Gas Heater VS Electric Heater – What Is Most Efficient?

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Heaters are now an important necessity for our lives. We use water and space heater to live with joy in winter. The common question that comes across is that which heater is better? A gas heater or an electric heater. Therefore, we will discuss gas heater vs electric heater in this article. We often confuse in gas heater vs electric heater whether buying a space heater or water heater. We will discuss the pros and cons of each type of heater. To get a better understanding, we will discuss space heaters and water heaters separately.

It is mandatory to know about gas and electric heater before buying the appliance. This will save you time and money and give you the best thing you need. Gas heater vs electric heater is a hot topic in the winter season. It is difficult to select the better in gas heaters vs electric heater. We will try to remove every kind of confusion. heat your garage with cost-effective electric 220 garage heater. We will discuss the initial cost, running cost, space requirement, safety and durability of heaters.

Gas Heater vs Electric Heater

We will first discuss the water heaters in gas hater vs electric heater. After that, we will see the comparison in space heaters.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are used to warm up the water for bathing, washing dishes, shaving and washing clothes. There are many kinds of water heater available in the market on the basis of their fuel types. For now, we will discuss gas heater vs electric heater only. Let’s start the comparison.


Cost is the most important factor when you are buying anything. The initial cost of a gas water heater is little more than an electric water heater. There is a difference of at least $50 in their prices. But the important thing is the running cost. We pay the initial costs one time, but the running cost matters more than that as it is paid with the usage. The running cost of a gas water heater is very less than the best electric water heater. Electric water heaters consume a lot of energy, which increases the cost of usage. An electric water heater heats water by the dissipation energy that is dissipated when the current passes through resistance. A gas water heater is cheaper to run.


Ventilation is a big problem in gas water heaters. They require ventilated space from where the smoke from the burner can escape. There is a separate venting system for them. They cannot be placed in small and confined places. While electric water heaters do not require ventilation. There is no emission of smoke.


As compared to safety purposes the gas water heaters have more fire risk. The reason is that it uses natural gas which can leak due to a certain fault. The leakage of gas is very dangerous and can cause fire and fatality. In contrast, the electric water heaters have no gas usage, there is only the risk of electric shocks if the heater is not earthed. Mostly the electric water heaters are earthed; therefore, it does not occur often.

Space Requirement

Gas water heaters require more space as they need a separate venting system. While electric water heaters are compact and can be fitted in a smaller space.

Efficiency and Environment

Efficiency is the ratio of output power and input power. Electric heaters have better efficiency than gas heaters. whole house tankless electric water heater uses all its energy to heating with very minimum or no losses. While gas water heaters have heat losses. Beneficially a gas water heater can heat up the water quicker than an electric heater.

An electric water heater is more environmentally friendly as it does not burn any kind of hydrocarbon. In contrast, the gas water heaters emit greenhouse gases which are very harmful to the environment.


As far as the durability is concerned both types of heaters are having almost the same lifespan. A gas water heater has a life of 8-12 years while electric heater can have one more year of life.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are very essential for cold weather. They keep you warm and comfortable in drastic conditions as well. This topic very important as far as the gas heater vs electric heater is concerned.


Gas space heaters are very expensive as they have a combustion mechanism. Their installation cost is much higher as well. As far as the electric space heaters are concerned, their installation is easy and even many models are portable. Their initial cost is also lower than a gas space heater.

The running cost of a gas space heater is very less. As there is only the requirement of combustion and gas units are cheaper than the electric units. In contrast, an electric space heater has a heating element that consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, its running cost is very expensive.


Gas space heater requires ventilation systems and for that, we install separate chimneys. There are indoor heaters available, but they are not safe due to carbon emission.

An electric space heater does not require any kind of ventilation, they can be placed inside the living room as well.


There are two types of electric space heating technologies. They are called convection and radiation. Convection heaters can heat the whole room, but they require time to heat the room. While radiation heater is only capable of heating the spot, but they give warm air quickly.

The gas heaters are capable of warming the whole room. In addition to that, they can warm up the whole room quickly.


As the gas space heaters need a venting system, so they cannot be moved to other rooms or taken to another house. But the electric water heaters are portable, they can be placed in any room. They are very light as well.


Gas space heaters emit gases; in case if the ventilation system is not working the gas will fill in the room which is very harmful. While electric heaters have no issue of gas emissions.

You can place an electric heater anywhere; therefore, sometimes people put it in the wrong place which causes a fire. In contrast, the gas water heaters are installed at a specific place which is away from all combustible materials.


We have seen the comparison of heaters in this gas heater vs electric heater article. This will help you to decide the best for your requirements. Electric heaters are environment-friendly while the gas heaters are responsible for environment pollutions. Although the cost of gas is much lower than electric, some people still use electric heaters to save the environment.