Lasko Heater Manual And Complete User Guide

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When it comes to space heaters, we really think a hundred times before selecting a heater. We care a lot about safety and features. There are many brands available in the market. But today we will discuss Lasko. Lasko is a popular brand and its heaters worth the money. Lasko space heaters are very common and can be purchased online from almost anywhere in the world. In this article, we are going to discuss all the things you need to know just as a Lasko heater manual.

Space heaters can be the cause of fire and fatality. It is necessary to buy a safe space heater for your home and office. This Lasko heater manual will tell you everything about the space heaters. If you already have a Lasko space heater then this Lasko heater manual will help you to take safety precautions. We will discuss the safety features, warranty and other features that make the product exceptional. source: Lasko User Manual

Lasko Heater Manual

We will start the Lasko heater manual with the procedure of calculating the current and energy usage. After that, we will discuss the feature and some FAQs.

How to calculate the amount of current and energy use?

The amount of current is necessary to know about the operation of the space heater. It is very important to discuss here. It will let you know the rated current value of wall socket and extension wire if any. If you choose the wall socket and extension wire carefully then the plug or wire will not heat up.

To calculate the current, you need to know the wattage of the heater first. After knowing the wattage measure the voltage at your home. If there is already a voltmeter at your distribution board then note it, otherwise use the rated voltage or measure it via voltmeter. Now to get the current divide the wattage with the voltage. The answer will be the value of current in amperes.

For example: If the wattage is 1000W, then divide it with your voltage i.e. 120V

The current is 8.33 Amperes.

To calculate the energy usage, you need to multiply the wattage with the hours of use. Divide the result by 1000 to convert it into kWh(kilowatt-hour). This is the amount of energy you are using daily. To calculate the cost of usage just multiply the cost per unit with daily energy usage.

For Example: Consider the heater is of 1000W and you use four hours daily. The cost per unit is $0.20.

Daily Energy Use = 4000 Wh (Watt-hour)

Divide by 1000 to convert into kWh

Daily Energy Use = 4 kWh (kilowatt-hour)

Daily Cost = 4 x 0.3 = $ 1.2

Safety Measures

To be safe is the priority, so we are going to discuss the safety precautions. Always try to follow the instruction given below.

  1. Always use the wall socket according to the rated value of current. If the heater current is greater than the rated current of the socket, the socket will heat up quickly can cause a short circuit. Call an expert electrician if your socket gets heated after use.
  2. Never touch the heater from any place except the provided handle. It will save you from burns.
  3. Always keep away your pets and children when the heater is running or when it just turned off. The front part of some models gets hot after the usage.
  4. If the cord of the heater is broken, never replace it yourself. Call the service team or an electrician for the purpose.
  5. Avoid using the heater with extension. Plug it directly to the wall socket. If you are using an extension, make sure it can bear the amount of current.
  6. To detect smoke at the place where the heater is running, install smoke detectors. Smoke detectors will detect the presence of smoke.
  7. When you are cleaning or doing maintenance of the heater, do not leave the plug in the socket. To ensure safety take out the plug first. Otherwise, there will be a risk of electric shocks.
  8. Keep the combustible material away from the heater and always place the heater away from the curtains.
  9. Do not use the heater in the area where flammable materials are kept.


There are many features depending on the model of the heater. We are going to discuss the important and common features in this Lasko heater manual.


Some heaters oscillate left and right to ensure the heated air in every direction. The rotation is nearly 120˚. It will heat any object that is in front of it and within the rotation limit.

Remote Control

The remote control of the heater is very amazing. You can control the temperature from your bed without coming to the heater. There are controls on the heater as well if the remote is not working. The remote requires cells for power. Take care of the remote control as you can open the heater accidentally while sleeping.


You can activate the timer. You can set several hours for the heater to run. It will turn off automatically after running until the desired time. You will not need to turn off the heater explicitly.

Temperature Control

The heater has a thermostat that can control the temperature, you can select the desired temperature. It will heat the room until the desired temperature is reached and then it will turn off. It will turn on again when the temperature decreases to the value lower than the desired value.


The heaters are very compact; consequently, they take very little space. They are very lightweight and easy to carry.

Silent/Noise Free

Some heaters contain fans that spread the heat in the room. But still, they are very silent and noise-free. You can work at the office without disturbance.


The company offers a limited warranty period of one year or more. The warranties are valid in the USA and Canada only. The company can replace or repair the defective part of the appliance. Further, it can also replace the heater with a new one.


Where I cannot use the heater?

The heater cannot be used in damp places such as bathrooms. Further, the room should not contain any flammable material.

How can I reset my heater?

Unplug the heater for ten minutes, it will automatically reset itself.

Do the heaters consume electricity when they are off?

Yes, they are energy efficient space heaters, and consume electricity when they are off and plugged in. They consume a few watts only to keep the control receiver on, in order to receive the signal from the remote. You can take out the plug if you are going out of your home.


We have discussed the important precautions and features of Lasko heaters in this Lasko heater manual. This will help you to take care of yourself and avoid mishaps. Always follow the safety measures that are given in this Lasko heater manual.