Types Of Space Heaters – What Is Energy-Efficient?

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A space heater is the modern replacement of fire. We need to keep ourselves warm in winter, and for that purpose, older people used to light up the warming fire in chimneys. Now in modern days, we don’t need to use those chimneys. It is the time to shift to space heaters, that will keep us warm in winters. There are many types of space heaters based on their fuel consumption, portability, placement, and technological methods. We dive into the types of space heaters in this article, which will help you to buy a suitable one for you.

To select the best heater for Bedroom you, you need to look at what technology method it uses, where it can get placed. Is it portable or not? What kind of fuels it uses and how can we warm ourselves with it? These questions are necessary to ask. Further, the most important thing is your life, so make sure which heater is safe for you. According to a local fire department in the US, there is an average of 52,050 fires due to heating equipment each year. So, the precautions are necessary while using a space heater. We will put light on all types of space heaters for your information.

Types of Space Heaters

We will classify the types of space heater based on the technical method used in this article.

  1. Convection Space Heaters
  2. Radiant Heaters
  3. Ceramic Heaters
  4. Micathermic Space Heaters

Convection Space Heaters

These are the heaters which heat the complete room. It spreads its hot air in the whole room and heats the entire space. This feature means that for this type of heater, it is necessary to insulate the entire room. If there is no insulation, then this heater will not work correctly. You need to cover every hole from where the air can escape. This type of heaters requires some time to heat the whole atmosphere. It spreads the hot air slowly throughout the room. So be patient, it will not burn your place quickly. choose bathroom Bathroom Ceiling Heater for your luxuries bathroom.

These types of space heaters may have oil in them. The oil is heated electrically by an electrical heating element. This oil becomes hot and circulates in the radiator and gives off its energy to the air. The fans spread the hot air in the whole room. After the entire place is warm, you can switch off your heater. The office will still keep warm air, but it depends on the insulation of your room. You can control the temperature with the thermostat located on it. It requires a little maintenance, and there is no need to replace the oil after use. It is portable and can get placed where you need it.

Convection space heaters are quiet; you will only hear a little noise of fan if it is there. You can place it in your living room and have a good sleep. These are durable and can last long for years. It is better to start the heater an hour before you go to sleep.

Radiant Heaters:

Radiant heaters may get used for spot heating. They do not heat the whole air in the room. They provide hot air to the people or objects in front of them. Since these types of space heaters do not heat the whole place, so there is no need for insulation. They do not require insulation in the room. They provide you quick heating, and you do not need to wait as for convection heaters.

These provide radiations that heat us. The front part of these heaters is boiling, so you need to keep away your children and pet from it. Further, it can be a cause of the fire, if there is anything in front of it which can help in combustion. Keep them away from curtains and bedsheets.

You can take them anywhere, as they are light. These appliances have a temperature control thermostat on it, which can control the temperature of radiation. These are very silent, and you can sleep without any distractions.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters use electric energy to provide heat. The entire body made of plastic and metal; only the heating element is ceramic. It can set a specific temperature in the room. It also has timers in it to control the time of heating.

These types of space heaters come with fans, which can spread hot air in the room. Some of these space heaters do not have fans, but they can revolve around its axis to a specific limit, just like a floor fan moving left to the right. These are safe to use at home and offices but never cover its surface with any cloth. The best thing is their durability, and they can last for years.

Some of these heaters come with remote control and multiple fans to control the temperature and flow. The electricity usage decreases as it maintains the temperature in the room.

Micathermic Space Heaters

Micathermic space heaters work as convection and radiant heater. Nearly one-fifth of heat gets produced by radiation. It has a dual-type of heating which can heat the air in the room, the object in front of it as well. This feature makes it provide hot air quickly within a minute. If your room is insulated, then the heat can remain after closing the heater as well.

These types of heater use mica covered heating element, which is light and thin. Mica is capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation when it is heated. These radiations can keep us warm. It is the most efficient type of space heaters, and therefore, it is widespread as compared to other types of space heaters. New models of these heaters come with remote control.

They are very light and easy to carry. You should keep your children and pets away from these type of heaters as they are boiling.

Questions and Answers

What is the typical wattage of these space heaters?

The wattage of the space heater depends on the area of room you need to heat. You can multiply the area in square feet with 10 to get the wattage. For example, if the area of your room is 200 square feet, then you need a 2000 watt space heater. You need to insulate your room correctly.

What is the function of timers in space heaters?

The timers can be used to switch off the heater automatically after a specific time. For example, if the timer gets set for one hour, then the heater will switch off after one hour.

How to prevent fires due to space heaters?

Never place your heater near any combustible material such as your curtain and bedsheets. Always make a distance of at least 3 feet from such materials. Make sure to tie the curtains, so that they will not fall on the heater.


Now we have discussed the types of space heaters. This will help you to buy your new heater. The above discussed are the common types of space heaters, there can many other types of space heaters as well. Be careful while using a space heater and insulate your room properly.