Safest Space Heater for Nursery

14 Best Space Heater For Nursery – (Safe And Secured Choice)

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Think about a casual winter night. Finding a wonderful blanket wrapping up nice and sung, you are enjoying your favorite tv show sitting beside the fireplace.

At another corner of the room, your kids are playing with favorite building blocks, but without notifying you, they have removed their jacket and started freaking by chilled air.  

Even while sleeping, sometimes they through the blanket kicking unconsciously and start feeling cold. Kids can hardly explain their troubles, and you can’t notice it.    

Then the only solution is installing a space heater, particularly for your baby room, which should be lightweight, cool to touch the interface, and convenient.

But most importantly, that should be extremely safe so that nothing dangerous happens if your kids grab that intentionally or unintentionally.

Now the most important fact is, Why should you buy an extra space heater for the baby room when you already have a central heating system installed at your home? Or you might think the weather is not too cold, and your kids will adapt to the temperature with the favorite jacket.

Well, firstly, the comfortable temperature for you and your kids are not the same. Secondly, neither kids can explain their feeling of freaking cold properly, nor they like to wear a jacket for a long time. As a result, either they start sweating inside the jacket or start feeling cold without notifying us.

So it’s an intelligent choice to install a perfect space heater in our kid’s room. But we have to ensure that we are fulfilling our necessity keeping our curious kids in the safest zone. So there is no compromise in choosing the best one and safest one simultaneously.

I believe it will help you individually in identifying a perfect baby heater among all different kinds of space heaters. Even maybe your Existing one can be used perfectly for your baby room if it matches all the criteria.

Safest Space Heater For Baby Room In-Depth Reviews & Guide (Updated List)

Note: We have shorted the safest space heater for baby rooms according to our experimental analytics. Considering safety as the biggest priority, we have gathered the wattage, coverage area, and other tech features at the chart. You may pick according to your necessity, keeping in mind how large your room is and how much wattage capacity you need.

Analytics of The Safest Space Heater For Nursery

We have spent hours with all these Baby Room Space Heaters that would provide ultimate warmth to the nursery with excellent safety. However, all these space heaters are most safe, undoubtedly. There is some difference in high-tech features, wattage, and energy consumption. We have created a variation in our review lists according to types, features, price range, and technological perspectives. You can easily decide which one fills all your criteria by reading our in-depth article, which contains our whole experience with these appliances.

Note: All these space heaters for nursery listed below contains these 4-common safety precautions. If they had a single safety lack, we would not keep them enlisted.

  1. ETL Certificate (American Safety Standard Certificate)
  2. Tip-Over Protection
  3. Over-Heat Protection
  4. Cold to Touch External Interface

1. Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

Company Reputation: I don’t want to be boring discussing history, but I can’t resist telling a bit about Vornado. This Company has an Extreme historical reputation in the United States. 

Before forming the Company Vornado in 1989, the mother firm came to the discussion by upgrading Air Craft Propeller, and the Man behind the glory was Named Ralph K Odor. 

Vornado is a Combination of Vortex & Tornado. You will be wondered that the performance of this space heater is beyond its name. 

Vornado has developed many air circulation system appliance, but this Particular space heater is specially made for Babies. The design, the performance, even the buttons are designed specifically for the nursery.

Built for Kiddos?: Could you have a look at its round edges? If your pets or kids jump over it intentionally or accidentally, that won’t be painful as there is no sharp edge.

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater for baby

Grown-up kiddos like to experiment with appliances as they have curiosity far more than us. But they will hardly be able to change the heater mode, as there is a Baby Guard Key Lock on the heater’s tip.

Heating Options: You have 2 Heating Mode to choose from. As well as two fan modes too. You may prefer High, Low heat & Fan Speed at a time. If you don’t need too much heating power, this feature will cut half of your electric bills. 

Automatic Features: You don’t need to turn the heater OFF/ON randomly during your Good Night Sleep. There is a circular thermostat heating regulator. Only set-up your comfortable temperature then enjoy your night dreams. The heater will automatically turn OFF at your desired temperature and turn ON when the temperature gets down. It will keep running in this cyclic form.

Convenient: It has a cord storage chamber, where you can fold & hide the cord inside when you need not use the heater, entirely out of sight & out of mind.

Safety Options: There is no compromise in safety when it’s about the space heater for nursery use. Vornado Tempa has three incredible safety features. 

Firstly, they have two-stage overheating Protection. If any clothes fall over the heater during running by any chance, it will turn OFF for this safety procedure, which is incredible. We have experimented it, works fantastically. 

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater safety lock

Secondly, they have tip-over Protection. It allows it to turn off immediately if the heater gets flipped. So? If your kiddos kick the heater like a football, no problem. 

Finally, the Key Lock. I already told you at the top, but again I want to say, I have never seen this feature to any other space heater. It feels to me that your kiddos can be an operator of this appliance. Don’t worry; they can’t change the settings.

Long-Lasting: Let’s talk about durability. I personally focus on this term, no matter what types of appliances I attempt to get. As I said, Vornado is a well-reputed company; I trust them. It is well built, and the product is such qualities. Switches are pretty durable, as well as the heating coils. I believe you need not to worry for several years.

Warranty: Vornado is offering 5-years of warranty for this. Isn’t it more than enough? Within five years, your kiddos will be grown up. 

The Fact Made me Disappointed: The Moon is beautiful, but she has spots. So the Vornado Tempa must have some unsatisfying things, mustn’t it? Sadly it’s Only 900 watt, which might not be an issue at all for you if your room is not that large. This heater can heat small rooms efficiently. Also, the particular place where your kids are playing or sleeping. But not the whole big room.

My Review: I love this space heater, but, at this price point, I would expect some more features like a digital display, remote controls. But the particular feature, durability, long time warranty Vornado is offering is decent.

2. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater (Safest)

ornado MVH Vortex Heater

Let’s Discuss Talk Vornado: I prefer such a space heater for my babies that spreads out hot air corner to corner, not remaining a single inch untouched. This space heater fills that criteria without burning my pocket. Yes, I’m talking about cheap in price & energy efficiency. 

If you haven’t read the first product review, I recommend reading that to know a bit about Vornado. The name was formed by combining two-word Vortex & Tornado, and this particular space heater model represents their GLORIOUS name. 

As I said (at the first product review), the mother firm of Vornado Came to the discussion by upgrading Aircraft Propeller, they know about aerodynamics better than most of the others. However, they have applied that aerodynamic technology both in this heater blades and exterior shape. 

Design Inspiration: If you notice the Vornado Vortex from the front carefully, it seems like a Nose of Single Propeller Engine Fighter Aircraft from the 1940s. It’s not only the looks; it works like a charm. 

Where most space heaters use a random NET Grill at the front outlet, the Vornado Vortex has used a spiral aerodynamic shaped front air vent. When the heater run, this aerodynamic design forces the hot air to SPIN; as a result, an excellent air circulation occurs inside the Room. 

Heating Coverage Area: If your Vornado Vortex is placed in the south-east corner & your babies play with pets just opposite the Room’s northwest corner, you never need to worry about whether they are in their comfort zone. The Hot Air Vortex will make the entire Room comfortable, like wrapping with a single blanket. 

It’s not only one of the best Nursery Heater, but also it has super energy efficient functionality. This particular feature of this space heater made me a big FAN of this appliance. Most of the space heaters I experimented with have 2-Heat Power settings, but it has THREE instead. 

Incridible Power Distribution: You are allowed to choose Three settings of hot airflow for this heater, and the Power distributions are,

Low – 750 Watt

Medium – 1150 Watt

High – 1500 Watt

I personally rarely found any space heater containing THREE particular settings. If your Kiddos like to explore & play through your whole house like superman, put this heater beside them, setting up a low stage of 750 Watt, & they will become comfortable with the warm air vortex.

Infant or Toddler?: If I preferred the 1st Reviewed Vornado Tempa for infants, I would choose the Vornado vortex for toddler Kiddos. Because of its high wattage and super Vortex performance. You are also not getting the Baby Switch Lock knob here; hope your kids are grown up enough to understand that they should not destroy the heating settings. 

Safety Features: I never need to think separately for the safety of Vornado; they have thought it for us. Like all their other space heater, Vornado Vortex has Tip over protection and overheat protection; additionally, you have a convenient holder to carry the heater. 

This heater is well durable and can hardly get flipped by accidental push. But if kids play with a basketball inside the nursery and kick the ball towards the heater, which makes it flipped, the Tip-Over Protection will automatically turn it OFF. 

The ThermostatThermostat of this Vortex model is decent functional. You are allowed to select 3-Heat Settings of 750W, 1150W & 1500W, then merely set up the ThermostatThermostat between 0-7. It will turn OFF your heater when the room temperature gets raised to your desired Level and automatically turn ON when needed.  

Thermostat vs. Heating Power?: Why you need Simultaneously the Thermostat (Level 0- Level 7) and the 3-Heat Settings (Low, Medium, High). 

There are 3 Different Heating Coil inside the Vornado Vortex. When you prefer LOW settings, only a single coil burns. In Medium settings, TWO Coil burns, and High settings, all the THREE coil burns simultaneously. 

So, if your THERMOSTAT settings are set up in level 5 & Heating Power Settings is at the LOW Level, your Room may take 10 Minutes to raise the desired temperature, then your heater will turn OFF to take a rest until the temperature gets down again. But if you set the Heating Power at the HIGH Level & the Thermostat at the same 5, your room temperature will Rise within 5 Minutes only, which is half comparing to the previous. 

Fundamentally, the thermostat represents your room temperature, and Heating Power means how fast the temperature would rise. You may choose Heating Power according to your Room Size.


Durability: In Durability’s terms, I strongly Believe this heater will serve you for long years of life. In Case of any problem, Vornado offers you 5-YEARS of extended warranty. They will handle your headache. Don’t worry.

I have nothing disliking about this heater, but I would expect a Ceramic layer inside it. Which it doesn’t have, but the external interface is decent cold to touch. Even your baby can feel it while it is running with full throttle. 

My Opinion: Frankly speaking, my Opinion is the most liked space heater to me among the chart here. Especially when I consider the Price Point, this is beyond everything. If My budget were a bit low, I would not think about a second one to get.

3. Vornado TAVH10 Electric Space Heater

Vornado Tavh10 vortex heater

Vornado TAVH10 is the Upgrade Version of Vornado Vortex, which I have described as the 2nd Product. If you haven’t gone through it, my request is to read that first. 

If you are a tech-savvy mom or dad of little kids, then the Vornado TAVH10 can be a perfect baby’stion to heat your baby nursery. Cause they have designed and manufactured this product, implementing next-generation technology that you will Enjoy. 

It’s Intelligent:  Nobody likes eating more than their hunger. This particular space heater never generates hot air flow more than the necessity. It can sense your nursery size and measure how much hot air volume it needs to pass to warm it at your desired temperature. An intelligent brain inside this appliance does this task through the whole run time. It cuts your electric bills and saves your pocket. Sound’s good, right? Many more benefits to tell. 

Design Inspiration: Before I proceed to all its features, I want to give a little touch about the design. Almost the Vornado Vortex and this TAVH10 are similar-looking; the only difference is the digital control panel. 

The same spiral air vent and the body structure look like a Single Propeller aircraft’s nose from the 1940s. They took their Fan Blade design inspiration from Air Craft Propellers and successfully implemented an aerodynamic finish to its body Components. 

The Spiral air vent creates a hot air vortex that spread the heating flow efficiently to the entire nursery. You may place this heater anywhere you want in your baby room, and your kiddos and pets may play in any corner of the room, feeling the warmth efficiently.

Controls:  Vornado TAVH10 is a flagship space heater from the company. The control panel is wholly touched sensitive, containing a digital display with a white backlight. You can select a heating mode between 750W & 1500W and fix the room temperature by the thermal regulator. Also, they have integrated a 12 Hour timer with it. It may be necessary for you.

Vornado tavh10 electric space heater Controls

On display, your room temperature and your desired settings of temperature are shown clearly. Also, the 4-touch sensitive buttons, including the ON/OFF button, are backlit. You can easily handle it at night without turning your room light on and stay away from disturbance.

Most importantly, you don’t need to reach towards your heater to control it, as you will get a remote control. This is essential cause you can easily change the temperature or turn the heater OFF/ON when you are sleeping only with the tiny remote.

For me, I personally would prefer this particular heater for the remote control feature. Because my kiddos are 4-5 so, I would like to place the heater somewhere in the nursery where kiddos can’t reach, and I can control the whole heater with a remote including ON/OFF, temperature, heating mode & Timer!!!

Nursery Safety: Vornado is only the company that manufactures heaters thinking about baby safety. Although the material is Plastic, not ceramic, the external interface is very cool to touch. You won’t feel that the heater is running, touching its body. 

Vornado tavh10 electric space heater safety

Tip Overprotection is also integrated here. If the heater is displaced accidentally, then it will turn OFF automatically. This is a must-have feature that is needed for a Nursery heater.

However, they have upgraded the overheating protection. If any short circuit or sparkings happens inside the heater, the security system will turn off the heater. It’s brilliant. We have experimented with this particular heater by covering it with a towel. Imagine what? After a few seconds, the heater turned off. 

If any clothing item comes flying on it and the heater gets covered while running, the 2-step overheating safety technology will turn it OFF. It’s incredible.

Portability & Durability: It’s convenient enough, and you will get an integrated carrying handle and hidden cord storage with it. Well, portable due to its lightweight and futuristic design.

I have loved everything about it. But I will be more glad if Vornado would build it with ceramic and made it more robust; however, it is hard and strongly builds enough to convince you. No doubt, it is durable enough but not football kick proof. If this appliance falls from a high table, it may get broken.

Finally, a 5-Years warranty will provide you peace of mind. Anything that happens like a mechanical component issue let the company handle the headache. 

My Opinion: This is the right choice, no doubt. I would get this for the advanced level weather sensation capability and the 5-years extended warranty time. But, if the display were at the front portion rather than its tip, that would be better for me. Cause then, I would able to place it on a table, and without any trouble, I can watch the room temperature and heater settings. 

4. Lasko Ceramic Space Heater For Nursery

Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

If my budget was too low and wanted to get a safe space heater for my kiddos to warm their Nursery, this particular heater was my one-stop choice. 

About Lasko: (You May skip this part if you are not interested) Before getting any appliance, I must try to learn about the company. Cause, if they are aged enough and well-reputed in the country, then the product should be good. 

At the same time, their pre-purchase services should be very supportive. In case any problem occurs after purchase, the support gives me mental satisfaction.  

When electricity was invented, Lasko came to the market by selling household fans. They started their business journey by Henry Lasko in Philadelphia in 1906; now, it’s more than a century. Currently, they have extended production in Tennessee & Texas. 

Why is it safe?:  The best advantage of the Lasko heater is the inside body component is Ceramic, which is 100% heat & electricity resistant. Simultaneously the body material is hard enough to enhance durability. 

Lasko has 2-Step overheat protection to ensure extra safety for the Nursery so that there is no possibility to occur anything due to excessive heat or fire. 

Additional Advantage: This Particular variant of Lasko Heaters is Tinny in size. If your baby needs to go to the bathroom, you may place the heater there easily. The carrying handle makes your task easy in that case.

Heating Functionality:  Lasko is 1500 Watt. You have a TWO heating option to choose. Low functionality will use 750 Watts, and High will consume 1500 Watts. 

Additionally, you will get a thermostat set up to control your room temperature.  

Although this particular heater is an ultimate low budget product, you should not expect too much functionality. But undoubtedly, it will provide you all the basic necessities and safety you need for a nursery. 

Lasko offers a 3-Year extended Warranty with this appliance, so ultimately troublefree long three years with the cost of dinner in a restaurant. I like it. 

What’s missing?:  Most of the Lasko heaters do not have a tip-over shut down feature. Another thing is, it has no oscillation functionalities. It disappointed me too much. But when I think about the price range, it seems okay to me. We need to consider something to get a Lasko in this low price range. 

My Opinion: As I said, this is a very low budget space heater. So in this budget, this is one of the safest ones for nursery use. But isn’t there anything else within this budget that contains all other necessary features? 

Yes. Many other brands are low in price and offer you far more functionalities than Lasko, but; keep in mind this is Lasko. I prefer a well-reputed brand rather than a new one when I am getting it for Nursery. 

Not only that, no other brand will keep you headache free for a three years long extended time with this low price range. You may find a futuristic featured product with even digital display, touch screen, and remote control, but nobody will take responsibility if the appliance gets defective after a few weeks. 

So when I think of the Brand & Price Range combined, it’s a great choice.

5. Honeywell HCE200W Uberheat Ceramic Heater

Honeywell HCE200W UberHeat Ceramic Heater

If you ask me to tell Three Words that Represents Honeywell Company, those would be SAFETY, SAFETY & SAFETY. Their slogan is “Safety Matters.” So you can imagine how safe going to be their appliance for nursery use. 

About Honeywell Company: This is a real native American company that placed their foundation in the 18th century. Specifically, Honeywell was founded in 1906 and introduced automate the home heating system to the world.  

They have their own designing language in all their products. They are unique. You can quickly identify them by a single look. 

You will be glad to know; they are one of the world’s largest companies in developing heating & cooling Thermostat technology, and much other well-reputed company buys thermostat from them. 

No matter what they build, safety is their first criterion from the heater to the aerospace vehicle. The industry is too much futuristic than your imagination.

Honeywell hce200w

Heater Design: I can guarantee you, this is the coolest looking heater you ever can get. They made it artistically. Besides ensuring safety, it will enhance the beauty of your child’s room. The round shape heater contains a ceramic layer inside. Which makes it thoroughly heat & Electricity proof. 

The wires and several body parts are made of high-grade silicone, which is ultra-resistant to heat and electricity.

The rubber supported leg is incredibly durable. Never it is going to slip and fall or roll over the floor. 

Such a cute tinny appliance, you can place it anywhere you want. Let’s set it on the table while your kiddos are studying or on the bathroom floor when they need it. 

Your yoga session may be going to be super charming beside the Honeywell.

The design is marvelous and durable at a time, so that it can be a fantastic GIFT item for your beloved kids. Even I think this is the only electric heater that deserves to be gifted to somebody. 

Safety Features:  Already, I told you, safety is the first priority to Honeywell. They have integrated every single feature that is needed to keep your nursery safe.

Firstly, the external interface of the Honeywell is completely cold due to the inner ceramic layer. Except for the hot air vent. 

Secondly, they have wrapped the whole electric wire and inner parts with high-grade polymer silicon. So there are no possibilities of electricity leakage. 

In our experiment lab, we cut its wire to check the reality. We also tried to burn it. The wire passed our test. So it’s confirmed that their wire is durable and flameproof. 

Additionally, the wire is 6 feet long. So quickly, the plug will reach the socket from the place you want to set the heater. 

Thirdly, they have tip-over protection. At the bottom of it, a large button is used to ensure this safety, & the button size is pretty large and durable comparing other heaters. 

Finally, they have overheating protection. But in this case, they did an extraordinary job. Honeywell has added an extra 2-step overheating safety security system inside it. So entirely, there is no possibility to create a flame by extended heat. 

Functionalities:  The heater is 1500 Watt. It includes two heating functionalities. Low one consumes 750 watts and High one for full 1500 watts.

The thermostat of this particular heater is better than anything else. Honeywell itself manufacture thermostat for home air conditioning system for almost 80% giant industries. So for their personal product, no doubt they have implemented the best quality thermostat. It performs efficiently and sensitively than most other space heaters. 

The noise level of the heater is tremendously low. Your babies won’t experience any noise while sleeping. 

The power light is easily visible from any front angles. So you can identify whether it is running or not.

Honeywell Offers a 3-years extended warranty for this heater. If you face any trouble, they will get the responsibility.

Unsatisfying Facts: Honewell did an excellent job for safety. They have installed a second layer of overheating shut-off feature. But many users claimed that after using for a few years, the heater gets turned off after running for 30 mins, which is disappointing. But you have an extended warranty to stay safe.

My Opinion: If I attempted to buy a heater as a Christmas gift for my kids, I had no second choice except this. This appliance is, at a time, beautiful and well performed. So, undoubtedly a nice & safest heater for your nursery. 

6. Delonghi compact ceramic heater

If I have a decent budget under $100 then, De’Longhi would be my blind choice. Know Why? 

When you think about car brands, the German Marcedes Benz, if not then BMW, comes first in your mind. 

Similarly, when it’s about the home appliance, De’Longhi is a flagship brand, both in features and performance.  

De’Longhi is an Italian Brand, which introduced themself in 1902 by several home appliance production. Currently, they are one of the world’s leading companies.

De’Longhi manufactures several home appliances, but they are specialists in Air Conditioning System and all heaters types. 

So, I can blindly trust their durability, features, and, most importantly, safety. Frankly, I have to say; I will buy a mid-budget, De’Longhi space heater rather than the cheapest one from other brands.

Design: This De’Longhi compact has a flagship view & undoubtedly, it looks more expensive than it is. At the bottom, it has a base panel that sticks to the ground with rubber pads. The heater’s upper body can move right and left if you turn ON the oscillation function. 

The inner portion of the De’Longhi Compact is fully ceramic build. But it’s not a random interior like most other heaters provide. The inner portion is exceptionally well designed, so the internal parts achieved well durability, and externally it has become 100% heatproof. I want to give a thumbs up to the Engineers of De’Longhi for this. 

Although the heater works by forced hot air, the air vent remains incredibly cool during runtime. Just at the top of the air vent, De’Longhi has positioned the Digital LED display. 

On the Display panel, you can watch the set temperature. The digits are glowing with green light, so there is no problem with visibility at sleep time.

There are 7-buttons for controlling everything, including Power surrounding the display.

You have options to choose heating power, thermostats, timer, and oscillation with these buttons.  

Also, you have the Remote control to access everything remotely. Place the heater anywhere inside the nursery; you can use the Remote control to turn ON/OFF or setting up timer or temperature. 

At the behind portion, you will get a well handle to carry this heater.

Safety:  I can say blindly, De’Longhi is safe enough. They have maintained every safety precaution to ensure you and your babies are safe at the nursery. 

Firstly, as the build material is Ceramic, it is heat and electricity proof. The external body is cold enough to touch. 

Secondly, their Tip-Over protection is ultimately safe, works fine according to our experiment. So if accidentally the heater is displaced from the standing position, it will automatically be turned off. 

Thirdly, they have overheating protection. If the heating coil rises to an excessive temperature than the safety level, the heater will cut the electric supply. Automatically it will get reset again when things are okay.

Finally, the cords are well built and extended enough to reach your socket. So you need not worry about connecting from a table. 

Heating Functionality:  De’Longhi has an incredible technology called Echo functionality. If I exactly need to describe this feature, I need to give you an example. 

The way a Master Chef tests a Delicious Recipe by though, this space heater feels the air temperature and your room volume similarly. Then the echo mode automatically blows hot air according to the necessity to warm your nursery. It helps to heat the room efficiently and save your pocket at the same time. 

You have the Oscillation functionality to move the heater’s neck left and right to boost the healing procedure. 

With that, you will get 3-heat settings and, 1500 Watt power in high heat settings and 750 Watt in low, and there is a thermostat to turn the heater OFF at your desired temperature. Automatically it will turn back ON again when needed. 

You will able to control everything with the remote. So it’s trouble-free.

De’Longhi offers a 3-Years extended warranty, so you have no headache until three years from the date of purchase.

My Opinion: This is one of the best heaters I have reviewed. You can get it and start enjoying the incredible features and functionalities. More importantly, it’s going to cut 40% of your electric bills for sure. So why not choose it?

7. De-Longi Tower Ceramic Space Heater For Child Room

Delonghi ceramic tower heater

A tower heater significantly gives you an advantage of more efficient heating while studying at the desk, remaining on the sofa, or even bedtime. 

For its height, you never need to place it on a table for desired heat distribution. Simultaneously, when De’Longhi offers us the tower heater, we never need to think twice about performance, durability, and efficiency.

As I have already told in the previous 6th product description, De’Longhi is one of the world’s flagship home-appliance manufacturing brands. But they are incredibly expert in-home air conditioning & heaters. 

Such a long experience never becomes disappointing to consumers.

Delonghi ceramic tower heater remote control

Design:  Tower height of the heater is 28 inches. Almost the same tallness as a desk. No matter your kids sitting on the chair or sleeping on the bed, the warm airflow directly will serve to enjoy the pleasure. 

At the very bottom, a pedal plate holds the heater. You can flex the tower slightly forward and backward to adjust your position. 

The heater can move left & right on the pedal plate with a motorized setup for oscillation functionality. It’s impressive when mom & dad take snacks together with kids sitting surrounded. 

The tower exterior is made of high-quality heatproof plastic, but the inner section is fully ceramic build. This combination of building material makes the heater well durable and 100% heatproof at a time.

This heater works by forced hot airflow, so an air vent grill is integrated at the tower’s front. The two separate heating coil is visualized through the air vent.

Just top of the air vent, you will get 7-buttons to control the heater; the middle one is the Power Button.

There is a portion to hold the heater at the tip’s back. So effortlessly carriable to anywhere in the house.

Safety: After all, it is De’Longhi. They have ensured every safety precaution so that you can remain safe and headed free while warming the nursery.

As this tower heater’s core material is Ceramic, the external portions always remain cold. If your baby grabs the heater, no chance to get a heat shock.

Tip-over protection is a must for tower heaters. Although it is balanced, there is an enhanced chance to flip the heater by pet jump or accidental activities as it is quite tall. De’longhi’s tip-over protection is ultra-sensitive, so your nursery is ultimately safe.

De’Longhi has maintained 2-Step overheating protection to ensure any internal power spark, coil overheating, or covering the heater with any cloths will instantly turn the heater OFF.

The electric wires are well lengthed, and 100% heat and electricity proof silicon material has covered the wiring. The plug is well built, so fantastic safety combinations from every single side. 

According to my analysis, I will give 9/10 in the safety of this tower heater.

For Parent’s peach of mind, it also comes with a 3-year extended warranty. So anything faulty happens within this period, leave the headache to the company.

Heating Functionality: Like the De’Longhi Compact, you will get the ECO mode in this tower heater. It will allow you are saving a lot of electric bills at the end of the month. Simply it will measure the room temperature and volume and pass hot airs according to necessity.

It also contains 1500 Wattage power. I don’t know why almost every single heater includes the same highest capacity. But it is efficient considering high wattage. 

You will get 3-heat settings. One for single-coil (Contains 750W), another for double coil (contains 1500W), and rest one is medium. The ECO mode will select automatically single or double by its necessity.

Thermostat of this heater works perfectly, sensitive enough to turn ON/OFF the heater at your desired heat setup atomically.

There is a timer, which is programmable. You may choose automatic shutdown after a specific run time.

You have oscillation settings to turn this heater left and right in case you need it. 

Remote Control:  Among all De’Longhi heater’s remote control, I like designing this particular one. It will fit within your hand, tiny enough, and contain every single setting you need to control the heater completely.

As the tower height is tall enough, the remote control works nicely from a bit distance. 

Disliking Factor: As I have said, I have no IDEA why all the single heaters offer only 1500 wattage full heating power!!! If it is icy cold weather with snowfall, this is not sufficient power, and it is applicable for every single heater. 

My Opinion: This is a significantly great heater, no doubt. All safety & heating features you need are integrated with this appliance. But I will be happier if I would get 2000W heating power from it. However, you don’t need that always, except snowfall. 

8. De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

De’Longhi manufactures several oil-filled space heater models, and among them, this particular one is the expensive one and safest one. So if you have a budget of around $150, you may go for it without any single doubt.

As the nursery is a sensitive area, and safety should be the first priority, it deserves a bit expensive investment. But, this is logical as it is a one-time investment in your lifetime.

Oh yes, Oil Filled Space heater is the most durable heater among all other options. Simultaneously, heat from oils is healthier than an electric coil. So why not invest a bit to get this?

Before I begin with this Oil Filled Radiator, I want to describe how it works in a nutshell. 

The oil-filled radiator is filled with electricity resistance but heat conductor oil, which is wholly sealed inside it.  

There are some fins by a grill shape at the heater’s body. When we plug in, the Oil starts heating; then it starts circulating through the fins. 

The fin’s temperature starts raising and connecting to the room’s airflow; the fins start radiating heat. This activity happens in a cyclic order, and your space starts remaining warm.

Designing: This particular model has a straight forward design. At the bottom, 4-wheels are integrated, as it’s quite heavy. 

At the bottom-front, there is a circular cable holder. Realy useful not to mess up the baby rooms with cable and stay organized. 

At the front panel, there are 7-different buttons, including the power button, and a digital display with green LED.

The body material is built with fully high-quality metal, which ensures incredible durability.

At the tip of the heater, there are heating vents that are patented by De’Longhi to perform in an enhanced way.

Safety: Oil Filled Space heater is safe by its generic. But De’Longhi has made it further safe. 

Tip-Over Safety, Overheating protection, and all others are integrated with this heater.

Most importantly, although it is an oil-filled heater, De’Longhi has developed a technology to make the external body cold. 

The full metal body ensures durability—too vital body component.

As electrical components may face faults randomly, De’Longhi offers a 3-Year extended warranty to keep you out of tension.

Heating Features: This heater provides 3-different heating settings. Low, Medium & High that consumes wattage between 700W to 1500W.

Every single time you press the buttons, you will get a beeping noise.

You can set the thermostat up to 28-degree celsius (82.4-degree Fahrenheit), and the digital display shows the temperature clearly at your preferred scale. 

There are 2-incredible features that I like the most. One is automatic heat adjusting eco mode; another is display-light dimming functionality, which necessary during bedtime. 

The eco mode automatically chooses heating options between low to high, measuring the room temperature. 

Why I Like an Oil Filled Space Heater For Nursery: Heat from the Oil Filled heater is healthier than any other space heaters. I need to explain the physics theory slightly to describe this, but don’t get afraid. I will explain it in the easiest way possible. 

Why do we see different light colors like blue, green, red, yellows? It’s for the particular frequency and wavelength of photon flow. 

Similarly, how heat passes to its surrounding areas? Basically, heat is an electromagnetic wave. When this wave touches our body, we feel the heat, but it is not visible as the light.

The heat produced from different objects, like charcoal, electric coils, oils, even the sun, gas burning, etc., has different wavelengths. 

We feel the particular electromagnetic wave as heat from hot oils is healthier than heat from any other source.

So, why not I choose an Oil Filled Space heater for my baby room?

Disappointing Fact: Really, I expected a remote control for this space heater. But De’Longhi hasn’t provided it. 

My Opinion: As I have explained, the Oil Filled Space heater is the healthiest option to choose, why I won’t choose this for my baby? I want my kids healthy and safe. So this might be a great choice if I have this budget. If my budget is low, I may find some other brand, but I would not get an extended warranty for sure.

9. Aikoper Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater

If you haven’t a high budget but want every single high tech features (even more), then you may have a look at it. Comparing to the De’Longhi, this Aikoper oil filled heater is HALF in price and more featured. At the same time, it is safe. 

The fact should then remain in your mind, why are they offering such a heater at a low price? 

Well, Aikoper is a new Chinese company. Wait, don’t shrink your nose, hearing it’s a Chinese company!!! If you are an iPhone or Android user, that is also made in china. Only the company might be American. But does it matters?

When a company manufactures products in China, it can provide you with a low cost because of its low labor fee.

Aikoper came to the market in 2017, and they have won consumers’ minds within this short period with their high-quality product and service.

Design: Aikoper has also followed the same straight forward design language as most other traditional oil filled space heater. 

However, they have improved some portion intelligently comparing others. They have 4-wheels integrated at their bottom, and at the front part, they have control buttons and an LED display. 

Buttons are soft rubber build. The LED display contains RED backlit. 

Radiator fins are spacious to circulate more air through it. Comparatively, the fin plates are less thick, so it passes the heat to nursery air faster than other heaters. 

Durability: The whole heater is a rustproof metal build. Only the front portion and a little in the back contains high-quality plastic. So undoubtedly, it is well built and too durable.

Safety: Although this heater is cheap, they have remained no stone unturned to ensure all safety management features.

Tip-over protection is perfectly integrated and overheating; protection works tremendously well. Also, they have integrated internal circuit breaking technology to avoid any electrical issues.

Incredibly noise-free, and it is guaranteed that it is silent than most other space heaters. 

They have another feature that never allows the oil to be frozen in super-chilled weather, which is too much essential for an oil-filled space heater.

Heating Functionalities: This heater contains 3-level heating functionalities. They are 600 watts, 900 watts & 1500 watts. 

They have eco mood too, which allows the heater to measure your baby room temperature intelligently and radiate heat according to room volume & temperature.

You are allowed to set the thermostat up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is far better than Delonghi.

You can set the timmer also to shut down after your desired runtime automatically.  

This oil-filled is one of the safest space heater for nursery and is energy efficient. It heats up comparatively quicker than other and electricity consumption is less due to its new generation technology and intelligent fins distribution.

Remote Control: This is an additional benefit that you won’t get in an expensive De’Longhi. Every single setting is controllable through the remote control kits, which is nice looking and handy.

Aikoper offers a 1-year warranty time. But you need not become demotivated for this. The fault rate of Aikoper is very low. You may use this heater for a very long time without any fault.

Hot Caution: Surely, it’s 100% safe for baby room or nursery. But don’t allow kids to touch it; little fingers may feel a slight heat on it.

Which Should I Buy? Expensive De’Longhi or Cheap Aikoper?: Frankly, my opinion is both are almost the same but, if you have enough budget, you should go for De’Longhi because they have a 3-years extended warranty time, and the side portion is colder to touch. On the other hand, this Aikoper only offers a 1-year warranty, and the side fins are comparatively hot but not that much. I will give De’Longhi 9/10 and this Aikoper 7.5/10 in safety. But in performance, both are 10/10. So you may unquestionably choose this one if you want.

My Opinion: Same features, same functionality, additional remote control opportunities that you won’t get in the expensive oil-filled heaters. So if your budget is under $90 straight, go for it.

10. Taotronics Ceramic Space Heater

About Taotronic: (Skip this point if you are not interested in learning about the company) Who doesn’t like advanced featured products in this smart age? However, if you are offered a flagship featured appliance with an inexpensive budget, things become more pleasure.

Taotronic offers the same thing. If you are unwilling to pay too much and want a futuristic flagship space heater for your baby room, there is no other choice but to Taotronic.

Taotronic is a Chinese Brand owned by Sunvalley Group, who came to the market in 2007. They made me amazed with their product quality.

Believe it or not, they have a low fault rate of an electrical appliance than most other companies in the market.

They care about consumers’ satisfaction through intelligent innovation; simultaneously, they are too strict about maintaining product quality.

If there are 100 different products and one is from Taotronic, you can classify that specific one by designing language.

There are some myths in peoples’ minds about Chinese products. But before you shrink your nose for Chinese items, give me an answer. Is there a single high-tech product include your iPhone, which is not made in China? Absolutely no.  

They are only eligible for providing high-quality products with a low budget to consumers. That is their specialty.

Design: You have to love the Taotronic design. Although it has a tower shape, it is not a tower heater at all. Their design is not similar to anyone else. 

The base plate holds the heater, which is a build of high-quality unbreakable plastic. 

The heater body is 83-degree tilth with the base plate. The body’s exterior is heavy plastic build, and the internal portion is entirely made of ceramic. 

This heater keeps your nursery warm by forced hot airflow. The air vent grill is at the front portion. At the tip of the heater, there is the whole control panel and LED display.

This particular LED panel I have liked the most among all other space heaters because it is blended with the body so that it never feels like an LED.

5-controlling button is given at the top, including a power switch, and you can set timer, oscillation, thermostat, heating mood with them.

Entirely, the designing language is marvelous. My ranking for design is 9.5/10

Safety-Features: Taotronic is an advanced featured space heater that has used futuristic safety technology to keep the nursery protected.

Own a naughty cat or curious dog? Who likes to push everything with a paw? Don’t worry! While every single heater offers simply tip-over protection, Taotronic offers a loud beep beep noise if anybody attempts to tip-over the heater. Then if they flip the heater, it will get shut down for tip-over protection feature.

Never worry about overheating. If you cover the heater, it will instantly shut down.

Oh, don’t miss the cold exterior due to the ceramic build interior. Also, they have used high-quality silicon to wrap up every single conductor material.

Finally, without a single question, this is an Ideal space heater for a Baby room. Let your kids sleep in a secured nursery during night time. 

Heating-Functionality: Like all other heaters, Taotronic provides a 1500 watt heating capacity in full power. 

They have 3-heat settings, including low (900W), medium (1500W), and ECO mood that allows the heater to choose the heating mood according to necessity.

You will get a thermostat that is adjustable up to 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The heater contains an oscillation functionality that rotates up to 65 degrees left & right to spread heat air throughout the corner to corner of your baby nursery.

A timer allows you to the auto turn within 7 hours or less according to your desire. 

Remote Control:  You have full access to this space heater with the tiny remote control. At my sight, it is almost like your old iPod. But very comfortable to hold. 

Taotronic offers a 1-year warranty with this particular heater. But it is more durable than you can imagine.

Note: Always, I try to find some disappointing facts about appliance during review and experiment. But believe me, nothing, just nothing disappointed me about the Taotorent. Maybe the only product that can make me 100% satisfied. 

My Opinion: I like features and durability. I never could imagine a brand can provide such a best combination with such a low budget. I am overwhelmed by this particular space heater. Among all other space heaters, this would be my First Choice for my baby room. If you don’t care about a 1-year warranty rather than an extended one, you should like it too.

11. Taotronics Tower Ceramic Heater

Suppose your preference is a tower-shaped space heater. You want to install it in your baby Nursery. But you don’t desire to spend hundreds of bugs to buy a reputed branded De’Longhi.

In that case, Taotronics is the perfect alternative. Comparing the De’Longhi tower heater (reviewed as 7th product), this Taotronics tower is almost half in price and safe, durable & simultaneously well-featured. 

Taotronics focus on manufacturing unique items from their birth moment in 2007. While describing the previous Taotronics space heater, I have already told you that you can specify the Taotronics item among hundreds of others from a row.

They successfully implement their little twist in their designing language. It’s not only visual looks but also implementing modern features in a more futuristic way.

For example, while most other heater offers tip-over protection, Taotronics offers a loud BEEP noise if your cat pushes the heater with his paw, including tip-over shutdown. It’s like an extra spoon of peanut butter with your breakfast toast.

Thousands of logics appear to choose the Taotronics tower ceramic space heater rather than the expensive one, which is only priced high for brand value.

Design: Tower height of this Taotronics baby room heater is 24 inches, which is standard & enough. But if you compare with the 7th reviewed De’Longhi Tower heater that was 28 inches tall, relatively Taotronics is slightly shorter. I don’t think it does matter at all.

Secondly, at the bottom, it has a high-quality plastic padel plate to support the tower. The tower is designed straightforward, plastic build exterior, & able to oscillate 70 degrees left & right with the motorized control feature. 

At the front top of the tower, you will find 6-control buttons, including the power button. There is an LED display at the middle front to show you temperatures & settings, which is essential.

If you look with a bird’s eye vision, it’s a perfect square-shaped tower with a curved corner, which is very elegant looking & smart.

Safety: No matter how expensive or cheap it is, safety should be the main priority in shorting Space heaters for children & nursery uses. 

Taotronics offers something else with safety. I found their safety features more interesting than others. How? Let me discuss.

Firstly, the Taotronics tower has tip-over protection to shut off the heater for an accidental flip and notify you by its beep noise. It is loud enough.

Secondly, excessive heat protection is mindblowing. If I compare this functionality with any expensive space heater, this will be rank higher undoubtedly. It will instantly shut the heater breaker off when it senses the overheating stuff due to any circumstance. 

Lastly, the interior is a Ceramic build. So there is no chance to face a hot shock touching the heater body. It’s cool.

The wire of the Taotronics tower heater is long enough to reach any plug. Simultaneously it is covered with very high-quality non-conductor silicon for enhancing durability.

Heating-Functionality:  Again, like all other space heaters, this Taotronics tower contains a 1500 watt of heating capacity. You are allowed to Low/High & ECO Mode heating setup. Where the LOW settings consumed 900 watts of energy and the high one consumes the full 1500 watts. 

ECO mode automatically chooses the suitable low or high heating option according to your room’s room temperature and volume.

A timer option can shut your heater down up to a 12-hour range; this feature may be essential to you. 

There is an Oscillation setting to rotate this heater 70 degrees each left and the right portion. So it will cover the whole baby room.

The thermostat of this heater works sound. But the essential fact is that this heater can heat the environment up to 41-95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is insane!

With this everything, you will get a remote control to maintain your heating settings from any area. It requires 1 AAA battery, which is available everywhere.

This tower heater also comes with a 1-year warranty life, which is not that extended. But the heater is so durable so that you might remain out of trouble for many years.

Should I prefer Tao Tronics rather than others?: The only heater comparable to this Taotronics tower is the De’Longhi tower. De’Longhi offers a 3-year extended warranty, while Taotronics is offering only 1-year. But, look at the price, this one is almost half from the De’Longhi. Taotronics has integrated every single feature like expensive De’longhi; even sometimes, it’s better. So why not choose it?

Now, your question might be, what if I fall in trouble after 1-year? It is durable so that no issue will happen randomly except if you are not very unfortunate. But for a peach of mind, you are saving a lot of money. With that, you may buy another new one.

So, I will prefer this inexpensive one for sure. Frankly, I don’t care about the warranty time.

Secondly, the safety features they have integrated is overwhelming. I think in most cases, they are far better. So that is fulfilling my baby nursery criteria.

Another personal opinion. I already said Taotronic’s design language is marvelous. This tower heater is undoubtedly the best looking tower heater for me. So everything I found, even they are out of my desire. So I will choose this for sure.

Finally, I want to say; this heater is offering what I am searching for my pets and nursery exclusively, even at a better price. So I am motivated enough to prefer this without a single hesitation.

12. Heat Storm Wall Mount Smart WIFI Control Heater

For how many purposes do you use your smartphone? I hope you are not in the 19th century to use it for only calling purposes. Maybe you rely on it for using GPS maps, listening to music, watching videos, and so on. 

But now it’s time to raise your room temperature with a single touch on your smartphone. Interesting right?

Heat-Storm wall mounted heater uses INFRARED technology to heat your baby nursery. Before I start describing the features & design, let me explain a bit about infrared technology.

About Heat-Storm & Infrared Technology: An American company named EnergyWise Solutions started manufacturing Heat-Storm in 2012 with their own patented technology. 

They call themself EnergyWise cause they have invented a particular technology to distribute heat more efficiently while saving your tons of electric bills.

Heat-Storm calls its technology heat³ (heat cube). Cause the indoor heaters by heat-storm contain 3-main components as their heart. Those are

  • Smaller Heat Exchanger: The goal was to make the heating chamber as little as possible. But the challenge was handling quartz infrared technology. 

Quartz infrared reach around 2000 degree Fahrenheit which is too extreme and they had to ensure the heater body is absorbing no heat. 

 So they developed an incredible internal ceramic chamber and integrated a blowing fan to distribute all heat energy efficiently to the room.

Once the heat-storm successfully reduced the size of the heat exchanger, they could integrate many other configurations. 

  • Automation of Energy: Heat-Storm has implemented Artificial Intelligence to the space heater to run more efficiently. This technology works just like a $1000 inverter air conditioner.

It can sense the air and measure the temperature, such as 0° or 32° Fahrenheit. Then it can raise the temperature to 75°-95° Fahrenheit while no other heater can’t perform in this temperature.

Once the heat-storm raises the room temperature, it starts working slowly with half of energy consumption. The blower spins slower too.

Then when the room temperature falls upon 2°-3° Fahrenheit, it starts with full throttle again.

This technology never allows you to feel too much temperature fluctuation in your baby’s room. 

  • Design for Safety: EnersyWise invented its heating element sealing technology to make it safer than imagination.

Most of the time you look through a running heater’s vent grill, you see a hot red component. It means merely the heating element is burning to work.

But heat-storm sealed the heating components inside quartz tubes. Then closed the tube with ceramic. They haven’t stopped there. They have locked the tube with a steal chamber. 

So, you can enjoy a nice sleep knowing that your kids are enjoying a warm sleep in a completely safe environment.

Structure of Heat Storm: A leather suitcase of an old doctor. This scenery came first to my mind looking at it. 

This heater has a 2-different variant. One is useable on the floor and the wall, which is recommended because only this variant contains a remote with it.

This variant contains 4-standing stands for floor setup. The lower portion of the heater includes a heating vent. In the upper front section, there is a LED display with control buttons beside it.

As simple as that. There isn’t anything visible at the outer part except the wire.

Safety Features: Heat-Storm is safe for its generic itself. As it is a wall mount heater, you can install it on a higher portion of the wall, where your kid’s never able to reach.

Most importantly, it is an infrared heater. The heating elements are completely sealed inside. They integrated a 3-extra layer of quartz, ceramics & steel to seal the heating coil. 

Sealing the heating component inside it and blowing out the heat towards your room, the exterior part remains completely cold.

As it is a mountable wall heater, there is no chance to tip over. But they have integrated overheat protection. If the heat rises unusually, the heater will shut off automatically.

Heating Functionalities: A most straight forward way of operation. You will never need to touch the heater physically. Install app of heat-storm in your phone. Both available for android & ios. 

Connect the heater with wifi via the app. The user manual will guide you through the procedure of connection.

On the heat-storm app, you will find 4-buttons, including the power button. There is a child lock, F-C converter, & the Timer. You can set up your desired temperature by simply pressing the +,- Buttons. Child lock will prevent kids from changing the climate. The Timer will allow you to shut off the heater when you desire.

When consuming full power, this heater takes 1500 watts. Once the room temperature rises to your desired setup, the heater automatically lowers the energy consumption. The blower starts spinning slower too. All these features save your electric bills at the end of the month.

What’s Missing: I already told, you will find 2-variants of this heater. Which one is only for wall mounting doesn’t contain a remote. There are some people like grandparents who don’t feel comfortable with smartphone operations. So if it also included a remote, it was better.

Choosing the remote included variant will be an intelligent choice for this.

Another thing I disliked, this heater comes with only a 1-year warranty. If it was extended a bit, I felt happier.

My Opinion:  This is the most expensive heater I have reviewed. Obviously, it contains some incredible features. So it deserves the money. Also, you can connect it with your smart home kits. So it can be the next level of choice for you. 

13. Brightown Plug Mount Space Heater

When you need this?: You only should choose this Brightown heater for mobile use. It is the only 350-watt heater, which is only 25% than the other ones. 

Sometimes kids like playing here and there, and you run behind them with a food bowl to feed them. This heater is for that exact situation rather than others.

Or sometimes you travel around the country (Not Internationally) and stay in resorts for recreation. There you may also carry this tiny heater to keep your children more comfortable.

And yes, this heater is a perfect solution for your kid’s bathroom too.

If your criteria are such as my upper descriptions, then you may choose it otherways not. Also, keep in mind this heater can only perform within a 100 sqft room.

Safe Design:  Looking at the photography, you can never be able to imagine the real size until you hold this by your own hand. This heater is not larger than an oversized coffee mug.

At the front lower part, there is a simple heating vent. Just at the top of the vent grill, there is a LED display and 4-control buttons for smooth operations.

No complexity in heating functionalities. Only there is an adjustable thermostat, a timer, and a power button on the control panel.

Heating Functionality:  This is a socket mounted heater. So the plug is integrated with the heater body. On the right side, you will get the main switch to power ON.

Once you connect the heater with the socket, simply turn it ON by pressing the power button.

Now adjust your temperature by pressing thermostat buttons according to your preference. Or you may set the highest settings if your room is large.

You can set up the timmer for auto shut down.

Why is it safe?: This is a plump-mount space heater, so it is already installed in an unreachable point for your baby. 

This heater contains an ETL safety certificate that ensures overheating safety. Also, there is no chance to tip over. 

The heating vent grill is a little hot. But this is ultimately safe.

Why have I Listed it for Nursery?: My little kid likes scrolling, and he like exploring the house-wide. When he starts watching the cartoon, and his mom starts feeding him, we simply connect the heater beside him. 

Also, I have installed this in the bathroom that my kids use. With a single touch, the heater makes the toilet warm. 

We like traveling from state to state. Some states contain mild weather. Entering the Inn, we place the heater on the socket, and our baby sleeps comfortably. 

Also, the wattage is too low. So easily, you can plugin any sockets without thinking about breaking the circuits.

So as I said, this heater is only perfect for mobility. Keeping that fact in mind, I have enlisted this here.

My Opinion:  This is the lowest cost and lowest wattage heater on the whole list. This heater should not be your primary heater, but you should have this as a gadget to use in necessity. 

14. KEYNICE Ceramic Portable Baby Space Heater

If the plug mount heater couldn’t make you satisfied with mobility & low wattage, then have a look at the KEYNICE mini ceramic space heaters. 

KEYNICE is tiny in size, but it is powerful & full of high heating capacity features.

At the same time, this can be the primary and additional portable space heater for your baby’s nursery. KEYNICE has filled this little machine with power & features.

About KEYNICE: (You may avoid this part if in a hurry). KEYNICE was established in 2014 in china, mainly they manufacture outdoor products to make life more relaxed. They also manufacture several appliances like heaters. 

Their main priority is comfort, which is reflected in their products by design & performance. They are a well-reputated brand, so I trust their quality.  

They do care about customer satisfaction. Yearly they upgrade their features & design to make users happy, which is an excellent job.

Design for Baby Safety: You can hold this heater with one hand. Only 5-inch wide & 8-inch height, which is very convenient.

KEYNICE has a cubic, cylindrical shape. The Interior of the heater is fully ceramic build. So external components remain cool during working. 

The heating vent is at the front of it, and the coils are sealed very nicely inside it.

There is a lovely LED line at the top front, which is my most favorite part. It glows during the heater run. When the heater runs only fan mood, it glows blue, and when the heater runs, it glows with a red light.

The main power button is at the back portion. At the tip of the heater, you will get 4-controller buttons.

The wire is nicely built & wrapped with a highly non-conductive silicon material to seal electricity. 

The whole heater stands on a round paddle at the bottom, so the heater can oscillate left & right on it when you need it.

At the top back, you will find a transport handle to hold it to carry anywhere.

Heating Features:  This heater has a 2-separate heating capacity. High settings consume 950 watts & low settings consume 450 wattages.

Controls are very straightforward, so your baby can handle it. First, you need to turn ON the power switch from the back portion. Then choose your heating setup from the tip buttons.

You can choose “fan-only” mode. High/Low heat and oscillation from the tip buttons.

Oscillation provides 90-degree movements left & right, which can cover a larger area than most other heaters.

Safety Features: Hardly I could believe that every single safety features are integrated with this heater.

It has tip-over protection. If the heater falls, it instantly turns off, and the exciting fact is that the LED line gets off too. So you can identify from a distance that the heater is turned off completely.

Overheating protection allows this heater to never rise abnormal temperature. Any spark inside it will turn it off instantly.

Above all, this cheap tiny heater is ceramic build so obviously cold to touch. Internal and external components are wrapped with non-conducters so that you may remain safe from every corner.

KEYNICE offers a 1-year warranty, which is impressive for this small price.

Disappointing Facts: This heater doesn’t contain a thermostat. It can’t make the room too warm, but it would be better if it had a thermostat to adjust the temperature. 

So, you might not feel comfortable sleeping the whole night turning the heater on due to the uncomfortable temperature. 

Our experimental lab maintained a pleasant temperature, which was not that warm to feel you sweating.

My Opinion: If you look at the price, this heater is outstanding for your kids. Additionally, this can be carried during travel. Also, it comes with a warranty. Considering the mobility, price points & features, this can be a perfect choice for nursery use, no doubt.

What are the key differences between a Safe BABY room heater and a random one? Let’s discuss it.

I believe it will help you individually in identifying a perfect baby heater among all different kinds of space heaters. Even maybe your Existing one can be used perfectly for your baby room if it matches all criteria.

Cold Interface: Little Champs are too much curious. Imagine what will happen if my 2-years old kid goes and grabs the room heater like a toy? If a random space heater was placed there, my kid’s hands might get burned. So we must ensure that the heater we are using for the baby room, that’s the interface, remains cold after running for a long time. We prefer a CERAMIC built heater as it is non-conductive for both heat and electricity. 

No leakage of Oil & Electricity:  You should become extra careful, particularly when choosing a space heater for our baby room. If you select an oil-filled space heater must ensure that there is no possibility of oil leakage. Check all the single valve and gaskets existing on the interface. Then if the interface is metal build, ensure that there is no electricity leakage. You may check it by touching a tester on the heater interface wearing leather sandals. 

Baby Guard on SwitchSome heaters have this essential feature, although most of them haven’t. A safety clip is installed just over the switch and temperature control keys so that the baby can’t change the settings. This Lock feature is especially essential when your kids are playing around the nursery.

How to Make Any Heater Safe & Baby proof (Including Wall & Baseboard Heaters)?

BabyProof Wall Mount Heater: Wall Mount Heater is significantly baby protected if it is installed slightly upper position where kids can’t reach. But rarely that is installed on the lower portion of the wall. If that is your case, you need to be careful so that kids’ little fingers can’t occur anything unwanted. If you are handy enough, then build a wooden grill to install at the front of your heater. Or you may position any of your havier furniture just at the lower portion of the wall heater so that your baby can’t reach the hand to the heater.

Baby Proof Baseboard Heater: In most cases, baseboard heaters are baby-friendly but, if your kids put the finger inside it, then bad stuff might happen. To prevent this stuff, find a baby gate from the nearest shop and install it in front of the heater. Or you may place any heavy wood racker just in front of the heater and stay out of trouble quickly. 

Baby Proof Space Heater: Most of the space heaters are well protected with non-conductor material so that nothing terrible randomly happens due to heat or electricity conductivity. But safety should be the main priority due to babies are surrounding your appliance. If your heater contains the tip-over safety feature, then keep the heater top of a higher table or stuff like that so that kids can hardly reach. Never cover your heater with anything; it will increase danger rather than make it safe.

Are Space Heaters Safe to Leave ON all Night?

The most common question I have faced during researching with the space heater is, “Can You Sleep With A Space Heater ON?”.  

My answer is Yes. Why not? But you need to maintain some facts & your Heater need to have some specific features for that.

Thermostat Functionality: If your Heater has this feature, then Bingo!!! Set up your desired room temperature and forget about everything else. Your Heater will automatically shut down when your room is heat enough. Then when your room temperature gets down again, the Heater will turn ON automatically. This cycle will continue throughout the whole night, so you never need to worry about it.

Tip-Over Shut Down-  This is another necessary feature for this criteria. Hardly there is anybody who doesn’t have pets. If your pet jumps over the Heater and falls over the floor, it will automatically turn off if this feature exists. Other ways it may fire up the surroundings. 

Finally, Most of the space heaters have these features currently, so if your space heater does have these too, then Surely, you can sleep with your space heater On.

Now, What will happen if your Space heater doesn’t have these safety features, but you attempt to sleep the whole night turning it ON?

If nothing terrible happens (Probably nothing dangerous will happen for sure), you will automatically wake up after a while with a sweating body for overheated room temperature. So why should I do that? Don’t turn it on if the Heater doesn’t contain a thermostat. 

How Safe are Space Heaters for Babies?

It’s a complicated question. But the straightforward way to explain is, no matter how safe the nursery space heater is, never allow your baby to grab it anyway.

Next, the thing that comes to our mind is how safe is the effects of a space heater for babies, differently how healthy it is?

Well, Not all shorts of space heaters are that healthy, but there are too many healthy options to pick. For Example, there are several types of space heaters, like Gas Space Heaters, Oil Filles Space Heaters, Kerosene Space Heaters, Electric Space Heaters, etc. But when it’s time to short out the healthiest one, you should choose an Electric Space heater or and Oil Filled one.

Why? We all know that both Gas & Kerosene Space heater burns Carbon to produce energy. I don’t want to discuss theoretical chemistry here but, all this carbon burning reaction produces the Carbon Mono Oxide Gas. We never can notice this, but day by day, it is harming us.

Using an electric space heater is okay, But we always recommend using a humidifier simultaneously with any heater. Or tirelessly running a heater to warm your room may cause your dry skin. And your throat and nose may get dry too.

Among All-Electric Heaters, I will prefer a ceramic space heater. As I have described at the top, ceramic is a fantastic non-conductor for both heat and electricity, and never the interface will get hot for a long time uses. Accordingly, the ceramic provides you interface safety from being electrified.

Oil-Filled Space heaters may become the right choice too. This type of heater works by heating an Oil filled radiator. An exciting benefit of this technology is that it never allows the radiator interface to become hotter than a certain level. No doubt, it enhances the safety of you and your kids. And, the heat flows from the radiator heater is relatively healthier than others. No doubt, it can be the right choice if you have enough budget.

Fundamentally, choose the right Space heater with certain functionalities like tip-over safety, overheating protection, temperature control, etc. Moreover, make sure that the heater is according to safety standards. You can see its certifications. If you ensure all these things, the heater will become safe and great for you and your baby. But keep in mind that you must stay vigilant while using the heater.

How to Properly Ensure the Safest Use of a Baby Room Heater?

You need to take care of a few things while using a baby heater in the baby room. Some of the precautions are:

  • Keep the heater away from the baby or kids. Although baby heaters are safe to touch, and they have protection, you must keep them away. This also prevents the direct heat to the baby.
  • Keep the temperature between 68-72˚F, depending on the season and room temperature. It is the recommended temperature for a baby room.
  • Always keep the heater on a plane surface. The tip-over safety works on a plane surface; otherwise, it will not work properly, and the heater will turn off automatically.
  • Never leave the heater running at night. You must turn on the heater for a few hours before sleeping and turn it off when you go to bed.
  • Keep an eye on the heater while it is running. It is better to be vigilant.
  • There shouldn’t be any obstacle near the heater. Keep everything away.

Choosing the Perfect & Safest Space Heater for Baby Instead of a Random One?

You might be thinking of getting the right space heater for the nursery or baby room. It is an excellent idea, but it is not easy to get the best product. There are many types and models of heaters available in the market. It will be difficult for you to pick the perfect heater. But if you know about the features, properties, functions, and factors, then you can get the right ones. Therefore, we are going to provide you with a buyer’s guide that will help you select the right product. You will be able to distinguish between good and bad products. We will try to explain all features and factors that you need to see before buying any products. Let’s see the important things that you need to take care of.

Nursery Heaters Must Contain These Safety Features

The baby room heaters have safety features. Safety is essential to keep your baby or kids safe. You must look at the safety features first before selecting any product. The safety features are given below.

  • Tip-Over Safety: The tip-over switch is the most important safety feature. It turns off the heater if it is tipped by kids. It makes the space heater child safe. Even if the heater is tipped, there is nothing to worry about. It is not a fire hazard. You can have peace of mind if this feature is in your heater. Your kids can play in the area, and you can do your work peacefully.
  • Cool Exterior: The exterior of the heater must be cool. Otherwise, it will cause hand burns if your toddler touches its surface. A hot surface is very dangerous. Not only it causes hand burns, but it can also start a fire if tipped. So, the exterior of the heater should be cool if you want to use it in any nursery or baby room.
  • Overheating Safety: Overheating safety refrains the heater from overheating. If the heater senses overheating due to any obstacle or any reason, it shuts off automatically. It will not allow the heater to get overheated.
  • Finger Safety: You cannot watch toddlers and your kids all the time. They can end up playing with the heater. You must keep the heater away, but the heater should have a finger-safe design. Most heaters use fans that can be dangerous for the fingers of the baby. Further, the inner of the heater is very hot. Therefore, you must make sure that the heater’s body is finger safe.

Adjustable Thermostat for Overheating Protection

The adjustable thermostat is very helpful in maintaining a comfortable temperature according to the baby’s needs. You can select the desired temperature for optimum comfort. The heater should have an adjustable thermostat. Some heaters only have high or low settings, so it is very hard to set the temperatures. Furthermore, some heaters have an LED display to select the temperature precisely.

Multiple Heating Modes to Ensure Efficiency

There are two heating modes in most heaters. These modes have different power consumption ratings. A high mode consumes more power and delivers more heat while a low heat mode uses less electricity and provides less heat. If there are heating modes, then you can select any one of them according to the comfort of the baby and room temperature.

Oscillation Feature to Warm Every Corner of the Room

This feature is not in all heaters. It allows your heater to oscillate left and right. Due to oscillation, the warm air of the heater spreads in a wide area. It is good that your heater has this feature, but it is not necessary. You can also skip this feature.

Fan Mode for Multipurpose Uses

The fan mode runs the fan without heat. This feature of the heater enables you to use the heater in every season of the year. You can also use it as a fan to get a cool breeze in the summer. This mode is usually in most heaters, but it is not essential. It is better that the heater has this mode.

Certifications That contains Identification of Safety

You cannot decide on our own whether the heater is according to safety standards or not. Therefore, there are various certifications, and you can see them. Certifications ensure that the heater is a baby-safe room heater.

ETL and UL certification are very common in heaters. You can check these certifications to ensure safety standards. If the heater is either ETL or UL listed, then you can use it in the baby room or nursery.

Low Noise Level to Avoid Disturbance

One more important thing to notice is the noise level of the heater. The heater should be quiet so that your baby can sleep without any disturbance. The noise level can be checked by seeing the dB value of the noise. The dB value should be less than 50dB. The lesser the dB value, the better it will be. For comparison, the noise level of a silent library is 40dB, while for a house, the noise level is around 50dB.

Timer Auto Shutdown When you Need.

The timer is excellent if you want your heater to turn off automatically. You can set the timer in some heaters, and the heater will turn off automatically on time. You will not find this feature in all nursery and space heaters, but it can be helpful if the heater has a timer function.

Warranty to Ensure Security

The warranty ensures that your baby or kids can sleep for many nights without any problem. The warranty with most baby and nursery heaters is in the range of 1-5 years. Your baby can enjoy hundreds of comfortable nights.

The Ultimate Benefits of Using the Safest Heater at your Baby room

There is no doubt that you will get dozens of benefits if you have a nursery and baby room heater. Let’s see some of them.

  • Comfortable Sleep: Babies and kids cannot sleep without the right temperature in the room. Extreme hot and cold, both are uncomfortable for the baby. A nursery heater will allow your baby to sleep with comfort in winters. You can provide your baby with a healthy sleep by maintaining a comfortable temperature in the cold season.
  • Low Noise-No Disturbance: You need a quiet heater for the baby room. Usually, nursery and baby room heaters are very quiet. They produce very low noise, so your baby and kids can sleep without any disturbance. The noise of their operation is non-disturbing.
  • Safe: You need the safest space heater for the baby room. These heaters have safety features to ensure safe operation. They do not harm babies and kids in any way. You can use them with peace of mind.
  • Prevents Cold: Babies can suffer from colds, pneumonia, and other problems that are caused by cold temperatures. A baby space heater provides a comfortable environment that has the right temperature. It prevents different problems. You can keep your baby healthy by using a heater in the room.

FAQs For Child Safe Space Heater.

What kind of space heaters are safe for babies?

Ceramic space heaters are the best because they have many safety features. You can use them in a baby room or nursery without any problem.

Is it safe to leave the space heater on all night?

No, you should not leave the space heater working all night. It is not safe. Never leave the heater unattended or while sleeping. You can turn on the heater before sleeping to make the room warm, but never forget to turn it off before sleeping.

Are fan heaters noisy for a baby room?

Not all fan heaters are noisy. Many ceramic heaters have a noise level below 50dB, and you can use such a quiet heater in the baby room.

What is a good temperature for the baby room?

A baby room temperature should be in the range of 68-72˚F. The temperature depends on the season. You can choose the optimum temperature in the range according to comfort.

What safety features should a baby space heater have?

A baby space heater should have safety features. The most important features are,

*Tip-over safety
*Cool exterior
*Overheating protection

These are the three most important safety features that every baby space heater should have.

Endnote – “Safety & Comfort should be the Final Priority”

A baby needs a comfortable temperature in the room to sleep well and live happily. In winter, the temperature of the rooms is not comfortable enough for a baby. You need a baby room heater that has all the safety features. The heater will provide optimum comfort to the baby. But you need to know a few things before you select a baby room or nursery heater. We have made a buyer’s guide for you so that you can get the right product. The guide has an explanation of all factors that you need to see while buying. You will be able to distinguish between a good and bad product after reading the guide.

For your ease, we have also listed some products. We have explained the features and benefits of each product. The benefits of the heater and its safety precautions are also discussed. You can also see our FAQ section if you have any questions. We have tried to explain everything, and we hope you get the best space heater for the nursery or baby room.