one hand only. Moreover, the nose can be turned to 360˚; therefore, you can drive the nails accurately at the desired place.

You just need to exert a little pressure and the nailer will drive the cleats into the object with finishing. It will drive the nails completely. It is excellent for confined and small places.

The weight of the nailer is only 1 lb which allows you to hold it for a long time. It is small and compact, and you can easily grip it in your palm. You can drive nails quickly within no time. You also get oil and a hex wrench with the nailer for maintenance.

It is ideal for hardwood flooring. You can only use cleats, this nailer is not compatible with bulk nails.

5. Metabo HPT NH90AB Palm Framing Nailer

Metabo HPT NH90AB Palm Framing Nailer

NH90AB is a portable and durable palm nailer. It is small and it fits in the hand perfectly. You can easily drive nails with it in small places where a hammer cannot work. It can easily work with 2-1/2”-3-1/2”; therefore, it can be used for many purposes.

It has a 360˚ swivel air fitting, so you can move the nailer in any direction and pose. The air hose will not hinder your work. It is very lightweight and weighs only 1.3 lbs. Thus, it is very easy to handle and control. The rubber grip allows you to hold the tool tightly and it absorbs the vibration.

The air exhaust is away from the user, so it will throw air on your palm. It drives the nail with perfection without wasting your time. You can also use it to install joist hangers.

This product has a 5-years warranty from the manufacturer. It is not for heavy-duty works, but it is ideal for confined places and small works. It worth the money.

6. Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

This palm nailer has a special leather grip to hold the nailer with your palm. It will not slip while working and you can easily complete your job. Moreover, there is a rubber pad as well for comfort and lesser vibration.

You can drive different sizes and widths of nails with it from 5d to 70d according to the application. So, you can work with different nails with this little nailer.

It holds the fastener through the magnet, you can easily aim and drive the nail into the object. It will drive the nails with ease. You will not need to swing your arms with a hammer.

Moreover, you might hit your finger with a hammer, but this tool is completely safe. You can complete your work quicker if you use this tool instead of a hammer.

The weight of the tool is only 2.5 lbs and its grip will save you from fatigue. It will drive the nail automatically into the object. It will make your work easier and it is ideal for small works.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty with the product.

7. PORTER-CABLE PN650 Palm Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE PN650 Palm Nailer Kit

This is a heavy-duty versatile nailer that has four extra guides. These guides allow the palm nailer to work with a wide range of nails. It has a pre-installed magnetic guide with which you can drive 6d to 16d flat head nails.

The second one is the finish nail guide which is suitable for 1-1/4” (3d) to 2-1/2” (8d) finish nails. The third guide is the standard guide for 4” (20d) to 6-1/2” (70d) nails. The fourth is the hammer guide which is for other hammering works. Hence, it can be used for many applications.

Due to its heavy-duty construction, the palm nailer is a little heavy around 4.5 lbs. You just need to push the nailer on the nail and it will automatically drive it to the object.

You don’t need to worry about the depth, it will automatically stop when the nail is completely driven. It has a leather grip as well, so you can work with ease with less recoil effect.

You can even work for hours with comfort. You just need to oil it daily and it will work for long. It has a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

8. Grip-Rite GRTMP16 Mini Palm Nailer

Grip-Rite GRTMP16 Mini Palm Nailer

GRTMP16 is a very compact nailer that has a reduced size. You can easily hold it in your palm. It is very lightweight and weighs around 1 lb. Thus, you can easily work with it for longer projects without pain in the hands.

It is small, but it is powerful enough to do the job. You can use it to drive different sizes of nails and widths up to 16d. It is useful for decking, fencing, framing, etc. The nose is magnetic, so you can drive nails with one hand only.

You can place the nail precisely. It drives the nail automatically with continuous hammering until the nail is driven perfectly.

It is very compact and lightweight as compared to other palm nailers. You can store it easily. Its compactness allows you to use it in confined places where it is difficult to use a hammer. It drives the nails faster within a few seconds.

Therefore, you can complete your job in lesser time. There are a hex wrench and oil included in the package. You also get a one-year warranty for the product.

9. BOSTITCH PN100 Palm Impact Nailer

BOSTITCH PN100 Palm Impact Nailer

This powerful nailer can drive the nails up to 5 inches in length. It is suitable for working on decks, installing joist hangers and other nailing jobs. The weight of the tool is just 2.5lbs and the design of the tool is according to ergonomic standards. So, you can easily work with it the whole day without any fatigue.

It will save your time and energy that you waste with a hammer. You can drive bulk nails from 5d to 70d. Therefore, it can be used for wide applications. The steel nose drives the nails easily into the object. The nose is made durable to work for years. Moreover, the nose is magnetic, so it holds the nails and you can place it accurately.

Now you don’t need to use a hammer anymore. It is ideal for small spaces as well. It is very efficient and durable. This is what you need for you home repairing and professional work.

The manufacturer offers a 7-year limited warranty with the product.

10. Ridgid palm nailer review – Ridgid R350PNE 3-1/2-Inch

Ridgid R350PNE

R350PNE is also an excellent palm nailer with an adjustable strap. You can easily adjust the strap according to the size of your palm. You can work with right or left hand.  It also has rubber for comfortable use. The nailer can work with 4d to 16d nails with lengths from 1-1/2” to 3-1/2”.

The best thing about the nailer is depth adjustment which you will not find in others. You can easily adjust the depth without any tool. Therefore, you can protect the work surface from dents. The cap is made of zinc that allows you to drive nail easily even in hardwoods. It weighs only 2.9 lbs, so you work and store it with ease.

It has an air filter as well that keeps the dust and debris away from the tool. The swivel air connector allows you to work with ease without any hindrance due to the hose. Magnetic tip holds the nails, so you can drive it accurately. It is ideal for small and confined places. You also get a hex wrench, oil and tool bag.

The product has a 3-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Mini Palm Nailer vs Hand Nailing

What you should know about a palm nailer before choosing the right ones?

Required Pressure

Here we are talking about the pneumatic palm nailers, so you should know the air pressure at which they work. You will find a minimum and maximum pressure on the specification sheet of every palm nailer. The maximum pressure of most palm nailers is around 100-120 PSI while the minimum pressure is around 50 PSI.

Your nailer will not work if the pressure is below the minimum limit. If the pressure is above the maximum limit, then it can damage the tool. So, you should know about this before using the nailer. Moreover, the important thing is a suitable Quiet air compressor. You will need an air compressor that will work with the palm nailer.

These do not use a lot of air, so a pancake compressor would be enough. You can even use a larger compressor.

Depth Adjustment

You might require depth adjustment while working. Sometimes palm nailers leave dents on the surface and if you don’t want them, then you can easily adjust the depth of the palm nailer. The depth adjustment feature is not available in all palm nailers because most woodworkers don’t need it.

They just want to drive the nails easily even in confined places. So, if you want to adjust the depth, then you can get a depth adjustment palm nailer as well. The depth adjustment should not require any tool, it would be more comfortable for you. You can easily adjust the depth by moving a knob. There is a depth adjustment palm nailer on our list as well.


The grip is the most important thing because you might need to work for long hours. It should be made of rubber, it will provide you comfort. It will also reduce the vibration of the tool. Moreover, your hand will not slip during work. There are leather grips and adjustable straps as well that will help you to hold the tool perfectly. You can adjust the strap according to the size of your hand.

Most importantly, the design of the grip should be according to ergonomic standards. Such a tool will not cause any fatigue and you can easily work for hours.


The nose of the palm nailer allows you to hit the nails. This is usually made from die-cast aluminum or any other material. You will usually find magnetic noses with a palm nailer. This will help you hold the nails in the right place, and you can drive it accurately in the object. Some nailers have different types of noses, so you can do different works with them. You can fit any nose according to your use.

Size of Nails

There are different types of nails available. You should confirm what kind of nails the nailer is compatible with. The nails have different lengths. Normally a palm nailer can drive nails up to 3-4” or more than that. It depends on the nailer and its capability.

The nails also have width, so common nailers are compatible with nailers from 4d to 16d, and you can also find a nailer that can even drive nails up to 70d. So, you should confirm the types of nails you can use with the palm nailer. You can choose the nailer according to your requirements and projects. For different, types of nails, there can be different noses.


You can easily handle less weight. So, it is better to get a palm nailer with less weight. You will find palm nailers from 1-6 lbs. A person can easily work with less weight without any problem.

Swivel Air Fitting

A swivel air fitting has the capability to turn 360˚. It turns automatically under gravitational force. This feature of the palm nailer allows you to work without any hindrance caused by the air hose. If you have a fixed or simple air fitting, then it will not turn, and you might find it difficult to adjust the hose in confined places. The swivel air fitting makes your work easier. You can work freely without adjusting the air hose.


Palm nailers have very simple components and they work for years. You just need to take care of oiling and maintenance. For manufacturing defects and other problems, the manufacturer provides a limited warranty period. In this period, you can claim the warranty. You will find 1-7 years warranties in palm nailers. Some manufacturer also gives satisfaction guarantee and free service.

Benefits of Using Palm Nailer

The best palm nailer will prove to be beneficial. Some of the benefits are,

Easy to Use

In most palm nailers, there is no button or switch. You just need to insert the air hose in the air fitting, and you are ready to use it. You just need to push the palm nailer against the head of the nail and the nailer will drive the nail automatically until the nail is completely driven. It simple to use it.

For Confined Places

Palm nailers are very compact. You can easily use them in confined places. You can work in places where it is difficult to use a hammer. They will automatically drive the nails perfectly in small places without any hassle.

No Force Required

You don’t need to force the palm nailer. Just place it over the head of the nail and it will hammer it automatically. You just need to exert a little force on the nail. Hence, you save your energy. You can even injure yourself while working with a hammer. Palm nailer is an excellent substitute for a hammer, especially for aged workers.

Stops Automatically

You don’t need to stop the nailer, it will stop automatically after driving the nail. If you have set depth, then it will drive the nail to the desired depth.

High Speed

A palm nailer can drive a nail within a few seconds. There is no need to waste your time using a hammer. It can easily drive long nails into hardwood in just a few seconds. It saves you time.


You can just place the nail in the magnetic noise of the nailer and push at the place where you want to drive the nail. After applying a little force, the nail is driven into the exact place with accuracy.

Follow These Step And Use Palm Nailer Safely.

After getting the best palm nailer, you should know about the safety tips to use it properly.

Use Eye Protection

You can be hit by any flying object while using a palm or you can also get injured by a flying nail. So, it is necessary to wear eye protection. Do not use common sunglasses, use the appropriate and recommended eye protection glasses. It should protect you from the front and sides. Otherwise, there can a severe injury.

Use Hearing Protection

Palm nailers produce noise; therefore, you should use hearing protection while using it. The workers working in the area should also wear hearing protection. Use the appropriate hearing protection while working.


Do not exceed the maximum pressure limit. It can be dangerous. Over increment in the pressure can burst the tool. So, always check the pressure before connecting it to the compressor.

Do Not Push the Nose

Do not push the nose with your hand or any other object. Put the nailer on the nail and then apply a little pressure.

Only for Working Surface

Use the tool only on the working surface. Do not use any hard object into which the nail cannot penetrate. Using the tool on hard surfaces can damage it.

Stay Away

While using the tool keep your face away from the working surface. There can be flying wood pieces and fasteners as well.


Do not use any combustible gas or oxygen as a power source. You should use an air compressor only. The tool can explode in case of combustible gases.


Oil the tool before every use. You can use the recommended oil before using the tool. It will ensure the good performance of the tool.

Read the User Manual

Before using the tool, you should read the user manual carefully. You will get to know about the correct operating procedure and other useful things.

Tool Maintenance

Before starting the maintenance disconnect it from the power source and read the instructions in the user manual.

Proper Footing

Keep proper footing and balance while using the tool. If you are on a ladder, then be careful.


Palm nailers are very useful and easy to use. You can carry and store them with ease. There is no need to use a hammer anymore. It is ideal for aged and young workers.

We have given you a buyer’s guide in this article to help you get the best palm nailer. We have mentioned all the terms, factors, and features of the palm nailer.

You can decide which feature is important to you. You can easily follow the guide even if you are new. We have mentioned the features and benefits of each product to help you know about it.

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