How To Choose Space Heater Step By Step

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A Space heater is an ideal choice to keep yourself warm and enjoy winter. It is used to warm the whole air in the room or the object in front of it. It is very commonly used in cold areas and winter season. If you are going to buy a new space heater or want to replace your old heater, then you should know how to choose a space heater. There are many types and technologies of space heaters. All of them have different features and pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss how to choose a space heater according to your need and requirement.

Different types of heaters have different features and characteristics. Some heaters are very quiet while some are noisy. Some heaters can warm up the whole air or some can warm the object in front of it. Different types of space heaters have different working mechanisms. They may take a few minutes to give you a sense of warmth or they can take an hour to make the air warm. We can touch some heater safely while some heaters have very hot front surfaces.

Hence, there are different varieties of space heaters. Therefore, it is better to know how to choose a space heater. In this article, we will explore the aspects that are necessary to know before buying a new space heater. After reading this article, you will know how to choose a space heater according to your requirement.

How to Choose Space Heater For Home Use

The choice of space heater is based on some important characteristics. These characteristics are very important for how to choose a space heater. The characteristics are,

  1. Size/Capacity
  2. Type of space heater
  3. Safety
  4. Other features


The size or capacity of a space heater depends on the area of the room. The capacity of a space heater is given in the form of wattage. The bigger the area, the more wattage of the space heater. You can see the nameplate or specifications to find out the wattage.

To calculate the perfect size or capacity of the heater you required, you need to calculate the area of your room in square feet. To get the area you just need to multiply the length and breadth of your room. After getting the area of your room, you can easily calculate the required wattage of the space heater. To obtain the required wattage, multiply the area in square feet with ten (10).

For example, if the area of your room is 250 sq. feet, then the required wattage will be,

Capacity = Area in sq feet x 10

Capacity = 250 x10 = 2500 Watts

It is very simple to calculate the capacity of the space heater for your room.

Types of Space Heater

The type of space heater plays a great role in how to choose a space heater. There are four main types of space heaters.

  • Convection Space Heaters
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Ceramic Heaters
  • Micathermic Space Heaters

Convection Space Heater

Convection space heaters are the type of space heater which can warm the whole air in the room. They sometimes have fans on them which help to spread the hot air in the whole room. They take time to heat the space and require insulation.

Radiant Heaters

These heaters are not to heat a complete room, they can only be used for spot heating. They emit radiation which warms the object in front of them. They can instantly provide hot air and they do not require any insulation.

Ceramic Heaters

The heating element is made of ceramic. They are very durable and can last for years. They can heat the whole room space. The temperature of the room can be easily maintained by its fans and revolving feature.

Micathermic Space Heaters

Micathermic is the most efficient type of space heaters. It can heat the whole room via convection and provide hot air by radiation. It is a combination of both. The heating element is made of mica which emits electromagnetic radiations to heat up the room. The convention and radiation are in the ratio of 4/1.


Safety is the most important concern while using a space heater. It can be a cause of a fire and fire burns to children and pets. Because some of them are hot form the front while some can be touched.

Radiation heaters are very hot from the front, it is necessary to keep children and pets away from it. The same is the case with Micathermic heaters. These heaters should be kept away from any combustible material.

Ceramic heaters are not hot, and they are safe to touch. Therefore, we can use them at home and offices. But we must take care of every heater we use. They should be kept away at a distance of at least three feet from any combustible material.

Other Features

You can further see the timer control. It is available in some space heaters to provide hot air for a certain time. It will then turn off automatically.

There are digital displays for the temperature as well. The level of noise is an issue. If you want to place your space heater in your bedroom, then it should be silent to provide you a good sleep. Most of the new model space heaters are silent. Make sure your new heater is silent too.

The remote control is also a good feature, if your new heater has it, then you can control it easily. Further, you need to care about the weight as well. If you are seeing a portable unit, then it should be light to carry.

Questions and Answers

What can I do if there is no insulation in my room?

If there is no insulation in your room, then you must go for a radiant heater. These heaters do not require insulation. They will provide you with the warm air without the need for insulation.

Which heater is the most efficient one?

Micathermic is the most efficient space heater because it has both radiation and convection heating technology. They can save energy and provide warm air within a minute.

Which type of heater can cover a bigger area?

Micathermic heaters can cover a bigger area. They can warm up your living room of 500 square feet. It is effective in small areas as well.


We have discussed how to choose a space heater in detail. This article will help you to buy a perfect space heater of your choice. You should care about the insulation of the room and ensure life safety. The space heaters should be placed away from combustible materials.