how to stay warm in winter

How to Stay Warm in Winter – Follow The Easiest 6 Steps To Stay Warm In Winter

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Winter is an awesome season, some people enjoy it to the fullest, but some people hate it because it makes them uncomfortable. In winter, it is necessary to stay warm and keep yourself active; otherwise, you can suffer from cold and other diseases. You need to take care of yourself to be healthy and fit. So, today we are going to tell you some ways to stay warm in the winter. This will help you to enjoy the weather and be active.

Way to Stay Warm in Winter

Let’s discuss some simple ways to stay warm in winter.

Use a Portable Heater for Zone Heating

Not everyone likes to use the central heating system all day long. Because you cannot be at every place and the energy is wasted. On the other hand, not everyone can afford central heating to be warm in the cold nights of winter. The best solution is using a portable heater for zone heating. You can easily get an electric portable heater of 750-1500 watts depending on the size of your room. This will keep you warm all day at a cost that is much lesser than the central heating. Many people get confused because they think that heaters are not safe. It is true that heater can be the cause of a fire, but now there are many types of heaters available with advanced safety features.

There ceramic heaters, oil-filled radiant heaters, and many more that are safe. People usually use ceramic heaters as they are safe for home and office. They have tip-over safety that can turn off the heater if it falls due to any reason. You can even get a personal heater or radiant heater for spot heating if you don’t like to heat the whole space or your room is not well insulated. Due to advanced features and safety standards, heaters are safe to use. So, you can pick an excellent heater and use it at your home to stay warm.

Dress in Multilayers

You can dress in different layers. Consider wearing inner layers that are thin, dense and can keep you warm. By wearing an inner layer, you will feel comfortable. But the inner layer should not be very thick to make you uncomfortable. You can wear leggings, trousers, shirts, etc. Your outer layers should be warm and thick to keep you warm and cozy. Try woolen hats, sweaters, fur jackets, gloves, socks, scarves, etc. Remember, a few thin layers are better than a thick layer. Fabrics like wool, flannel, fleece, and silk can be excellent to remain cozy. These are ideal for winter. The fabric should be breathable, so you do not sweat.

Make Your Room Insulated

If your room is insulated well enough, then it will stay warmer than a normal room. The heat of your heater will also stay in the room even after turning the heater off. Further, a heater with lesser wattage will also work, and you will be able to save energy. If you don’t have money to spend on insulation, then you can close the holes and fix the drafty windows. If you are not sure about where the air is coming in, then light a candle and take it your windows. You will notice the flickering of flame if there is any air passage. So, you can close them using tapes or anything you think is suitable.

There is usually a little space between the door and the floor. You should close that space using a cloth or an old towel. This will also save you from the cold breeze.

Run Fan in Clockwise Direction

To push the warm air downward, you can run your fan in the clockwise direction at low speed. Yes, it can change the temperature of the room. Let’s see how.

The air in an area splits into various layers and this phenomenon is known as stratification. Due to stratification, the layer with the lowest temperature moves towards the floor because it is dense. While the layer with the highest temperature among all moves towards the ceiling because the molecules are apart which decreases the density. Now you can imagine the lowest temperature layer is near the floor so you feed cold. The layer at the ceiling has nothing to do at the top. Therefore, you can turn on the fan in reverse direction to push the warm air downward. In this way, the layers will mix up and you will have a higher temperature near the floor. This is destratification which is done by a fan.

Now you can also try at your home and see how it works.

Hot Water Bottle

You might be thinking why a hot water bottle. A hot water bottle can be helpful to make your sleeping area cozy. Some people struggle with cold feet during winter, so they should use the hot water bottle. You can fill hot water in the bottle, but the water should not be too hot. It should be warm so you can touch it easily. You can easily put the hot water bottle under the bedsheet near your feet to keep them warm.

User Curtains and Carpets

One of the reasons to feel very cold in winter is the cold flooring. You should put carpets on your floor to remain comfortable. You can use warm rugs in the house so that you can walk everywhere easily. Use curtains to keep the cold air from drafty windows out of the room. Curtains are also helpful for insulation.


Winter is a lovely season, but you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Otherwise, you will suffer from cold and other winter diseases. Always try to keep yourself warm, the first thing that you need to do is to layer yourself. You need to make space cozy so you can live with comfort and work easily. You can use a space heater for that. We have provided you some easy tips that will help you to stay warm during the cold weather. Keep these simple tips in your mind and stay warm!