How To Turn Off Gas Water Heater Step By Step

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The water heater is a necessity, and we all place either a gas or an electric water heater at our home or office. In such countries where the electricity rates are high, gas water heaters are very common. If you take care of your gas water heater, then it can work properly for several years, maybe 10- years. As a rule of thumb, it is considered to last for 8 to 12 years. All you need to do is to take care of it. It is essential to know how to turn off the gas water heater. Because this little consciousness will increase the life span of the water heater as well as save the user from danger. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss

How to turn off the gas water heater.

You may need to turn off your gas water heater when you are going out for a long time. If you are going out with your family for several days or weeks, then you should turn off your heater. It is essential to turn off the heater in case of an emergency. Everyone at your home should know how to turn off the gas water heater. It can save your life and money. Due to any problem in a gas water heater, there is a considerable risk of fire, blast, and death.

According to a research report by NFPA in 2005, there are 10% civilian deaths and 12% fires due to water heaters as compared to all home heating equipment in the US. It is a serious issue, and if you know how to deal with it, you can save your life. Teach your children and everyone in the house that how to turn off the gas water heater.

How to turn off the gas water heater?

There are few steps to turn off the gas water heater. We will list and discuss every step in detail. The steps are,

  1. Set the gas control valve
  2. Turn off the gas supply
  3. Turn off the inlet water supply
  4. Drain the water from the drain valve

1. Set the Gas Control Valve

There is a Gas Control valve at the front of a gas water heater. It is used to control the flow of gas. There are three positions on it which are ‘ON,’ ‘OFF’ and ‘PILOT.’ It would be best if you turned the selector to the ‘OFF’ position. The selector is usually in red or black color for easy identification. The gas will not flow in the water heater after turning it to the ‘OFF’ position.

2. Turn Off the Gas Supply

There are two ways to turn off the gas supply. First of all, locate the gas inlet in the water heater. There will be a gas valve associated with it. Valve has two positions; if the valve is parallel to the pipe, it means the gas is ‘ON’ while if it is perpendicular to the pipe, it means the gas is ‘OFF.’ Now turn it off if the valve is on. After turning off the valve will be perpendicular to the pipe.

3. Turn off the inlet water supply

If you are unable to find the gas valve or you cannot reach it at the moment, then switch off the main supply of gas. You can see a pipe on your Gas meter. You can not operate the valve by hand, and you’ll need a spanner for it. Grab a wrench and shut it off. It has a similar position as a simple valve. It will be parallel to the pipe when its gas is ‘ON,’ and you need to make it perpendicular by turning it in an anticlockwise direction.

4. Drain the water from the drain valve

First of all, find out the inlet water supply pipe. It usually locates at the top of the heater. At the top of the radiator, you’ll see two tubes, one will be the inlet, and the other will be the outlet. You can identify the inlet valve by seeing the valve on it. Now turn off the inlet valve by setting it perpendicular to the pipe.

What to do if there is no valve at the inlet?

If there is no valve at any of the pipes which is a rare case, then shut off the water supply from the overhead tank.

Drain the Water from the Drain Valve

You can drain the water present in the tank by drain valve. It is necessary to do it if you are doing maintenance. The drain valve locates on either side of the water heater. You can hook up the garden hose in it. You able to collect the drain water in a tub, so take a container with you according to the size of your water heater tank. Alternatively, you can dispose of water via the drainage pipe. Once you identify the valve, fit the garden hose in it. To turn on the valve, you need a spanner, or sometimes a screwdriver can open it as well. Be careful, and the drain water can be overheated, which can harm you.

Questions and Answers

What to do in the case of Gas Leakage?

If there is any gas leakage, then shut off the gas valve from the meter and stay away from the heater. It is good to take out your family from the house and call the emergency service team. Gas leakage is hazardous, and there can be fire or blast. Do not try to repair the gas leakage yourself.

How many times should I call the service team every year?

Call the service team to check your appliance at least twice a year or the number of times recommended by the company.

How to deal with hot water leakage?

If there is water leakage, then make sure the water is not hot. If the leakage is in the outlet pipe, then close the inlet valve and wait for the complete drain of water from the leakage. After that, you can repair the leakage.


It is necessary to know how to turn off the gas water heater. The steps are straightforward, and you can teach them practically to your family. You can follow the above-explained steps to turn off your water heater. You need to turn off the gas control valve, gas inlet valve, and water inlet valve. After these steps, you can drain water from the drain valve. Please follow the steps in the order and call the emergency team if needed.