Best Solar Pool Heater Reviews And Buying Guides

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Learn More

Swimming is an exciting adventure under the right conditions. It is an exciting experience. It is both a hobby and a sport. However, this act may be uneasy about executing when the temperature of the water is uncharacteristically low. Under such a condition, even an expert swimmer may struggle for rhythm and drive. This issue mostly occurs during the cold seasons. However, there is a way to keep the temperature of a pool within a reasonable range every time & season. In This Article, We Are Going To discuss, Best Solar Pool Heater.

This fact was what led to the discovery of pool heaters. These are devices used to raise the temperature of an in-ground or aboveground pool. Just like other forms of heating devices, there are different types of pool heaters depending on the power source. We have electrically-powered pool heaters, gas-powered pool heaters, and solar-powered pool heaters. Our primary concern here is on solar pool heater reviews. A solar pool heater makes use of cutting edge technology to convert energy from the sun into useful heat that can be used to improve the temperature of a water body.

To achieve this, they make use of a solar panel or a combination of solar panels. These devices are always energy-efficient and easy to carry. They are still beautiful and attractive too. In making the right solar pool heater panels choice, there is a need to be educated on the qualities and properties of a quality one. That is the reason for this text to give you an idea about the best solar heaters available in the marketplace.


1. GAME Solar Pool Heater-GAME 4721​

GAME Solar Pool Heater

This GAME Solar Pool Heater works well with in-ground and aboveground pools. The manufacturer has made this appliance from quality materials. It is too powerful that it can heat up to 8000 gallons of water effortlessly. Materials were selected based on some vital physical properties such as conductivity and the ability to absolve sun rays. It features an adjustable and foldable pair of legs. These legs make it easier for the heater to be well-positioned to receive energy from the sun. Also, there is a transparent cover that helps to minimize heat loss.

The design of this unit is strategic and deliberate. It has a curved shape for maximum heat accumulation. Since sun rays power it, it does not use electricity or gas. Whenever a part of the heater develops a fault, it is replaceable. The unit has a weight of 18.3 pounds and a dimension of 27.6 x 5.9 x 44.9 inches. This solar heater is very easy to put together. Draining water from this unit isn’t a big deal. All you need to do is disconnect the hose.

2. xtremepowerus solar pool heater – solar heater for above ground pool

xtremepowerus solar pool heater

The manufacturer has built this Xtremepowerus solar pool heater from strong and durable materials. Rain come shine; these materials will remain intact. It has a system in place that pumps water from the pool, heats it, and then returns it to the system. These cycle helps to preserve the purity of the water.

This is a low-maintenance solar pool heater panel, and it enables you to cut costs too. Another reason to give this heater a try is that it produces no greenhouse effect. It is useful in both in-ground and aboveground pools. The quantity of this unit needed to raise the temperature of your pool largely depends on the size of the water body. If your pump has a rating above 1.5hp, you may need to buy a diverter kit differently. The weight of this solar heater is 15 pounds, and it has a dimension of 240 x 28 x 3 inches.

3. SmartPool SunHeater Solar Heating System​

SmartPool SunHeater Solar Heating System

This SmartPool SunHeater Solar Heating System​ made in the United States of America. The manufacturer has made it from polypropylene. This swimming pool heater features a Teflon tape, end caps, hoses, and hose clamps made from stainless steel. The instruction manual is available in Spanish, French, and English. If you pool measures between 12 and 18 feet, you need one solar panel. A 15 to 30 feet measurement will require the installation of two solar panels. However, if your pool measures up to 34 feet, you may need to install three solar panels.

This solar heating system has a dimension of 288 x 1.5 x 24 inches. It weighs 10 pounds, and you can run the heater as long as you want. It has the perfect size to deliver the goods. The efficiency of this unit depends on how much sunlight it can absolve. The SmartPool SunHeater-Solar Heating system can raise the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees a day.

4. SmartPool SunHeater-Smartpool S601p​

SmartPool SunHeater Smartpool S601p

This Smartpool Sunheater is made for in-ground pools, albeit it can work for aboveground pools. It has been tested to adequately heat the swimming pool of any shape, size, or depth. The Smartpool S601P made from heavy-duty polypropylene. Item weight of 19.4 pounds makes it very lightweight. It also features an 80 sq. Ft. solar panel. The panel has a width of 4 feet and a length of 20 feet. It is capable of raising pool water by 4C to 6oC. To install this heater, you need an installation kit that you need to buy separately. It has an impressive suction power, and it has a design that makes heat absorption a lot easier. Instructions on the user manual are not easy to comprehend, but you can call on a certified technician to handle this. This heater is very sturdy and well built.

5. SmartPool S240U Universal Sun Heater-SmartPool S240U​

SmartPool S240U Universal Sun Heater

This universal solar water heater is another quality product from Smartpool. The company has been in the business of solar heater production for a very long time. Therefore, there is much experience. The user manual comes in three different languages – French, English, and Spanish. Just like other pool heaters from Smartpool, the company made them from polypropylene. It features Teflon tape, a rubber connector hose, and stainless steel hose clamps. It uses a direct flow system to produce heat, and it is a perfect way to keep your swimming pool warm.

If you need to bend it into a curve, you can do so quickly since the panels come rolled up. You do not have to wait for a particular time of the year to use your swimming pool. Once you install this heater, it will make things comfortable for you. This device conveniently adds ten to fifteen degrees to an 11, 000-gallon pool.

6. Sunquest solar pool heater Panels

Sunquest solar pool heater

This solar pool heater panel is a highly reliable swimming pool heater. It makes use of superior technology to deliver adequate heat. Installation is a breeze. It takes less than 30 minutes. This unit does not have a high rating for anything. It comes with connectors for hose attachment. The Sunquest solar swimming pool heater is compatible with any pump. It can work for a solar heater for above ground pool and in-ground swimming pool.

It is a swimming pool heater that can raise the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees. The heater has a Max-flow design and excellent water circulation. The panels are flexible, durable, and reliable. Furthermore, there is a high wind roof and a rack mounting kit for adequate absorption of sun rays. A weight of 43 pounds means the heater is not substantial. The dimension of the device is 31 x 16 x 16 inches. A 5-year warranty backs this heater.

7. Sunheater solar pool heater​

Sunheater solar pool heater

The Sunheater solar pool heater can raise the temperature of your pool by 6 degrees to 10 degrees. the solar pool heater panel is for in-ground and aboveground pools. It has an impeccable design for maximum absorption of sun rays. It can work with any pool pump, and it is quite easy to install. The heater weighs 17.5 pounds. Hence, it is not heavy. Also, it has a dimension of 120 x 27.5 x 16 inches, which makes it extraordinarily space-saving and portable. The unit can be installed on the ground, rack, roof, or a fence. The panel is 2 ft. Wide and 20 ft. In length.

Several groups are connectable through the connection hose. Another advantage this heater has over others is that it is useable in a saltwater pool. The unit can heat a 3500-gallon pool, and there is no specific direction of flow. Hence, water can flow through the panel in any direction. Please do not attempt to use it as a tank/tankless water heater; it cannot do so.

8. SSR SSRA-100 Solar Sun Rings Pool Water Heater​

SSR SSRA-100 Solar Sun Rings

This element is a reliable water heater made from layers of vinyl that are resistant to ultraviolet rays. For maximum output, install an insulator such as a solar blanket or a cosmic fish. The upper layer directs sun rays to the lower layer for onward conversion to heat. The major disadvantage of this swimming pool heater is that it allows heat loss. Please do not attempt to use his heater as a floatation device; it is not powerful enough to serve that purpose. The SSRA-100 Water Heater is backed by a 2-year warranty, albeit warranty is limited to parts and artistry.

The heater has a weight of 7.89 pounds and a dimension of 13.9 x 9.6 x 4.1 inches. Its plastic component can dissolve quickly, and this can make the water unclean and unsafe. If you over-inflate this unit, it may develop a fault. There are a few concerns about the durability of this heater. The rings are 60 inches in diameter.

9. Smartpool Sunheater solar pool heater panel

Smartpool Sunheater

The manufacturer has designed this heater for aboveground pools & made from polypropylene. It features 80 sq — Ft. of solar panels. The panels are 4 ft. in width and 20 ft in length. The dimension of the pool heater is 48 x 1 x 240 inches, and its weight is 29 pounds. The Smartpool WWS421P is a perfect way to keep your swimming pool warm. The package includes PVC caps, 2-solar panels, a rubber hose, and 2 PVC fittings. It does not come with mounting hardware or rack. It is an economical and environment-friendly as well as high-performance heater since it does not use electricity or gas. To maximize its potentials, install this unit at a 70angle to the sun. So that you know, this heater will need to mount with something.

10. GAME 4524 SolarPro XB – Solar Heater​

GAME 4524 SolarPro XB

This heater works well for aboveground pools. It has an aesthetic design. The heater does not need an additional adaptor and it no electricity. This heater is capable of raising the temperature of a pool by 5 degrees in  8days. It is designed to work with any pump. This heater is friendly to the environment, easy to install, and easy to use. It is ideal for a pool up to 5000 gallons in size. For a larger pool, you can combine two or more heaters. This appliance will also bring about increased efficiency. The weight of the heater is 4.53 pounds. Hence, it is not heavy. The dimension of the solar heater is 38 x 2 x 38 inches.

How To Choose Solar Heater For Your Pool?

solar pool heater cost

A solar swimming pool heater should be moderately priced. If you have to spend too much on a pool heater, reconsider your stance. We are not unaware that there are some products in the market at an inflated price. This thing means that they cost so much yet have little to offer. An excellent solar pool heater must fit into your budget. If you must spend extra, it must be that the heater is offering something extra.

That said, many factors combine to determine how much a solar pool heater will cost. For instance, additional features such as digital control may need an increase in price. Also, the demand for the unit as well as its supply will go a long way in determining how much will be paid to get it. The cost of production is another thing, and manufacturers choose a price based on what it costs them to put the device together. That said, an excellent solar pool heater cost between $3500 and $8000.

solar pool heater installation

After purchasing a pool heater, you will need to put it together if it isn’t preassembled. This task shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. If it becomes severe, you may have to rethink your options. The installation of a solar swimming pool heater should be straightforward and easy to do. The cost of installation should also be meager. If the value of installation is not reasonable, please reconsider your stance. If the product is not easy to install, the manufacturer should at least make it affordable.


If a product manufacturer has confidence in what he has produced, he makes sure such a product comes with a warranty. Warranty is the extent of faith a manufacturer has on an item. What this means is that if the heater fails within this timeframe, the solar pool heater can be replaced or repaired at no extra cost. However, this depends on the type of fault. There are terms and conditions attached to a warranty.

Heat output:

If a heater cannot produce heat sufficient enough to raise the temperature of the water, it is not worth your money. This act is the primary reason for its purchase. An excellent solar pool heater should rank high in heat output.


The design of a solar pool heater is also crucial. It affects both its appearance and efficiency. The most solar swimming pool heater is designed to be able to receive radiant energy from the sun quickly. This matter is because panels must position strategically for improved efficiency else the heater will not have enough solar energy to work. The design of a unit also has an impact on its physical appearance. You wouldn’t want to buy a solar heater that looks ugly. The minimum expectation is for it to be eye-catching.


You will need to store this heater in a place when it is not in use. This matter has increased the need to have a space-saving and compact heater. A massive solar pool heater will take too much storage space. This issue means there wouldn’t be space to keep other sensitive items. Always we recommend a foldable solar pool heater. Such a device can easily collapse into a smaller entity when it is not needed.


Efficiency is a measure of how well the heater processes energy gotten from the sun. A high-efficiency rating means the heater converts the majority of the solar energy it gets into heat. An efficient solar pool heater should be your first choice. Don’t go for something that will take a long time to bring about a 1-degree rise in the temperature of the pool. Before you buy, confirm the efficiency rating of the unit. It is usually a percentage.

Heat loss:

If a solar pool heater losses heat frequently, it is not good enough. A right heater will preserve energy and use it to generate heat. A low heat loss rating is what you should lookout. This feature is the reason for the inclusion of covers in some solar pool heaters. It helps to preserve the solar energy the heater has been able to store.


Which solar pool heater is the best?

Any of the ten products listed here is okay. They are all quality heating devices with admirable properties. We took out time to make these selections. So, you can trust our judgment.

How much does solar pool heating cost?

Generally, solar pool heating systems cost between $3,500 and $8,000. The exact price of a unit depends on product offerings and essential features. The more processes a heater can execute, the more expensive it will be.

Do solar pool heaters work?

As long as there is a sufficient amount of heat, a solar pool heater can raise the temperature of a pool considerably. This fact is not a myth; it is a proven fact.

How warm does a solar heated pool get?

Most times, the temperature of a solar pool always measures up with the temperature of the outside air. For instance, if the ambient temperature set at 80°F, you can raise the temperature of the pool to 80°F.

Is it better to keep a pool heater-ON?

When not in use, it is better to shut down the heater. This matter helps to preserve the life of the unit and save energy.

Can an in-ground pool heater work for an aboveground swimming pool?

Yes. Most of the solar pool heaters are designed to be flexible and versatile. An in-ground pool heater can conveniently work for an aboveground swimming pool if correctly used. Most of our top picks follow this trend.

How can I identify the right solar pool heater?

An excellent solar pool heater must have all the features outlined in our buying guide. If it possesses all these characteristics, it will do a good job. The market gets filled with many junks, and the ability to identify a suitable product has become an essential skill.

Can I use a solar pool heater as a floatation device?

It is not advisable to use a solar pool heater for reasons other than for what it got purposed. This matter may lead to the destruction of some parts of the unit.

Where can I buy a solar pool heater?

Solar pool heaters are easy to come by. You can get it from any shop were solar items are available. You can also place an order from any online store, and you will have it delivered to you.

How long should a solar pool heater last?

A solar pool heater can last for up to twenty years. However, this depends on maintenance and method of use.

How many solar panels are needed to heat a pool?

The number of solar panels that will be combined to heat a pool depends on the size of the lake. There are times when you need to fit 8 to 10 solar panels together.

What is the disadvantage of a solar pool heater?

The major drawback of a swimming pool solar heating systems is that it depends on the intensity of sunlight to perform its function. What this means is that if there is no adequate sunlight, the heater will not perform well. However, when there are more than enough sun rays concentrated on the unit, its efficiency increases.


We understand that it may not be easy to choose solar pool heating systems by yourself given the number of products in the market. However, the consequences of making the wrong choice are enormous. It has financial, economic, and health implications. You lose money, become frustrated by the lack of effectiveness of the heater, and your health may get challenged due to an unsafe swimming pool.

Therefore, we have carefully prepared this guide to put you on the right path of choosing a solar pool heater. If you must buy an environmentally friendly solar pool heating systems, you must not do so with emotions. Instead, deal with facts. Dealing with effects entails making a checklist of what you desire from a solar pool heater and making your choice based on how well the radiator fits into your plans.

This based on the assumption that you are not choosing from the ten enlisted products here. Our top picks are not in a particular order. They are all quality products that can improve the temperature of your swimming pool and make swimming an exciting adventure for you.