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Cosmo UC30 vs UMC30

Cosmo UC30 vs UMC30? 12 Essential Points to Make a Choice!

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    Cosmo UC30

    Cosmo UC30

    • Type: Under Cabinet Range Hood
    • Operation: Button
    • Timer: NO
    • Clock: No
    • CFM Rating: 380 CFM ~ 760CFM
    • Dimension: 29.5″ (W) x 20.5″ (D) x 9.75″ (H).
    • Fan Speed Level: Three
    • Noise Level:  65dB or 12 Sones in Max
    • Dish Washer Friendly?: Yes
    • LED Light?: 2X 2-Watt Led
    • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
    • Plugin or Hard Wired?: 3-Prong Plug (INCLUDED)
    • Duct Size: 6 Feet Length, 6 Inch Diameter
    • Ductless Convertibility: Yes (Filter not included!)
    • Wattage: 200W
    • Repairability Score: 4.5/5
    Cosmo UMC30

    Cosmo UMC30

    • Type: Under Cabinet Range Hood
    • Operation: Touch Panel!
    • Timer: YES
    • Clock: YES
    • CFM Rating: 380 CFM ~ 760CFM
    • Dimension: 29.5″ (W) x 20.5″ (D) x 9.75″ (H).
    • Fan Speed Level: Three
    • Noise Level:  65dB or 12 Sones in Max
    • Dish Washer Friendly?: Yes
    • LED Light?: 2X 2-Watt Led
    • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
    • Plugin or Hard Wired?: 3-Prong Plug (INCLUDED)
    • Duct Size: 6 Feet Length, 6 Inch Diameter
    • Ductless Convertibility: Yes (Filter not included!)
    • Wattage: 200W
    • Repairability Score: 4.5/5

    Cosmo UC30 vs UMC30.  Cosmo UMC30 is digitally controlled and contains a touch panel with an LED display, while cosmo UC30 has manual buttons; it’s the key difference between these two models.

    Despite being the same build quality, cosmo UMC30 seems smoother and less noisy during max power operation. 

    But the repairability of cosmo UC30 is better than UMC30, though both of them offer a 3-year extended warranty. 

    Here’s the in-depth comparison…

    1. Cosmo UC30 Overview

    Cosmo UC30 Under Cabinet Range Hood is one of the base variants with enhanced suction capacity. (380~760 CFM)

    Cosmo has several other basic models with a lower price range, but they don’t offer this enormous power and advanced filtration!

    According to your preference cosmo UC30 is both installable in a duct or ductless form, though you would require to purchase the carbon filters (CFK1-TM) separately for ductless setup.

    The unit contains a newly designed baffled filter entirely made of stainless steel and doesn’t require lining or mesh inside. The filter forcefully changes the grease-filled air direction too frequently. 

    But the grease can’t change its direction along with the air. As a result, it gets stuck to the filter tray, and the air passes through the vent.

    The filter tray is dishwasher-friendly, so the cleaning procedure is totally effortless.

    With 3-level of fan speed, cosmo UC30 offers a suction capacity from 380~760 CFM. However, the minimum level is more than sufficient to keep any household or commercial kitchen totally smoke-free!

    Cosmo UC30 is button-operated and comes with a 6-inch diameter duct. 

    However, the packaging includes

    A. The UC30 Range Hood with Grease Filter (No Ductless Filters Included)

    B. 9pc – 4x30mm Screws

    C. 9pc Wall Anchors

    D. 6 Feet Round Aluminium Duct.

    E. Manual

    Installation requires no hardwiring, as a three-prong plug comes with this model.

    Finally, this 30-inch range hood contains double two watts LEDs, which will help you slightly during the cooking session, but you shouldn’t expect too much bright light. 

    These LEDs could be a supportive light source but aren’t useable primarily or as a single source in your kitchen.

    2. Cosmo UMC30 Overview 

    Cosmo UMC30 is just the digitally upgraded version of the UC30 with a 90% similarity of internal components. You need to spend $50 more on this model, and it worths every penny.  (In most cases, cosmo sells the UMC30 with a discounted price which is the same as the UC30)

    However, the cosmo UMC30 contains a touch panel with a digital LED display and offers a digital clock & timer feature.

    With a few improvements to the stainless steel chassis, the design and dimensions of UC30 and UMC30 are almost identical. Additionally, it’s slightly heavier.

    The suction power of UMC30 is also rated 380 to 760 CFM but, the higher speed seems much smoother here. While the UC30 was vibrating at MAX speed, UMC30 was noticeably stable.

    The stainless steel-built baffle filter of UMC30 seems slightly wider than the UC30. Even the centrifugal propeller and adjacent components feel improved and rugged.

    Similar to the UC30, the cosmo UMC30 is also installable as a duct or ductless diagram with the same additional CFK1-TM carbon filter. According to our experiment, UMC30 performs better than UC30 by ductless installation, though the ducted pattern is far more effective!

    The model also contains a 6 feet long flexible ventilation pipe that is 6-inch in diameter. 

    Again the packaging includes

    A. The UMC30 Range Hood with Baffle Filter 

    B. 9pc – 4x30mm Screws

    C. 9pc Wall Anchors

    D. 6 Feet Round Aluminium Duct.

    E. Manual

    Cosmo UMC30 also contains two 2-watt white LEDs, which is precisely the similar one from the UC30. It’s not bright enough to use as the primary lighting source for your kitchen. But it removes the shadows of the kitchen hood on your frying pan.

    3. Cosmo UC30 User’s Opinion

    Cosmo UC30

    Though the cosmo UC30 is advertised as a 30-inch range hood, the actual width is 29.5 inches. 

    Here’s the exact dimension – 29.5″ (W) x 20.5″ (D) x 9.75″ (H).

    So, the unit fits perfectly within a 30-inch space. 

    The installation procedure seems effortless to most of the users as there’s no hardwiring required. However, the suction power is satisfying. 380CFM is enormously powerful and sufficient for commercial cooking, while in max speed, the motor sucks the air with 760 CFM power.

    Most of the users have found it noisy, especially in MAX power. The fan motor housing and the duct flaps are plastic built, which is the logical cause for the vibrating noise. Another reason is that the forced air creates enormous turbulence through the duct at MAX speed, so reducing the duct length helps to improve the irritating sound.

    The energy consumption is too minimal, nearly 200 Watts in max.

    Users didn’t complain about the LED brightness.  

    Several users have tried the ductless installation, and the performance wasn’t too satisfying. There’s no vent at the front side, so while using ductless with carbon filters integration, the air will pass through your cabinet forcefully. You might keep the cabinet door open, but you hardly can store anything over there, as the stormy air will blow those.

    Finally, according to our uses interview, no abnormal changes or performance drops have been identified after a long time of use.

    4. Cosmo UMC30 User’s Experience


    As I’ve said, Cosmo UMC30 offers a digital operation through a touch panel; it’s smarter than UC30. 

    The integrated LED shows fan speed level, clock time, and timer if you preset it.

    The installation procedure is 100% similar to the UC30, but it’s more suitable for ductless operation compared to the UC30. Though, you would require purchasing the carbon filters in that case.

    Some users complain about its width, as it’s advertised as 30 inches, but actually, it’s 29.5″. 

    The exact dimention is 29.5″ (W) x 20.5″ (D) x 9.75″ (H).

    Here are some real users’ thoughts on UMC30.

    • Compared to most other under cabinet range hoods, UMC30 is extremely powerful at a lower price, which means the perfect value for money. 
    • The three-level fan speed offers a boosted 760CFM suction capacity, and the UMC30 stays quiet and smooth comparing the UC30.
    • The 2-Watt LED isn’t much durable, and its panel gets bent on heat.
    • The Clock shows time only in 24 Hours format and isn’t interchangeable to 12H format.
    • The clock setup procedure is wrongly described in the manual. Instead of the “Fan” and “Light” buttons, you will require the (-) and (+) button to set the minute and the hours.
    • While touching on any buttons, it sounds like a “BEEP” noise. Which is too loud and disturbing!.
    • The user manual doesn’t describe clearly about ductless installation, and if you put the Carbon filters inside the cap, the air blows it out.
    • As the Cosmo UMC30 has a vent only at the top, both duct and ductless installation, you would need to cut a hole in the cabinet.
    • The timer is functional, but it’s not that necessary though.

    Energy Consumptions of the UMC30 are greatly efficient; it’s also a 200 Watt appliance similar to the UC30. Users haven’t found a noticeable difference in electric bills at the month-end.

    5. Duct or Ductless? Convertibility Explained

    Both the cosmo uc30 and umc30 come with a 6″ diameter aluminum foil flexible duct, but you can convert both of them into ductless by installing the carbon filters, which are sold separately.

    Ductless installation reduces the capacity by around 40%, and it’s some sort of hassle, from my point of view.

    Cause the model is designed to be operated with ventilation.

    Neither the cosmo uc30 nor the umc30 contains any front side ventilation that you could use instead of the duct line, so you must need to cut a hole on the cabinet even in ductless installation.

    Additionally, as the suction capacity of the centrifugal propeller is terrific, the air must be blown out and need a space to pass. Those users have tried a ductless installation and couldn’t keep any kitchen goods inside the adjacent cabinet where the range hood remains installed.

    Another drawback of ductless installation is; the carbon filter required for ductless operation blows out frequently if the range hood spins in MAX RPM. However, you’ll still get some smoky smells though the air passes through the filters and a slight amount of grease clog surrounds the cabinet. 

    6. Grease Cleaning Procedure (Internal Parts and Filter)

    The Cosmo UC30 contains two clips, and the cosmo umc30 contains two nuts on the baffle filter.

    You are just required to pull out the clip or unscrew those nuts to keep the baffle filter plates outside. 

    Then you may throw those filters inside a dishwasher or clean them manually. 

    Must plug out the range hood before you perform any cleaning activity.  

    Then using a cloth or sponge and detergent water, you might clean inside the suction rotors and its surrounding as far as your hand can reach. 

    That’s it, not at all a complicated task!

    7. Suction Power – CFM

    CFM stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute.

    It’s a commonly used airflow measuring unit. 

    The cosmo uc30 or umc30 have a suction power of 760 CFM means, each minute, it can clear smoke from 760 cubic feet areas of your kitchen.

    To provide a real example, if you make BBQ of four whole chickens under the hood or fry any tremendously smoky stuff on your frying pan, you won’t be able to smell those things during the range hood operation. 

    So, never your eyes or nose will burn again while cooking spice food.

    8. Are the cosmo range hood any good?

    If you consider the nearby competitors, cosmo range hoods would be the “value for money.” 

    Few prestigious brands of under cabinet range hoods are

    1. Hauslane
    2. Broan 
    3. Sinda (Most Expensive)
    4. Proline
    5. XtremeAir
    6. Cosmo

    And so on…

    Among them, cosmo is the only brand that offers extremely powerful CFM suction capacity with excellent quality centrifugal motors and all necessary functionality you require at a great price!

    Additionally, their 3 Years Warranty and the USA based servicing center offer a great job.

    However, their build quality is of standard quality. So, if you do question on “is cosmo any good?” I should straightly reply, “Yes, it’s one of the best.”

    9. Installation Procedure 

    Frankly, installing an under cabinet range hood is one of the most complex tasks we’ve ever done. 

    For both of the cosmo uc30 and umc30 range hoods, installation procedures are the same.

    Here’s a guideline summary of the steps.


    A. Measuring Tape

    B. Level

    C. Safety Gloves

    D. Safety Gogols

    E. Philips Screw Driver 

    F. Flat Screw Driver

    G. Hammer

    H. Drill


    1. Measure the range hoods’ mounting point and drill over the wall maintaining the horizontal level. 
    2. Then put wall anchors and insert screws, but keep 1/4th of the screw tip out of the wall.
    3. Mount the range hood smoothly.
    4. Open the vent cap and insert the aluminum foil vent pipe.
    5. Keep the vent duct as straight as possible, don’t curve it in U shape.
    6. Once all is done, insert the filter and plug in the power plug.
    7. In case you wanna match the structure with your cabinet, then cut the frame maintaining the hood’s shape.

    Here’s the user’s manual, where you’ll get a detailed guideline for the installation procedures.

    10. Can I install these Range Hood Myself?

    As I’ve explained, the installation procedure, if you feel sufficiently confident, you may do a DIY installation. 

    Here’s a pro tip in case you need a ductless setup.

    Remove the baffled filter and find the motor, and remove the cap under the motor.

    Place the filter, then before resetting the cap, mold some thread tape over it. Then twist it firmly; otherways, the lid will be blown on air when you preset the unit at MAX power.

    I will suggest you go for an expert installation, as it’s a one-time procedure.

    11. Where are these cosmo ranges made?

    Both the cosmo uc30 and umc30 range hoods are made in CHINA.

    But their customer support team and service centers are available all over the USA. 

    Importing the unit reduces the manufacturing cost. Thus they can offer you a better price. But they maintain their quality too strictly.

    12. Nearest Competitors and Pricing

    Cosmo UC30 is priced at around $208.

    Its nearest competitor is BROAN NuTone BCSQ130SS, priced around $149 but only a 1-year warranty. If you like manual operation and the warranty isn’t an issue, you may have a look at that.

    Cosmo UMC30 is priced around $209, and its nearest competitor is the  Hauslane Chef Series 30″ PS18 which is priced around $379 but offers all the same functionalities, quality, and suction power!

    Co, cosmo UMC30 is an unbeatable choice!