Water Heater Buying Guide

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Whenever you are choosing a new water heater for utilizing it at home, you are supposed to choose a water heating system that is suitable for you. There are a few things that you have to consider while buying a new water heater such as it should be providing enough hot water. Not only that, but it should be energy efficient because all of them can give you hot water. However, there will be a few high-quality ones that can provide you energy efficiency.

This will be saving you a lot of money, there are different types of water heaters available in the market. When you are buying a new water heater, you should be determining the size and fuel source for your house. Let’s discuss a water heater buying guide to make sure that you do not get confused.

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Types of water heater available:

It is always a good idea that you should various types of heaters available. This matter lets you choose from multiple options for your house. The types of water heaters are as follows:

Solar water heaters:

As the name indicates that it utilizes solar energy to generate hot water. It is for sure energy efficient, and once you buy it, you will not be worried about the monthly bills. It provides you the warm water with the help of extracting the energy from the sun’s heat.

Conventional storage water heaters:

These are the most commonly used water heaters; these heaters get used in homes and businesses. These heaters come with the storage tanks that can store up to 6 to 100 gallons of water, and heat the water as well. The technology of this water heater is quite simple; the cold water enters the water heater from the top side of the tank.

This cold water can get directed from a supply that you have connected with the heater; the dip tube further directs this water towards the bottom of the tank. Then the hot water exits from the tank from the top.

Heat pump water heaters:

In the heat pump water heaters, the heater moves the heat from one place to another. It does not generate the heat directly to provide the hot water.

Tankless or demand-type water heaters:

There is no storage tank usage in this type of heater that is the reason it is known as a tank-less water heater. The water is heated directly without making the storage tank.

Tankless coil and indirect water heaters:

Tank-less coil or an indirect water heater uses a home’s space heating system for heating water. It provides the hot water on demand; there is no storage tank in this as well.

Whenever the hot water faucet is switched on, the water is heated as soon as it starts flowing through a heat exchanger or heating coil. This coil or exchanger gets installed in a central boiler or the furnace.

How to select a water heater:

Whenever you are choosing the best type of water heater, there are few things to consider. Let’s discuss the few factors that you should be taking care of before buying a water heater. They are as follows:

  • Size:To provide your household with a supply of enough hot water, along with the maximum energy efficiency, you are supposed to consider the size. A properly sized water heater is all you need. Dimensions of the storage tanks and many more. Can also be one of the factors that you would be looking into it.
    Fuel type, cost, and availability:
  • It would be best if you were considering the fuel type or the source of energy because they can be effecting the annual operation costs of the water heater. It would be best if you thought about both factors because they will get used for heating the water.
    Energy Efficiency:
  • To maximize the energy, because it will save you the cost. It would be best if you saw how efficient a water heater could be for you by evaluating its energy efficiency. Whenever you are making a purchase, check the available different types of energy-efficient heater.
  • The costs:
  • Every water heater has different prices. It depends on the factors such as how efficient they are, how much water they can store, and many more. When you are buying a water heater, it is always good to keep an estimate of the annual operating costs. Then compare these costs with the other available options such as less or more energy-efficient water heaters.


You have also been sure about how you can reduce the use of hot water. We also suggest that you may want to explore more strategies, for instance, the drain-water heat recovery. This matter will save you a lot of money when it comes to your water heating bill.

You can explore the water heater by fuel types:

The type of fuel that is available to you can limit your choices of buying a water heater. Here is the list of few options of fuel in water heaters:


Electricity is almost available everywhere. As it is widely available in the US for conventional fuel storage, tank-less or demand-type, or other heat pump water heaters. Electricity can get utilized with the combination of space heating systems and water systems.

Fuel oil

If we talk about the fuel oil, it is available in a few areas of the US to fuel conventional storage water heaters, and space heating systems and indirect combination.

Geothermal energy, Natural gas, propane, and solar energy are other energies that can get used for the water heaters. We would be suggesting the solar energy one because it is considered one of the most energy-efficient one.

We hope that you find this guide of buying the water heater helpful. If you consider these factors, then you can easily find the best water heater for your household or workplace. If you have any other suggestions or additional thoughts to this piece of writing, you can tell us in the comment section below.