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9 Best Natural Gas Space Heater (Fascinating Secret Exposed!)

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Did you know Natural Gas Space Heaters are the 2nd most efficient energy source to keep your house warm? You might be thinking, why not choose the first one? Unfortunately, the 1st one is a “nuclear power plant,” which is impossible to install at your home. But, don’t be sad…

A natural gas heater can produce heat up to… 

  • 4.4X more efficiently compared to a propane heater. 
  • 6.725X more efficiently than an electric heater. 

I will provide a brief cost calculation below to explain scientifically and logically. 

So, why not choose them as a primary heating solution for the living room, bedroom, patio, garage, workshops, and wherever you want? 

Worried about safety? So, we’ve picked some amazingly safe at a time powerful & highly efficient natural gas space heaters, suitable for your household or commercial spaces. Keep Reading.

Our Top Picks

10,000 BTU Blue Flame Natural Gas Space Heater:  Dyna-Glo BF10NMDG-4

Great for 250 sqft living room which is well insulated.

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10,000 BTU Radiant/Infrared Gas Heater: Mr. Heater F299811

Heat efficiently any 250 sqft indoor spaces with poor insulation.

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20,000 BTU Blue Flame N. Gas Heater:Mr. Heater F299720

Fantastic for large dining, basement, or 700 sqft insulated spaces

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20,000 BTU Radiant/Infrared HeaterProCom MNSD3TPA

Enjoy the warmth seating on 750 sqft sunroom, comes with blower!

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30,000 BTU Blue Flame N. Gas Heater Mr. Heater F299201

Heats up to 1000 sqft spaces very efficiently.

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30,000 Radiant/Infrared Type Heater Mr. Heater F299831

Works with team in 1000 sqft workshops or Garage? Let’s get instant warmth!

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Natural Gas Patio Heater- Fire Sence 61445

Time for a BBQ party! Feel the warmth surrounding 10 feet around it.

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Natural Gas Garage Heater- Mr. Heater Big Max 50K BTU & Mr Heater Big Max 80K BTU

Permanent Heating solution for any showroom, or commercial spaces sized up to 2000 sqft.

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Natural Gas Commercial Heater – Dyna Glo RMC-FA150NGDGD

Gigantic heating solution for the construction site, and the most efficient too!

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22 Essential Things to Learn Before you Pick your Natural Gas Space Heater!

1. Operation Cost of Natural Gas Heater is 4.4X cheaper than Propane & 6.725X cheaper than Electric Heater. (Scientific Proof!)

Here’s The Cost Comparison of Three Market Leading heater from each type. (Natural Gas, Propane & Electric) 

Cost Comparison natural gas space heater

Mr. Heater F299721, Market-Leading Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater.

Hourly Gas Consumption = 0.020 MCF (Thousand Cubic Feet) officially. 

On Average, the current MCF of natural gas price in the United States is 4.07 USD. (Source,

So, the Hourly Operational Cost will be 0.020×4.07 = 0.0814 USD/hr

But, you may tell me, Natural Gas Cost varies by location and season. Let me consider the highest price of Natural Gas which is $10 per MCF. 

So, the probably highest hourly cost will be 0.02×10 = 0.2 USD/hr.

So, we may finalize that, 20,000 BTU natural gas heater’s hourly cost remains around 0.0814~0.2 USD per Hour. 

Mr. Heater F299720, The Market Leading Blue Flame Propane Heater

Per Gallon Propane Price in USA = 2.295 USD 


Mr. Heater F299720 heater’s hourly gas consumption = 0.926 Ibs (Official) 

Now, 4.865955 pound propane = 1 Gal

so, 0.926 Ibs = 0.926/4.865955 = 0.1903 Gal.

So, the Operational hourly cost of Mr. Heater F299720 will be 0.1903×2.295 = 0.4367 USD (Minimum)

But, the propane refill cost remains around $3-$4 per gallon. So, if we go for the highest range of $4, then the operational cost will be 0.1903×4=0.7612 USD per hour.

Finally, the 20,000 BTU propane heater’s hourly operation cost is around 0.4367~0.7612 USD.

Dr. Heater DR966, Industry Leading 20,427 BTU 6KW Electric Garage Heater.

20,427 BTU is produced by 6000 watts

So, 20,000 BTU will be produced by (6000×20,000)/20,472 = 5861.66 Watts

So, we will count it as a 20,000 BTU 5861.66-watt Electric Heater for equal power calculation of Propane & Natural Gas Heater.

If Dr. Heater DR966 runs for 1 hour producing 20,000 BTU, it will consume 5.86166 Kilowatt-Hour electricity. 

1 kilowatt-hour costs 13.29 Cents (Source,

So, 5.86166 kilowatt-hr costs = 5.86166×13.29 = 77.90 Cents or 0.779 USD

Finally, an Electric Heater of 20,000 BTU’s hourly operation cost remains 0.779 USD

Now comparing the Natural Gas Heater with Propane & Electric heater,

  • Natural Gas Heater 0.0814~0.2 USD per Hour
  • Propane Heater 0.4367~0.7612 USD. Per Hour
  • Electric Heater 0.779 USD per Hour

Natural Gas Heater is (0.4/0.08 = 5 or 0.76/0.2 = 3.8) 5 to 3.8 times cheaper than Propane heater & (0.779/0.08=9.6 or 0.779/0.2=3.85) 9.6 to 3.85 times cheaper than Electric heater. 

So, on Average Natural gas heater is 4.4X Cheaper than Propane Heater and 6.725X Cheaper than Electric Heater. (Proved)

2. What’s Ventless Natural Gas Space Heater? Are they Healthy & Actually Ventless?

The word “VENTLESS” Explains these types of heaters don’t require any chimneys to pass any exhaust. But, you will need to keep your window/door slightly open to access fresh air from the environment to ensure safe & healthy operation.

As you know about fireplaces & kerosene/diesel heaters, they require a chimney to pass the toxic exhaust. Cause they produce CO, NOx, and several different poisonous gasses during burning gasoline or coal, which are harmful.

But, ventless gas heaters don’t emit any toxic gasses or fumes.

Cause ventless blue flame or radiant heaters are gas-driven. Either they use Cylendarised Liquid Propane or Natural gas from the dedicated gas line. Burning these gasses doesn’t produce any toxic or harmful exhausts.

Natural gas is mainly 94.7% Methane (CH4), 4.2% Ethane (C2H6), 0.2% Propane (C3H8) and 0.02% iso-Butane (C4H10)

While LPG is 100% Propane (C3H8).

Here’s the chemical reaction during their burning & energy production to explain why they don’t emit toxic elements. 

Methene > CH4 + 2O2 = 2H2O + CO2 + energy

Ethene > 2C2H6 + 7O2 = 4H2O + 6CO2 + energy

Propane> C3H8 + 5O2 = 3H2O + 4CO2 + energy

Butane> 2C4H10 + 13O2 = 8H2O + 10CO2 + energy

So, from the chemical reaction equations, we’ve come to know, Natural gas or propane creates only water vapor (H2O) & CO2, which is nothing but the gas we breathe out! 

But, this is only when these gasses will get Sufficient Oxygen to get burned and produce CO2.

From the SYMBOL CO2, you can see, each Carbon molecule needs TWO oxygen molecules to produce carbon dioxide. If the number of carbon gets increased and oxygen gets decreased, then forcefully toxic carbon monoxide (CO) will be created. 

To avoid these cases, you need to keep the door/window slightly open and let the fresh air access your room.

So, Ventless Natural Gas Heaters are 100% safe and nontoxic when FRESH AIR can sufficiently Enter your room from the environment.

Once you follow this instruction, using these heaters will absolutely be safe. 

3. Blue Flame vs. Radiant, Which wall mount Gas heater should I choose? 

Blue flame and radiant heaters are different according to the way they work or raise the room temperature. Both of them has some advantage, & disadvantage. 

In short word, Radiant is better for Safety & lower insulation, and the Blue flame is better for a bit more efficiency, longer lifespan & silently invisible operation.

  • Blue Flame Heater: Works on CONVECTION technology, raising nearby air temperature adjacent to the room.
  • Radiant Heaters: Don’t increase air temperature; instead, they project heat directly towards objects, i.e., the human body, and keep them warm.
  • Blue Flame Heater: Remain almost invisible during operation, so you won’t feel any disturbance while using at night.
  • Radiant Heaters: The radiator becomes enlightened in Orange color and remains highly visible during nighttime operation.
  • Blue Flame Heater: Comparatively slow in raising the room temperature, and most of the heat climbs towards the roof.
  • Radiant Heaters: Almost Instant heating experience, and directly reflects the heat where you exactly want, including the entire room.
  • Blue Flame Heater: Require a bit more insulation. Old and damp houses may decrease their performance.
  • Radiant Heater: Need only minimum insulation. Frequently opening the door/window never impacts its performance.
  • Blue Flame Heater: Slightly more efficient than Radiant unit.
  • Radiant Heater: Slightly safer than Blue Flame as there’s no flame inside.

4. Should I buy the Optional Blower for Wall Mount Heaters? 

Blowers that optionally installable on most of the wall mount heaters are mainly for increase air circulation. 

Some users think those are useless rubbish. Some others have found them helpful.

So, at the very first chance, I don’t recommend you to buy a blower. Instead, use heaters only for a few days; you may keep a small fan around it. After few days, if you feel it’s a necessity, then you may go for it. 

5. Technical Difference Between Natural Gas & Propane Heater? Are They Interchangeable?

The difference between natural gas & propane heater is nothing but the gas nozzle of the burner.

Propane’s nozzle is slightly narrower than natural gas. Because the amount of propane is required to produce a certain amount of heat, natural gas requires almost 3X more than that.

Technically, you can interchange them by changing that nozzle, but that will void your warranty.

I will suggest you go for dual fuel units, in case you think of interchanging them.

6. Are These heaters 99.9% Energy-Efficient? Scientific Explanation!

If you know precisely about energy efficiency, then yes, they are.

As you know, energy is transformable from type to type, but you can’t create or destroy them.

Think about electric heaters. Firstly, the electricity is being produced by burning gas/coal or from the nuclear plant. Then electricity is getting converted into heat while passing through the heating elements. Depending on the resistance, 4% to 12% of powers are consumed by the heating elements, and rests are being converted into heat.

On the other hand, natural gas is directly burned and produces heat on these natural gas heaters. So, there is almost no energy loss. So they are more than 99% efficient for heat production.

7. How hot their Interface Remains?

The interface of wall mount natural gas heaters remains sufficiently cold to touch which is around 100F to 105F, but the grill remains hot.

But the upper interface (umbrella shed) of the patio heater or the commercial & garage heater’s interface remains hot. 

8. Should I Install an Air Quality Monitor nearby the Indoor Natural Gas Heater?

Yes, indeed!

But, remind one thing, air quality monitor not only detects CO & NOx, but also they detect CO2 or low level of Oxygen.

Indoor wall mount natural gas heaters increase the amount of CO2 slightly, which isn’t harmful at all. You may keep the window slightly open to prevent that issue.

9. Can I Leave Them ON overnight? 

Indoor wall mount natural gas heater could be left ON for overnight, keeping the window slightly open. Same for the indoor natural gas garage heater.

But patio or commercial heater should not be left ON overnight, and for sure, you will never require to do that.

10. Some Reliable Brands to Suggest

“Mr. Heater” is the most popular brand among gas heating industries. “Dyna-Glo” will be the second recommendation. 

But some new other brands are doing exceptionally well, for example, “Lost River” that we have reviewed as 4rth product.

11. Lifespan Of Natural Gas Heater, According to 100 Real Users!

Blue Flame natural gas heaters are the longest-lasting products among all household gas heaters. According to several user’s experiences, they last for more than 10+ years.

Radiant heaters last slightly lower than blue flame, and that’s also around 8 years.

Mr. Heater’s natural gas Garage heater already has 10 years of warranty! They last longer than 30 years with some essential maintenance.

Torpedo natural gas heater has the shortest lifespan, which is around 3-5 years.

And finally, the patio heater, which is rarely used. If you use them regularly, they lasts for around 7 years and more.

12. How Much BTU Do I Need? Calculate the accurate size for the home & garage

For wall mount indoor natural gas heaters (Blue Flame & Radiant), 

10,000 BTU = 250 to 350 sqft

20,000 BTU= Around 700 sqft

30,000 BTU = Around 1000 sqft

Note: 30K BTU heaters could be used in 2 cars garage or same size workshops.

For Garage Heaters (forced air),

50,000 BTU= 1250-1500 sqft or 3+ cars garage.

80,000 BTU= Around 2000 sqft or 5+ cars garage.

13. What Features to Look For, Including Safety? 

  • Thermostat: Except for the 10,000 BTU wall mount indoor heater, all other blue flames or radiant units have thermostats. As these thermostat doesn’t include specific temperature instead only levels, you should ensure how many levels they have and are they sufficient to keep you comfortable.
  • ODS Sensor: ODS detects the air’s oxygen level, and if it feels anything abnormal, then the heater takes instant shut off. All the indoor wall mount natural gas heater contains this feature, but not the garage ceiling heater & commercial torpedo unit. 
  • Also, you should ensure the item is CSA certified.

14. Multiple Low BTU heater or Single High BTU unit?

If you require to heat a large area, such as a garage or workshops, or anywhere you work with a team, firstly don’t think about big professional garage heaters. Instead, think of installing multiple wall mount indoor heaters among blue flame/radiant according to your choice.

Cause they are affordable, and sometimes you can only heat specific areas where you exactly need them.

But if you require to heat a shopping mall, shops, or places like that where the central heating system is mandatory, then you may go for the 50K BTU or 80K BTU forced air Mr. Heater unit.

15. How much is the installation cost

Installing the wall mount natural gas heaters are almost costless if you simply know to connect your gas line with the heater using a hosepipe.

Then, the only task is to join the heater’s leg (my favorite setup) or mount them on the wall using the bracket. Only a hand drill, screwdrivers, and some very common kits could finish the entire task.

But, the natural gas forced air garage heater requires professional installation as it requires an exhaust line, dedicated gas pipeline, and electrical wiring. Depending on position and complexity, you will need around $500 for installation. 

So, I always suggest going for a wall mount natural gas heater first for its lower maintenance cost. 

16. Can they run entirely without electricity?

Yes, for the Wall Mount Natural Gas Heaters.

They can run entirely without electricity and able to keep you warm if you remain in an electric outage for the entire day!

They use a battery-powered spark ignitor to ignite the unit and keep the thermostat alive. Each battery lasts for 6-8 months or longer.

On the other hand,

The forced air garage heater requires electricity to spin the blower fan, keep activated the ignitor and the power exhaust. 

17. Are they Environment Friendly?

Yes, using natural gas space heaters is entirely environmentally friendly. They produce Carbon dioxide and some vapor, which are essential for trees. They don’t even emit any toxic elements or fumes while your room is ventilated enough.

But here’s one caution. Do not use the indoor natural gas heaters in an enclosed room with a lack of fresh air. 

18. Some Discussion about Warranty

Sadly, all the indoor wall mount natural gas heaters offer only a 1-year limited warranty, except the garage ceiling heater, which comes with 3-years parts and a 10-years heat exchanger warranty.

But, you don’t need to be worried about that. Cause there is almost nothing inside a blue flame/radiant heater to get damaged. 

Keep the heater clean from dust while it remains unused. You may use a blower to do that. Thus, your heater will last very long.

19. Freestanding vs. Mounted Which Installation I Should Prefer?

I love freestanding, especially for the radiant units. Cause you can rotate them according to your seating location. 

For blue flame, freestanding or wall-mounted doesn’t create any difference.

But, keeping it wall mounted will ensure no movement of gas valves and the connecting hose, so it remains safer to be leakage-free.

20. What’s The Package Includes? What Should I Look For?

Wall mount natural gas heaters come with a Heater unit, wall mounting brackets with screws, legs for freestanding (Not in Dyna-Glo), and the Lost River brand sends a blower and hosepipe, and the battery for spark ignitor.

You will need to buy sealing tape, extension hose pipes if required, and gas valves to tap on the mainline.

21. Some Basic Maintainance for Natural Gas Heaters

  1. Keep it clean and dust-free using a blower.
  2. Never cover or keep anything nearby to it. Maintain at least 3 feet distance front of the unit to ensure safety.
  3. Don’t use it longer than 12 hours restlessly. Take a small break of 30 minutes.
  4. Using the optional blower will enhance the lifespan.

If you use cylindered gas, keep the cylinder at least 7 feet apart from it.

9 Best Natural Gas Space Heater Reviews

1. Best 10,000 BTU Blue Flame Gas Heater– Dyna-Glo BF10NMDG-4

  • Power- 10,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- 250 sqft
  • Heater Type – Ventless & Wall Mount
  • Fuel- Natural Gas
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

This model from Dyna-Glo would be a priceless treasure for the farsighted homeowners who care about utility bills. Cause, with 99.9% impressive energy efficiency, its hourly cost isn’t more than 5~10 cents based on High/Med/Low heat settings!

Dyna-Glo BF10NMDG-4 is a Ventless Blue Flame natural gas heater that could be wall-mounted or placed on the floor (Legs are sold separately). It’s healthy & too safe to install in your master bedroom, living room, office, bathroom, or any 250 sqft insulated spaces. 

When an electric heater lays you unsatisfied in extremely chilled weather, Dyna-Glo will present you with ultimate comfort utilizing its 10,000 BTU massive heating capacity. It could be the best secondary/emergency heating source for your living places.

It’s operational entirely without electricity! An AAA-sized battery powers the spark-ignitor to turn ON the piezo pilot light. Thus the heater can start working in less than 5 seconds! However, electric outage or a weak electric heater, nothing will resist you from warmth comfort.

What did I like about It?

Three Heat Settings

Sadly, these types of heaters don’t contain a thermostat to measure the temperature. But, Dyna-Glo BF10NMDG-4 is the only 10,000 BTU blue flame natural gas heater that contains 3-separate heat settings. Those are,

  • Low – 5000 BTU
  • Medium-7500 BTU
  • High-10,000 BTU

So, while setting the proper heating range, you will feel comfortable the entire time.

You may install a blower behind it to increase circulation, which is entirely optional.

Almost Invisible

Although the flame remains ON, they are almost invisible at night. So keeping the heater ON won’t be a cause of disturbance during a good night’s sleep.

Safety & Operation

The heater contains ODS safety that detects indoor oxygen levels. If the level falls, the unit gets shut OFF instantly.

The battery & regulator is placed at the top of the unit, so operating or changing the battery is very easy!

Note: Unfortunately, this unit isn’t operatable in Canada or California due to state law.

2. Best 10,000 BTU Radiant/Infrared Gas Heater – Mr. Heater F299811

  • Power- 10,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- 250 sqft
  • Heater Type – Ventless Wall Mount
  • Fuel- Natural Gas
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

Need to heat some uninsulated rooms? Mr.Heater 10,000 BTU Radiant type natural gas heater is ready for the job. Now you may remain comfortable in any indoor spaces, which are sized around 250 sqft. (Bed, Bath, Living Room, Basement, Garage or Kitchen which is slightly ventilated)

Lower insulation, higher altitude (up to 4500 feet from seashore), frigid weather, or nothing can impact its terrific performance.

If natural gas isn’t too expensive in your state, the unit will cost 7~10 cents hourly with a massive 98% energy efficiency! 

As the radiant heater directly projects heat towards the objects instead of warming the air, you will feel better warmth around its prominence areas. Even if one of your windows remains open, the radiant heater will keep you entirely comfortable!

As it’s a ventless unit, no chimney will be required for installation. You may either permanently mount it on the wall with supplied brackets or keep it on the floor with supplied feet. 

The installation procedure won’t take more than 15 minutes, while you only need to TAP the unit with your existing gas line. The unit is fully operational without electricity.

What do I like about it?

No electricity required!

You will only need one AAA battery to power the piezo light’s spark ignitor. The fact is, radiant heaters take a couple more seconds to start up, especially on chilled days (Not more than 20 seconds).

At the top of the unit, the heat regulator and ignitor button are placed side by side. You just need to twist the regulator at the pilot position, press and hold the ignitor switch. Thus the unit will startup.

Note: Each Battery lasts for longer than a year!

Power Settings

The unit doesn’t contain any thermostat, so the temperature can’t be maintained, which is a drawback. But it has TWO heat settings, Low/High, that radiates 5000 BTU and 10,000 BTU on the sequence. In most cases, you won’t require a high setup.

Safety Features

The unit is CSA certified, and the ODS sensor to sense the O2 level and get instant shut down if required. No fume, no smell, or no air quality damaging will be noticed. But a little ventilation is suggested, like keeping the window/door open slightly.

This unit isn’t applicable for CANADA or CALIFORNIA due to state restrictions.

3. Best 20,000 BTU Blue Flame N. Gas Heater– Mr. Heater F299720

Mr. Heater F299720
  • Power- 20,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- up to 700 sqft
  • Heater Type – Ventless Wall Mount
  • Fuel- Natural Gas
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

Need some more heat for the living room or basements? Or wanna skip the bill for the central heating system? Then Mr.Heater 20,000 BTU blue flame natural gas heater would be your best companion for all your hard times! 

Firstly, the 700 sqft heating ability will cover half of your houses. Secondly, each hour you will require hardly 20 cubic feet of natural gas to drive this machine (If it runs non-stop in MAX power). So, getting a toasty home will be almost costless, which means $1 for 5+ hours. Isn’t it impressive?

The blue flame remains invisible and ventless doesn’t require chimnies, so the installation & operation both are very charming! You may use it as a primary or secondary/emergency heating unit for your home lobby, large living rooms, garage, or workshops. Indeed, it’s operational entirely without electricity!

If there’s a snowfall outside, and you wanna enjoy the day remaining inside the conservatory/sunrooms, you will feel like a sunny summer morning once you turn ON the powerful machine. 

But, as it’s a gigantic natural gas space heater, I won’t recommend you to choose it for bedrooms, 10,000 BTU would be enough for that.

What do I Like about it? 

Five Heat Setup

The thermostat allows you to choose 5 different heat setups from low to high to provide you the comfortable heat output. But they are unlike electronic thermostats and can’t maintain a specific temperature. 

One-Click Startup

The start ignitor is one AAA battery-powered. It takes no time to startup once you press the pilot button twisting the thermal regulator.

During chilled days or at higher altitudes (around 4500 feet from the seashore), the startup may take a while (20-30 secs).

Installation & Safety

Mr. Heater provides all equipment for installation, including wall mount brackets and feet for leaving safely on the floor. 

Simply tapping on the gas line using a pipeline and copper valve and inserting the AAA battery, the unit will be ready to use.

The unit is also CSA certified and contains an ODS sensor to ensure safe operation.

4. Best 20,000 BTU Radiant/Infrared Heater– ProCom MNSD3TPA

  • Power- 20,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- Up to 700-900 sqft
  • Heater Type – Ventless Wall Mount
  • Fuel- Both Natural Gas & Propane
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

Note: ProCom MNSD3TPA is the Only heater from our list where both Natural Gas & Propane could be used as fuel! Using Natural Gas will be more efficient!

If you require to Open/Close the door of an around 750 sqft sized room too frequently, then ProCom 20,000 BTU infrared type natural gas heater might be the best solution to keep it warm. 

As you know, radiant heaters project heat directly to objects similar to electromagnetic waves. So, if you remain inside its projection circles, the warmth will straightly penetrate towards your body instead of raising the air temperature. So, the frequent door/window opening or closing mightn’t manipulate the heating performance.

For installation, this unit has TWO separate gas inlets specifically for natural gas & propane. Using natural gas will be more efficient & powerful than propane. Burning natural gas will produce 20,000 BTU/hr, while burning propane will generate only 18,000 BTU/hr.

ProCom MNSD3TPA has a 99.9% efficiency rate, which means ultimate low-cost operation!

According to the manufacturer’s claim, the heater will be sufficient for 950 sqft sized spaces. But our recommended suitable spaces would be 750 sqft.

What Do I Like of It?

Genuine Thermostat & Operations!

Functional thermostats are rarely available in natural gas space heaters. Luckily, ProCom MNSD3TPA contains this feature. However, you can’t preset it at any specific temperature. But, there are 1,2,3,4 & 5 different heat levels, and the heater will automatically get turned OFF/ON in a recycled way, maintaining that thermal level. Also, the unit includes

  • AAA Battery Powered Spark ignition
  • ODS Sensor integrated Pilot Light
  • CSA Safety certificate

Blower Included!

While for prestigious brands, air circulating blowers need to be bought separately, ProCom MNSD3TPA provides it in packaging! So, combining radiant heat with hot air circulation, the unit is a compact irresistible choice!

Designing Language!

Have you noticed the protection net? Unlike verticle rods (Used in Mr.Heater or Dyna-Glo), the unit contains net grill protection in front of the radiator sheet. You can never be able to insert your fingers or anything else inside the radiator. Isn’t it the safest?

Then, instead of TWO radiator sheets (like Mr. Heater 20,000 BTU), it has THREE! It enhances efficiency and boosts the power slightly.

Installation Bracket & Legs

The unit comes with brackets for wall mounting and legs for leaving on the floor. So, you would have everything to for preferred installation and enjoy the warmth!

5. Best 30,000 BTU Blue Flame N. Gas Heater – Mr. Heater F299201

Mr. Heater F299201
  • Power- 30,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- Up to 1000 sqft
  • Heater Type – Ventless Wall Mount
  • Fuel- Both Natural
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

Introducing the most familiar & the highest BTU blue flame ventless natural gas heater on our list! Rarely there’s a person who never has seen this model anywhere at least once in life! 

If you live in an OLD house where the central air furnace is struggling to raise the room temperature, then Mr. Heater’s 30,000 Blue Flame unit will give you a game-changer experience! 

The enormous heating capacity will never take more than 20 minutes to entirely heat your 1000 sqft sized house. Even if you install it on the first floor, the heat will spread to the second floor within a while. It’s a real-life experience!

A battery-powered spark ignitor allows the heater to run entirely without electricity. The 5 level thermostat automatically turns the heater ON & OFF, maintaining the preset temperature in a cyclic order.

Mr. Heater provides everything you need for the installation except the hose pipe & external gas valves. Both the wall mount bracket and legs are included with the packaging.

You may install an optional blower for better heat spreading behind the heater by opening a punch sheet. But, I will suggest to do it later if you feel the necessity, cause the performance was very well in our testing lab without the blower.

Things I love of it?

The heating Performance

In extremely chilled weather, while the sunrooms, basements, or old houses become very uncomfortable to use, the heater turns the situation into a warm, charming temperature, similar to a sunny summer day! 

The 5 Level Thermostat isn’t electronically controlled, but the test result provides the data nearby.

  • Level 1 – 60°F
  • Level 2– 75.2°F
  • Level 3– 90°F
  • Level 4-105°F
  • Level 5-118°F

Hardly, level 3 will be required for you to feel comfortable!

The Simple Operation

Turning the heater ON is effortless. Simply twisting the regulator in the Pilot position and pressing the RED ignitor button will light up the heater. Then you may enjoy your comfortable temperature by presetting the temperature level!

The heater contains an ODS sensor that senses the nearby air’s oxygen level and can shut the heater off in any critical situation. The unit is CSA certified and operational up to 4500 feet above sea level.

Low-Cost Operation

If you set the heater at the highest temperature, the unit will consume 30 cubic feet of natural gas each hour. This means the cost will remain almost 3X lower than any other same capacity gas unit & far cheaper than any regular electric space heaters! 

6. Best 30,000 Radiant/Infrared Type Heater – Mr. Heater F299831

Mr. Heater F299831
  • Power- 30,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- Up to 1000 sqft
  • Heater Type – Ventless Wall Mount
  • Fuel- Both Natural
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

When the entire city rests molded by snow, the sun remains invisible for days; the fireplace cries for its disabilities, then the 30,000 BTU radiant heater starts rock & roll! 

It’s the only unit that can present you with a warm, enjoyable & perfect Christmas football match sitting in your Sunroom. As the heat directly reflects the body in radiant technology, you will feel the warmth surrounding the projection area as soon as you turn it ON.

The heater is suitable for 750-1000 sqft spaces, like Sunroom, living room, basements, garage, workshops and there’s no problem if the door/window has to open too frequently!

With a battery-powered spark starter, the heater is operational without any outside power. A 5 level thermostat automatically turns the heater ON/OFF, maintaining the temperature. According to multiple users, the battery lasts for longer than a year!

Note: According to our own experience, we couldn’t go above the 2nd level of the thermostat, as it provides sufficient heat!

What do I Love about It?

Very Convenient!

The heater packaging comes with a wall mount bracket and floor feasting legs. You don’t require any complicated installation except tapping the gas pipe with your NG line.

I would prefer to keep it on the floor, as it’s a radiant heater and you’ll able to rotate it freely according to your sitting areas. But be careful of gas leakage due to any strenuous movement!

Heat Straightly

I do prefer radiant more than a blue flame cause it reflects heat directly at the front, and as it’s a 30,000 BTU powerful unit, the warmth remains noticeable surrounding the entire room. Blue flame passes the heat mostly towards the roof, but this radiant unit does the job just as we require!


The ignition is battery-powered. As soon as you twist the thermostat to the pilot position and press the ignition, the radiator plate lights up almost within 5 seconds! It may keep a couple more seconds in chilled weather.

The heater is operational up to 4500 feet above sea level, and it’s CSA certified. Also, it contains an integrated ODS sensor for basic safety.

Sadly, people from California & Canada can’t get this due to state regulation.

7. Best Natural Gas Patio Heater- Fire Sence61445

Fire Sence 61445
  • Power- 45,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- 10 Feets surrounding it
  • Heater Type – Patio Outdoor
  • Fuel- Both Natural
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

A BBQ party on your porch or any outdoor venue is fun, but not in a frigid winter! Using a propane patio might be an expensive solution. So the Fire Sense 45,000 BTU portable outdoor heat lamp is a perfect solution to save your pocket!

Natural gas patio heaters aren’t too popular and rarely manufactured, as the gas line isn’t broadly available to all the states. But, if you have access to the natural gas line in your yard, nothing can beat this Fire Sense portable outdoor heat lamp, considering the quality, efficiency & performance.

Once you fire up the unit, the mighty radiator shed reflects heat surrounding it, covering almost 10 feet diameters. Most importantly, the whole stand is lightweight and handy to place on a table, and securely operational in any circumstance.

A battery-powered spark ignitor lights up the piezo pilot light by one press to the power button; then, you may choose high to low heat settings twisting the thermal knob.

The base paddle stand, vertical rod, upper shed, starter switch, and regulator, all the single equipment, are made of stainless steel. In addition, the gas burner and radiator net are made of rust-free mixed metal material for a long-lasting lifespan.

Here’s the dimension of this unit.

  • Height: 91 Inch
  • Foot Diameter: 12 Inch
  • Top Umbrella Shed Diameter: 33 Inch.

The unit has a 76-inch gas hose that extends from the head to the base, and a 15 inch remains exposed to the base plate.

Note: During runtime, the umbrella shed remains too hot, nearly 280F. So be careful about that.

One unsatisfying Fact

The base stably stands on concrete or any plain surface. But on grass or a bit soft surfaces, you might require to place it on a rigid wooden board. 

Or you may permanently make a solution screwing on a rubber burble, or a concrete garden block, or any steel sheet with a large diameter according to your preference.

8. Best Natural Gas Garage Heater – Mr. Heater Big Max 50K BTU & Mr. Heater Big Max 80K BTU

  • Power- 50,000 BTU & 80,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- 50K BTU-1250 sqft, 80K BTU- 2000 sqft
  • Heater Type – Ceiling Mount Garage Heater
  • Fuel- Natural Gas
  • Warranty- 3 Years Parts, 10 years Heat Exchanger

If you own a gigantic workshop, or you are a passionate car collector and searching for a lifetime efficient heating solution for those spaces. Then Mr. Heater Big Maxx is what you need! Exactly!

Big Maxx is available in two capacity variants. Those are 50,000 BTU & 80,000 BTU. They can handle a 1250 sqft or 2-3 car and 2000 sqft or 4 -5 car garage or same size workshops on the sequence.

It’s a lifetime heating solution with permanent under ceiling installation (It requires a 1-inch gap between the ceiling and heater surface).

Mr. Heater is too confident about their Big Maxx models, as they provide an extended 3-years parts & 10 years heat exchanger warranty for both of these units.

These units require a 3/4″ natural gas line, a horizontal/vertical ventilation pipe according to your preference, and a 120V electric connection to handle operations. While running on full throttle, they consume around 2.5 amp current to spin the blower fan and the power exhaust.

No breaker or complicated wiring is required. The entire unit could be operated from an indoor control panel, similar to your home thermostat.

Could you imagine how efficient & hassle-free it is handling the unit? For producing 50K & 80K BTU, an electric heater would consume 15KW & 24KW electricity on the sequence, and you would require a 240V power line, additional breakers to handle them. Compare to electricity or propane; natural gas is several times cheap and efficient!

9. Best Natural Gas Commercial Heater – Dyna Glo RMC-FA150NGDGD

  • Power- 150,000 BTU
  • Heating Space- Up to 3,800 sqft
  • Heater Type – Commercial Torpedo Gas Heater
  • Fuel- Natural Gas
  • Warranty- 1 Year Limited

Finally, introducing the natural gas torpedo heater from Dyna-Glo, which is very much suitable for construction sites.  Generally, gigantic powered torpedo heaters run by kerosene or propane.

Cause rarely natural gas supply is available for such a high-pressure load to handle this mighty heater. Using this unit is efficient, but you might need to call your gas company to ensure that your meter can handle this 150K BTU massive load.

You will require a 120V electric line beside a 3/4″ natural gas line to operate this unit. Simply by turning ON the power switch, this heater will be activated. Also, the thermal regulator has 7 different heating level to provide warmth according to your comfort.

Despite being powerful, the unit is handy and lightweight (17 pounds). Holding the carrying bracket quickly, you can move it wherever you need.

We will recommend a 5 cubic feet ventilation to ensure safe operation for this torpedo heater.  As it’s powerful than anything else, the unit deserves some extra care for sure!